Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Corrected entry: At his high school talent show perfomance, Dewey's mom said that Dewey was 14 years old and that scene was set in 1953, yet at the end of the movie it says Dewey was born in 1936, which would have made him 17 in 1953, not 14.

Correction: He could have been 16, not 17, depending on when in the year he was born. Regardless, his mother could easily have made a character mistake and remembered his age wrong. If you don't think a mother might make a mistake in an age, I can say for a certainty that it does happen, since it hasd been my experience a few times in my life, especially as I got older.

Revealing mistake: When Dewey is singing the protest song about midgets in 1966, modern cars can be seen driving in the background.

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Press Conference Reporter: What do your parents think about your protest songs?
Dewey Cox: What do your parents think about my protest songs? Mr. "Time Magazine."

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