National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Factual error: Ben, Abigail and Riley arrive at the Library of Congress to take the President's Book very late at night. However the Library of Congress, despite being shown as open, consistently closes at 5 PM.

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Factual error: After Ben kidnaps the President he calls and tells Riley to meet him at the Library of Congress in twenty minutes. Traveling from Mount Vernon to the Library of Congress in ten minutes is NOT possible. Even in the middle of the night with no traffic it would take a MINIMUM of 30 minutes to make that trip.

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Factual error: At the beginning of the film, John Wilkes Booth is seen departing the tavern and arriving at Ford's Theater by horse. The tavern is actually right next to the theater.

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Factual error: When inside the Oval Office, we look out through the windows to the left of the desk (towards the East) and see bushes and trees right outside the windows. But on that side of the oval office there is a covered patio with columns, and it is quite dark.

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Factual error: Whenever Riley gets into his Ferrari, he makes a gesture implying that he is engaging reverse via a gearstick, followed by a grinding sound. However the Ferrari he is driving uses a trip-tronic gearbox and the paddles are visible in the shot. (01:57:10)


Factual error: In the scene where Ben and Abigail are using the service lift to get to a different floor in Buckingham Palace, Ben presses the button on the exterior, then shuts the door. This is inaccurate as, with that type of lift, pressing the buttons when the doors are open does nothing. The lift can only move if the doors are closed when the buttons are pressed.

Factual error: When Ben and Riley are in a reading room in the Library of Congress, they have books about the architecture of buildings, as well as books about security and such. However, the particular reading room they are in contains books about Social Sciences, and to order books from a different area, it takes a really long time. They would have been in a different reading room that contained books about their subject.

Factual error: While the group was in the gold cave, Riley helps himself to one of the gold bricks, which is larger than a "standard" gold brick, and is roughly three inches thick, eight inches wide, and about twelve inches long. A brick of gold this size would weigh around 250 pounds, which would make it nearly impossible for Riley to carry around, even in a backpack. Even if it were ten carat gold in the brick, it would still weigh over 100 pounds.

Factual error: In April, any lake in South Dakota is freezing cold. And it goes without saying that you don't have to be in cold water very long for hypothermia to take effect; even a few minutes is enough. So why don't our heroes succumb to any kind of hypothermia when the gold chamber floods with icy lake water?

Factual error: When the group comes to Mount Rushmore, they arrive at a lake. There is no lake close to Mount Rushmore (look at Google Maps, the lake used is Sylvan Lake, which is a good 15 miles away from Mount Rushmore). Mount Rushmore is suppose to be a "cover up" for the final treasure and that would make the chamber underneath the faces itself. (01:27:05)

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Suggested correction: The story-line states that Mt. Rushmore was created to hide the clues to the treasure, not hold the actual treasure.

But they climbed over Mt Rushmore to view the lake which is in a different direction.

Factual error: When reviewing the picture having been caught driving through the traffic camera in London, the speed the car was travelling at is displayed in km/h. In the United Kingdom speed limits and fines are in miles.

Continuity mistake: At the end of National Treasure 1, Riley has a Ferrari 360 Spider. At the beginning of Book of Secrets, when his car is being towed away, it's a Ferrari F430 Spider. At the end of the movie, he is given back a 360 Spider.

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Ben Gates: Before the Civil War, the states were all separate. People used to say "the United States are..." It wasn't until the war ended that people started saying "the United States is..." Under Lincoln, we became one nation.

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