War (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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It turns out that Rogue is actually Tom Lone, Crawford's supposedly murdered partner. When Rogue shot Lone's wife and daughter, Lone overpowered Rogue and shot him dead. He then burned down the house, took Rogue's passports and the like, and had reconstructive surgery to look like Rogue. While Rogue/Lone is battling Shiro, the leader of the Yakuza, Shiro reveals that he wanted Lone dead after wounding Rogue, and an FBI agent gave him Lone's location; specifically, John Crawford. At the end, Lone shoots Crawford, maybe lethally, and kills Shiro and the Triad boss. In the next scene he is then shown getting into a car and driving somewhere, most likely to start a new life.


Continuity mistake: Jason Statham is in a '70 Chevelle, following Jet Li. In some shots it's a '69 Chevelle, which has a noticeably different body style.

Colin Moore
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Jack Crawford: Get ready for a war.

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