Jurassic Park

Corrected entry: When Dr Grant and the children reach the perimeter fence, Dr Grant tries to see if he can fit through, to no avail. When he and the kids start to climb, however, it is quite obvious that both Tim and Lex would have been able to crawl through quite easily, and that only Dr Grant should have had to climb over.


Correction: There is no part in the lower fence where either Tim or Lex could fit through. The piece Dr. Grant grabs and tries to stretch is the biggest hole the fence has there and they might barely put their head through that. Higher in the fence the holes are bigger, but going through a hole higher in the fence isn't easy to do, especially for a kid, so they went all the way over.


If you look at that scene again, the opening in the fence where Dr Grants is holding it with his right hand is plenty big enough for two relatively small kids to fit through. Using his hand as a guide, roughly 4" wide, the hole looks to be close to 16" wide and nearly 12" high.


The thick horizontal wires are connected together by smaller wires which are diagonal, we see their size as he tries to put his head through. Those holes are definitely not big enough to fit them through. However, later on whilst they are climbing down the holes are suddenly bigger, I noticed that too. I first thought the holes would be bigger at the top, but in multiple scenes as they climb up the same size holes all the way to the top, at first, only in the scenes with Tim afraid to go further are the holes suddenly bigger. That's the mistake I think, not the decision of them to go over. There might even be 3 types of fences used.


Correction: I have a screen cap of Dr Grant as he reaches out to grab the fence, and there is a hole above his right hand which is large enough for the two kids to squeeze through. The small wires appear to be wrapped around the larger wires rather than being attached which makes the size of the openings very inconsistent.


Corrected entry: Why aren't there subwayesque service tunnels all round the island to permit the staff to travel hidden from the dinosaurs/sundry other emergencies/all the other incidental occurrences that make every other undertaking on our planet use similar tunnels? Expensive and laborious, but if you have the resources to make dinosaurs, everything else is a breeze.


Correction: As well, despite Hammond's catchphrase of "We spared no expense", that would have been a huge expense, as underground tunnels suitable for travel are extremely costly. Also remember that Isla Nublar is a volcanic island. The ground may simply not be suitable for that kind of construction.

Greg Dwyer

Correction: They didn't think about it. They didn't need to because they felt they had the place pretty well secured. Besides it wouldn't have helped them much anyway, once the fences were down the predators could get anywhere and a lot of the predators are small enough to get inside the tunnels, the velociraptors could even open doors. Most personnel was already gone so there is no lacking in their infrastructure that would require tunnels. This could have helped Dennis Nedry escape as well. He shut the park down to create chaos and move unseen.


Corrected entry: When the velociraptor entering the park attacks the "gatekeeper," the staff use tasers to get it to stop. These tasers probably operate at a high voltage and possibly more amps. In reality, the gatekeeper and Robert Muldoon would be dead since they would've received the same shock or lower. Humans can die at 200 milliamperes (0.2 amps), which is probably what would've happened to Robert and the worker, if the velociraptor didn't kill him.


Correction: Electricity takes the shortest route to ground. That would be through the raptor and not through the gatekeeper. Additionally, you are making assumptions about the stun batons they are using.

Corrected entry: When Alan becomes overwhelmed after seeing the movie's first dinosaur, he staggers and sits down on the ground... But as he is bending over before sitting, there are already grass stains and/or wet spots on the seat of his pants.

Correction: I've watched this scene plenty of times and there are no grass stains on his pants.

Corrected entry: A live bull is lowered in a sling to feed the raptors in the pen, but when the shredded sling is brought back up, there's no blood on it. How could they have shredded the sling without drawing blood on the bull?


Correction: The sling is solid light blue with yellow stripes when it's lowered, and when it's raised the shredded blue material is quite stained, though it may not be gorily dripping in bright red blood, there are indeed dark stains (red stains on blue material change color) all over what's left of the blue material.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dennis gets back in the car after the dilophosaurus spits at him, he turns to see the dinosaur in the car with him. But how did it get in? The door was closed.

Correction: He left the jeep door open when he went to attempt to attach the Jeep's winch. This allowed one of the dilos to enter the Jeep. He conked his head on the door frame of the jeep, being blinded by the dilophosaur venom. After being blinded he couldn't exactly see the other dilo in the Jeep, which made him easy prey. The scene with the hissing in the plants is supposed to be a hint that there are more of them.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, they are in the helicopter and in the air, you see a shot of inside the helicopter. Outside the opposite window is land, then when the shot changes to view the large birds, they are flying above water. Inside is always land, outside is always water. Then when the camera pans out to view the helicopter fly away, it is above the ocean with no land in sight.


Correction: When they're all in the chopper at the end, the pilot's flying parallel to the island's coastline, with the island to one side and water at the other side. In the interior shots from the passenger cabin, whenever the camera faces the starboard window (behind the chopper pilot) the island vegetation is seen, and when Ellie and Alan look out the port side window we see the water. Then the last exterior shot is of the chopper as it flies out to the open waters, with the island already behind them. Nothing inconsistent about any of these shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When meeting Muldoon, Dr. Grant calls Muldoon "Greg" instead of using the character's first name, which is Robert.

Correction: Actually he introduces himself and says "Alan Grant" but I agree it sounds a bit like he says Greg. Turn the volume up, you can hear it.


Corrected entry: When Muldoon prepares to shoot the raptor he unfolds his rifle butt. However the rifle is already unfolded when he and Ellie are passing the raptor pen.

Correction: Time passed between those points. It is entirely plausible that he folded his stock as he walked into the thick jungle to keep it from getting hung up on the vegetation, only to unfold it again when he has his shot lined up.

An extremely unlikely situation where by he is making it harder for Jim to defend himself.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: During the external shot of Nedry getting attacked by the dilophosaurus, there is a clear reflection of stage lights near the jeep's front left wheel.


Correction: The reflection is not a reflection of theatrical lighting, rather the lens glare from the roof mounted fog lights on the jeep. A Motion picture bank of lights did not have 4 square lamps back in the day. They were either 9 or 16 round lamps.

Corrected entry: All of the strands of the high voltage electric fence Tim was hanging on were tied together. This means that all of the wires and Tim were at the same electrical potential. Tim wouldn't have gotten shocked. This phenomenon is referred to as "bird on the wire." Birds sit on live electrical wires all the time and do not get shocked because they are not touching the ground and therefore the electricity has no where to go. The only way for Tim to be shocked would be for him to be touching the fence and the ground simultaneously.

Correction: An electric fence designed to stop things jumping into and climbing it would have alternate rails electrified with opposite polarity, or AC current with the opposing phase, resulting in exactly this effect. So, while people often object that it doesn't act like a cattle fence, this is only because cows can't jump or climb, and cow-fences are typically a single rail.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are "rebooting" the computer system, Lex states "I know this, it's a UNIX system." The scene then cuts to a shot of the interface which is a 3D "flyover" interface. There are, at this time, no commercial UNIX systems that employ such an interface, so there was nothing on the screen to let her know what operating system that goofy interface (probably written by Nedry) was attached to.

Correction: The 3D browser shown in the movie is actually from a real UNIX interface called IRIX. It's referred to as the FSN (File System Navigator) and it actually looks just like that.

Corrected entry: In the initial scene where Ellie rushes from the emergency bunker to the underground power station, she must first open the door before slamming it closed behind her. Shortly thereafter (immediately after throwing the breakers and restoring power to the park) a velociraptor attacks her and she must flee to escape the bunker. If a raptor had pursued Sam Jackson into the same underground bunker, then why was the initial door that Ellie had to enter closed? Are we to believe that the raptor politely closed the door behind it before continuing its pursuit of Sam Jackson?

Correction: You assume only a single possible scenario. But we don't know that Dr. Arnold (Samuel Jackson) was pursued into the bunker by the raptor. The raptor may have already been down there to begin with when he came in. A careless park employee left the door open or the raptor opened the door itself are just two ways a raptor could have gotten in there. Even in your assumed scenario, the door could have shut any number of ways: Perhaps another of the raptors was with the first (they are pack hunters) and accidentally slammed the door shut and never figured out how to open it. Or perhaps a residual wind from the storm slammed it shut.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Dr. Grant holds his canteen out the window in order to get water to drink. But there is no funnel on it. It would take a very, very long time for rain to drop through that small hole to fill the bottle with any drinkable quantity of water, even in the heaviest of rains.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: And yet in the heaviest of rain I can get a decent drink by holding a water bottle with roughly the same size hole. I've done this dozens of time on long driving trips.


Corrected entry: Nedry has supposedly worked on the island for years. It is very implausible that he would need a street sign to tell him which way to get from the control center to the East Dock.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It was raining heavily and Nedry could barely see out the front window. In his desperate and panicking state, it's easy to think that he got lost down some road he had never been on. It's not like he spent all his time on Jurassic Park studying the roads.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: Even though the film is titled "Jurassic Park", the only dinosaur depicted from the "Jurassic" period was the Brachiosaurus. The T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, ect were all actually from the "Cretaceous" period which was later. This occurred throughout the whole trilogy.


Correction: So what? Maybe it just sounds better.


Corrected entry: After Ian Malcolm is attacked by the T-Rex and thrown into the debris of the destroyed bathroom, he has blood on his face. When Sattler and Muldoon find him, the blood is gone, not a trace left! And it had stopped raining at this point, note Malcolm's dry clothes and the blood still on his leg, there's no way it could've been rinsed away.


Correction: Plenty of time had passed between these two events. A big storm had come and gone. I recall that Nedry got absolutely soaked. Besides Malcolm had time to put his belt around the wound on his leg. He had plenty of time to wipe the blood off by himself.


Corrected entry: When on the tour, the two cars pass by the T-rex enclosure where they see a goat raised into it from below. Then, they pass by without seeing the dino. Later in the movie they pass by the same enclosure going the opposite way. The cars would continue on their journey and not backtrack. If they did go backwards on the path to get back to the visitor's center, the cars would be facing the other way.


Correction: There's obviously a turn-around section (off camera); a loop in the track designed to allow vehicles to return to the center in an emergency without having to back up the entire way.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Before the T-Rex chases Ellie, Robert and Malcolm in the jeep, we see Ellie get in the passenger side of the jeep, and Robert get in the driver's side. Over the course of the chase scene, Robert and Ellie switch seats.

Correction: Where exactly? On my version of the movie, Muldoon is always the one driving the Jeep.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the insurance man says "I represent the investors, if they aren't satisfied, I'm not satisfied." He meant to say "I represent the investors, if I'm not satisfied, they aren't satisfied." He is the eyes and ears representing the investors, he has to be the one satisfied that their money is not being wasted.


Correction: First of all, he's not an insurance man, he's a lawyer. Second, it would help to quote the actual line: "In 48 hours if they're not convinced, I'm not convinced." Finally, the "they" he's referring to aren't the investors but the scientists that have been brought along to confirm the stability of the park. Makes a difference, no?

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gennaro is about to be eaten, when the T.Rex knocks over the bathroom walls, you can see that the bathroom tissue dispensers on the wall behind Gennaro are painted images on the wall and not actual dispensers. It is clear once the wall has fallen that the dispensers have no depth and are two dimensional images.

01:02:00 - 01:03:00


Correction: In actuality, the collapsing walls don't exist at all, but are CGI. But as to your specific mistake: Toilet tissue is not usually placed behind the toilet seat. In fact, you see the real tissue dispenser by Genarro's knee just before the walls collapse. The dispensers in the back are for the toilet seat covers, which are not very thick, hence the lack of depth.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the closing scene on the helicopter, it is very quiet. But helicopters in operation are very noisy.


Correction: Artistic license. All the sound has been quieted for dramatic effect.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when the characters are having dinner, just after the first waiter delivers the food to the table, you can see the second waiter in the top left corner waiting for his cue to deliver the food to the table. You see him waiting a few seconds for the other waiter to return and then he comes into shot completely, with the plate.



Correction: Waiting for his cue is an assumption; he could have just been waiting for the first waiter to deliver his food, then get out of the way.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When they first arrive at the park, they see a brachiosaur feeding on the leaves of a tree. When the dino gets on its hind legs to get a hold of the top branch, it could've easily reached the top branch without taking the extreme energy to lift itself. This counteracts anything that would naturally happen but is used to make the impressive landing that it makes coming down.


Correction: Unless you'd care to provide full and factual details of your studies into real-life brachiosaur feeding habits, this is based purely on an opinion, which are not considered valid grounds for a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the badlands when Alan touches the monitor and it messes up and the kid speaks up. How could the kid see the screen? Even we can barely see it. The crowd moves to reveal the kid way in the back of them and short as they are tall. He couldn't see the screen from there.

Correction: He probably didn't get a good look, just saw a blob on the screen. That, combined with his lack of respect, made him make the sarcastic comment.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: As Dr. Grant arrives at the Velociraptor paddock just before the feeding, there is no cow to be seen anywhere in the wide shot. Two cuts later there is suddenly a cow there lifted up by a crane.


Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Correction: In the opening scene, you see that there is a section behind the Velociraptor paddock, which is obscured in this scene. The cow came from behind there.

Corrected entry: In the helicopter scene at the beginning of the movie, Malcolm is talking to Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler and he is deliberately chewing gum as he talks. In the next shot, Malcolm suddenly isn't chewing gum. He then unwraps a piece of gum and places it into his mouth.

Correction: It is possible to "suddenly" stop chewing gum. Take your pick: the gum is still in his mouth and he simply stops chewing (that IS possible) as he takes another one for whatever reason (to draw attention, for more flavor), or perhaps he swallows the gum (people do that) and then simply takes another piece. There is no valid mistake here.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the t-rex is running after Malcolm, Ellie and Robert, it shouldn't take them so long to go faster than 30 mph (which is what John Hammond mentioned earlier in the film that they had clocked the t-rex at). If you really need to, you can go to faster than 30 mph in less than 20 seconds (depending on how fast you can get the revs high enough to change gear), so why does it take Robert a minute or two? He should have been away from the t-rex before Malcolm went anywhere near the stick. Considering there's a massive monster ready to eat them, wouldn't you be speeding away as fast as the jeep will go? Even conceding a muddy road with trees on either side - they are in a four wheel drive jeep and the trees would shield the road from much of the rain, making it not quite as muddy as the earlier shots when the t-rex attacked. The jeep is built for these types of conditions, plus Robert (the driver) has been all over the world tracking animals; there is no doubt he has been driving jeeps in all sorts of weather and would be quite an expert at it.


Correction: Firstly, it doesn't take 2 minutes to get away from the T-Rex as you describe. And it is doubtful that Muldoon's experience at driving jeeps extends to being chased by a T-Rex that became extinct 65 million years ago.


Corrected entry: When the crew is preparing to enter the tour trucks, John points out the trucks are powered by the track running below it. When he directs Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant to enter the vehicle, the entire bottom of the rear truck is visible and no connection to the track is present.

Correction: Wrong... Hammond says the trucks run on electricity and they travel along the track in the ground. He never says the trucks get their power from the track; they're powered by internal batteries. A sensor inside the truck uses the track in the ground as a guide to keep the vehicle on course.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond is sitting at the long table and eating ice cream, Ellie comes in and sits at the opposite end. All of the ice cream barrels are near him. When a scene cuts to Ellie, there is an ice cream container near her and towards the end of the scene she gets some ice cream. At the end of the scene, the shot shows both of them and the table and there is no ice cream within Ellie's reach.

01:21:50 - 01:24:55

Bonita Kilpatrick

Correction: There is never a container near Ellie. The closest one is a small container sitting about halfway down the table from her. She simply reaches across the table for the spoon when it comes time for her to eat some.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the tour trucks enter the T-Rex paddock, the electrified fence is missing an entire section, from the tunnel they exit to the first section of fence.

Correction: The fence is only needed in the areas where the animals might escape its paddock. But this end of the paddock also has a huge concrete wall (the one we see Grant and the kids climb down to escape the T-Rex) that the T-Rex could never scale, so the fencing is unnecessary.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The dilophosaurus is far too small; in reality they stood at about two metres tall.

Correction: Ax explained before, discrepancies between real-world dinosaurs and their JP counterpart can be due to genetic engineering (or faults therein), or that the current knowledge on dinosaurs is faulty. In addition, the dilophosaurs in the movie might not be fully grown, the environment or diet might have stunted their growth, or any other explanation.


Corrected entry: Ellie finds the upturned car that Timmy had been stuck in, but how did she get down there? It's down an almost vertical ledge. Not only that but she got from the bottom to the top incredibly quickly.

Correction: Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex only went over the ledge beacuse they were forced to. They never show Ellie descending to the bottom; we don't know how long it took her or how she did it. For all we know there was a staircase off camera.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The brachiosaurus is shown to be chewing, but they didn't chew, they swallowed food whole. Also when Dr. Grant and the kids are in the tree, the brachiosaur's head is larger than it should be.

Correction: There are lots of discrepancies between the JP dinosaurs and modern paleontological studies of dinosaurs. Part of it can be attributed to genetic manipulation, and part of it is attributed to a possibly false understanding of dinosaurs (since it's entirely based on an ever-changing interpretation of the limited fossil record). For instance, according to the film, no one knew dilophosauruses were venomous until JP bred them. Since there are no actual living dinosaurs to dispute the movie's portrayal of their behavior and appearance, it's not a mistake, so long as it remains consistent within the fictional world the movie creates.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the insurance man runs into the bathroom, and is eaten by the T-Rex, why would they have bathrooms on an automated car tour where you're not supposed to open the doors anyway? Even if it were an emergency staff bathroom, it probably wouldn't have multiple stalls.

Correction: Remember, "probably" dosen't qualify as a movie mistake. It must have taken dozens of workers to construct the paddock; a double-stall toilet would be logical. Since they decided to make it a permanent toilet (instead of a porta-potty) it would make sense to leave it there for maintenance workers and park employees.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Doctor Malcolm never gets out of the helicopter when it first lands on the island.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: We see Malcolm throughout the rest of the movie, so clearly he got off the helicopter. Lots of things happen offscreen, including the characters getting *in* the helicopter in the first place.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the subtitles say "Isla Nublar. 120 miles off the coast of Costa Rica." However, the correct spelling of the island is Isla Nubar.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: Nope, it's the (fictional) island Isla Nublar, both in the book and film. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isla_Nublar.


Corrected entry: In the last scene, the helicopter is shown out at sea, yet the intercuts of the interior show a mountainous green background close by.

Correction: The exterior shot of the helicopter leads straight to the end credits of the film and fade to black; there are no intercuts to the interior. The previous shots of the interior show trees on the right side of the helicopter while Grant sees the birds flying over the ocean from the leftside windows, indicating that the helicopter is flying along the coast of the island. We cannot see the island in the exterior shot because the shot is from the perspective of the island (from the helicopter's right side).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the T-rex attack scene, it comes through the now non-electrified fence to get to the Ford Explorers. However when the T-Rex is pushing the Explorer over the wall, there is now a 50+ foot dropoff it would have had to climb.

Correction: Submitted and listed. Its currently ranked as the second highest mistake for the movie.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene at the badlands, when Hammond's chopper has landed and Grant goes to the trailer and opens the door, the trailer looks to be around 8 feet (three meters) wide. But switch to an interior shot and it is suddenly more like 30 feet (ten meters) wide.

Correction: The width of the inside of the trailer is hardly the length of the brachiosaur's neck (30 ft).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: If you listen carefully, you can hear some common Costa Rican birds, including a keel-billed toucan and a three-wattled bellbird. Since it was filmed in Hawaii, they must have taken the time to add a soundtrack of Costa Rican birds. Unfortunately, these birds would not likely be found on an island that far off the coast. The bellbird in particular occurs only at mid-elevations in the Costa Rican mountains. These birds are not on Cocos Island, 340 miles off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Cocos is considered the inspiration for the fictitious island in the movie. Since Cocos is uninhabited, and visits are strictly restricted, a soundtrack from there would have been extremely difficult to get. The fact that they went so far as to add a Costa Rican soundtrack is pretty impressive.

Correction: "Not likely" doesn't preclude the possibility that it occured naturally. In any case, Hammond may have shipped birds to the island.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, in the scene where the goat is presented to try and attract the T-Rex, Lex claims to be a vegetarian. Yet later in the movie, Lex is eating jelly, which contains gelatin, an animal derived product, which is unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Correction: Character mistake or decision - she either didn't know, or was hungry enough not to care.


Corrected entry: The Dilophosaurus spits on Nedry's chest and he slaps it with his hand. Why does his hand not get burned like his chest supposedly was?


Rebecca Bennett

Correction: Watch the scene again. Nedry's chest was not burned. He reacts in disgust to being spit on the chest and body, not pain. The dilophosaurus saliva burns the eyes, not the skin, and Nedry is physically fine until he is hit in the face.

Corrected entry: In the helicopter when they are leaving the island, Timmy is sleeping on Dr. Grant. In the first shot we see that Grant's hand is underneath Timmy's head. The camera moves to Ellie and then back to Grant where we see that Grant's arm is around Timmy. He would not have been able to move it so quickly without waking Timmy up.


Correction: At no point is Dr. Grant's hand under Timmy's head, he does not move his arm.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end, as Ellie falls off the dinosaur's bones, she is all covered with dirt, but when she is in the helicopter, she is clean.

01:51:45 - 01:53:25

Correction: Ellie's shirt is not clean: it is stained with dirt and blood in both scenes.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ellie starts pushing the buttons to turn the power for the fences on again, the glowing squares behind each button are red. After the last cut to Alan counting down for Tim's jump, we can see Ellie pushing the buttons, but the squares are striped.


Correction: Look closely in the wide shot of all the switches - there are 12 in total. It's possible to see that the top nine have plain surrounds but the bottom three have hatched surrounds because they are the most important - "Velociraptor Pen Fence", "T-Rex Paddock Fence" and "Perimeter Fence".

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alan and Lex are between the overturned truck and the T-Rex, the T-Rex hits the truck and it spins. But if you look closely the trucks spins before the T-Rex touches it.


Correction: The Explorer does not spin before the T-Rex hits it. The T-Rex uses the bridge of its nose initially then lifts its head so that the final push is with the end of its snout. Watch frame by frame and it's still spot on.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: In the end scene where they are loading Ian onto the chopper, he is bleeding and his pant leg is cut. But when they show him again, the bleeding has stopped in a matter of minutes, and his pants have magically grown a new leg.


Correction: Dr. Malcolm is not still bleeding (he would have bled to death by this point) but rather has blood-stained make-shift bandages tied around his leg. He is only shown briefly in a partial shot inside the helicopter and he has a blanket over him - his trousers have not "grown a new leg".

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the lawyer is running to hide in the bathroom, you can see a rock sign near the bathroom. When Malcolm is running from the Tyrannosaur, the sign is gone.

01:00:55 - 01:04:40

Correction: The rock is there in all the shots in "The Ultimate Collection" DVD box set version, but it is only visible briefly in Dr. Malcom's shot.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: During the beginning when the gatekeeper falls when he lands on the ground you can see behind him the light on the lock is already red. In the next shot you see the locks lights going from green, to yellow, and to red again.


Correction: It looks more like a red lens flare spot than the lights on the doorway. In slow motion the red spot can be seen in front of Jophery, which wouldn't be possible if it was the light on the door.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: Right towards the end of the film just after Lex manages to reboot the security system the raptor breaks through the glass into the control room. Dr Grant shoots three times whilst he's on the phone to Hammond. There are threes holes in the glass but the subsequent shot of the gun shows it is a shot gun, not a rifle (the red shotgun cartridges can be seen) which would make many holes, not one for each shot. Even using the choke on the end of the barrel there would still be many holes and a single bore shotgun is basically a musket so there would have to be more than one hole for each shot of the gun.

Correction: He was using rifled slugs, not shot shells. A rifled slug is a single projectile that would only leave a single hole. The shell casing that is ejected when using rifled slugs is identical in appearance to the shell casings seen when buckshot or birdshot is used.


Corrected entry: Dr Sattler is hardly out of breath after she is told to run towards the shed by the game warden.

01:34:55 - 01:35:25

Correction: That's called being fit.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grant and Sadler see their first dinosaur, Grant is sitting on the ground looking down a slope with a small lake at the bottom. There are two Brachiosaurs (the huge ones with the long necks) wading ashore. Creatures that big should create a bow wave and wake like a battleship, but the water barely ripples.

Correction: Actually, the wake and waves created by large ships is because the are all one solid piece, displacing a huge amount of water as the move. The Brachiosaurus' in the lake are in the water only up to their legs, four much smaller objects (in relation to the whole dinosaur), moving at different times in the water. Smaller objects (dinosaur's legs) moving slowly equals smaller amount of waves/wake created, so this scene is accurate.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the characters have fallen from the hanging T-Rex fossil and are being surrounded by velociraptors, the camera views across the room showing nothing at all and then back to the velociraptors. Then it swings back and T-Rex just appears out of nowhere and saves the day by eating one of the velociraptors. How did it get in? We just saw there was nothing there, and they've already elaborated about how much noise a T-Rex makes when it's close, the water ripples, the shaking, and pure noise.

Correction: Previously submitted and corrected entry.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tim, Lex, and Grant are watching the dinosaur, it spits on Lex. Later the spit disappears.

Correction: After the Brachiosaurus "sneezes" on Lex, we hear Tim say "Bless You" and the scene ends. We do not see Dr. Grant or the kids again until well into the next morning, plenty of time to have simply wiped it off, as she is still seen to be quite messy.


Corrected entry: During the scene with the T-Rex attacking the Explorer 04 the hood level fog lights are off. After the Rex flips the Explorer onto and over the edge the fog lights are on.

Correction: Already submitted, complete with timecode.


Corrected entry: After Nedry has crashed his Jeep, he gets out and starts pulling out the cord in front of the Jeep to tie it to a nearby tree. In one shot, you see him pulling out the cord. In the next shot, you see him talking. In the shot after that, you see him once again beginning to pull out the cord when he had already started doing this two shots earlier.

Correction: The second time you see him pulling the cord from the winch, he is not just beginning again. He is, in fact, pulling more cord from the winch, as shown in the next shot. Notice how much slack he has in the line when he ties it around the tree.


Corrected entry: When Grant and his friends are checking the sick dinosaur, there is a tree far from them. After Grant helps Lex up, the tree is only two meters away.

Correction: It is not the same tree.


Corrected entry: If you play the film in slow motion just as the Dilophosaurus opens its frill for the first time, you can see that it is folded around the puppet's neck like an umbrella instead of being skin-tight and indistinguishable as it was previously.

Correction: Even in slo-mo, this was hard to see, thus disqualifying this per the rules of this site. Furthermore, it looks flawless at normal viewing speed.


Corrected entry: With some of the electric fences it seems that the wires enter the bushes and just disappear. If the fence wires really do continue, we would surely see more columns appearing in the bushes.

Correction: Already submitted entry, complete with screenshot.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when the raptor is in the control room, the people (Alan, Ellie, Lex, and Tim) crawl into a suspended ceiling. A suspended ceiling should not be able to support the weight of four people.

Correction: Since Dr. Hammond "spared no expense" in building the park, we have no way of knowing what material the ceiling is made from, or how sturdy it is, so this "mistake" is pure speculation, not a factual error.


Corrected entry: When Hammond, the Lawyer, Alan, Ellie, and Ian are having lunch and debating the morals of cloning dinos, their hands are in drastically different positions almost every time the camera angle changes. This happens several times in this scene.

Correction: Most people "talk with their hands" meaning they move them around alot when talking. As they are having a discussion, on a topic they all have strong convictions for one way or the other, it is not suprising that their hands move when talking. Besides, it only takes a split second to move your hands, so the difference between shots is completely realistic.


Corrected entry: At the end the T-Rex comes in and saves the day by killing the raptors. Where did he come from? He's huge and no way he could have fit through any of the doors. Second, how come nobody heard him coming? He can be heard many other times during the movie before he shows up. Finally, how come nobody saw him? He's huge and can be seen from a distance.

Correction: They were all a little distracted by the raptors at the time she showed up; not likely to notice subtle ground tremors or see anything other than the horse-sized carnivores bearing down on them. As for getting in, perhaps there is a large maintenance door somewhere in the building that she was able to get in through. Or maybe she just broke through the rather grand main entrance made up mostly of glass window panes.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Just after Grant and the kids have climbed up into the suspended ceiling, the raptor is seen with the DNA sequence consisting of the letters "A T C G" reflecting off of its face. If these are supposed to have been produced by a computer screen reflection or similar, shouldn't the letters be backwards?

Correction: No because it is not a reflection. It is a projector that the raptor is blocking that's why the letters aren't backwards. The projectors seemed to be used in the facility, one notable area was when they are having lunch.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie they are all entering the gas-powered jeeps to head to the helicopter. When the door opens there is mud splattered all over the logo of Jurassic Park. It says urass park. "Your ass park"?

Correction: Unless there is some sort of evidence to back up this was somewhat deliberate by the crew or makers, this is basically an average observation at best.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: According to the subtitles at the beginning of the movie, the island is 120 miles WEST of Costa Rica. However, at the end of the movie, they are flying into the sunset...in the evening. If they had enough fuel, they'd be heading to Hawaii.


Correction: God only knows how many REAL islands there are between Jurassic Park and Hawaii, nevermind the fictional islands they could have been headed to (or maybe even a ship). Since we don't know where they're headed, we can't call this a mistake.

K.C. Sierra

Maybe they're headed for an emergency-mobilized boat with a helicopter landing pad (owned or not by Mr Hammond?).


Corrected entry: You can see Ellie in the front seat in the scene when Grant closes the door on Tim. After Lex says, "She said I should drive with you, because it'll be good for you," Ellie is in the other car in the front seat. You know this because Grant is watching the other car, and not Tim's car (where Ellie supposed to be).

Correction: The only one in the front seat is Gennaro. Ellie stays in the same car the whole time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Brachiosaurus is standing on its back legs and comes down again you can see the earth shaking. During that little quake, the 3 characters are standing perfectly in balance. Better yet, the woman even turns around to face the other. They should be falling or at least terribly lose balance.


Correction: Not necessarily. The characters see the Brachiosaurus stand up and were prepared for it come back down. Although a Brachiosaurus was said to have weighted about 70 tonnes, at worst the Brachiosaurus put about half its weight onto its front legs when it came down. Hardly a major earth shaking event.


Corrected entry: In the tree scene with the car, the car's left head light changes off and on between shots.

Correction: The car is nearly totalled and busted up. As the shot changed the light could have flickered out.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the raptor in the kitchen, the raptor breathes on the window and fogs it. But reptiles are cold-blooded, which means their insides, and consequently their breath is the same as the ambient temperature. The glass would not fog.

Correction: Firstly, Modern-day reptiles are cold blooded, and it is believed that that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds then reptiles. It was only the first discoveries of dinosaur bones and calling them 'lizards' that the idea of cold blooded reptiles stuck.Secondly, just becuase a reptile is cold blooded, it does not mean that the body will not heat the inhaled air slightly. The body needs a temperature rise to carry out vital chemical processes.Thirdly, we do not know how much moisture was in the Raptor's breath. It had recently been outside in VERY humid conditions and was probably very warm. It has then entered an air-conditioned building and breathed on cold glass. The humidity and body temp would not have altered instantly, it would take several minutes, maybe over an hour.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Grant and the two kids climb the electrified perimeter fence, just before Dr. Sattler reactivates the power, Dr. Grant can be seen from underneath while climbing. After walking for two days in lots of mud and rain, his shoes are still pretty clean.

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Correction: There had been plenty of rain. You will also have noticed that they've probably been walking in the grassy fields all morning (before climbing the fence). Walking on wet grass is very effective in cleaning the underside of shoes.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Tim gets electrocuted it appears that he has his hands around the wire, it is well known that if you get electrocuted all of the muscles in you body contract. So if he had his hands around the wire that would mean that he wouldn't go flying off but instead would stay on the fence.


Correction: Not true. Only Direct Current will cause your muscles to do this. Alternating Current will cause your muscles to contract and release. Getting electrocuted with high voltage AC generally results the victim getting thrown from the circuit. Most electric fences use AC as it is much more efficient to transmit over long distances and will generally not kill people who come in contact with them as DC would.

Corrected entry: The sweat on Muldoon's forehead changes in the scene where he tries to shoot one of the raptors.

Correction: Sweat moves.

Corrected entry: In one of the laboratory scenes there is a Zeiss compound microscope sitting on the work bench. It has a binocular head on backwards and it can't be used that way.


Correction: But when microscopes are not being used, it is commonly advised that the head should be turned round the other way to store them and avoid damage to the eyepieces which stick out.

Corrected entry: When Grant and the kids approach the electric fence they need to climb, Grant throws a stick at the wires and says, "I guess that means the power's off." his New Zealand accent is plain. He uses an American accent throughout the rest of the film.

Correction: We don't know exactly where his character comes from. He may have been born in New Zealand but has picked up an American accent since, but in high stress situations his old accent resurfaces (I know a few people like that). He may even just accidentally slip into other accents from time to time. I've lived in the West Midlands my whole life but sometimes (for a line or two) I speak in a London accent or something for no readily apparant reason.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Alan Grant and the children are running from the Gallimimus (towards the camera) you can clearly see tracks made in the grass where the camera vehicle filming them has been.


Correction: The tracks could have been made by Jurassic Park gas jeeps. The game keepers would regularly be out in the field checking on the animals. In fact, gas jeeps are seen early on when Dr. Grant, Dr. Satler, and the others first arrive on the island (and see the brachiosaurs) and also when the vet and Dr. Satler are checking on the sick dinosaur in the field.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When Timmy is near the top of the fence, just before the electricity turns back on, he has his head and shoulders through the fence, with the wires resting against his armpits. Since the shoulders are the widest part of the body on a person of normal weight, a hole wide enough for your shoulders is wide enough for the rest of you. The spaces in the fence are somewhat circular--they are at least as tall as they are wide--so why is Timmy climbing the fence in the first place? He could have just crawled through at the bottom!


Correction: At first glance, this is correct. Timmy could fit through the fence wires that are CLOSE TO THE TOP, but earlier when the characters are standing at the base of the fence you see Grant put his face practically touching the fence while he's attempting to make the hole larger and its clear that his head wouldn't stand a chance of fitting thru the hole and i seriously doubt that his head is larger than a ten-year old's shoulders. A possible explanation: the fence they are climbing is labeled as perimeter fence, so likely the holes are smaller at the base of the fence to prevent the small dinos from escaping, but the holes become larger as the fence becomes taller to save on materials a bit as the small dinos obviously couldn't get high enough up on an electrified fence to get through a larger hole towards the top.

Very well, but fact of the matter is, Somewhere on that fence, Timmy could have slipped through, and saved himself from having to climb all the way to the top, saving time, energy and at least some of the risk of climbing to great height.


Corrected entry: When we first met Nedry in San Jose Dodgson informs Nedry that he will receive a total of "One-point-five million dollars if he gets all 15 species off the island." Take a closer look at that test tube receptacle. If you look when he is closing the test tube receptacle after he steals the the DNA you can see that there is only enough room for ten species.


Correction: The money Nedry receives at the start of the movie is for the five embryos he had supposedly already gotten off the island. He is now getting the remaining ten.

Corrected entry: Grant says that he and the two kids need to climb over the electric fence. So to check if the power is off to the fence he throws a stick at the fence, most people would know that wood doesn't conduct electricity, therefore even if the power was on it still would have just bounced off.

Correction: It was just an act to try and scare the kids. Grant looked up at the fence before throwing the stick and saw the light on the fence was off indicating the power was down. He then acted like he was checking the fence using the stick and then scared them by grabbing the fence and pretending to be electrocuted.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end, Hammond pulls up in front of the Visitor Center in a jeep with the injured Ian in the back. Hammond is a feeble old man who walks with a cane - how did he manage to get Ian into the jeep?

Correction: When you're in a life and death situation you find strength you never knew you had. Hammond knows his grandchildren's lives depend on him getting there with the jeep, Malcolm knows he has to get in the jeep to survive, between the two of them they would be able to get Malcolm in there.

Corrected entry: When Hammond's visitors are viewing the 'movie' about how DNA is extracted, a hypodermic syringe is shown taking a DNA sample from an amber source. It's clear that the syringe is one used exclusively for a tuberculosis skin test. It's even labeled as such because you can see the word 'tuberculin' on it.


Correction: Essentially the mistake is of the characters not the film's creators. We know that in the film the people in the park created the footage to illustrate how dinosaurs were made. It might have not been the most essential thing to get stock footage that the syringe be labelled correctly.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Nedry is seen stealing the embryos from the freezer, in one extreme closeup shot of his hand he isn't seen to be wearing any gloves. This is absurd as some sort of protection is absolutely necessary while holding objects stored at such low temperatures (indeed Crichton puts it at -10 degrees).


Correction: No 1. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to take out the embryos with cold-protection gloves on, they are just too cumbersome. No 2. He picked up the vials by the plastic cap, which wouldn't have been very cold.

Corrected entry: Grant leans over like he's sick when he finds that there's a Tyrannosaurus on the island. he leans onto Hammond's shoulder, but in the wide shot he's instantly moved about 4 feet away from Hammond.

Correction: When Grant leans over "sick" after hearing about the T-Rex he does not lean onto Hammond's shoulder, rather puts his hand on Hammond's shoulder and moves past him. You can see Hammond move to the side, as well putting them where they should be for the next shot.

Corrected entry: There's a problem with the "faulty lysine gene" idea. If the idea is to insert a faulty gene to prevent the dinosaurs metabalizing lysine, then feeding them dietary supplements won't help. They won't be able to metabolize the extra lysine, so what's the point of them eating it? If the idea is to stop them manufacturing lysine then they are on a hiding to nothing anyway, as lysine is not "manufactured" in the body and is obtained exclusively from dietary sources. Either way, those dinosaurs are in trouble from the getgo.

Correction: The faulty lysine gene wasn't inserted to prevent the dinosaurs from metabolising lysine: It makes them lysine dependent. Word for word from the book (since it explains it better): "we don't want them to survive in the wild. So I've made them lysine dependent. I inserted a gene that makes a single faulty enzyme in protein metabolism. As a result, the animals cannot manufacture the amino acid lysine. They must ingest it from the outside. Unless they get an extraneous source of lysine - supplied by us, in tablet form - they'll go into a coma within 12 hours and expire."


Corrected entry: Near the beginning, Dr Grant, Dr Sattler and Dr Malcolm are in the jeep approaching the first dinosaur, the Brachiosaur eating the leaves of a tree. Watch Dr Grant closely. As the jeep comes to a stop, you can see him on the back seat, looking out to the left, right where the dinosaur is. He would surely have noticed it then. Yet in the next shot, about half a second later, we see the jeep from a side view. His head is facing forward, and gradually turning to the left again where he notices the dinosaur.

Correction: He was doing a double take.

Corrected entry: While Nedry steals the frozen embryos he has no problem picking up these up with bare hands, even after they have been stored in liquid nitrogen.

Correction: It is never said that they are being stored in liquid nitrogen. The container that Nedry is GIVEN to smuggle the embryos contains liquid nitrogen for the trip.

Corrected entry: When the visitors are watching the baby dinosaur breaking out of the egg, Dr Malcolm discusses the possibility of the dinosaurs breeding. He is told by an engineer that this would be impossible as the genetic engineering has created only female dinosaurs. Later, when Dr Sattler examines the sick Triceratops, she asks the park vet what 'his' symptoms were. Although this was probably just a slip of the tongue, it's still worth noting.

Correction: This hardly qualifies as a mistake - as the original poster says, a slip of the tongue.

Correction: She said "what are her symptoms?"

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tim is electrocuted on the fence, Grant performs CPR on him. However, if Tim's heart had stopped (giving Grant a reason to do CPR rather than just rescue breathing), CPR would not restart it, but rather sustain him until an automated external defibrillator could be brought in.

Correction: CPR can cause a person's heart to start again without the use of a defibrillator.

Corrected entry: If the Rex can only see things that move, how did she find the goat?

Correction: As presented in the second book "The Lost World" the theory that the T-rex cannot see you if you are not moving is bogus.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Muldoon and Ellie are looking for the other car, watch in the background when Ellie comes up close to the camera. If you look closely, Muldoon slips and almost falls down.

Correction: Muldoon almost falling in the mud is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Nedry is attacked by the dinosaur, you can hear him shouting from pain. After he gets into the car, he sees dinosaur, and after that we can hear him shouting from pain again. But listen closely: the shout he calls when he is in the car is exactly matched to his shout from the spit.

Correction: So both his screams sound alike, what's wrong with that? It is the same person screaming after all.

Corrected entry: The Velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually larger than the fossil records actually show. Dr. Bakker (who is mentioned by Timmy when they are first getting in the jeeps) was asked for advice on the dinosaurs and he told them the size of velociraptors. Speilberg wanted bigger so they enlarged the raptors. Right before the movie came out, Bakker was at a dig site and a new raptor species was discovered: Utahraptor. It was almost the exact size of Speilberg's raptors for the movie. So, technically, the raptors in JP are Utahraptors. This is all mentioned in a book by Bakker called Raptor Red.

Correction: Spielberg didn't 'want' anything...he was simply being true to the book on which the movie was based, in which the raptors were about twice as large as real life. And truth be told, it was Jack Horner who is credited as paleontological consultant on all three JP films, rather than Bakker. You may also find through a bit of research that the film's version of the dinosaurs were actually more similar in size to another species of dromaeosaur (raptor) called Achillobator rather than utahraptor.

Corrected entry: When the tour trucks are waiting outside the visitors center, Lex enters one of the cars. After Grant closes the door on Tim, she's waiting outside to say her line.

Correction: True, she got in the car but she got back out after the other girl told her she should ride with him.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: At the very end, the T-Rex barges into the Visitors Center and saves everyone from almost certain peril. Only problem is that we didn't hear the Rex walk up to the center like we did everywhere else.


Correction: There are a bunch of people running around screaming, being chased by raptors. It's very conceivable that the distant sounds of the T-rex approaching, and even when she came into the visitors' center, were drowned out.


Corrected entry: When the gang is heading down to the sick Triceratops, Lex trips, and Alan helps her up. Look closely when she trips. It is clear she did it on purpose.

Correction: Exactly! She tripped on purpose to get his attention. Notice how he tries to let go of her hand after he helps her up but she won't let him?

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: At the beginning, we can assume that there are at least three raptors inside the container. But when the raptors push the container forward and drop the gatekeeper down, we can see some workers went inside the container or, at least, in front of it. If so, why didn't they stun the raptor that is holding the gatekeeper? Furthermore, they didn't get killed by the other raptors.

Correction: Wrong assumption straight off the bat - there's only one raptor in the container, namely the large female that they mention introducing into the group. No workers go inside - nobody in their right mind would put themselves right in front of an annoyed dinosaur, so they wouldn't really be close enough to stun her if they were in front of the container - it's far safer to try and stun her through the sides where there's a wall between you and her.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grant, Ellie, Lex, and Tim are saved by the T. Rex appearing inside the lobby of the main compound and eating the two raptors, how exactly did she (the T. Rex) get in there? All the doors are too small to allow her access and there are no signs of a forced entry anywhere.

Correction: The T-Rex is standing in a huge doorway when she bites the first Raptor. Its a large entry-way where the workers can access to build, as the building is not yet complete. The "gang" exit the building via a smaller door.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Nedry falls off the waterfall, the jeep rope in his hands is gone, but when Nedry stands up, the rope is back.

Correction: He scoops the rope up just as he stands up.

Corrected entry: When the group is first entering Jurassic Park at the huge door, Malcolm says,"What have they got in there, King Kong?", but, if you look closely, his lips do not move. This happens again later in the movie where Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzelo are in the car when they encounter the T-Rex. Lex has the flashlight, and Timmy tells her to turn it off. She then says "I'm sorry", but her lips don't move.


Correction: It's hard to see through the glass roof, but I definitely saw Malcolm's lips move. Same for the 2nd part, I can see Lex's lips move better than I can hear her say "I'm sorry"

Corrected entry: When we are first shown a dinosaur, (brachiosaurus, I think), when they first drive up its an open field, camera switches, the jeep is suddenly parked in trees.


Correction: There are patches of trees all along the drive, and some are just beside them when they stop. You can see more open field in the are behind them.

Corrected entry: When they first arrive on the island and pull up to the large brachiosaurus, Ellie stands up in the car. Switch camera angles, and she is just now getting up.


Correction: Before the angle switch, she hasn't stood all the way up (her shoulder is lower than Alan's), after the switch, her knees are slightly bent as she finishes standing up (shoulder now higher than Alan's).

Corrected entry: When Hammond's helicopter flies in to the Badlands dig site, somehow he manages to get from the helicopter way up to the trailer without anyone seeing him get out, even though they are all watching it land and Grant and Ellie get to it as soon as it lands.

Correction: There is never a scene to suggest they are watching the helicopter all the time, and neither do they get to the helicopter a soon as it lands- there is probably over 10 seconds to get to it and they possibly took a few seconds to tell others to take care of the site.

Corrected entry: When the Dilophosaur spits on Nedry the second time, it is only on his forehead and eyes. In the next shot, a second later, it is all over his face and cheeks. It was too soon for the rain to have washed it down that far.

Correction: After the Dilophosaur spits on Dennis he turns around and trips straight into the waterfall, that's more than sufficient to wash it down his face.

Corrected entry: When the T-Rex moves to Dr. Grant and the boy they hold still because it can't see things that don't move. Unfortunately though, T-Rex's have a highly developed sense of smell and would certainly have known they were there.

Correction: Considering the fact T-Rex's have been extinct for 65 million years, its quite difficult to tell what their sense of smell was like. Also, Grant says quite clearly in the film that sight was the Rex's most powerful sense and if you stayed still, it confuses him.


Corrected entry: Just before turning off the power, Muldoon asks about putting the lysine deficiency into effect. After a bit of talking, Arnold explains it as it being a security measure to prevent the spread of the animals off the island. He goes on to explain that the animals can't manufacture the amino acid lysine, and that if they aren't given a supply of it every 48 hours, they go into a coma and die. Factually, this is incorrect. Humans have the same "faulty enzyme for protein metabolism," yet we aren't dependant on lysine. So why would the animals be?

Correction: First, this is another example of the "scientists" being stupid (like planting the poisonous ferns). They didn't realize that the herbivores would be able to get lysine from plants on the island and the carnivores get it from the herbivores. Secondly, we are dependent on getting lysine from our diet. It is quite possible to eat an "incorrect" diet that would give you a lysine deficiency causing conditions such as pellegra.

Corrected entry: On the tour ride at the visitor center, Grant spouts pseudo-scientific pap "How do you interrupt the cellular mitosis?" We'll assume that he's some wonder paleontologist who for some reason knows biochemistry (that's rare) but mitosis is the process of cell division - there is no such thing as non-cellular mitosis (hence no one would ever call it that) and secondly there is no reason you would need to interrupt mitosis.

Correction: Grant could call it cellular mitosis. That's what it was referred to in my freshman biology class. And the book explains why they have to interrupt cellular mitosis, since they have to insert new DNA into the eggs.

Corrected entry: Watch carefully as Ellie removes her protective gloves after examining the um, droppings. To properly remove soiled gloves, one should "peel" the first one down from the top, turning it inside out. Hold the removed glove in your other hand, and "peel" the second glove down, turning it inside out and encasing the first glove. This prevents your hands from becoming contaminated. Ellie removes her gloves by pulling the first one off at the fingers, keeping it soiled side out. She then grabs the other glove, removes it the same way, then holds both of them together in her right hand, thereby ensuring nice, dinosaur-poopy hands.


Correction: OK not pleasant and a strange choice, but not a mistake and definitely not a factual error to decide to remove gloves in this fashion.


Corrected entry: A raptor's killing claws wouldn't stay very sharp if they went around tapping them on any hard surface they happened to be walking on. Even tapping them on dirt would dull them if they did it constantly. Compare dog claws, which are constantly wearing on the ground, to cat claws, which are sheathed most of the time.

Correction: As Grant says in the beginning, the claws were retractable, just like a cat's claws. Most of the time they weren't being walked on.

Corrected entry: Just before Grant and the kids climb the perimeter fence, they hear the T. Rex roaring behind them. How does it then get to the Visitors Centre at the end after the power has been restored to the fence? It hadn't already made a hole in the perimeter fence because after escaping its own pen it spent the night and next morning chasing the jeep and then hunting the Gallimimus.

Correction: Whatever hole it made to get into the pen with the Gallimimus would still be there for him to pass through after the power was back on.

Corrected entry: When the kids are eating in the hall, I keep wondering about Tim. If he'd just received a serious electric shock, would he even be able to eat? Most people that get even a minor shock can't eat for a couple of days.


Correction: A friend of mine was electrocuted and knocked unconscious by his television. When he woke up in the hospital, the first thing he did was ask for a bacon sandwich. Add to this the fact that Tim and Lex hadn't eaten for at least a day, and had been running around for most of it.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When Hammond takes the adults on the theater tour with the DNA video, Grant has his hat off. Then when they all get up to leave he leaves it on the seat. In the next scene in the science lab he has his hat back on again.


Correction: Grant never takes his hat back into the lab.

Corrected entry: When everyone is leaving the island at the end Malcolm and Hammond are sitting in the back of the helicopter on the same side, with Satler in the middle. Both are looking out opposite windows. But the next exterior shot of the helicopter, show Hammond and Malcolm are sitting looking out the same window, across from each other in the helicopter engaged in an active discussion. Obviously left over footage from them first arriving at the island.


Correction: The second scene must take place a few minutes after. If it was left over footage from them first arriving, Hammond would be on the other side of the helicopter. The man sitting across from Hammond is so heavily shadowed he could be either Malcolm or Grant.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond and Ellie are in the dining room eating ice cream that was melting due to a lack of power to the freezers, overhead fans are operating. Where did they get power?

Correction: Not all the systems went off - the lights are on as well as the fans. This is before they have actively deactivated the whole park; the freezers losing power must have been a side-effect of Nedry's meddling.


Corrected entry: When we see the helicopter descend to the helipad when the team arrive at Jurassic park. The waterfall in the background is angel falls, the tallest waterfall in the world about 10,000 ft, located in Venezuala.

gandolfs dad

Correction: These falls are not Angel Falls in Venezuela. They are actually located in the Hanapepe Valley on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Anyone that has taken the helicopter tour there will confirm. In fact, most of the outdoor scenes were all shot on the same island.

Corrected entry: The beginning supposedly takes place in San Jose, Costa Rica. Through the trees, you can see the ocean. San Jose is at 3000 feet and more than 150 miles from the Pacific. Even the book makes this error.


Correction: I don't know what scene you are referring to but the Opening scene is set in Isla Nublar, 120 miles West of Costa rica, and it states that in the subtitles. The book sets the scene in a village on the coast, on a beach, which Costa Rica has in abundance.

Corrected entry: When the raptors open the lever handle doors, (like going into the kitchen) the handle on the opposite side moves too. With these types of doors, only the handle with the pressure applied to it moves, not the other side. This was added to show the raptor's claws on the door handle.

Correction: I've seen plenty of lever handles where the two handles are directly connected. And even if it had never been seen before, there's no reason to say it couldn't be done. It is, after all, easier than keeping the two handles independent.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Malcolm says "You do have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right? Hello? Hello Hello?" into the camera in the car, his lips aren't moving during the hello part.

Correction: He is indeed saying the words "Hello, Hello?" though. You don't have to move your mouth a whole lot to do it, and you can see his lips slightly moving.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Allen shoots through the glass in the control room at the raptor on the other side, he is using a shotgun. When it shows the holes in the glass, they are very small. Wouldn't the holes be scattered or at least a lot bigger if he was using a shotgun?

Correction: Not necessarily. Shot patterns depend on what choke the shotgun has. This is a constriction at the business end of the barrel that affects how the shot comes out, and a more constrictive choke means a tighter pattern. Barrel length and cartridge type also have an effect.

Corrected entry: They are somewhat undergunned with 12 gauge for deadly, strong and fast animals like T Rex and Raptors. Express rifles in African calibre would work better, or even the mighty powerful .460 Weatherby magnum.


Correction: This is a great exploration of the idea that the park and its founders were greatly unprepared and unsuspecting of the dangers of the park. Ellie revisits this idea several times throughout the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the group look at the sick triceratops, don't you think it's pretty impossible for a dinosaur of that size to do a massive pile of feces that high? That's pretty much its own body weight!


Correction: OK it's not a particularly scientific explanation, but if they are anything like most animals they go in the same place every time. It could be a cumulative pile from the same or many dinosaurs. Or it could be from a larger Triceratops as the sick one is particularly below average size when compared to many fossil findings.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: In the Badlands scene, Dr. Grant stands at the computer and lectures the group of people about the Velociraptor skeleton. He says that the pubic bone is "turned back just like a bird". However, this dinosaur is not a member of the order of bird-hipped dinosaurs known as Ornithischia. It actually belongs to the order Saurischia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs, in which the pubic bone points forward.

Correction: The Velociraptor is a member of a smaller group of Saurichia called Maniraptors, which are currently (as Allen Grant pointed out) thought by many paleontologists to be directly related to birds. Although the Ornithischia had bird-like hips, this was apparently a coincidence, because the Maniraptor group of Saurischian's had their pubic bones evolve to point backward and fuse as in birds. So Velociraptor's pubic bone is in fact "turned back just like a bird."

Corrected entry: When the Raptor is chasing Grant, Ellie, Tim and Lex through the computer lab, and they get into the ceiling, the Raptor jumps up on a table ad pokes his head through the ceiling. When Grant kicks it in the eye, and it falls, the table is gone.


Correction: That's because it jumped up at a different area.


Corrected entry: Right before the scientists see the dinosaurs for the first time, Ellie is looking at this plant leaf and saying, "This has been extinct since the ____ period." If it's an extinct plant, how could they duplicate it? Mosquitoes don't drink chlorophyll - there's no way it could have been preserved if everything worked the way they said.

Correction: The video they watch (with Mr. DNA) only explains how they recreated the dinosaurs, which were the main attraction of the park. The engineers used other methods to make the right environment for the animals, but as it's not half as exciting, the viewer never finds out exactly how.


Corrected entry: When Tim is knocked off the fence as it goes live again, the laws of physics go straight out of the window. No current could pass through him because he is not touching the ground, and the separate wires in the fence cannot be at separate voltages because there are thin cross-wires between the main strands. It's not impossible that he could get knocked off the fence (he'd be charged up, and like charges repel) but any injuries sustained would be as a result of the fall, not electrocution.


Correction: Actually, to be electrocuted, you don't necessary need to be touching the ground. Since Tim was holding on with all fours, there was a "complete circuit" that the electricity could go through. Birds with huge wings (eg, eagles) sometimes get electrocuted by telephone wires when each wing touches a wire.

Corrected entry: Muldoon is supposed to be an expert on velociraptor behavior yet when he is aiming his rifle at a distant raptor he totally forgets their hunting patterns and is surprised when he is attacked from the side.


Correction: Muldoon has never seen the Raptors hunting prey. The only times he's seen them killing anything is when they are being fed and when the big one ate one of the handlers. As for Dr. Grant's theory of the Raptors hunting, it is just a theory that Muldoon has probably never heard.

Corrected entry: When Ellie returns with Muldoon to find the children, Ellie sees the car that had fallen down into the T-Rex cage. She runs to the site where the Jeep fell. It's a bit strange, because the car fell down several stories into the T-Rex cage, and she just walked to it.

Correction: The part where she descends to the other car is not shown, but it is implied.


Corrected entry: When sitting in the hall and eating ice cream, look how far she is away from the cups - but a blink later she slightly reaches over the table and gets a spoonfull.

Correction: The shot from behind Ellie shows one tub that is definitely close enough for her to reach considering the manner in which she leans forward. It even has a spoon ready in it.


Corrected entry: In the last scene where they all get in the helicopter everyone is dirty, sweaty, and bloody. Then a few seconds later in the helicopter. Ellie appears to have showered and combed her hair in the past few minutes.

Correction: Not sure about this one. Her face wasn't dirty in the first place, and she appears to have simply run her fingers through her hair. Remember, she didn't spend the night in the jungle or traipse across the whole island.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the very end when everyone's getting on the helicopter, Ian's left leg is bandaged. Then, once he and Hammond are behind the helicopter door, Ian's right leg is bandaged.

Correction: Ian's leg is only seen once during this final scene, and it is his left leg which is bandaged the whole time.


Corrected entry: At the end after the raptors have chased the group into the main lobby, the hanging skeletons overhead start falling on the people. Watch as a huge bone falls practically on top of Tim. This is obviously a very staged shot, because his hands are not covering the back of his head, which is a natural, protective human instinct. His hands are just on the sides of his head. For a real reaction, notice Ellie's, which is (I think) right beforehand - she curls into a ball, and covers the back of her head.


Correction: He has very little time to react, and seems too scared to move. After all, he is just a child and has less knowledge of how to protect himself. At least, his reaction doesn't look as 'staged' as this suggests.


Corrected entry: Malcolm, Grant and Ellie are in the same car, but when Ian talks to Hammond through the camera you can see that Grant is not sitting in the back seat. In the next scene when Malcolm sits down again Alan is sitting there.

Correction: You can see for a couple of frames the Grant IS in the explorer (though mostly hidden by Malcolm's head filling the camera view), but he is sitting in the boot area so that he can look out of the furthest-back side window. Whilst Hammond is saying "I really hate that man", Grant climbs back into the seat, then we see him put his hat on.


Corrected entry: On their way to the island, Hammond is sitting on one side of the helicopter, and the lawyer on the other side. The direction behind the lawyer was toward the island. The lawyer looks out he window on the right side of the lawyer. He looks straight while he can't see what is behind him. Then Hammond looks out the same window in the other direction that the lawyer did not look at. Hammond then says, "There it is." How did the lawyer see the island is his position?

Correction: This is wrong. Gennaro is facing TOWARDS the island, and Hammond looks sideways to see a different part of the island out of the other side of the helicopter. They would both have been able to see it, because it is a large island and they were close to it.


Corrected entry: When the T-Rex escapes from his paddock and Grant and Malcolm are watching, we see the dino move from screen right to left, passing past Dr. Grant, however when we cut back to Grant and Malcolm, the dinosaur is on Malcolm's side, just before he starts to advance to the kids.

Correction: More footsteps are heard, and there is time (while Lex is shown getting the torch), for the Rex to walk round behind Grant and Malcolm's vehicle.


Corrected entry: When they are all first taking a trip around the park in the jeeps, they come across the Triceratops lair. Alan jumps out, leaving the door open, Ellie follows very quickly, but when she leaps from the car, you hear two car doors shutting, how was she able to shut both in mid jump?

Correction: As she gets out she leans on the rear door and shuts it, then closes her own door. There is enough time for her to do this.


Corrected entry: During the computer guy's dash for the boat, he crashes a Jeep Wrangler and decides to use the front winch. The sequence shows the Jeep stuck on a downhill in slippery conditions. In order to stop a moving vehicle that way, he would have to be hung up on something solid enough to halt a 20mph+ 3800lbs vehicle cold. The winch was most likely in the 10,000lbs range. The combination of the two would have caused severe damage to either the Jeep or the winch cable. Other than getting the fat man out of the car, it doesn't make much sense.

Correction: Nedry wouldn't have had any idea of the capability of the winch. He was just in a hurry to get out of there, so wouldn't be thinking about damage to the jeep.


Corrected entry: After Timmy has been electrocuted and is back safely you see his hair all sticking up. Same when he and his sister are eating. Upon noticing the Raptor they run to the kitchen, Timmy's hair is nice and neat.

Correction: During the kids' eating session, there is plenty of time for the static in his hair to die down a bit, and for him to flatten it down himself. It doesn't become THAT neat.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the kids and Dr. Grant are walking through a field, they are then followed by a "flock" of dinosaurs. They then duck under the log and turn round to find a T-Rex attacking the dinosaurs. At one point one of the flocking dinos is seen jumping through the neck of the dinosaur. His top half disappears for a moment, then reappears after he has landed from jumping through the T-Rex.

Correction: This is incorrect. The Gallimimus is blurry because it is moving so fast, but what actually happens is that it jumps and COLLIDES with the Rex's neck, causing it to fall over. It is subsequently eaten.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Laura Dern is running away from the Velociraptors towards the main door, you can see that she's dragging along a torch attached to her waist. In the next shot, the torch has gone missing because it caught on the door, but her pink shirt has disappeared completely with no good reason.

Correction: There is ample time between scenes for her to take off her outer shirt, which she may well have done, limping around in the jungle heat.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-rex is pushing the tour jeep, Alan's hat keeps changing places from behind his back, to on the ground, and then disappears completely when the T-rex pushes it in a complete circle.

Correction: His hat simply lands on his shoulder when it is blown off by the dinosaur, then falls to the ground when the explorer is pushed around, and does not reappear.


Corrected entry: When Nedry slips and falls on the small waterfall, you can see the area in which he slid down is smooth, but in the next view of the waterfall, the smooth slide is gone.

Correction: The smooth portion is still there, but it is obscured by foliage and water.


Corrected entry: During the scene in which the T-rex first breaks out of its paddock and terrorizes everybody, it pushes the Jeep containing Timmy over the edge of the cement cliff, narrowly missing Dr. Grant and Lex. The following shot shows the Jeep landing, overturned, amidst the branches of a large tree. However, when Dr. Grant scales the tree to rescue the trapped Timmy, the Jeep is completely righted.

Correction: This is wrong. The explorer lands in the tree in a vertical, nose-down position, and remains that way until it hits the ground once Tim and Alan have climbed down.


Corrected entry: When the lawyer leaves Lex and Tim and then T-Rex comes and flips the jeep over it shows the ground being made of rocks or something then when they are upside down in the jeep there is mud pouring in on them but afterwards there is no mud.

Correction: At the point where the explorer is flipped, the ground is very wet and is disturbed by the roof scraping along it. The Rex pushes down on the explorer making it sink and fill with mud. The ground only becomes muddy where it is disturbed and mixed with the puddles (which is also why the Rex leaves deep footprints in the supposedly 'rocky' ground)


Corrected entry: Just before the T-Rex attacks the Explorers, there is a shot of Malcom and Grant talking with the headlights from the other S.U.V. shining into the rear window. How is this possible if they are in the second vehicle?

Correction: At no point does it look as though headlamps are shining through their rear window.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lex is looking out the window for the T-rex when it is raining the rear leg of the goat lands on the window. A few seconds later the T-rex swallows the goat head first and it still has two rear legs.

Correction: The Rex actually eats the Goat rear-end-first (though it's difficult to see the head) so it is the two front legs dangling out of its mouth


Corrected entry: When the group is watching the 'Mr. DNA' film, when the camera cuts back to a wide shot of the whole "clean-room", if you look near the back of the room on the left side, there are two vending machines full of goodies. Vending machines in a clean room? Please.

Correction: Those are NOT vending machines. One of them has a radioactivity symbol on. They are cold-storage units for chemicals, etc.


Corrected entry: When Hammond first introduces himself to Drs. Grant and Sattler in their trailer, he pops a bottle of champagne. Ellie Sattler begins to frantically wash out a dirty set of tumblers that were in the sink. However, a clean set of wine glasses are visible on the cabinet above her.

Correction: Ellie is surely too flustered by the arrival of their biggest contributor to be thinking about where the clean glasses are, so grabs the nearest thing and starts to wash it up.


Corrected entry: When Elli and Dr. Grant are at their dig site, arguing about having children, she puts a red bandana around his neck. They walk back down the hill, and in the next scene, it's gone.

Correction: Perhaps he removed it? There is enough time for him to do so while not on camera, and she didn't tie a knot so it is just loose round his neck.


Corrected entry: While the bull is being lowered into the velociraptor paddock, the lights on the electric fence are off, indicating that the fence is not powered. When Muldoon arrives to talk to Grant and the rest, the lights are on once again, and Muldoon leans against the electric fence through the entire scene, placing his hand on the bottom wire, with no visible ill effects.


Correction: He never touches the electric fence, and in fact, is leaning on a handrail. During the same scene but in a different shot, The Chaos theory guy is leaning on the same rail but it is more clearly visible. You can see it is not part of the electric fence as they all are just approaching the cage.

Corrected entry: In the jeep, just after they arrive on the Island, the lawyer says "If they're not convinced, then I'm not convinced" when referring to the financial insurers he was referring to. Of course, what he should have said was "If I'm not convinced, they're not convinced".

Correction: He's referring to the experts on the island, like Malcolm and Dr. Grant - he's not knowledgeable enough, but is going to trust their opinion.

Corrected entry: When Nedry slips on the waterfall, a cartoonish whistle is dubbed just below the background noise.

Correction: It's the sound of the winch being rapidly pulled out.

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John Hammond: All major theme parks have had delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked, nothing.
Ian Malcolm: But, John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists.



When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.



To make the water in the glass on the dashboard 'jump', they strung a guitar string from the underside of the dashboard to a bolt on the floor and then plucked the string.