The Bourne Ultimatum

Continuity mistake: When Bourne is talking to Firsch, the gun he is holding changes from a Glock in the shots facing Bourne, to a SigPro when the shots face Firsch.

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Visible crew/equipment: Many shots when they are in the CIA building, you can see the cameraman in the glass walls.

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Continuity mistake: In the chase scene involving Bourne and Desh, when Bourne comes to a stop on the rooftop, his jacket is zipped. In the next shot his jacket is open. In the next shot his jacket is zipped, as he begins to run again.

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Continuity mistake: When Landy is looking at Jason's file it says his blood type is A+. When Jason looks at his old dog tags it says his blood type is O-.

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Continuity mistake: Noah Vosen's face goes from completely clean shaven (very smooth and shining skin) to very short stubble and back again when explaining the secret project to Pamela Landy in his office.

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Continuity mistake: When Pamela Landy is looking at Jason Bourne's induction paperwork, the date of his induction is 06-01-1999. However, the date of his first assassination (Neski) is 1998. The assassination of Kyriacou is also listed as having taken place in 1998. Both dates are obviously before he had completed the Treadstone induction.

01:11:55 - 01:13:25

Continuity mistake: When Desh is chasing Nikki and Bourne is chasing Desh, in a shot of Bourne from overhead, he is wearing black converse type tennis shoes (black with white rubber on the toes). As the chase continues, Bourne's shoes are shown several times to be solid black.

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Continuity mistake: The conversation Bourne has with Landy at the end of The Bourne Supremacy is repeated in this film, about an hour and fifteen minutes in - the conversation is absolutely word-for-word identical, so clearly it's the same one. However, in Supremacy, it is a bright, sunny day, but in Ultimatum, the weather is overcast with snow on the ground. Landy's phone rings in Supremacy, but vibrates in Ultimatum. Finally, the other agent doesn't enter her office during the phone call in Supremacy.

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Other mistake: At the beginning of the New York chase sequence where Bourne is walking down the street, you can see an Asian man smiling right into the camera for a second.

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Factual error: When Bourne is traveling to London on the Eurostar from Paris, immediately after the 'flashback' where Marie floats away after being killed, there are two helicopter shots of the Eurostar traveling to London. The second (far away) shot shows the train passing over a motorway. The train is actually traveling towards Paris, and therefore away from London. The motorway is the M20 and the bridge is approximately 3 miles west of junction 9 for Ashford (Kent). The train would have been 10 minutes away from entering the Channel Tunnel.


Factual error: When Jason is at the internet cafe googling the financial company, the address that comes up for Sydney is not technically possible. The street name (Market Street) is real, but the street number was 18017 which is not possible as the street is only a few blocks long and ends at about 400.


Continuity mistake: When Bourne is fighting with Desh in the bathroom scene, the wash basin gets broken off the wall.But in the next camera angle it is back in place again.

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Continuity mistake: When Nicky is first seen in the movie, with Bourne pointing a gun at her, her hair changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: During the fight scene between Bourne and Desh in the bathroom, Bourne's watch keeps disappearing and reappearing on his left arm.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, in the flashback when Bourne recalls his training process several years ago, Hirsch looks younger, but Bourne looks just like the present date, with an edgy and thin face, opposite to the round-childish face that he had then (which we are reminded of during all the movie via photos in his portfolio).

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Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: During the shooting in the parking garage, it's a Chrysler that rounds the corner, but as it approaches Bourne, he shoots at a Ford Crown Victoria.

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Other mistake: When Jason is in the Internet Cafe in London he Googles for Sewell and Marbury, when he gets the results he doesn't have "The "AND" operator is unnecessary - we include all search terms by default. [details]" which should have been displayed just below the search box.


Revealing mistake: Right at the start, when all the police cars skid to a halt, there are tyre marks on the ground from previous takes.


A Demon Premium member

Other mistake: In the end credits, Gavin Greenaway, the conductor of the orchestral score, is credited as "Gravin Greenaway".



Continuity mistake: When Desh goes to meet Nicki, he parks his scooter. Walking behind him(from left to right) is a guy wearing a black shirt with orange stripes. The camera then switches to Bourne and then back to Desh. The man in the shirt is now seen walking towards Desh(from the left) but is still at least 40 feet away from him.


Factual error: After the shooting in Waterloo Station police officers run to the scene blowing their whistles. British police officers haven't used or been issued whistles for many years.

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Revealing mistake: When Bourne jumps through the glass window during the rooftop chase, it is very obvious that the glass shatters before Bourne crashes through it.

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Revealing mistake: In the commentary, the director states that the crowds in Tangiers were real, not hired extras, and that therefore there was an effort to avoid having them look at the camera. However, when you can see the crowd walking up a street, their backs toward the camera, while one man (to the right) faces the camera while holding his cell phone up. He is obviously taking pictures of the camera crew, probably unaware of the fact that he is being filmed, as it seems the shot is filmed from afar.


Joao Paulo Cursino

Other mistake: In the paper file regarding Project Blackbriar Jason Bourne's bloodtype is noted as A+, but on David Webb's dogtags it's O-. Since David Webb is his real identity, O- must be his real blood type. If Bourne was injured and known to have blood type A+ (as it is stated in the docs), the person treating him would believe he was capable of receiving A+, A-, O+ and O-. However, since his real blood type is O-, he is compatible with type O- exclusively. So this would mean a 75% chance of receiving the wrong blood type in an emergency.

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Jacob La Cour

Factual error: When the first assassin drives to Waterloo station to take out Simon Ross and Bourne, he is driving a BMW 3 series with a 2006 UK licence plate. However the events in this film are meant to follow on six weeks after the previous film, which make it still set in 2004.

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Suggested correction: Nowhere in either of the first 3 Bourne films indicate the year they are taking place.


Technically, there is a timeline. You may have to watch the films again, and read up on when production for each film began and wrapped. The Bourne Identity was filmed between October 2000, and Spring/Summer 2001 (Greece scenes). Supremacy (With the exception of the New York ending which was filmed two weeks prior to the release) was filmed between October 2003, and March 2004 Ultimatum was filmed between October 2006 and March 2007 (which explains the snow seen in New York) Identity takes place in the winter of 2000, while Supremacy is set two years later, with Ultimatum taking place six weeks after he escaped Moscow. Legacy takes place around the same time as Ultimatum, and the last Bourne film (Jason Bourne) is set ten years after the events of the Supremacy/Ultimatum timeline.

The year of filming can't be used as indication of when films are set.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Plot hole: Landy uses the code 4/15/71 to point Bourne to the training site address. But how does he know it is on the East side?

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Character mistake: As Jason reads the Guardian Newspaper, he finds an article about himself entitled, "Who is Jason Bourne?" The caption for the article reads, "His code name is Jason Bourne, but he had many identities, each one seemingly more deadly then the next," instead of "more deadly than the next."


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