Ocean's Thirteen

Plot hole: When the earthquake is simulated by the cutter, and the people are winning, when Danny and the whales go to cash their chips in there are many many people running to cash their chips in. The discrepancy is that everyone was evacuated due to the evacuation plan, how did all of those people have time to cash all of their chips in before Bank watched everyone go out of the door? Just seems impossible that half a billion dollars would be paid out to that many people in like a few minutes. I understand it's a movie and things are fast tracked, but it made no sense.

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Suggested correction: The people would have simply left with their chips. I believe casinos have a legal obligation to honor the chips that they have put in play on the floor. So those who left would simply come back and cash them in at a later time.


Continuity mistake: While the group talks about the plan to flirt with Sponder, Linus snaps his fingers and the position of his arm swaps from being up to being at waist level from one frame to the other when the angle changes.

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Question: This has a always perplexed me about Ocean's Thirteen and the egg. Danny/Rusty already had the real egg before Toulour got to the museum. So when Matt Damon and Julia Roberts went into the museum, they were actually trying to steal the fake egg. But when Matt Damon did the switcheroo and took the fake egg and placed the hologram on the pedestal, that meant there really was no egg there. So when Toulour went in to steal the egg, what could he have stolen?


Chosen answer: First off, that was Ocean's Twelve. Anyway, they never did make the switch at the museum. However, they'd already switched the egg before it ever got to the museum, so either way, Toulour was going to be stealing a copy. The reason they continued to keep up the act that they were trying to steal the egg was because they needed to string Toulour along just as LeMarque tells them in the flashback toward the end of the movie.

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