Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters

Shake destroys the Insan-o-Flex and saves Carl, who now has a lot of muscles. Dr. Weird gets in a female body builders costume and tricks Carl into a date, where he cuts off all his muscles and puts them on. Shake, Frylock and Meatwad head for Dr. Wierd and figure out Frylock was Dr.Weird's father. They had a dispute long ago, and Dr.Weird now hates him, and reveals that Frylock's blue gem in his back is a VCR. Frylock and the now improved Dr. Weird have a battle, where in between Steve, Dr. Weirds helper, wants to leave, and Dr. Weird tricks him and dies (he melts after punching out his card in this skull that gives off a deadly gas). After the battle, Shake kills Meatwad with a shotgun. The watermelon man (Walter Melon) who appears in the movie several times appears and reveals that he is the real father of Frylock,Shake,Meatwad,Dr.Weird and the Mooninites. He also reveals that Frylock is actually a lesbian in a man's body. His plan was that they become rich and he comes to rake in the money, but realizes that they all rent. Walter Melon tells Neil (Neil Peart, drummer of Rush) to revive Meatwad with the drum solo of life. Meatwad comes back to life. Walter and Neil leave and Walter upset that his evil plan didn't work at all. The Aqua Teens all find out their mother is a giant three bean burrito. After the end credits, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future is humping the Aqua Teens' TV and then suddenly Frylock appears as a woman...

Jose Molina

Continuity mistake: When Frylock is watching New Jersey getting destroyed by the Insane-O-Flex, look for a building to the left through the Ferris Wheel. When Meatwad transforms into a building, the fires briefly stop, then turn on again.

Low Cow
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Oglethorpe: The only thing bull semen has ever done for me is activate my gag reflex.

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