Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Trivia: When Indy asks his father how he knew Elsa was a Nazi, Henry replies, "She talks in her sleep". Sean Connery ad-libbed this line.

Trivia: Indiana Jones refers to a philosophy class taught down the hall by a Dr. Tyree. In real life, Dr. Tyree was Harrison Ford's college mentor as a philosophy major at Ripon College.

Trivia: Harrison Ford was a Boy Scout in his youth, reaching the level of Life Scout. Steven Spielberg paid homage to this by making young Indy a Life Scout.

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Trivia: When young Indy is in the lion's cart, he cracks a whip that cuts him on the top of his chin, hence Indiana's chin scar. But actually Harrison Ford got that scar when he crashed his car while trying to put his seatbelt on (ironically).

Trivia: A German sentence which could be counted as a mistake: When Indy and company are taken by surprise and captured by the German troopers in the Grail temple, one of them shouts, 'Das ist ein Überfall' (it's the last sentence before the group is brought before Donovan and Elsa). This actually means, 'This is a robbery'. I can't tell, though, whether the script writers consulted the wrong material or if this is considered to be an inside joke for linguists.

Trivia: While in the Zepplin Jones Sr. comments on not having his glasses on. If you look carefully the paper is upside down.

Trivia: Indy's real name is Henry Walton Jones Jr., which is based on George Lucas' real name, George Walton Lucas Jr.

Trivia: The late River Phoenix, who plays the young Indy, played Harrison Ford's son in the 1986 movie "The Mosquito Coast."

Trivia: When Indy and Elsa go under the library looking for the knight's tomb, they encounter an ancient picture of the ark of the covenant. As Indy inspects it, a few bars of "The ark of the covenant" music from Raiders of the Lost Ark plays.

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Trivia: Not a mistake, but a translation. During the fighting scene on the tank. Indy is punched and hits the periscope while the solders inside watch. One of the solders says to the other "The Americans - they fight like women" in German and then gets hit by the periscope. Funny scene as it is, but better if you understand German.

Trivia: The plane Indy and his father boarded was actually a modified Stampe model. A similar modified Stampe (if not the same one) can be seen in the movie 'The Mummy.'

Trivia: When Indy elbows Marcus off of the tank, watch the centre of your screen. A few shots later, you can see Marcus between Indy and Connery. For about one second, it looks like Marcus is laying flat on his back and a second later, he raises his legs into the air. It just doesn't look right but is extremely hilarious to watch. (01:35:35)

Trivia: In the scene in the zeppelin where Indy talks with his father, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery both elected to shoot the scene wearing no trousers whenever possible, in close ups for example, because it was so hot and they didn't want to stop every ten seconds to wipe sweat away.

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Trivia: The beach scene where Indy's father frightens the seagulls into taking flight and bringing down the Messerschmitt was done with fake seagulls and real white doves. The beach was covered with fake seagulls for the wide shot, and the closeup shots were done with white doves and piles of loose feathers to further confuse things. The film crew had to use white doves because it turned out that they absolutely could not train live seagulls to do anything at all on cue.

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Trivia: During the scene with Hitler in Berlin, there is one shot where some books to be burnt are shown. If you look closely, you can see that one is "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx.

Trivia: The actress who plays the cameo role of Walter Donovan's wife is Isla Blair, who in real life is married to Julian Glover (who plays the part of Walter Donovan) but in the credits at the end of the film, her name is given as Mrs Glover and not Isla Blair.


Trivia: Indiana Jones does not like being called Henry by his father (his proper name) and tells his father to call him Indiana. Prof. Jones replies with, "We called the dog Indiana". George Lucas created the character of Indiana Jones and he named the character after his pet Malamute dog, Indiana.


Trivia: Hitler was played by the actor Michael Sheard, this was the third time he had played Hitler for film and TV. Ironically, Sheard is Jewish.

Trivia: On the zeppelin, the Nazi shows around a flyer with Dr. Jones Sr.'s picture on it. At the second table, a woman shakes her head 'no' before even looking at the picture. Possibly just the character not bothering to pay attention, as could happen in reality, but worth looking out for.

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Trivia: Sean Connery was born in 1930 and Harrison Ford was born in 1942. Sean Connery obviously developed early...

Trivia: Many shots of Connery & Ford are from the waist up, which is probably a good thing, as to cool themselves from the heat while on location in Spain, they shot the scenes wearing no pants.

Trivia: Michael Sheard makes an uncredited appearance as Adolf Hitler. Sheard played Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back, which also featured Harrison Ford and Julian Glover. The film also features an uncredited appearance by Nick Gillard, who choreographed the lightsaber duels in the Star Wars prequels. All Lucasarts productions.

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Trivia: During the motorbike chase Harrison Ford's hair is longer and Sean Connery's beard is fuller. This is because this scene was filmed after principal photography had ended, but Spielberg felt a chase scene was needed to explain their escape from the castle. The shot of Connery against a blue sky when the tank goes over the cliff was also filmed later, which again is why his beard is fuller.

Trivia: The urban legend of Harrison Ford stapling his fedora to his head came about after a documentary crew stopped by the set. While clowning around, Ford was captured on camera holding a stapler to his head.

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Trivia: George Lucas originally wanted to set portions of the film in a haunted mansion where Indy would encounter various ghosts and specters, but director Steven Spielberg protested, as he had made "Poltergeist" a few years earlier and didn't want to repeat the same scares and imagery over again in an Indiana Jones film. Other early ideas had Indy searching for the fountain of youth and encountering the Chinese mythological figure the Monkey King.


Trivia: John Williams, the composer, used pieces of his score from Star Wars in this film. For example when young Indiana is on the roof of the train, you can hear bits of Star Wars.

Trivia: As Jones and his father prepare to escape aboard the zeppelin, they walk past two men who are reading newspapers (one man on either side of the doorway). The two newspaper-reading men are George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

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Trivia: The little girl who approaches Adolf Hitler at the rally is the daughter of stuntman Vic Armstrong and his wife, Wendy Leech.

Trivia: When a Nazi kills a soldier by throwing a grenade at him during the desert scene, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

Trivia: When Walter Donovan shoots Indy's father in the chest, the gun he uses is a Walther PPK, which is the same gun used by Sean Connery in the James Bond films.

Trivia: Michael Byrne had previously portrayed a Nazi opposite Harrison Ford in "Force 10 from Navarone" (1978).

Trivia: Denholm Elliott was extremely ill throughout most of the shoot. He had only recently been diagnosed with AIDS, which he would succumb to in 1992.

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Trivia: It's third time lucky for British actor Michael Sheard who pops up as Hitler. He was originally considered for the Gestapo officer Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark but lost to Ronald Lacey. He shot some scenes as the captain of the U-boat which captures the Ark but due to rough seas causing camera stability problems, the shots were never used.He also played Hitler a few years earlier in the Uk sci-fi series The Tomorrow People.

Trivia: There is a reference to George Lucas' THX 1138 in this film - 1138 is in roman numerals MCXXXVIII in Dr. Jones' notebook in the library scene.

Trivia: Having Sean Connery play Indy's father was an inside joke to James Bond being the father of Indiana Jones. Steven Spielberg had always wanted to do a James Bond film but preferred to do Indiana Jones as a James Bond-type character.

Trivia: Ronald Lacey, who played Thot in Raiders of the Lost Ark, cameos as Hitler's top adviser Heinrich Himmler during the book-burning sequence.

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Henry: Come on, Junior.
Indiana: Will you please stop calling me Junior?
Sallah: Please, what does this mean? Always with this Junior?
Henry: That's his name: Henry Jones, Junior.
Indiana: I like Indiana.
Henry: We named the dog Indiana.
Sallah: The dog? You are named after the dog.
Marcus: Can we go home please?
Indiana: I have a lot of fond memories of that dog.



When Indy is stepping on the letters at the end, trying to spell out God's name, he steps on J, incorrectly, causing it to collapse. When he falls through, however, he grabs onto another letter so as not to fall down. The letters he grabs onto and pulls himself up are an L and a Y, which are not in the word Iehova, so should have collapsed too.