Independence Day

Corrected entry: When Russell Casse stands up to talk about his flight experience and says that he was taken by aliens 10 years before, everyone reacts with tired groans. Well we know there are aliens, so why would they not believe him?


Correction: Russell looks like any number of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens, these people are tired of that. Some may also have seen him drunk on TV and thought he was out of his mind. No mistake.

Corrected entry: When the President is firing his F-18's cannon he pulls the trigger. The trigger operates the radio. The same button that fires missiles fires the cannon, the pilot has to select which one first with the 'hat' switch in the top middle of the joystick.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: The hat switch is for pitch and roll trimming, the castle switch is for sensor control. The upper left switch is weapon release (preps missiles for firing) and the trigger fires either the cannon or missile, depending on what's selected.

Corrected entry: There's no way the people at SETI, NASA, or anyone pointing a telescope at the moon wouldn't have spotted the mother ship long before it reached the moon. If asteroids only a few miles wide can be spotted millions of miles away from the Earth then space ship 1/4 the size of the moon are visible long before July 2.

Correction: Asteroids that are approaching or getting close to Earth have been doing that for millions of years and we spotted them over many years and many scans of a lot of space. A single relatively tiny spaceship popping up somewhere is not something we can see immediately unless it gets really close and we pick up a signal or echo.


Corrected entry: After Russell Casse has crashed his plane into the alien's laser weapon and destroyed the ship, General William Grey gives the order to inform all countries to aim for the laser weapon to bring down all the alien spacecraft (which works). The problem here is the Americans were simply lucky that the ship had opened up the hatch and were planning to destroy Area 51, which left it vulnerable to being destroyed. All the other countries would have to fly around in circles and wait for the hatch to open which could have taken days, since they couldn't penetrate the outer armour. In short, it's highly unlikely they would have all fallen at once.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Its highly unlikely, but not impossible. Nobody says they were all taken out at once anyway. It was a globally coordinated attack and most if not all of the ships were attacked at the same time. Though it would probably take some time for them to open up their primary weapon, they could all be destroyed that way since they were still destroying cities.


Corrected entry: The New York ship comes to a stop just above the tip of the Empire State building. Since the World Trade Center towers were several hundred feet taller, this means the ship should have collided with them and knocked them over, as they're only a few miles away, and the ship is easily larger than that. But after the city destruction, we see the twin towers still intact, if severely damaged.

Correction: The ship is higher than you think. The part that has the primary weapon is lower than the rest of the ship so that's why it appears to be lower, but it hangs higher above the rest of the city, including the twin towers. Besides, the roof of the twin towers are actually lower than the tip of the Empire state building at 417 meters, meaning that only the antenna of the WTC1 would have snapped off if the ship had been hanging that low.


Corrected entry: In both air battles, there are clear shots of F/A -18 Hornet Fighter Jets armed both with AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles (the small wingtip mounted ones) and with large AIM-54 Phoenix Missiles under the wings. The only fighter in the world that is equipped to fire the AIM-54 is the F-14 Tomcat.

Correction: It is an AGM-84 Harpoon, not an AIM-54 Phoenix. Hornets can be armed with the former.

Corrected entry: Unless everyone uses satellite receivers, the local news feeds would likely still come from terrestrial broadcast towers. The interference on the local TV stations wouldn't be present like it is, especially in the scenes with Russel being on the news.

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: Most satellite and cable companies carry local stations as part of their basic programming.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Although Goldblum is an off-the-scale genius, no time elapses between his father giving him the virus idea (the dialogue about "catching a cold") and Goldblum, who has been up all night drinking nearly all of a bottle of cheap scotch, announcing the demonstration of the working virus on the captured alien fighter-craft. Genius or no, the virus and communication program to deliver it into the alien system (potentially the hardware could have been developed to connect it up though as that need not depend on the virus idea) could not magically appear in his laptop without the time, however short for a drunken Genius, to develop it on that laptop and get it working. Instead a few minutes development time would be plausible and longer would even have been believable. Even off-screen elapsed time to type the virus into the laptop on the basis of it working first time isn't provided for in the film.


Simon Clinch

Correction: There is off screen elapsed time for Goldblum to develop the virus. After he wakes up the sleeping guard, we cut to the same room, filled with hordes of people, showing that some time has passed.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: During the first counter-strike following the aliens attack, F-14 Tomcats are shown on the tarmac at MCAS El Toro. The Marine Corps does not and has never operated F-14s, they are Navy aircraft.



Correction: The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy. Perhaps they were simply stored there for repairs or moved for the attack.


Corrected entry: There are some serious inaccuracies concerning the presence of the alien craft. The mother ship, with a mass one quarter that of the moon, passes very close to the moon and then settles in orbit around the earth. The gravitational pull from such a large object would cause a substantial disruption of the moon's surface and its orbit, and then of the earth's surface. These effects are not even mentioned. When the mother ship explodes in earth orbit the effect of such a large nuclear explosion so close to the earth would be so destructive that it does not even bear thinking, not to mention the billions of tons of debris it would leave behind, much of which would be pulled down to the earth's surface. Again, nobody seems too worried about this even though such an event would probably destroy all life on earth anyway.

Correction: The key words are that the effects aren't mentioned. They may have discussed them at some point, but they were probably more concerned by the first contact with a massive alien spaceship. As for the debris, I guess they figured that a chance at survival (with killing the aliens) was better than no chance (with the aliens exterminating human life).


Corrected entry: In the opening scene the alien mother ship is seen passing over the moon. Judging by the movement of the shadow it is travelling fairly slowly, of the order of 3000 to 4000 miles per hour. At this speed it would take the best part of 4 days to reach the earth, not a matter of hours.

Correction: We obviously have NO idea how these ships operate, who is to say that they slowed down, then sped back up knowing their mass might affect the Moon?

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: When it comes to saluting in the armed forces, the subordinate always puts up his or her salute first and then the superior officer puts up his salute. Only after the superior officer has put his salute down is the subordinate permitted to put down his salute. Never will a superior officer salute somebody of a lesser rank first. This occurs several times in the movie but the most obvious one was in the very last scene after the whole entourage jeeps out into the desert to meet David and Captain Hiller. General Grey (a 4 star general) salutes Captain Hiller (an officer of much less rank) first and then is in turn saluted back by Captain Hiller.


Correction: While true 99% of the time, Hiller and Levinson just literally saved the Earth. Grey salutes Hiller first as a sign of respect and a way of saying "well done and thank you". Wounded soldiers are often saluted by superiors in much the same way for instance.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Before firing the nuke in the mother-ship Will and Jeff light their cigars, but when they are walking in the desert after returning to earth the cigars look like they only just have been lit, even though over 20 min have past. The control-center hasn't heard for them in 20 min and there wives and the president have to drive all the way out to them to greet them before we see the cigars again.


Correction: Cigars don't have the chemicals that cigarettes have in them to keep them constantly alight. Invariably a cigar will go out and will need to be relit, so its perfectly reasonable that they are the same cigars.


Corrected entry: The humans are out of missiles in the final battle, except for Russell Casse, who flies right up into the alien main weapon, destroying the ship. A number of problems here. First off, a central control center operator reports all the missiles have been fired, indicating they are monitoring all F/A-18s. But somehow Russell's missile escaped their notice. Then no one in the control room seems to know where Russell came from, which they should know since they were monitoring all the F/A-18 pilots. Actually these mistakes stem from the original ending, which involved Russell arriving to the battle in his biplane with a missile strapped to it, ready for a suicide mission, because he was too drunk to be given an F/A-18. He then flew the biplane into the alien ship because he obviously couldn't fire the missile. According to Director's commentary, at the film's test screening the audience response to the biplane suicide ending was poor, indicating to the filmmakers that it was too cheesy. They decided to rewrite the end, so that Russell would make the choice to give up his life at the very last moment. They then filmed Russell in an F/A-18 cockpit, but chose not to film the control center scenes again, meaning they don't fit with what's seen onscreen.

Correction: While the story about the revised ending is true, that does not make it a mistake. We see a shot where Russell's plane is hit by an alien fighter and it fades to white, indicating an explosion. The idea is that Russell's plane was hit but not destoyed causing damage that included his weapons firing system and the equipment transmitting his position to the command centre. They act surprised when he rides in to save the day because they didn't realise he was still alive and more importantly carrying missiles.

Corrected entry: In the movie's final showdown, Russell flies his airplane directly in the green light. At this point, the alien ship is located directly over Area 51. So when it's going down, the whole area should be covered under millions of tons of "alien steel," since the spaceship is 13 or 15 miles in diameter. But some shots later you see the spaceship a few miles away in the mountains and a jeep driven by people who should be buried under ground.


Correction: The ship drifted several miles before crashing; they apparently lost control of navigation before losing altitude control.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The aircraft that deploys the nuclear missile at the saucer over Houston is a B-2 Spirit, a slow moving stealth bomber. It would have made more sense for the human command to deploy nuclear munitions using a more maneuverable fighter/bomber that stands a better chance of escaping the blast and any subsequent alien fighters that would be dispatched.


Correction: This supposes too many things, notably that the military was intact and had every aircraft at its disposal. We see the aliens struck the base at El Toro. Since we don't know what other bases, installations and aircraft may have been destroyed after the initial attack, we can't know what aircraft were at their disposal. Not to mention that the humans could have been hoping stealth would be an advantage over maneuverability.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The humans are shown attacking the alien destroyers with AMRAAM air-to air missiles, which are shown both times to do virtually no damage to it. AMRAAMs are designed for fast moving air-to air targets, like the alien fighters. Yet, the humans do not see a need to fit their fighters with more powerful weapons, such as bunker busters, cluster bombs, nuclear bunker busters or tactical nukes, that would easily cripple or outright destroy the alien saucer. Instead, they resort to firing countless AMRAAMs at a 15-mile wide destroyer, which amount to pinpricks and cause needless deaths.


Correction: The AMRAAMs do not do "virtually no damage". They do absolutely no damage. The humans don't upgrade their munitions because there's no point to it.

Phixius Premium member

Missile hitting the armor leave sparks flying, and glowing hot metal. I'm not sure if you would call that missiles doing absolutely no damage.

Corrected entry: During the nuclear attack on the saucer, the B-2 Spirit bombers are not shown with fighter escorts. Since what they are attacking isn't human, and would most likely detect them regardless of the B-2's stealth ability and send fighters after them, the bombers would be destroyed. Given the nature of the mission and the need for it to succeed, one would think slow moving nuclear bombers warrant escorts.



Correction: From the aliens' point of view, they are fully aware that their shields can withstand any weaponry and therefore would not be concerned with whatever aircraft is approaching it or whatever weaponry it has on board. Therefore would not need to protect itself from a distant aircraft. From the human point of view, they believe that the aliens would not be aware of the significance of the 'nukes' and believe the 'stealth' features of their bomber would give them protection. Why make their position known with escort fighters?


Corrected entry: The whole premise of the ending was based around giving the mothership a virus to take out the shields. However, given that the "electrics" had only very recently come on in the Area 51 spacecraft, there would have been no time for anybody to have reverse engineered the computer system and alien programming language, let alone for David to come in at the last minute, manage to guess off the top of his head what part of the mothership's system controlled all the shields, find a vulnerability in their code that could be exploited to switch them off, and then create the virus to do so.

Correction: This is based entirely on an opinion, which are not valid grounds for a mistake. David is portrayed in the film as an off-the-scale genius, who's already deciphered the alien countdown code using nothing more than his own laptop and the interference in the satellite system. Area 51 is populated by the top scientific minds available, all of whom would be focused completely on the systems in question. It is simply your opinion that this would be impossible and that doesn't count.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasmine retreats from the attack in the maintenance room, she backs into a concrete wall. However, the whole "wall" shakes as she backs into it.


Correction: It is quite feasible that the wall "shakes" due to the tunnel being destroyed by the blast, hence the light in the maintenance room blows out a moment later.


Corrected entry: Why do cars lift off from the ground and fly when hit by the blast wave from the UFO? That power would come from above (or directly horizontal). In order to fly, the force would have to come from below the cars.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: When the blast hits, the shockwave hits the ground and spreads horizontally, thus the cars being lifted off the ground. The shockwave would be like an ocean wave, and while appearing to be horizontal, it actually has a lot of upward currents, which could easily cause a car to flip.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, the alien craft slowly flies over the Apollo 11 placard on the moon, and there are footprints in the soil. The spacecraft causes vibrations that disturbs the soil around the placard and the footprints. There is no sound in space (or on the moon), and the moon's atmosphere is almost a vacuum, so the soil should not have been disturbed in such an extreme manner. This is deliberately done for the dramatic effect.

Correction: The propulsion field that the ship uses is what's disturbing the soil.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: As LA is destroyed, you see Jasmine sitting in her car. As she turns around in her seat to see the fire ball coming at her, you see the entrance to the tunnel is an arch. As she runs through the tunnel, the ground is level. But the morning after, she has to climb up to get back out of the tunnel entrance, which is now a complete circle. It looks as if she's coming out of a large drain pipe.

00:48:55 - 00:52:30

Correction: The tunnel Jasmine and all the others are in has a four car lane width. The hole she and Dylan walk through is hardly wider than the width of a single car. Just look at its Octagonal nut-like edge that is seen in the wideshot, when Jasmine emerges - that hole is not supposed to be the tunnel's exit or entrance! Actually, it IS a large concrete drainage pipe from the tunnel's storm water run-off control system, which was dislodged during the massive devastation.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When David is outside of the White House and he calls Conny, she walks over to the window with her phone by her right ear, then she swaps it to her left when she's looking out the window, but in a shot of her looking out the window, it is back by her right ear.



Correction: No, it is not. After David calls Connie and she switches the phone to her left hand, before she pulls the curtain back, in the next interior shot, facing David and Julius outside, it is Connie's right hand that we see holding the curtain. Then it cuts to a close-up of Connie, who is STILL holding the phone in her left hand, just before her arm drops down as her mouth drops open in shock.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the clip where we see Air Force One about to take off, the UFO is moving. But all the ships were placed in attack position - this one directly above the White House, so it shouldn't move.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The alien ships repeatedly shown rotating in virtually every shot of them -- even while they're firing. This is just another instance.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the UFOs arrive to Washington DC, we see sunlight on Lincoln's statue in Lincoln Memorial - which is then blocked by the UFO. But Lincoln is so deep inside the memorial that sunlight never hits it.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: This is not true the memorial faces east and the sun does shine on it in the morning.

Bowling255 Premium member

Corrected entry: Even allowing for dramatic license, the scene where Will Smith flies an FA18 down a canyon is absurd. Pulling such maneuvers at that speed would rip the wings off his aircraft and squash him like a pancake against the cockpit wall. He isn't even wearing a g-suit.


Correction: Simply not true. The F/A18 is easily capable of what we saw in the film. It's virtually impossible for the pilot to "shake the wings off" this aircraft because a) this is a VERY robust airframe, and b) the flight computer will "dampen" pilot inputs that exceed the capabilities of the aircraft. It's actually fairly difficult for a trained pilot to anything fatally stupid, it's a very good avionics package, 2nd only to the F22.

Corrected entry: In the White House they mention "an AWAC. The aircraft [E-3 Sentry] is known as an AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System], it is not plural so you don't drop the S.


Correction: Minor character mistake...even assuming a character KNOWS that "AWAC" is wrong, it's easy to understand due to the circumstances. Not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: While Steve and David are trying to escape the mother ship, they are approaching the ship's outer doors that are about to close. David keeps saying, "Must go faster, must go faster", then it shows Steve with his arms extended as if he is pushing the controls forward trying to make the craft go faster. The problem with this is that when they first tried to take off from Area 51, the controls were such that pulling back on them made the craft go forward, and pushing them forward made it go in reverse. But Steve was not pulling the controls back toward him when they were escaping.

Correction: He was not pushing the controls forward. He was bracing himself.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the movie when Russell Cates is flying the jet fighter, he says 'Tell my children I love them very much', then proceeds to fly his jet up into the UFO to blow it up. The problem is, in every scene previous to this when the UFO fired its laser beam, it destroyed everything it hit. Why didn't it destroy the jet when it entered the beam?

Correction: The beam hadn't been fired yet. If you watch closely you'll notice that every time a ship fires that particular weapon there's a sort of "two-phase" beam. The first phase sends down an apparently harmless beam of light, while the second phase seems to charge the beam with whatever destructive energy the aliens utilize. Russell flies into the beam during its first phase. By the time the beam is charged, Russell is inside the craft. When the beam blows up his jet, it causes the chain reaction that destroys the ship.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: This movie has the highest body count in film history. Six major characters die, plus billions that are killed when the cities are blown up. Add to that the pilots who are killed in the aerial attacks, all the people who die when the military bases are blown up, not to mention an entire alien race, and the movie's final body count is somewhere in the trillions.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Purely speculative and not entirely accurate. Galaxies and universes have been destroyed (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Neverending Story) in other films.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Early in the film, after the arrival of the alien spacecraft, President Whitmore indicates that, "We may need to upgrade to Defcon 3" in light of the worsening situation. The Defcon scale is lowered in response to a more threatening situation, and would therefore require a "downgrade to Defcon 3."

Correction: This is a matter of semantics. While it is true that the numerical sequence does count down, the President is referring that we need to "upgrade" our defense status. In other words, go to a high state of readiness. In any case, it's a character decision.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When David and Steven break the Earth's atmosphere, there is no sign of the mother ship despite heading straight towards it in the next shot.


Correction: After the shot when you see all the stars and no mothership, and you get an outside shot of the little ship, you can see they turn to the left.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jimmy and Steve are being chased by 2 alien spacecraft, Jimmy says he is going to "try something", after which he makes a drastic high speed left turn away from Steve's plane. The G forces are so great, Jimmy can't breathe so he takes off his oxygen mask. Steve immediately yells, "Put your mask back on!", but how would he have known he removed his mask if he had already banked away from him and he couldn't actually see him?

Correction: Because the heavy "gasping for air" type breaths Jimmy was taking sounds very different if he does not have his mask on as opposed to still wearing it, as it is not muffled like breathing or speaking with it on tends to be.


Corrected entry: When we see the alien spacecraft stop above the Empire State Building, it looks like the very top of the building is not far from the bottom of the ship. How can this be? The WTC buildings were about 1,000 feet high, so to clear those buildings, the bottom of the ship should have been much higher above the ESB. The same thing with the ship over the White House - in order to clear the Washington Monument, it would have had to be higher than it was shown above the White House.

Correction: For one thing, the ships aren't necessarily completely flat on the underbelly; and for another, a race with that kind of technology would have equipped their craft with vertical maneuverability as well as lateral. Simply put: they flew over and/or around the taller structures. Keep in mind that the entire approach is not shown of any one craft.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Will Smith has ejected out of his plane and is walking towards the alien plane shouting "Who's the man?", he is wearing gloves. But when he punches the alien, he is bare-handed.


Correction: The distance between Smith's landing position and the space ship is about 100 meters, then he stars walking towards the ship, shortly before the scene is cut, he is about 40-50 meters away from his parachute, in the new shot he is standing right next to the spaceship, that gives him 50 meters and about 20 seconds to take his gloves off and throw them away, and as he just has wrecked a 60 million dollar aircraft he sure doesn't care about bringing home the gloves!

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Captain Steven "Steve" Hiller and David Levinson are getting ready to fly out on the alien ship, the camera shows Hiller the launchpad for the missile that they are to use on the mothership. Hiller says, "It's just like the AMRAAM launch pad on a stealth." AMRAAM stands for Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile. Both the F-117 "Stealth Fighter" and the B-2 "Stealth Bomber" only carry air to ground weapons. Neither stealth is equipped to carry AMRAAMs, and therefore wouldn't have AMRAAM launchpads.

Correction: This is a movie where aliens attack earth, and where they have a spaceship in Area 51. Not every project from the military is public, so it's perfectly feasible that they could have a new stealth aircraft with AMRAAM launchpads on it.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the final fight scene, Bill Pullman's fighter is given the code name "Eagle 5". This is a nod to another Bill Pullman movie, "Spaceballs", where he captained a Winnebago named Eagle 5.

Correction: In the final battle, the President is Eagle 1, not Eagle 5.

Corrected entry: Will Smith's mustache is out of limits for military standards. The standard is that a mustache shall not extend lower than the top of the upper lip or past a vertical line drawn upward from the corner of the mouth. He's good on the first part, but out of regs on the second.


Correction: Maybe he grew it out during his "leave-time" from being at the base. Doesn't take long for a thin mustache like that to grow(couple days), and I am sure they would not have taken the time to make him shave under the circumstances.


Corrected entry: That alien suit is rather odd: it needs to be cut open with a razor sharp knife, then the alien is covered in a fleshy mass, however the suit is so weak an alien gets knocked out when it gets punched.

Correction: There doesn't appear to be any sort of movie mistake here, just an opinion.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: And/or the alien was weakened by the shock of the crash?


Corrected entry: When Will Smith flies the FA18 and is being chased by the alien space craft, just as the FA18 comes into the shot when he flies over the edge of a canyon there is no shadow on the ground, but then suddenly the shadow appears within the same shot - it doesn't gradually appear like the FA18 does.

Correction: I just watched this frame by frame and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the shadow of the plane. It appears gradually but just very quickly since the plane is flying very fast.

Corrected entry: In the scene where David shows everyone how he can penetrate the fortress, he specifically says the only way to disable the shields in all the ships is to detonate a bomb in the mothership (he says it quickly towards the end of his little speech so pay attention) - But the shields go down way before they detonate the bomb, the shields go down as soon as they upload the virus.


Correction: David clearly says during his demonstration and I quote: "If we plant a virus into that mother ship it's gonna filter down into all the corresponding ships below."Then a few sentences later he says: "We then upload the virus, set off some kind of explosion which'll disable it."(It being the mother ship, not the shield.) So the primary purpose of the bomb was to destroy the mother ship (it couldn't be attacked by fighters since it wasn't in our atmosphere). The shields on the other ships would already be down when this happened.


Corrected entry: When Cpt Hiller (Smith) gets in the F18 for the first attack, just under the canopy it reads "CPT Jimmy Wilder" with "Raven" below that. But Smith's character is "Steven Hiller." Connick's character is "Jimmy Wilder." Hiller is flying the wrong plane.

Correction: Watch the scene again. Will Smith gets in the plane with 'Cpt Steven Hiller' below the canopy. Connick gets in the one marked 'Cpt Jimmy Wilder "Raven"'

Corrected entry: When the spaceship is first coming into hover position over D.C., it passes over the Washington Monument. While the shadow hits the ground and monument separately, it incorrectly hits the ground first. Since the light source comes from the left and the spaceship is moving right, it should hit the higher monument first, with the ground shadow trailing. The opposite is true in the movie.


Correction: If the ship is moving from left to right and the light source is to the left, the shadow would cover the ground first and then move up the monument. If the ship was moving right to left, the monument would be shadowed first. This shot was not filmed with CG, but with a truck and actual sunlight.

Jason Sieberg

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will Smith's character has approached Area 51 with the alien, he identifies himself as an officer of the Marine Corps; yet he is a fighter pilot.

Correction: The Marine Corps has a large air support force, and the pilots are commisioned officers.


Corrected entry: At the end Steven and David are flying out of the mothership and they barely make it out. Hence the spaceships that are following them blow up because they hit the wall. Thats the problem, it's in space. In order to have fire you must have oxygen. In space there is no oxygen. Therefore there could not have been a fire when the ships crashed.


Correction: The ships themselves have enough oxygen to sustain a fire.


Corrected entry: More than one character refers to the Roswell crash as occurring in the 1950s, but the actual date was 1947.


Correction: Two characters make this error, and both are excusable human mistakes. Judd Hirsch's character makes the first mention and he is clearly having difficulty remembering exact details. The second time is the Secretary of Defense who is more concerned about the ludicrous nature of the plan being suggested than giving an accurate history.

Corrected entry: When Jasmine arrives at his destroyed airbase she stands at a fence outside the military area. She is filmed from inside but you can read a sign "Restricted Area" fixed to the fence. So the restricted area must be the whole world for the soldiers inside the airbase.


Correction: From looking at the state of the sign and the fence to which it was attached, it had clearly been displaced by the alien attack.

Correction: The flight line inside of the base is restricted. At my Base they had B-52 aircraft. A sign on the that fenced area read restricted area. Use of deadly force authorized.

Corrected entry: The scene when the kids are in the trailer watching TV and the ship is approaching, everything in the trailer is shaking intensely. 3 seconds later, they come out to see what's going on and you can see the ropes that are tied to the awning are not moving at all.


Correction: That is because they are tied down tight with no slack. They are still vibrating slightly.

Corrected entry: When David is calling Connie at the White House, she sweeps the curtain to the right from the outside and she is standing in front of the window. The shot changes angles and the curtain is now being held without Connie standing there.


Correction: There's only one time we don't see Connie holding the curtain and that is because we are looking at her point of view.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasmine is running in the tunnel with her child, you can clearly see that the child is a dummy (plastic head).


Correction: There is nothing whatsoever in any of the shots which makes it possible to tell whether the child is a dummy or not.

Corrected entry: If you take a look at some of the individual extras who are supposedly running for their lives (in this and many other disaster movies) you can see that they're just jogging along like they've already done it 20 times that day.



Correction: This is purely down to interpretation of how they 'should' act. The shots where you can clearly see the extras' faces show them being scared and panicked. As for them running away slowly: some will be slower than others. It stands to reason that not all of them will have superior athletic ability.

Corrected entry: When the White House is obliterated, they made a model of the house to explode. As the beam is on the White House you can already see flames coming out of the left side of the house. They taped it in slow motion, then as the actual plasma/bomb came down through the beam, they sped up the footage. There is no other explanation for this because the "house" is already exploding before it should.


Correction: Wrong. Watch the SFX features on the DVD, the explosion of the model was filmed at 300 frames per second, and played back at 24 frames per second. No part of this shot is played faster than it was filmed. The White House explodes in accordance with the fictional alien ray gun that is firing at it.

Corrected entry: I am just curious as to how Jasmine has time to look in the mirror, see the alien plasma wall about 400 yards away, curse, get the slow witted child out, pick up her bag, run to the door, kick the door in and call the dog which gets to them safely. This plasma moves at about 180mph as it was comfortably keeping up with Air Force One when it was taking off.


David Mercier

Correction: Firstly, the fireball was a lot further than 400 yards away from Jasmine. Secondly, that scene was edited to show loads of different things happening at once and most of it was shown in slow motion so there is no way of knowing exactly how long the fireball took to reach her.

Corrected entry: Will Smith's girlfriend finds an abandoned truck - why didn't the gasoline in the tank explode when it came in contact with the fireball? There is no way that fireball missed a truck that size sitting so close to the opening of the tunnel.

00:49:00 - 01:02:50

Correction: Gasoline only ignites when its concentration with air is in a narrow range (around 2-5%). Gasoline in a fuel tank is in too high of a concentration and cannot ignite.

Gasoline's air concentration not being in a narrow gauge (around 2-5%) does not prevent it from being able to be ignited. It can be ignited regardless of how high or low it's air concentration is. Whether or not gasoline can be ignited has to do with whether there is heat and oxygen, and whether or not it is leaking. Your Objection that it can only ignite in certain circumstances is correct but not your details on why. Gasoline can only ignite if there is heat and oxygen, and if it is leaking.

While you are correct that gasoline only ignites when it is leaking and if there's oxygen in the air, and that whether it can be ignited has has nothing to do with its air concentration, you are wrong about the correction's objection. That gasoline was leaking, and would have ignited when fireball came in contact with it regardless of the gasoline's air concentration.

Corrected entry: When the aliens are coming in to New York, there is a shot of people starting to run in the other direction, from where the ship is coming in. The cop on horseback turns the horse around to flee, and in the next shot from the side of the street, the cop turns his horse around again.


Correction: Not uncommon in film to show the same scene from 2 different angles.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When the stealth bomber launched the nuke to blast the alien ship apart, watch as the stealth steered to the left. Yet the radar from Area 51 shows the stealth steering to the right.


Correction: Technically the display in question is not radar. There is the observation vehicle present which is on the ground in front of the Stealth. From the perspective of this vehicle, the plane would be turning to the right. The feeds sent back from the vehicle would reflect this perspective.

Corrected entry: When the spaceships are destroyed at the end and everyone is cheering, one of the ships in seen crashed behind the pyramids. If the spaceship had crashed in that spot it would have flattened Cairo. (It's easy to tell this looking at the configuration of the pyramids).

Correction: Who's to say it didn't? Not every spacecraft would have crashed away from a city it was over. Plus the cities would be evacuated and probably destroyed anyway.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Air Force One being chased by the fireballs - do you notice how comfortable the passengers look in all that heat? That must be some air-condition system.

Correction: Nobody looks comfortable at all- they all think they're about to die. If they aren't fanning themselves with their hands or asking for drinks of water it's probably because they're just a bit terrified.


Corrected entry: Jeff Goldblum tells Harvey Fierstein that there will be six hours until the countdown ends. There is no way that he could have left his office, gone on bicycle to his father's house and driven as slowly as they were from New York to DC with time to spare before the countdown ended. The drive alone is a minimum of 4.5 hours with no congestion, averaging 70mph. They were going considerably more slowly.

00:26:55 - 00:37:00

Correction: Jeff Goldblum says "approximately 6 hours", which means it can mean up to 6 hours and 30 minutes. But even if it does mean 6 hours exactly, they might make it. When they arrive at the white house there's less than 30 minutes left. That gives them a 330 minute window to make a trip that takes circa 270 minutes. When they're not in the cities they might be going a whole lot faster than 70mph. It's perhaps cutting it a bit close, but it's possible for them to make the drive within that time frame.

Corrected entry: In Jeff Goldblum's New York office, one of the televisions is on some news channel. The anchorman mentions that there are ships over the capitals of England, India, and Germany. You then see a map of where the ships are, and the one over the Indian capital is labeled "Bombay." The capital of India is New Delhi.

00:26:00 - 00:26:50

Correction: This is a news broadcast/character mistake, which is perfectly realistic, not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: I hate to say it, but Area 51 is not located in the Utah desert as shown in several desert scenes. Area 51 is in Nevada surrounded by mountains.

Correction: The movie labels Area 51 as being in Nevada, when Air Force One is flying there.

Corrected entry: When Will Smith pulls the ring out of his locker, he drops it and it falls to the right of him. When Harry Connick Jr. picks up the ring, he picks it up to the left of Will.



Correction: It could have bounced.

Corrected entry: Why do they attack the ships only with F/A-18s? They could fire a lot more warheads from submarines, destroyers and so on.


Correction: The actor giving the briefing says that the pilots will be the "first wave" in the counter attack, possibly meaning that a number of other waves would be attacking afterwards, which could be coming from Submarines and/or Destroyers. Also, in the fight scenes, the aliens could have destroyed submarines, destroyers, etc.

Corrected entry: Goldblum makes an assumption when creating his computer virus (in the complex alien language, no less) that the aliens would not have any kind of anti-virus software or other security measures embedded in their obviously highly classified control system software. Ridiculously improbable. He has no fallback plan, either.

Correction: No, this is untrue, the aliens do have "anti-virus" programs. That is why his plan will only work for a matter of minutes, before the aliens stop the virus. Also, the technology of the humans and aliens is vastly different, so there is a chance the aliens computers wouldn't "recognize" the human virus.

Corrected entry: In the shot after the President penetrates the ship's shield, we see about 20 missiles fired at the front ship and all of the missiles make huge fiery holes causing quite a bit of damage. But in the shot where the small alien fighters start to attack the civilians at area 51, the ship (in the background) has no damage to it whatsoever.

Correction: These ships were about 14 miles in diameter (as indicated earlier in the film.) It's quite possible that the scene in question was from a different angle. Not necessarily where the missiles had hit.

Corrected entry: Will Smith's girlfriend avoids an explosion by ducking into a janitor's closet inside a tunnel, yet the special effects show the beam knocking over buildings, and there's even a shot of the entire city being levelled. The next day, however, there's all sorts of debris and survivors left behind.

00:47:55 - 01:06:15

Correction: Obviously some people were lucky or intelligent enough to hide in a similar way, or were already in some protected area (like a basement, for example).

Corrected entry: In the introduction, the satellite collides with the alien mothership and explodes on impact. Satellites don't contain anything explosive and there's no oxygen inside them.

Correction: The craft destroyed at the very beginning was the space station Mir (or some other station - it's awfully large for a satellite.) Its destruction represents one of mankind's greatest achievements in space eradicated by the mere arrival of the aliens. A space station would have a good supply of oxygen and flammable material on board.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene from the surface of the moon, dust can clearly be seen swirling around the plaque. Since the moon has absolutely no atmosphere, what is this dust swirling on?


Correction: It is not swirling. It is being vibrated across the plaque. Some might argue that is impossible as the sound from the ship has no medium to travel to make the vibration. Also, the moon does have an atmosphere (which is almost a vacuum though, I am just picking holes).

Corrected entry: When the President arrives at Area 51 he orders the guard to open the "clean room" where workers are wearing full body clean suits. Yet a few minutes later when Brent Spiner and his crew arrive (from within the clean room) they are all wearing street clothes and lab coats, not clean suits.

William Miller

Correction: That is because they weren't in the clean room initially. They went into the room from outside the clean room and since the President and others had already 'contaminated' the room there was no sense in him wasting time putting on his clean suit.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: In the cable office where Jeff Goldblum works, there is a wall of TV screens, presumably to show all the channels that the company broadcasts. After the alien ships appear, the president comes on to address the nation, and we see him gradually appear on all of the screens. However, at the center of this wall, he is shown in a large image, with nine or so televisions combining to make one huge jumbo-tron type image. As this appears, you can see the individual channels changing to pieces of his picture one by one. It is unlikely that each channel was only broadcasting a piece of this image, so someone at the office must have changed the sets so they would all display the same image in this manner. As only Jeff Goldblum and Harvey Fierstein have not evacuated the office, who could have made this change?

Correction: It could be automated. A switch that tells the monitors when the same program is being played on all stations, to broadcast as one large image in the office. Where I work, we have screens like that, but in the case of an asychrynous broadcast, it changes to Jumbo-tron automatically.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: Late in the movie, there's a remark about the Belgian Airforce having been destroyed in the Sinai. The Sinai Desert is next door to Egypt - what was the Belgian Airforce doing there? They're supposed to defend European airspace, not African.

Correction: After the aliens began their destructive campaign, it quickly became clear that military forces would have to be moved away from population centers to protect them. It's not surprising that some European forces evacuated to northern Africa, where there are fewer targets.


Corrected entry: After Air Force One has just touched down in Area 51 we see a view of Air Force One in a hanger. Later when Will Smith brings the people in the motorhomes Air Force One is missing. Surely a Boeing 747 can't go unnoticed?

Correction: Area 51 probably has more than one hangar.


Corrected entry: When the Morse code signal is received in the Iraqi Desert, the man standing in the background is playing with his pistol the entire time. First he points it at the man across from him, then he holds down the paper with it, then in the next shot he's playing with it again.

Correction: There's nothing wrong here. The man is holding the pistol, then sets it on the table to weigh down some papers, then the scene changes to another area. Here, there is only one shot, and the man is holding the gun the entire time.


Corrected entry: Area 51 should be deep underground. The rocks should therefore provide everybody with enough cover for large bombs and even protection from the alien's primary weapon. When Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum go out to save the world in the alien spacecraft, the door to the surface opens. The launch site has its own door to the outside world. Why is it that the base is deep underground but has a big door leading to the surface that has no protection at all?

Correction: It's not simply a door into the outside, it's a launch tunnel at least one hundred yards long. There are heavy blast doors on the inside that are opened so that craft can exit, and it can be assumed that there are also similar doors on the other end of the tunnel. All this is a far cry from a simple surface door with no protection.


Corrected entry: When the aliens arrive for the first time and move over Washington, the shadow of the spacecraft goes over the Washington monument, but the shadow of the Washington monument is never seen, even though the sunlight is directed at an angle where it would be very large.

Correction: The shadow is running off into the lower right corner.


Corrected entry: The three helicopters hover by the alien space ship. The ship then shoots a beam to destroy all 3 of the helicopters. But the two smaller helicopters start to explode from the inside before they are hit with the ray.

Correction: All three of the helicopters show internal explosions before the energy ray hits them. However, it cannot be said with certainty that this is not how the ray is supposed to function. Perhaps the preliminary light from the ship indicates the release of radiation that can detonate the fuel and ammunition in the helicopters after a few seconds' exposure and the ray burst is an explosive charge to detonate whatever remains. The city-destroying weapon works in a fashion similar to this: the initial beam does very little damage, then the burst acts as a nucleus of destruction.


Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum is in the Oval Office waiting to talk to the president he stands up and closes his laptop and sets it on the desk with the opening side facing the front of the desk. When he tells the president "And the clock is ticking," he turns the already opened laptop around towards the front of the desk.

Correction: Goldblum sets up the laptop facing the desk chair, but he picks it up and closes it when he realizes that the President doesn't want to listen to what he has to say. When he starts explaining the satellite interference, he sets the laptop down on his side of the desk, away from the chair. Thus, to show the timer to the President, he opens the laptop in front of him and turns it toward the President, who is now standing at the desk in front of the chair.


Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum is explaining "line of sight" to the President, he hands the same piece of paper to him three times.

Correction: No, he doesn't. Goldblum hands Pullman the paper exactly once, and even then it's offscreen and could merely be an illustrative gesture.


Corrected entry: When the fleet of alien vessels is wiping out the army base, they fire hundreds of shots, yet we never see any of them hit the ground, except to blow up a few planes.

Correction: The aliens have poor aim against moving targets, but are quite skilled against stationary targets such as installations (possibly a result of lack of combat experience due to the length of their voyage). Most of the vessels are aiming at the actual buildings and hangars offscreen in the foreground, with a few aiming at planes on the ground. No alien fire aims for the ground and disappears before it hits it.


Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch are playing chess, the radio next to them says it's 97 degrees outside. Yet the two men are both dressed as if it were winter time.

Correction: Neither of them is really bundled up for winter. Goldblum is wearing a short-sleeved collared shirt with the top button unbuttoned and khakis, not unusual for someone as straitlaced as his character in summer. Though Hirsch is wearing a sweater over his shirt, it's a low V-neck that still allows for ventilation. Judging from his character's fairly conservative nature, this isn't surprising either.


Corrected entry: When Will Smith was flying over the remains of El Toro, there is nothing but rubble. It's flattened with only a few palm trees remaining. But when Jasmine comes to the gate, you can see planes (in good condition) behind her.

Correction: Those planes are definitely not in good condition. There are a few largely intact parts, notably two plane tails and most of a cockpit that happen to be lying relatively close together, but they are rubble like everything else.


Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum and his dad arrive at the White House, a right-to-left pan of the front lawn (which begins from inside a police cruiser) plainly shows red holiday ribbon and Christmas wreaths along the grass. Odd to the point of irony, as the movie is supposed to be set in JULY!

Correction: The alleged Christmas wreaths are actually the shrubbery of the White House hedge, and the red ribbon could either be large red flowers or another red decoration - it's too irregular to be ribbon.


Corrected entry: The entire scene where Will Smith and his girlfriend first see the spaceship is pretty ridiculous. First, Will goes out to get the paper, but instead of taking it back in the house, he opens it up and starts reading it - in the yard. Then Jasmine comes out (conveniently neglecting to notice the spaceship that's directly in her line of vision) and offers him a cup of coffee - in the yard. Were they planning to spend the rest of the morning standing in the front yard?



Correction: Steve and Jasmine just woke up and are suffering from a certain amount of morning grogginess. This explains why they don't notice the saucer in the distant sky - most people don't look up at the sky as a matter of course. Steve is looking through the paper's headlines before he heads back to the house - not an unusual thing to do, before he returns to the house and the paper is completely disassembled. Jasmine would know this morning ritual since they have been together so long and looks out for him by giving him fresh coffee instead of waiting for him to come back inside. Maybe it's not what every American does in the morning, but it's not completely bizarre, either.


Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum is demonstrating how he puts the virus into the old alien fighter to lower its shield, he puts a soda can on the ship and asks an officer to shoot it. When he does, the bullet is stopped by the ship's shield. Then after the virus is put into the ship's system, the officer is able to shoot the can off of the ship. But when Goldblum picks the can up, there is no bullet hole in it, only a dent. The military must make their soda cans bulletproof.

Correction: No one picks up the soda can after Mitchell shoots it off the spaceship. It's knocked off by the bullet and never seen again. The soda can that Goldblum picks up at his desk is an entirely different one, used to show that he cares about recycling and saving the planet that way.


Corrected entry: Why did the aliens take up position over the First Interstate building in downtown L.A.? This is not the centre of L.A., nor is it a pivotal role in the functioning of the city, like the White House. Come to think of it, neither is The Empire State Building in New York City. These don't sound like very practical tactical positions. They must really hate bankers.


Correction: The aliens did not choose the centre of the town in most cases. They positioned themselves over a landmark that had great significance in the city, like the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. It was a symbolic thing, not related to power or geography.

Corrected entry: After they had brought the First Lady into Area 51, the doctor said to the President something like:"Your wife has internal bleeding, there is nothing we can do for her, she will die soon." The helicopter crash which caused that trauma was at least 12 hours ago, nobody could survive that time course with severe internal bleeding! Why couldn't those guys at Area 51 operate on her, and how the hell did they even know that she has internal bleeding severe enough to die from?


Correction: No one said she started out with severe internal bleeding, but over the course of 12 hours, it has gotten more severe. In fact, the doctor says, "If we could have gotten to her sooner..."

Corrected entry: In the one of the final sequences when it is showing the ships being brought down all over the world, it shows one crashing over the pyramids, and one crashing somewhere near Sydney Harbour, as well as the one which is crashing at Area 51 in America. In all of these scenes it is daylight, which is near impossible given that these locations are fairly evenly spread across the world, and it has to be dark somewhere.

Correction: Even though the craft's shields were down, each nation could have taken different times to bring down the spaceships. Besides, if you look at the background carefully, Egypt was somewhere at sunrise, while the ship at Sydney was down somewhere around the setting of the evening.

Corrected entry: A shot near the end of the film shows a burning alien ship over Sydney. Given the speed at which the aliens destroy major world cities, Sydney should have been leveled long ago.

Correction: While Sydney is one of the more famous cities in the world, it doesn't even come close to being one of the most populous. (At the time of filming there were at least five cities in China alone that had more than twice as many people.) And since the aliens' goal was simply to kill human beings, it makes sense that Sydney was not on the top of their list.


Corrected entry: When the alien is brought into the containment lab of Area 51, we see all sorts of high-tech monitors set up and doctors running around checking everything works and everything is prepped and ready for the alien. So why is it, after all this work, they forget to administer some form of anaesthetic to the alien knowing that not only is it merely unconscious from a punch to the head but it has a nasty temperament towards mankind?

Correction: Maybe they gave it the anaesthetic, and it didn't work.

Corrected entry: According to the movie the game of chess ends with White mating Black. Even though only part of the chessboard is visible, there is no way that White can mate Black in one move from that position. No wonder Judd Hirsch looks puzzled.

Correction: You could not possibly know what was on the rest of the board at the time of the move, the White could absolutely have mated Black. There could have been 2 Rooks on either side of the Queen that were not visible in the shot, and that would have prevented the King form moving left or right.

Corrected entry: When Jasmine is in the tunnel during the attack and sees a large fireball coming at her in the rearview mirror, there are people running and lots of destruction but her little boy is sitting in the back seat not even concerned with what's going on.

Correction: The little boy has yet to see the fireball. All he apparently thinks when he sees the people running is just fleeing citizens.

Corrected entry: When Russell is in his trailer listening to the radio (right before the youngest boy barfs), the announcer says (paraphrase) "Reports indicate that Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York have been completely destroyed..." Russell starts to say 'Good God.' just at the mentioning of the cities' names. Shouldn't the actor wait until the news comes until he is surprised?

Correction: Mr. Casse actually adjust the volume on the radio after he hears the announcer says "the extent of the devastation" hears the names of the cities, and then says "Good God." After this comes the confirmation that the cities were completely destroyed.

Corrected entry: Tell me this: why can Jeff Goldblum drive straight to the White House without hitting traffic? They drive down a motorway while everyone is trying to get out of the city, yet everybody obeys the law and stays on the proper side of the road. What good citizens. They might die but they still obey the law.

Correction: In the special edition of ID4 it has an added scene that addresses this point. Jeff Goldblum and the father are on the highway when they suddenly encounter a LOT of cars going the wrong way on their side of the freeway; only some rather slick evasive maneuvers by the father get them to the offramp and avoid a major accident.

Corrected entry: How come the aliens keep attacking major cities on July 3rd? After the first attacks people flee the major cities and surely the aliens must have realised that reaction would come. So why blow up abandoned cities?

Correction: They want to destroy the infrastructure, thus making the cities impossible to live in. This action will eventually kill a lot of people (lack of water and food, spreading of diseases breakdown of healthcare and law enforcement etc).


Corrected entry: On their way to their planes, Will Smith refers to his wingman as "soldier." United States Marines NEVER refer to each other as "soldiers." That term is for members of the U.S. Army.

Correction: In the other branches of the military, it's used as an insult. Will Smith was joshing around.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the B-2 Bombers are going to nuke the ships, you can see the Houston citylights below them. Why is there intense citylight in a devastated city?

Correction: It was not devastated, simply abandoned. The alien ships started with Capitals and major cities, then moved down the list to less important cities. The aliens were moving to attack Houston, that is why the population was evacuated, and that is why it was chosen as the place for the nuclear strike. The lights might have been left on deliberately, so that everything looked normal, and the aliens would not realize that they were heading for a trap. The irony of the sequence was, the military ended up destroying Houston, not the aliens.

Corrected entry: The alien ship that was captured in the fifties didn't work until the mothership was present in orbit. So, after Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum destroy the mothership with the A-bomb, wouldn't it cease working again instead of allowing them to fly it back to Earth?

Correction: 1. The ship crashed upon reentry. 2. There were alien ships running from our fighters after the mothership was destroyed that were still fully functional.

Corrected entry: After Randy Quaid flew into the Alien ship and it blew up, what happened to all those Alien Fighters which greatly outnumbered the American jets? There seems to be no further thought of the hundreds / thousands of Alien Fighters in any of the different locations where the Alien Ships are being taken down.

Correction: In the movie it was said that the Alien ship that was on earth did not work until the mother ships arrived. It's possible that the destruction of the mother ships rendered them useless again.


Corrected entry: In the mother ship Will and Jeff light up their two last cigars after transmitting the virus. On the ground contact is lost for "20 mins" - yet when they are picked up on the ground the cigars are still at full length and haven't burnt down a bit.

Correction: My father smokes that kind of cigar and I can tell you that they last at least 3 hours.

Corrected entry: The shape and size of the aliens isn't exactly humanoid, but, when Jeff and Will board the space ship the seats seem to be pretty well designed to accept a human body...

Correction: They'd taken the original seats out and redesigned it for humans.

Corrected entry: The planetary saucers in the movie are 15 miles in diameter, and are 2.5 miles in height. Assuming that 9/10 of the ships are air or lighter then air gases, and that the ships' walls are made of a metal with the density of water (this is a very generous estimate), then each ship would weigh 100 billion tons! No matter what source of flight used, these ships would create a pressure of 30 atmospheres on anything below it. Most buildings would crumble under 5 atmospheres, and our bodies would flatten like pancakes long before that.

Correction: You're assuming a closed system. If the air being compressed as the ship descends could not escape, then indeed the pressure would rise to 30 atm or whatever. But since there is no wall forcing the air to stay under the ship and get compressed, it can escape to the sides and up and therefore equalize the pressure.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will Smith first notices the spacecraft, he is absolutely astounded by the sheer size of it. Yet his girlfriend, bringing him coffee, doesn't seem to notice it until she walks up to him and looks at his face to see what he is looking at. She didn't notice the 15 mile long UFO? It's not a really a mistake, just really crappy writing and acting.

Correction: Um, it took Will Smith several moments to notice the spaceship as well -- his attention is only drawn to it when the helicopter flies overhead. People simply do not go around looking up in the air as a matter of course.

Corrected entry: When Will Smith is trying to fly the craft, he pushes forward and the ship rams against the back wall. He then laughingly turns the "instruction sheet" taped in front of him upside down. This would also reverse left and right, as well as forward and backward.

Correction: He's not stupid. It's not like turning the paper sheet over will change the direction the controls move the craft. It's only to help him remember the whole forward-backward thing.

Corrected entry: If the alien is in a hard protective space suit, how can Will Smith knock him unconscious for so long by just punching him? Must have been quite a hard punch.

Correction: In the ancient world and middle ages sling shot was used to attack heavily armoured soldiers as a hit from a stone/bullet was likely to cause concussion, if a helmeted soldier was hit on the head. This may be the reason that an already concussed alien pilot was knocked out for so long. It could also be that Will gave the alien a good kicking on the way to Area 51!

Corrected entry: When in the area 51 base, a screen in the background shows a night vision view of a plane landing. Why is a Panavia Tornado fighter bomber landing in an American secret base, when they are flown in England, Germany and Italy?

Correction: Tornado's are kept in the US in squadron strength for training European pilots.

Corrected entry: When the President "fires" his Secretary of Defense, SecDef protests by saying "you can't do that!" He, in fact, is right. The SecDef would have to be impeached by Congress.

Correction: While the Senate must confirm Cabinet officials, they work for the the President directly. He can fire them at any time.

Corrected entry: As Will Smith's girlfriend walks out of the tunnel, there are two palm trees still standing. If the flame bursts flatten buildings, how could two palm trees avoid being flattened?

Correction: Palm trees can lie almost flat in high winds, buildings can't.

Corrected entry: The Secretary of Defense turns towards the President and gravely announces "We can expect the destruction of all major cities in 72 hours". Wow, I'm impressed. Either the US or Russia could accomplish that in less than half an hour. Incredibly advanced technology ain't what it used to be...

Correction: The point wasn't that the destruction of all major cities would take place in "only" 72 hours because of incredibly advanced technology. The point was that virtually nothing could be done to prevent further destruction and that the human race had only 72 hours left.

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Russell Casse: Hello boys! I'm baaack!



When Dr. Okun is about to unlock "the vault", and says, "The freak show," a crewmember wearing a black and white striped shirt is hiding under the vault's floor, right behind Okun. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.)



According to the Director's commentary, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation did not want the film to be released under the title "Independence Day" to avoid legal complications (specifics weren't disclosed as to what the problems might be, but it's also why the abbreviation "ID4" was used). Roland Emmerich (director/writer) and Dean Devlin (writer) needed to justify the title, so they added the rousing bit right at the end of President Whitmore's speech at the hangar when he ends with, "The 4th of July will no longer be known as an American we celebrate our Independence Day!"