Dead Bodies

Dead Bodies (2003)

Ending / spoiler

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Tommy Mcgann realises that Gordon Ellis bumped off his own wife, Catherine and plans on keeping the blame on Mcgann. Tom convinces Noel/Billy to bump off Gordon, making it look like a suicide...they botch it. Just then Detective Inspector Wheeler shows up as they scramble to hide and as they watch, he demands to know Gordo's guilt in his wife's death. Gordo mocks him and has his neck snapped. Noel/Billy & Mcgann flee into the rain splattered night, during which Tom leaves behind his lighter, that Wheeler picks up. Tommy discovers Viv McCormack has been secretly taping their conversations in the event to use against him. He figures out that Viv McCormack knew Jean Goodman, and after Jean's accident, showed up to find her mate still alive. She could've saved Jean...but didn't, she just stood back and watched her die. Enraged Tom tries to strangle her, but Noel/Billy, shows up and after a martial arts scrap kicks Tommy backwards; whereupon he strikes his head on the edged corner table...the same way Jean died. Wheeler shows up but Viv lies about Tommy being around, Wheeler then hands over Tom's lighter. She convinces Noel/Billy that neither were either here, before secretly recording his guilt and strolling out into the night...pursued by Wheeler who saw her use Tom's lighter, whilst Noel/Billy sits besidehis slain a state of shock.

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