The Marine

Revealing mistake: Watch carefully after Angela is thrown through the windshield of the bus. There is a shot of diamonds and blood-stained glass scattering on the floor. But in reality, there is a shot of plain diamonds falling and the bloody glass is faded in during the middle of the shot. Most visible on the edges of the screen, where the pieces emerge from nowhere.

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Revealing mistake: Although the police Camaro has ABS (for Anti-lock Braking System) moulded into the brake pedal rubber, they must have disconnected this system for dramatic effect, so that John could lock the wheels and smoke the tyres under heavy braking.

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Rome: Would you mind shooting this guy?
Goon: What does it look like we're doing?
Rome: Missing.



The movie is supposed to be set in South Carolina and shows license plates on the front of cars. But cars in South Carolina don't have license plates on the front.



During the scene when John is chasing down Rome and his crew just after they have kidnapped his wife, one of Rome's crew is shooting at John and crew says "He's like the Terminator" and the camera shows a shot of Rome lifting an eyebrow in the rear view mirrow. This is a reference to the massive hit Terminator 2 where Rome (Robert Patrick) plays the evil Terminator who just keeps on coming.