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Continuity mistake: In the scene where John is talking to Van Buren underneath the bar, John has a large spot on his neck, as well as a scab and red mark on his chin. These aren't present at another point in the film. (01:05:25)

Continuity mistake: As John and his wife drive along the ocean, the position of her seat belt changes from scene to scene. At times it's close to her neck and other closer to her chest.

Continuity mistake: Right after the gas station explosion scene we see Triton follow the truck in the police patrol car. During the scene we see that the patrol car gets repeatedly shot down the whole right side; including the front right tire being shot out as Triton approaches the truck on the left side. A few moments later right before both the truck and patrol car are about to make the jump we see that the patrol car has no bullet holes on the front right side anymore; and the tire is still intact.


Continuity mistake: After John wrecks the police car and comes out of the woods, he talks to the detective. He has what appears to be a small cut under his left eye, later that changes to a blemish. It changes positions through out the movie.

Continuity mistake: Vescera's prominent goatee/stubble completely disappears throughout the scene where he argues with Morgan (directly after the car chase). Vescera has stubble in every other scene bar this one.

Continuity mistake: When the detective pulls up to the exploded gas station he stops right in front of two fire hoses. He then walks around and in the next few shots you can see that the hoses have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Triton is tied up by the local hunters, who think he is a cop, his knife is thrown into a wall by one of the other characters. Triton is never seen picking it up or grabbing it. Yet, in the next cut Triton is running through the woods (after escaping) and he now has the knife.

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Rome: Would you mind shooting this guy?
Goon: What does it look like we're doing?
Rome: Missing.



The movie is supposed to be set in South Carolina and shows license plates on the front of cars. But cars in South Carolina don't have license plates on the front.



During the scene when John is chasing down Rome and his crew just after they have kidnapped his wife, one of Rome's crew is shooting at John and crew says "He's like the Terminator" and the camera shows a shot of Rome lifting an eyebrow in the rear view mirrow. This is a reference to the massive hit Terminator 2 where Rome (Robert Patrick) plays the evil Terminator who just keeps on coming.