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Corrected entry: Tinkerbell tries to warn Peter his medicine is poisoned, but can't get him to understand her. How is it, that in all the time they've spent together, they've never established ANY kind of communication system? Especially for emergencies like this? It was actually done because the original playwright had had a lot of failures, and he wanted to know ASAP whether the audience liked and cared about this play.


Correction: There is no scene in the film Hook in which Peter Pan, a full-grown adult, takes any kind of medicine and is unable to understand the warnings of Tinkerbell, who speaks fluent English and is therefore perfectly comprehensible at all times.

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Corrected entry: After the nursery room windows open themselves, the bedcovers fly up off Jack and Maggie. As the covers pass offscreen we hear both Jack and then Maggie scream, but in the shot of Maggie as we hear her screaming her mouth does not move in any kind of sync with the scream.


Hamster Premium member

Correction: Maggie's is more of a gasp, and her mouth reflects this.


Corrected entry: At about 2 hours in, right before Peter Pan flies out of the burnt clubhouse, he's wearing a white shirt and black pants. However, as he exits into the sky, he is wearing the typical green shirt and tights outfit.


Correction: There's clearly a time-lapse here, wherein he put on his Pan clothes. But that would absolutely KILL the excitement and pacing of this sequence, so they skipped right over that and just cut to the next time he flies.

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Corrected entry: When Rufio is training Peter, he swings at Peter and Peter's pants fall down. When Rufio swings, you can see that he is too far from Peter to have hit his belt.

Correction: Peter's pants do not fall down because Rufio swung his sword - they fall down because, in the first bout of the sword fight, Rufio had cut Peter's red suspenders. Therefore when Peter stood up and tried to charge Rufio, they fell down as they were no longer supported by the suspenders.

Corrected entry: When Peter is being "inspected" by some of the lost boys, a little lost boy with brown curly hair says "welcome back to Neverland, Pan the Man", if you watch Robin Williams (Peter) when the little boy says this, you can see him mouthing the words.



Correction: His lips are moving, but it's nowhere near what the kid is saying.


Corrected entry: Peter Pan is trying to free his children from Captain Hook, but is captured and tied up. After a few minutes, he falls into the sea; but is then saved by three Mermaids. Watch the last Mermaid with green hair, when she is swimming towards him. You can see a diver trying to get out of the shot.


Correction: The only thing that resembles this is the last mermaid's fin along with the second mermaid's hand, which together look like what is described.


The original poster was correct; a diver can, in fact, be seen in the shot of the Green Mermaid swimming towards Peter. If you look at the foliage behind her you'll see the diver's 2 hands rapidly flailing in an effort to swim backwards out of the shot. Also, as the mermaid is kissing Peter you can see a quick glimpse of the diver's mask and equipment.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hook is going to commit suicide, he can be seen wearing his red coat whilst walking to and from the cabinet. In the shot after he has reached the center of the room and cocked the pistol, the red coat is missing entirely, and he is now only wearing a waistcoat and shirt.

Correction: He's not really wearing the coat, he just has it draped on his shoulders. When he lifts his arm up to point the gun to his head, the coat drops to the floor. We don't see it fall because the camera angle is a closeup of the back of Hook's head. But when Smee walks Hook to bed, you can see the red coat lying on the floor right where he was standing during his attempted suicide.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Hook inspects Peter, he looks at his scar, and in a closeup the area surrounding the scar is very hairy. Yet in later parts of the film, such as when the Lost Boys paint Peter's body, the area around the scar, as well as the rest of his body, is smooth and hairless!! The proportions of the scar differ in these shots as well.

00:42:25 - 01:05:20

Hamster Premium member

Correction: The Lost Boys must have shaved him off-camera sometime before they painted the smiley face on his torso (which we also don't see them do).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: After Hook kills Rufio, and Peter and Hook are fighting on the stairs near where Rufio died, you should be able to see Rufio but he isn't anywhere to be seen.

Correction: Hook kills Rufio at the topmost deck of the ship (the deck above the Captain's quarters). When Peter returns to fight Hook, it's at the main deck, which is nowhere near where Rufio died.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: It is known that Peter Pan's shadow is just him; it acts on his own. When grown up Peter is reminiscing about first meeting Wendy, he pulls his shadow's feet on the wall in the nursery (trying to get it back). But when you look to the bottom right of the screen, you can see young Peter's real shadow.

Correction: Objects (and people) can cast multiple shadows, depending on the number and intensity of the light sources.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Peter's hands go from tied to untied a few times when kissing the mermaids.

Correction: Peter's hands are tied when he falls into the water, but they are untied (and remain so) sometime after the first mermaid kisses him. He might have freed himself or the pirates may have tied a shoddy knot. But at no point are his hands tied again once they've been freed.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Tinkerbell throws pixie dust at Peter when she is holding onto Peter's bowtie trying to get him to fly to Neverland. Peter starts to sneeze when she does this. Look closely: he begins to sneeze a little before she throws it on him.

Correction: He doesn't begin to sneeze, he closes his eyes because she's thrown pixie dust at his face.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Peter is talking to Tink when she's in her "house". The scene where she becomes normal size, he asks something along the lines of "are you upset", she says "no I'm neither" and THEN Peter asks "or you're sick then." There's no way for Tink to know he's about to give her another option, so the line shouldn't have been "I'm neither," unless it was spoken after his other bit of dialogue.

Cody Bowers

Correction: Peter asks first, "Tink! You in there?" Then he opens up the clock face and asks, "Are you sad?" To which Tinkerbell replies, "No, I'm neither. Please go away." Meaning she is neither sad nor at home. She doesn't want company, so she is telling Peter that she is not home to get him to leave. Ignoring this, or missing the subtlety, Peter then assumes that if she is not sad, then she must be sick.

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Corrected entry: This takes place in the scene where you see the scratch on the wall, when they realize the children are missing. If Hook made this scratch on the way into the house, he would have had to crossed the left arm with the hook over his body (or walked backwards). If you look at the direction of the scratch, it must have been on the way in, not out. Looks like it was done this way for the camera shot.

Correction: It actually makes sense that he'd cross his arm over his body. Try it yourself: To get the tip of his hook to dig into the wall, he'd have to hold his arm at a very uncomfortable, awkward, and/or fully extended angle; unless he crosses him arm across his torso. Then he can simply rotate his wrist so that the tip of the hook is angled toward the wall.

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Corrected entry: When the lost boys are training Peter, they have Peter lifting 2 little boys in a bench press kind of motion. The two little boys are on seats attached to ropes that are attached to a stick that Peter is lifting up and down. The up and down motion of the little boys is not correct. When Peter brings the stick towards him, the boys should go up and when Peter lets the stick rise up, the boys should go down.


Correction: There is a simple pulley system at work that allows this contraption to accurately duplicate a real bench press, i.e. the weight is lifted, not pulled.

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Corrected entry: When Robin Williams arrives too late at the baseball field to see his son play at the beginning, he is upset when he climbs up the little hill and then suddenly sees an empty field. This is a reaction a little too late, as the access road (which you can see from standing on the little hill) to the field is on the far right from his view. On driving in he would have spotted an empty field straight away from his car.

Correction: Unless he was on the phone, as per usual, and not paying attention to his less immediate surroundings.

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Corrected entry: As Peter first enters Neverland, look behind him and you can see a mannequin half-covered by a blanket laying on the ground.

Correction: This is not a valid mistake, especially for Continuity, as it does not change between shots. Who's to say the Lost Boys did not make a dummy of some sort for any number of reasons?


Corrected entry: During the food fight, Peter is hit in the face with the food constantly, yet when it shows him at the end of the food fight, the area around his eyes is completely untouched as if he were wearing goggles. This is the same with several Lost Boys.

Correction: Since all of the food is imaginary, i.e. you have to imagine it to see it, this technically is not a movie mistake, as they can imagine it anyway they want.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Robin Williams is seen by the mermaids and lifted out of the water, shouldn't his clothes be soaking wet?

Correction: Remember they are in Neverland, a land a magic/fantasy, where normal rules do not apply, which is why Peter can also fly, etc.


Corrected entry: Right after Peter learns to fly again, while the Lost Boys are celebrating, you can see one of them roll by on his sail/skateboard on a suspended wooden bridge. The slot down the middle of this bridge, used like a miniature slot-car track to keep the board steady, is obvious.

Correction: It's supposed to be obvious, the filmmakers didn't try to conceal this at all. The slot was visible in loads of other shots when Peter was being chased by the Lost Boys. It was also plainly visible when Rufio came riding down it.

Corrected entry: Just after Peter gets hit in the head with the baseball, he goes to look at his reflection in the water. Robin Williams has blue eyes, but the younger boy playing the reflection has brown eyes.

Correction: This kind of error has been posted and corrected dozens of times on this site. 1) Eye colour changes with age. 2) The older Peter Pan may have poor eyesight and be wearing contacts.

Corrected entry: When Tinkerbell pulls on Peter's bowtie, Peter is looking far above the spot where Tinkerbell is.

Correction: He's in shock because a fairy is pulling him and he doesn't really believe in fairies. When you're in shock you tend to just look straight ahead at nothing so he didn't have to be looking at tinker bell.

Corrected entry: In the scenes where Jack's gold watch is shown, the time changes between shots.

Correction: In NeverNeverland, time goes backwards and at a variable pace, so although this probably was a mistake it could be perfectly normal.

Corrected entry: Tinkerbell takes Peter to Neverland when he is a baby. Peter gets older because he leaves Neverland every spring, thus growing while he's away. How come he stopped growing after meeting Wendy?

Correction: Everyone grows in Neverland, but the young at heart never 'grow-up'. Peter grows up into late childhood but never exceeds it. All the 'children stay at that last stage indefinitely.

Corrected entry: Peter goes to make battle with Hook and the pirates. To introduce himself he makes a cut in the sail, cutting his own image out. Smee goes to pick up the cut piece. You can see that there are holes to make arms. We never see Peter do this.

Correction: Yes it is true that we don't see Peter cut arm holes. However, we actually only see Peter make two cuts in the sail before the shot goes to everyone looking up. There is much cutting noise after that we can't see.

Corrected entry: When Peter cuts the boat's sail in the shape of Peter himself before the lost boy's intrusion, and Smith picks it up, it's perfectly cut. However, when Peter flies through the hole, the cut sail has no feet.

Correction: The piece was cut out in the shape of Peter Pan. The part of sail that was between his legs is hanging on the other side of the sail. Gravity is to blame.

Corrected entry: Even though HOOK is not an official remake of the Peter Pan movie, what happened to the "Indians" that were present in Never-Never-Land, especially since almost everything else is included.

Correction: The Indians are indeed mentioned, by both Smee and Captain Hook, in the movie. Smee suggests that the captain go hunt Indians, and Hook replies that he is sick of killing Indians and Lost Boys, and he wants a real battle (with Peter Pan).

Corrected entry: There are mermaids in the film that help Peter breathe under water, obviously doing a good deed to him. But in the book, mermaids were "evil" creatures that tried to drown inhabitants of the island.

Correction: But it also says in the book that Peter is the only person on the island that the mermaids like. He sits on the rocks and talks to them sometimes.

Corrected entry: When Smee lifts Peter's shirt up to reveal the part where Hook cut him in the past, Peter says, "It's from my appendix." Your appendix is on your right side; this cut was on Peter's left.

Correction: Peter may not have known that, and if he had always been told his scar came from an appendectomy, he would have had no reason to question it.


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Hook: Prepare to die, Peter Pan!
Peter: To die would be a grand adventure!
Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!



When Smee gives Hook his nightcap drink, Hook takes it in his hand and holds it at the top of the goblet so that it is hidden under his hand. But in the very next shot he is holding it by the handle and the whole goblet is now visible with a small black umbrella sticking out the top. Additionally, the position of the small umbrella that sits in the goblet changes a few times.



George Lucas and Carrie Fisher have cameos as a kissing couple on the bridge. Tinkerbell sprinkles fairy dust on them, and they begin to float.