You, Me and Dupree

Dupree (Owen Wilson) and the neighborhood kids go in search of Carl (Matt Dillon) and Dupree finds him in a bar. Dupree convinces Carl to not give up on his marriage. Carl confronts Molly's (Kate Hudson) father (Michael Douglas) and tells him that he's not gonna give up. Carl and Molly make up. The final scene of the movie is Dupree giving a speech about his philosophy on life and his new book "7 Different Kinds of Smoke: a guide to finding your -ness" and Paco the security guard is his assistant.


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Continuity mistake: Carl and Dupree are having a little party while Molly is at work. When Molly walks in Carl grabs a glass of liquor, and as it cuts back and forth to him it changes from a bottle, to a glass, to a bottle and back to the glass.

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Molly Peterson: When did we get HBO?
Dupree: Yeah, you saw that. I upgraded us, and I'm going to go halfsies on it 'cause I love it also.

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Question: Why do they never show Mandy? They obviously did it on purpose.

Answer: Most likely just to leave it up to your imagination.

Jason Riley
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