Corrected entry: Aside from leaving an opportunity for the sequel, it made no sense for the Autobots or the military to sink Megatron to the bottom of Laurentian Abyss rather than destroy/dismantle him completely.


Correction: Given Megatron's size, alien composition and the complete lack of knowledge behind his workings, dismantling him would've been near impossible. If it took the army a number of tries to find a weapon that would damage a Transformer, imagine how long it would've taken to destroy one completely. Dumping him in the Laurentian Abyss makes perfect sense given the complete lack of information.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: Lenoox wants to hide the Cube in the city. You don't have to be a four-star general to think that this is a bad idea. Cities have lots of civilians who won't keep their mouth shut when they see building sized robots trying to kill each other. Plus, you could end up killing hundreds of them. You would probably cause millions of dollars worth of damage if you turn a city into a war zone. Which he is expecting, since he brings heavy weaponry and is insistant on having the airforce around for support. He is even talking about making a stand.


Correction: Lennox is in the thinking that it's going to be harder for the Decepticons to fight in a cramped city rather than out in the open, or at Hoover Dam. And you said it yourself, Lennox isn't a 4 star general, hes a field soldier used to thinking on the fly. Soldiers dont always have good ideas on battlefield,but just because they decided to fight in the city doenst make it a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Sam leaves his house on the pink bike and his car follows him, a set of car tracks from a previous take are already visible on the lawn.

Correction: Bumblebee's tire tracks could have occurred at any time prior to Sam leaving on his mom's bike, such as when Sam followed Bumblebee on his own bike the night before, or when Bumblebee came back that morning to "stalk" Sam, before Sam left the house. This is not a mistake.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Why does an Air Force base have so many Army vehicles? Particularly M-60 Patton tanks with M109A6 Paladins that aren't currently in service?

Correction: They are used for target practice. This is revealed in the special features.

Corrected entry: When the base survivors are wondering what to do, look closely at the clouds in the background. They are moving extremely quickly from right to left. Then, when Epps gives the viewer to Captain Lennox, the clouds are suddenly moving left to right.

Correction: That's a result of the camera crew circling around the actors one way the first time, and then the other way the second time. If you look at the foreground you can tell that the camera crew is moving.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frenzy has located the cube under the dam, he is repaired from his wounds inflicted by Mikaela earlier in the movie, returning to his full state by merely being near the cube. Later, in the scene where Bumblebee loses his legs, he hands Sam the cube to take to the rooftop, but he is still missing his legs, so Mikaela hooks him to the tow truck to get him out of danger.

Correction: There's several reasons this could happen. Bumblebee is much bigger and would take longer to repair as well as requiring raw materials to fabricate new parts. The Allspark has been shrunken down to its portable size, which could pare down its functions as well. The Allspark might be 'set' to only repair Decepticons (this being supported by the Transformers it creates later instantly attacking anything they see, ie created evil) and would not fix an Autobot unless its setting was changed.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When one of the robots pull Sam's pants off, when they first meet Bumblebee, he's wearing boxers with some kind of design on them. Later, Sam is bending over the Hoover dam, and he is very noticeably wearing different underwear, yet he has had no time whatsoever to change them; even if he did, [which he doesn't] why wouldn't he change his clothes also?

Correction: The only thing you see when Sam is bending over the Hoover dam is the white t-shirt under his hoodie, you don't see his underwear.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Sam bumps into the Cadillac Escalade, turning it into a transformer, isn't it odd how the car's passengers are totally calm? They seem completely oblivious to the fact that giant robots are destroying their city.

Brad Premium member

Correction: This isn't a movie mistake the passengers ARE oblivious to the fact that giant robots are destroying their city.

Cheri Roberts

Corrected entry: After Frenzy's "attempt" to hack into Air Force One is cut off, he looks at the information on the screen. Sam's great grandfather's name is shown as Capt. Witwicky, Amundsen. Throughout the movie, he is referred to as Archibald Witwicky.


Correction: Amundsen is the name of the area that his grandfather found Megatron.


Corrected entry: At the Hoover Dam, Simmons asks Sam if he would like a "Double Venti Macchiatto." There is only one coffee company who uses "Venti" as a size, and their Macchiattos automatically come with 2 shots of espresso and would never be referred to as "Double Venti."

Correction: Just because there is one company that might use this size term doesn't mean it's a mistake for anyone to use it if it's not the same company. It's like saying people can only refer to 'Walkman' when they are using a Sony tape player (they created the term) and if it's not Sony it should be called tape player. It's common usage and people are bound to use other terms.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sam is about to drive his car for the first time, he asks his mother why she put the "girl jewelry" on the dog, as if he's never seen it before. But the blue collar was already on the dog - we can see it as he is giving Mojo his medication, so how can he be surprised that it is there?

Correction: He's not surprised that she put it there, just upset because it's embarassing.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bumblebee goes ahead and "leaks lubricant" on Agent Simmons while saving Sam from Sector 7, the Agent's hair and clothes are completely dry when Mikaela tells him to take his clothes off.

Correction: No, his clothes are still noticeably damp.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: When Frenzy is attacking Sam and strips off his pants, Mikaela comes to the rescue with a "Sawzall" battery-operated reciprocating handsaw, that she uses to decapitate Frenzy, in one blow. Unfortunately, it's clear on high-def (Blu-Ray or HD) that the blade in the saw is a wood cutting blade (large, jagged teeth) instead of a metal-cutting blade (small, even teeth). Even if it were the right blade for the material being cut (as a robot, Frenzy is made of metal) it would never cut with a single swipe. Metal-cutting blades take a small amount of material at a time, almost "grinding" through the item to avoid damage to the blade or the item being cut. It would take sustained pressure for several moments to cut through something as thick as Frenzy's neck.

Correction: No indication of how the Transformers are held together (obviously an alien technology; the Nokia cell phone does not contain nearly enough joints or hinges to create the small monster that appears in the glass box). Striking Frenzy right at the neck joint may have been enough to dislodge the head.

Corrected entry: When Bumblebee upgrades to the 2009 Camaro, we see Sam getting into Bumblebee through the passenger side door. In the next shot, Mikaela is in the passenger's seat and Sam is getting in from the driver's side door.

Brad Premium member

Correction: No, we don't. We see Sam opening the door, then Mikaela goes past him and gets in. At no point do we see Sam start to get in through that door. Then we cut and Sam's getting in through the driver's door. Obviously, once Mikaela was in, Sam simply walked round and got in the other side.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Keep an eye on Barricade, where a normal police car would say "To protect and serve" Barricade has "To punish and enslave" which quite well illustrates the decepticon's character.

Correction: The camera zooms in on this, so it can't really be considered "trivia" since the filmmakers made a point of showing it.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mikaela is driving the pickup truck with Bumblebee on the back, when they shoot from the cab back through the rear glass towards Bumblebee after she takes her head off the steering wheel, you see that it has been shattered and there is only the edges of the glass (or when she says to Bumblebee "I'll drive, you shoot"), but later on when they are shooting from the cab towards Bumblebee, you can see a reflection in the glass that says "008".

02:03:30 - 02:04:20

Correction: You're looking at a reflection in Bumblebee, not the windshield.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Starsceam gets into a dogfight with the F-22's, look at the end of the wings and you see weapon pylons. F-22's don't carry their weapons on the outside, their weapons are hidden in the fuselage to reduce drag and maximize stealth. They couldn't just be retooled to carry external weapons, the airframe of an F-22 is not designed for it. If more weapons were needed it would be FAR quicker and simpler just to send more planes. Also, throughout the scene the F-22's don't have thrust vectoring nozzles, but the F-22 is the first production fighter with these because they make the plane more manoeuvrable.

Correction: The F-22 actually has four detachable hardpoints on its wings which can carry up to 5000 lbs of ordinance each, for times when more firepower is of greater importance than high stealth.

Corrected entry: When Sam's dad jumps into the claw foot tub, you can see it move. Even when empty, claw foot tubs are too solid and heavy to move the way it did in the movie.

Correction: They do make clawfoot tubs out of acrylic and fiberglass that weigh under 175lbs.


Corrected entry: When Maggie Madsen leaves the Pentagon to find Glen Whitmann because she wants Glen to decipher the signal used by the Decepticons, Maggie takes a taxi that has the license plate of 202-83P and the colors of the taxi are a mix of white and black. When she arrives at Glen's house, the taxi's license plate starts with L and the color is all white.


Correction: Glen's house is far away and most taxi companies won't travel outside a predetermined area without charging an enormous surcharge. She had to take more than one cab to avoid paying that.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mikaela walks off after taking a look at Bumblebee's engine, in the shot in which Sam tries to start the car one more time, you can see that the passenger side door is open. On the next shot, where Sam gets out of the car and shuts the hood, you can see the door has been closed. If Bumblebee had done it himself, like in the car lot, earlier in the movie, there would have been a fairly audible sound when the door closed.


Correction: Already submitted and corrected.

Corrected entry: When Sam first meets Barricade and mistakes the occupant for a real police officer, Sam talks directly to the camera which is positioned in the centre of the car, obviously to give the impression he's talking to the fake officer inside. That being the case, why would the fake police officer be positioned in the dead centre of the car? Surely the point of view of the camera should come from the drivers seat.

Correction: I watched this movie last night & whilst Sam does look occasionally at the centre of the car, he spends most of the time looking to the left side of the car (where the driver would be).

Corrected entry: We are shown that the Transformers have to scan an object in order to transform into it. However, Megatron came to Earth in the 19th century and was frozen up until the point in the movie where he unfreezes, and he gets away by turning into a jet and flying away. There was no possible way that Megatron could have scanned a jet inside the Hoover Dam.

Correction: You'll notice that the jet he transforms into is no jet from Earth. It's either his original transformation mode or one he picked up on another planet looking for the Allspark.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Transformers shares a few similarities with the movie Holes: both films star Shia Lebeouf (Holes was among the first films to star him), both films feature a main character with rich ancestral history that affects the outcome of crises they face, and both films feature Jon Voight in a supporting role.

Correction: Vague similarities, yes.but not trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Sam's car is "stolen" in the morning he takes off after it on his moms bike. After chasing it for what seems maybe 20 minutes, he runs into Barricade, who attacks him. Bumblebee comes to his rescue and the transformers start fighting. By this time it is starting to get dark, and by the time they are done fighting it is completely dark. All this takes place in what would seem like no more than an hour.

Correction: Sam never "takes off" after his car on his Mom's bike. It is the other way around. Sam is stalked by Bumblebee when riding his Mom's bike. It is never stated when time of the day this, presumably in the afternoon. When attacked by Barricade it is still afternoon but soon starts to get dark. We never see the complete car chase and it is more than reasonable to assume that is takes place over a long time period. Long enough for the sun to set.


Corrected entry: In the scene at Hoover Dam where Sam is talking to Simmons, the clock in the background shows 11:35. The camera changes two or three times and then the clock shows 11:43, but actually only about 10-15 seconds of actual time have passed.

Correction: It's called movie time. Unless the time goes backwards, it can't be a mistake.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: when Maggie steals the info and puts it on an sd card, she waves down a cab, the next shot is a different cab dropping her off.

Correction: Maggie is now carrying classified information in her purse so it makes sense that she would take two cabs to dodge pursuit if she was being followed.

Corrected entry: When Megatron slams his flail down on the building that Sam is hanging off of with the Allspark causing him to fall, the roof explodes, yet Megatron's flail is not an explosive weapon, and concrete and other building materials don't normally catch fire and explode like that.

Correction: It never explained what kind of weapon his "flail" is nor is it explained how the Transformers are able to construct their weapons and have an unlimited supply of ammunition. Therefore it is more than reasonable to assume that Megatron's flail is in fact an explosive type weapon.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Mikela is walking away from Sam and his broken car, there is a shot where Sam is saying, "No, no, no, don't let her walk away" and the car starts. In that shot, the passenger side door is open. In the very next shot where Sam gets out and closes the hood, the door is shut.

Correction: Submitted and already corrected. It has been established that it is very likely that Bumblebee closed the door himself. Although a self-closing door may seem strange however the "car" has already done some "strange" things. For example using the passenger door to push another car (at Bolivia's Car Lot). It is likely that that door closing by itself may not seem strange to the characters.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Sam, is telling the story of his grandfather and at the same time trying to sell his grandfather's items, you can see the boom mic just above his head.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: A fault of the theatre you watched it in, not of the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and his friend go to the lake party, when they are leaving, Sam's friend crawls through the window to get into his car. Then the shot goes over to show his friend through the drivers side window, and the passenger door is standing open, which would not make sense if he just crawled through the window.

Correction: Why not ? There is enough time for him to get seated and open the door so he can put his feet up. Just because he crawled through the window it doesn't mean he can't open the door. His friend is acting like a fool so jumping through the window then opening it a moment later fits his character.


Corrected entry: In the scene where we first see Megatron in the Hoover Dam, they go on about many technologies reverse engineered from him. and one of those is space flight. The problem is that the United States weren't the first ones into space, the Soviets were. Unless Soviet scientists could sneak into a top secret military bunker, research Megatron long enough to reverse engineer everything and sneak out unnoticed.

Correction: Or the US got its better space tech from Megatron while the Soviets, using their own tech, started out first, but were quickly surpassed. It is said we got our space tech from Megatron. They don't say we weren't beaten into space by the Soviets.


Corrected entry: In the very first scene we see two V-22 Ospreys flying the problem is that they still have their props up and flying horizontally this is a mistake because they are only like that during takeoff/landing then at a sufficient altitude then they switch position the fly horizontally.

Correction: They were flying fairly low to the ground in that scene, so by your own account there is no mistake because they were not at a "sufficient" altitude.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Scorponok first attacks the soldiers, he kills a soldier wearing glasses and a boonie hat, but the same soldier reappears running down the hill as Scorponok jumps out of the sand.

Correction: The soldier that was killed by Scorponox was wearing regular eyeglasses, which are clear. The soldier seen afterwards running down the hill was wearing dark sunglasses. And several soldiers wear that same type of hat.

Corrected entry: When Sam and his dad pull into the car dealership you can briefly see the camera crew in the reflection of the window.

Correction: What is reflected in the window is a portion of another car pulling in the lot behind Sam and his father. At no time is a camera or crew visible-just a car, which for all we know may have been just another customer pulling in to browse the lot.

Corrected entry: Sam's pants get torn off by Frenzy but when Bumblebee kicks him and Mikaela out of the car in the tunnel so he can get a makeover, Sam's pants are back on even though he did not pick them up from the ground.

Correction: They show a short shot of their items being picked up. Also, it's not a continuous shot, there's plenty of time before the tunnel scene for Sam to have retrieved his pants.


Corrected entry: During the final battle scene Optimus tells the main actor to take "The Cube" to a certain building. When he arrives at the train station (Which is the abandoned train station in Detroit.not L.A.) he gets to the roof not only do you see the L.A. skyline, but the roof is full of new air conditioning units, and statues. None of these are visible on a abandoned building in the opening shot.

Correction: The first shot of the building is at street level, so the AC units couldn't be viewed from that angle, but the statues are visible in the shot at 2:02:26.


Corrected entry: When Bumblebee, in car form, shows up on the car lot, nobody on the lot recognizes it, indicating that the store never owned it, yet the salesmen still sells it. How is it possible for him to sell a car his store doesn't own? It wouldn't have the proper paperwork needed for things such as its registration.

Correction: It's clear in the movie that the owner of the dealership is not exactly on the up-and-up, and he will just find a way to "fix" the paperwork.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sam is driving Mikaela home, nothing at all is visible outside. The only thing visible outside of the vehicle are bright, white screens. The conditions outside are obviously right for there to be something else visible other than white screens.

Correction: Actually, judging by the lighting of the scene, it is entirly possible that there is images outside the window that have been "blown out" by the lighting. Hence, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When at the Hoover Dam, they all hop into their cars telling everyone, that they need to move "The Cube" into the next town, 20 miles away. When they arrive they are in Downtown L.A. which is about 500 miles away from the Hoover Dam.

Correction: The town they drive to is called Mission City as stated by the AF captain. While it may look like L.A., its not. L.A. was simply used as a set for a different city altogether. It's done in movies all the time.


Corrected entry: Devastator was the character's working title, and was intended to be called "Brawl." This was left in the theatrical release, but will be corrected on DVD. The reason for this that the Constructicons, which form Devastator, are in the running for appearing in the sequel.

Correction: After watching the DVD it is confirmed that the Brawl/Devastator error was not fixed. I just finished veiwing the collectors edition 2 disk release and Devastator was still in the subtitles.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam Witwicky meets Barricade and hits the door and falls on the ground, in the shot after he says "Ow, that hurt" you can see a driver inside Barricade closing the door.

Correction: You're supposed to see the driver. Who do you think Sam is talking to when he gets up ? It is the same driver you see in the drivers seat when Barricade picks up Frenzy at the airport. It is a "hologram" to represent a driver/police officer.


Corrected entry: Bumblebee's yellow exterior is extremely dirty when he is transformed, but not when he is in the car form.

Correction: We've seen Bumblebee change the entire exterior of his car to another model so we're aware he can make the car look how he wants. Maybe the car he copied was clean and he has no reason to change it.


Corrected entry: When the F-22 Raptors attack the transformers on the ground, if you look closely, the missiles are AIM-120 AMRAAMs used strictly for Air-to-Air engagements.

Correction: Actually AMRAAM missiles are homing missiles, they contain a guidance system that locks on to what the crew is targeting. The only reason they're not fired at ground targets is because there usually isn't anything to lock onto. However, maybe the military are aware that the missiles could lock onto something big, metal and electronic like a transformer.


Corrected entry: Okay, it's been established that the Transformers have an incredibly fast wireless uplink, and indeed the decepticons communicate across the world wirelessly. Yet the autobots resort to speech (English, no less) when they discuss their battle plan after obtaining the glasses, despite there being no humans present.

Correction: Some reason why they shouldn't? The Transformers may be machine-based, but they're still living beings, with intelligence, emotion and so forth. Seems entirely reasonable that they'd prefer the more personal nature of direct speech when they're together, rather than just downloading stuff into their brains.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam is looking at himself in the mirror, there is a toxic waste/skull and cross bones picture under it, with a white area under that. The camera cuts, Sam does something, then it cuts again to show the mirror; now there is writing in the white area.

Correction: The words never left, the different shots are at diffeent angles, that way, in some shots, showing the words, and others, hiding them. It's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Bumbleebee and Barricade fight Barricade was defeated and destroyed. However, later in the film when Frenzy discovers the cube, he makes contact with all Decepticons and the following scenes show them all responding. One shot shows Barricade in car mode responding to the call and in good condition!

Correction: You never actually see that Barricade was destroyed. Bumblebee and Barricade were fighting when Sam and Mikaela were being chased by the little transformer. You never see the outcome of the fight, Bumblebee just comes back to Sam after the fight. It's completely likely (seeing as how Barricade shows up later) that he just admitted defeat and ran off. The "good condition" really doesn't mean much either. Bumblebee is a pristine 2009 camaro when in car form, but he's still roughed up when he's in his Transformer form (as is Optimus and all most of the others).

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: During the scene in which the four autobots crash-land, one of them lands in a field after bouncing off a ridge. In the next shot, Sam and Mikaela walk over and watch the autobot start to transform. However, this can't be possible. All four autobots flew over Sam and Mikaela as they were standing in front of the building with Bumblebee, so they would have to walk through the field that the autobot landed in in order to see it. Also the distance that the autobot travelled once it hit the floor must have been a good few hundred metres, which would take several minutes to walk through, by which time the autobot would have been long gone. For example, the one that landed in the DVD store transformed and was gone within a couple of minutes, before the kids with the camcorder got there.

Correction: Perhaps this autobot didn't transform as fast as the others (Optimus Prime takes a while to transform the first time also), or maybe he took his time since he didn't land in a highly populated area (unlike the one in the DVD store), or quite possibly the crash stunned this particular Autobot and it took him a minute to get his wits back. Either one is possible, only one is neccessary.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Blackout's arm-mounted Gatling gun sounds completely different on the two occasions it is fired. At the beginning of the film while he is shooting up the base in Qatar, it fires long concentrated bursts with a deep noise. During the final battle when he is firing at the soldier on the motorbike, the rounds are going everywhere (conveniently missing the guy on the bike) and the noise is a much higher pitch.

Correction: Blackout is sneaking up behind Optimus Prime and Megatron. The weapon he used in Quatar was shown to be very destructive, and Blackout is extremely loyal to Megatron. So it would make sense that he switched to a lesser weapon to use on Optimus to reduce the chance of hurting his superior with little time to change when he is blindsided by the soldier.

Corrected entry: How can the Allspark, being such a huge massive structure, turn into a hand-held cube but still be light enough to be carried by a human? Even if the alien technology is so great that it can fold into itself that many times, the laws of physics still apply, and all that mass is still there. It would still weigh many tons.

Correction: Are you going to say that cars transforming into 20ft tall robots are plot holes also? This is a fiction movie, no one knows what the Allspark is made out of or what it is possible of doing. On a side note, the Allspark being light enough to be carried by humans is completely in line with the comic series.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Bumblebee following Sam to the used car lot so he can be purchased is a cute scene, but would create a bevy of off-camera problems. For one, the lot doesn't actually own the car, as Bernie Mac points out, so turning over the pink slip and ownership papers would be extremely problematic and would grind the movie to a halt as the characters try to figure out what is going on.

Correction: Maybe Bernie Mac's character is a bit shady and ready to deal with hot merchandise.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam's great-great-grandfather and his crew are freeing their ship from the ice, several of the sailors are speaking modern English; they talked rather similar to how the Americans talk now. There was no modern English back in the 1800's.

Correction: As is absolutely standard with historically set films, present day language is used to make the scene accessible to modern day audiences. This is a standard movie convention and, as such, is not considered a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Whenever Tom from Sector Seven goes to the Secretary of Defense, he shows him a picture of the image from mars, then he shows him the image from the base attack and shows it as daylight. This is incorrect because when the man took the photo of the base attack, it was dark outside.

Correction: Its likely that the equipment that the US Military uses would automatically lighten up the picture to show as much detail as possible.

Corrected entry: When all the Decepticons call out their names and rally on Megatron, Blackout calls his name from the desert where he attacked the US base. However he gets to Megatron as quickly as the others do, despite being a relatively slow helicopter. How did he traverse half the globe in such a short time?

Correction: How do we know what desert Blackout is at? After the Air Force One attack, the Decepticons knew Megatron was somewhere in the USA, therefore Blackout was probably already en route to the USA and by the time they gave rank, Blackout was over a US desert. The sand dunes of California, Utah & Navada look very similar to those in the Middle East.

Corrected entry: When Mikaela is driving the tow-truck with Bumblebee in tow, she starts to reverse so that Bumblebee can shoot. Tow truck regulation specify that when a truck is reversing, it must emit a beeping noise, however when she is reversing down the street, there is no beeping.

Correction: The semi truck I drive is also supposed to beep while backing, but it doesn't. There is a short in the wiring and it only does it intermittently. Besides, where I live, there is no regulation for tow trucks to beep while backing. Not all jurisdictions have the same regulations.

Corrected entry: The second time Optimus Prime asks Sam about Captain Witwicky's glasses, his great-grandfather (as established earlier in the movie), Sam calls him "my grandfather".

Correction: Not really a mistake, I never referred to my great-grandfather as "great-grandfather", I always called him grandpa. So Sam could've just been doing the same thing.


Corrected entry: It is hard to notice, but there is one scene which displays Starscream's disloyalty to Megatron (often alluded to, both in the film and in other Transformers media): in the final battle, amidst the confusion, you can vaguely notice Starscream transforming into his F-22 form, joining the other F-22s (from the military) and shooting Megatron, then transforming back into his Decepticon self.

Correction: This is hotly debated. In a recent convention interview, the writers themselves were asked if Starscream fires on Megatron in that scene, and they say that it is only a rumor, and was never written in the script as such. After watching the scene frame-by-frame, the movie footage alone is inconclusive.

Corrected entry: Optimus Prime says that they learned English from the Internet. However, Megatron was frozen before the Internet, and he knows English as soon as he is free.

Correction: All the Transformers connect to the internet by an almost instantaneous Wi-Fi like link. Megatron would have done so, as well, while he was thawing out.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Megatron mentioned "Starscream, you disappoint me yet again", it is the same line that Megatron always use in the cartoon series when starscream always failed in his mission.

Correction: Duplicate entry.

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Sam Witwicky: Miles? Miles, listen to me. Listen. My car, it stole itself, okay?
Miles: What are you talking about, man?
Sam Witwicky: Satan's Camaro. In my yard! It's stalking me!



When Sam and Mikaela handcuff all the agents, Sam is wearing a black short-sleeved tee shirt atop a blue long-sleeved tee, before putting on the hoodie. We see the dark tee sticking out when he and Mikaela climb onto Prime. Then moments later, Sam is wearing ONLY a long white short-sleeved (we see it has short sleeves when Bumblebee gives him the All Spark later, through a tear in the hoodie sleeve) tee shirt under his hoodie, when he falls from Prime, when he witnesses Bumblebee's capture and thereafter. (Earlier, after he knocks Mikaela off the moped, from that point on there is a very large hole at the back of his blue and black tees, where we see his skin under the jagged material edges, with no white material seen anywhere. We also see no sign of a long white undershirt at any time when Sam's dark tees go up, during his many action shots.)



When Bumblebee first appears and parks itself in the used car lot, it's parked beside a yellow Beetle. The yellow Beetle was the original form of Bumblebee in the Transformers cartoon series.