Corrected entry: When Sam first meets Barricade and mistakes the occupant for a real police officer, Sam talks directly to the camera which is positioned in the centre of the car, obviously to give the impression he's talking to the fake officer inside. That being the case, why would the fake police officer be positioned in the dead centre of the car? Surely the point of view of the camera should come from the drivers seat.

Correction: I watched this movie last night & whilst Sam does look occasionally at the centre of the car, he spends most of the time looking to the left side of the car (where the driver would be).

Corrected entry: We are shown that the Transformers have to scan an object in order to transform into it. However, Megatron came to Earth in the 19th century and was frozen up until the point in the movie where he unfreezes, and he gets away by turning into a jet and flying away. There was no possible way that Megatron could have scanned a jet inside the Hoover Dam.

Correction: You'll notice that the jet he transforms into is no jet from Earth. It's either his original transformation mode or one he picked up on another planet looking for the Allspark.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Transformers shares a few similarities with the movie Holes: both films star Shia Lebeouf (Holes was among the first films to star him), both films feature a main character with rich ancestral history that affects the outcome of crises they face, and both films feature Jon Voight in a supporting role.

Correction: Vague similarities, yes.but not trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Sam's car is "stolen" in the morning he takes off after it on his moms bike. After chasing it for what seems maybe 20 minutes, he runs into Barricade, who attacks him. Bumblebee comes to his rescue and the transformers start fighting. By this time it is starting to get dark, and by the time they are done fighting it is completely dark. All this takes place in what would seem like no more than an hour.

Correction: Sam never "takes off" after his car on his Mom's bike. It is the other way around. Sam is stalked by Bumblebee when riding his Mom's bike. It is never stated when time of the day this, presumably in the afternoon. When attacked by Barricade it is still afternoon but soon starts to get dark. We never see the complete car chase and it is more than reasonable to assume that is takes place over a long time period. Long enough for the sun to set.


Corrected entry: In the scene at Hoover Dam where Sam is talking to Simmons, the clock in the background shows 11:35. The camera changes two or three times and then the clock shows 11:43, but actually only about 10-15 seconds of actual time have passed.

Correction: It's called movie time. Unless the time goes backwards, it can't be a mistake.


Corrected entry: when Maggie steals the info and puts it on an sd card, she waves down a cab, the next shot is a different cab dropping her off.

Correction: Maggie is now carrying classified information in her purse so it makes sense that she would take two cabs to dodge pursuit if she was being followed.

Corrected entry: When Megatron slams his flail down on the building that Sam is hanging off of with the Allspark causing him to fall, the roof explodes, yet Megatron's flail is not an explosive weapon, and concrete and other building materials don't normally catch fire and explode like that.

Correction: It never explained what kind of weapon his "flail" is nor is it explained how the Transformers are able to construct their weapons and have an unlimited supply of ammunition. Therefore it is more than reasonable to assume that Megatron's flail is in fact an explosive type weapon.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Mikela is walking away from Sam and his broken car, there is a shot where Sam is saying, "No, no, no, don't let her walk away" and the car starts. In that shot, the passenger side door is open. In the very next shot where Sam gets out and closes the hood, the door is shut.

Correction: Submitted and already corrected. It has been established that it is very likely that Bumblebee closed the door himself. Although a self-closing door may seem strange however the "car" has already done some "strange" things. For example using the passenger door to push another car (at Bolivia's Car Lot). It is likely that that door closing by itself may not seem strange to the characters.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Sam, is telling the story of his grandfather and at the same time trying to sell his grandfather's items, you can see the boom mic just above his head.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: A fault of the theatre you watched it in, not of the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and his friend go to the lake party, when they are leaving, Sam's friend crawls through the window to get into his car. Then the shot goes over to show his friend through the drivers side window, and the passenger door is standing open, which would not make sense if he just crawled through the window.

Correction: Why not ? There is enough time for him to get seated and open the door so he can put his feet up. Just because he crawled through the window it doesn't mean he can't open the door. His friend is acting like a fool so jumping through the window then opening it a moment later fits his character.


Corrected entry: In the scene where we first see Megatron in the Hoover Dam, they go on about many technologies reverse engineered from him. and one of those is space flight. The problem is that the United States weren't the first ones into space, the Soviets were. Unless Soviet scientists could sneak into a top secret military bunker, research Megatron long enough to reverse engineer everything and sneak out unnoticed.

Correction: Or the US got its better space tech from Megatron while the Soviets, using their own tech, started out first, but were quickly surpassed. It is said we got our space tech from Megatron. They don't say we weren't beaten into space by the Soviets.


Corrected entry: In the very first scene we see two V-22 Ospreys flying the problem is that they still have their props up and flying horizontally this is a mistake because they are only like that during takeoff/landing then at a sufficient altitude then they switch position the fly horizontally.

Correction: They were flying fairly low to the ground in that scene, so by your own account there is no mistake because they were not at a "sufficient" altitude.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Scorponok first attacks the soldiers, he kills a soldier wearing glasses and a boonie hat, but the same soldier reappears running down the hill as Scorponok jumps out of the sand.

Correction: The soldier that was killed by Scorponox was wearing regular eyeglasses, which are clear. The soldier seen afterwards running down the hill was wearing dark sunglasses. And several soldiers wear that same type of hat.

Corrected entry: When Sam and his dad pull into the car dealership you can briefly see the camera crew in the reflection of the window.

Correction: What is reflected in the window is a portion of another car pulling in the lot behind Sam and his father. At no time is a camera or crew visible-just a car, which for all we know may have been just another customer pulling in to browse the lot.

Corrected entry: Sam's pants get torn off by Frenzy but when Bumblebee kicks him and Mikaela out of the car in the tunnel so he can get a makeover, Sam's pants are back on even though he did not pick them up from the ground.

Correction: They show a short shot of their items being picked up. Also, it's not a continuous shot, there's plenty of time before the tunnel scene for Sam to have retrieved his pants.


Corrected entry: During the final battle scene Optimus tells the main actor to take "The Cube" to a certain building. When he arrives at the train station (Which is the abandoned train station in Detroit.not L.A.) he gets to the roof not only do you see the L.A. skyline, but the roof is full of new air conditioning units, and statues. None of these are visible on a abandoned building in the opening shot.

Correction: The first shot of the building is at street level, so the AC units couldn't be viewed from that angle, but the statues are visible in the shot at 2:02:26.


Corrected entry: When Bumblebee, in car form, shows up on the car lot, nobody on the lot recognizes it, indicating that the store never owned it, yet the salesmen still sells it. How is it possible for him to sell a car his store doesn't own? It wouldn't have the proper paperwork needed for things such as its registration.

Correction: It's clear in the movie that the owner of the dealership is not exactly on the up-and-up, and he will just find a way to "fix" the paperwork.


Corrected entry: When Sam is driving Mikaela home, nothing at all is visible outside. The only thing visible outside of the vehicle are bright, white screens. The conditions outside are obviously right for there to be something else visible other than white screens.

Correction: Actually, judging by the lighting of the scene, it is entirly possible that there is images outside the window that have been "blown out" by the lighting. Hence, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When at the Hoover Dam, they all hop into their cars telling everyone, that they need to move "The Cube" into the next town, 20 miles away. When they arrive they are in Downtown L.A. which is about 500 miles away from the Hoover Dam.

Correction: The town they drive to is called Mission City as stated by the AF captain. While it may look like L.A., its not. L.A. was simply used as a set for a different city altogether. It's done in movies all the time.


Corrected entry: Devastator was the character's working title, and was intended to be called "Brawl." This was left in the theatrical release, but will be corrected on DVD. The reason for this that the Constructicons, which form Devastator, are in the running for appearing in the sequel.

Correction: After watching the DVD it is confirmed that the Brawl/Devastator error was not fixed. I just finished veiwing the collectors edition 2 disk release and Devastator was still in the subtitles.




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Sam Witwicky: Miles? Miles, listen to me. Listen. My car, it stole itself, okay?
Miles: What are you talking about, man?
Sam Witwicky: Satan's Camaro. In my yard! It's stalking me!



When Frenzy attacks Sam, the teenager wears straight leg jeans with a narrow leg opening (not boot cut) and thick-soled Nikes, seen in numerous shots, as he kicks at the Decepticon. After the cut to Mikaela (who finds the reciprocating saw), during which Frenzy has already pulled off the bottom of Sam's jeans, Sam continues to kick and scream just before he gets up and runs. Problem is Sam still wears both thick-soled Nikes, neither of which slipped off as Frenzy maniacally pulled the jeans, with narrow leg openings, from his kicking legs/feet. Impossible even in the best of circumstances.



When Bumblebee first appears and parks itself in the used car lot, it's parked beside a yellow Beetle. The yellow Beetle was the original form of Bumblebee in the Transformers cartoon series.