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Corrected entry: During the scene when Happy is being reprimanded in Doug's office for the fight he had with Bob Barker, why is it that Shooter is permitted to be in this meeting? It would seem that only Doug, Virginia and Happy should be present as it is none of Shooter's business.

Correction: Golfers (like virtually all athletes) belong to a union. Since Shooter is the number one golfer, he's likely there as a union representative.

Corrected entry: When Happy hires the homeless man as his caddy, you can see that he has two shoes on. Then later, Happy states that he only has one shoe on.


Correction: The time when Happy hires the caddy and when he tells them that he only has one shoe are two different scenes.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When Happy goes to his "happy place", it shows Chubbs playing the piano. He puts both of his hands up to show Happy that he has his hand back. However, the music is still playing even though Chubbs' hands aren't on the keys.


Correction: That's kind of the joke. It's his "Happy Place" where, like a dream sequence, anything can happen. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Grandma asks Happy, "Who are you waving at?" Watch Virginia's lips - she mouths the words along with her.

Matty Blast

Correction: This is not necessarily a mistake - there's no reason why they couldn't have both been asking the same question, especially since they would have been questioning Happy's odd behaviour which they both saw.

Corrected entry: If Happy has enough money to bid on his Grandmother's house then he has enough money to pay the back taxes to the IRS and stop the auction. Also, the IRS only cares about the taxes, anything bid over the tax amount is returned to the owner. Happy could bid a million dollars and win, at which point he'd have to pay his own Grandmother, something we can probably assume she wouldn't sue him for, given their relationship.


Correction: Except that the IRS gives a specified time to pay the taxes. IE, if the taxes are not paid by such and such a date, the auction will proceed. Happy didn't have enough money by the deadline, but did have enough once the auction started. The IRS would take the taxes owed out, and any money over the amount would go to the owner, however, the person purchasing the house can still force her to move out. Any bid at an auction is legally binding and would have to be paid. There are laws against this, and laws against bidding on your own property (or property of a friend or family member) to jack the price up.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Happy and Virginia are on the skating rink, Happy makes a bet with Virginia to make a shot into the goal. Happy throws down the puck before he skates over to get the hockey stick. After stating the bet, Virginia says, "Really?" and there is a shot of Happy throwing the puck again on the ice (or at least you hear it hitting.) Why does he need two pucks?

Correction: Happy never acts like he is throwing the puck again towards the ice, the noise you are hearing is Virginia placing the hockey stick flat against the ice.

Corrected entry: Happy bets Virginia she cant get a goal in the hockey rink. She shoots this puck and it shows it slowly making its way through the goalies crease and then switches camera angle. The puck is now 10 feet away from the net and goes through the crease a 2nd time.

Correction: They're just showing the same event from a different angle. Like in action movies when we see the same explosion three times.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Happy is making his final, winning shot (18th hole), there are a couple of camera shots of the audience watching the ball bounce off of various objects before going into the hole. Everyone in the audience is moving their heads in unison, with the exception a young girl in the front, who, instead continuously stares directly into the camera.

Correction: I've seen a lot of times where kids aren't interested in what is going on around them, and won't be doing exactly what the adults are doing. If she's not interested in watching the ball, she wouldn't watch it.

Corrected entry: When Happy is driving his grandma to the nursing home the mista mista lady jumps on the car. Happy makes a reaction of hitting the breaks and you can hear the tires screeching to a halt. But in the next shot you can see the car is still moving when the lady is on the hood.

Correction: Even though Happy seemed surprised that the mista mista lady hopped on his car, he screeches and it sounds a little bit like tires screeching but it is not, you can see that the car didn't stop, in fact the car is still moving when he throws the food at the lady.

Corrected entry: When the tower falls right in front of Happy's ball, you can see that everything falls off. However, a news camera seems to be bolted to the tower because it dose not even budge when the tower is falling.

Correction: That's because it is, in fact, secured to the tower. Standard safety procedures require that all persons as well as heavy equipment must be secured above certain heights to prevent falling injuries. These can be either falling from a high point, or being struck by falling debris.


Corrected entry: When Happy first goes to his happy place, his grandma hits three cherries on the slot machine. In the next scene when she is throwing the coins up, you can see that the slot machine is not on three cherries.

Correction: But since this is all a daydream by Happy anyways, he can imagine it any way he wants, as dreams are not bound by the normal rules.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen are at Subway, the wrappers for their subs are lying perfectly flat on the table; indicating they hadn't been used as wrappers at all.

Correction: I eat at Subway quite a lot and my wrappers always look like that, even though they have been used to wrap the sub.

dgemba dgemba

Corrected entry: When the moving guy loses the bet to Happy, he owes him 40 dollars. He only hands him one bill. The bill he hands him doesn't even look like a twenty either.

Correction: Actually, the moving guy does hand Happy more than one bill, but he's holding one of them in his other hand. It's folded up, so it's harder to see, but it's there.

Corrected entry: During a musical montage scene where Happy is driving ball after ball, you can see the balls being pulled up his shirt by a wire.

Correction: It's not the golf ball going up, it's actually the golf tee and it's not going up his shirt. The tee sometimes flies up when you tee off.

Corrected entry: When Happy is putting on the eighteenth hole, and the structure begins to fall, he turns to look at it while still remaining bent over in 'putt position'. However, in the next shot (which is a wide angle view), he is standing up straight.

Correction: Although bent over, he peeks up and moves upright slightly in the close shot, so there's no reason he couldn't stand upright in the moment we only are shown the tower falling.

Benjamin Tiffany

Corrected entry: In the the scene when the caddy tells him that the green slopes slightly left, happy tells him that it only looks that way because he is missing his shoe. The problem is that he is missing his left shoe. If he is missing his left shoe then it would appear that the green slopes to the right.

Correction: From the caddy's point of view, being without his left shoe would mean that he would be tilted left, so the ground would look tilted left also.

Benjamin Tiffany

Corrected entry: Chubbs has a wooden right hand, but it's so clear that Carl Weathers is just holding it with his real hand from inside the sleeve. That arm is much longer than the other.

Correction: I think this obvious effect is done for humor. You can oftentimes make out the bulge of Weather's fist inside his sleeve. And note at the end of the movie when Shooter thinks he's about to win the gold jacket he tells Virginia, "In case you were wondering my jacket size is 44 long, and my right arm's just a little longer than my left."

Benjamin Tiffany

Corrected entry: In the scene where happy has a bet with the repot men he hits the golf ball and we see a bird's eye view of its travels. It appears to travel an awful distance when in fact, but as we see in the next clip, it only travels to the end of the street.

Correction: This is a common filmmaking technique used to show a particular action or sequence dramatically stretched out for emphasis. When done this deliberately it doesn't even qualify as a "deliberate" mistake.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Right before the clown scene, Happy is destroying the little signs. Then it shows that guy shaking his head. He is putting away from the clown hole in the opposite direction.


Correction: He probably attempted all the holes - we're just not shown them. After destroying the signs he would have gone to the next hole, but that's wouldn't necessarily be the clown one. The clown hole is just the next one we see Happy attempting.

Corrected entry: When Shooter sees Mr Larsson for the first time, Mr Larsson takes a club out of his bag, bends it, and says its a nine iron when it is clearly a wood.

Correction: Mr Larson is not a golfer, so he probably wouldn't know which club is which. He just says the nine-iron line to scare and taunt Shooter.

Corrected entry: After the fight with Bob Barker, he goes to subway, he has a cut on his forehead, after that scene ends the cut disappears for the rest of the movie.

Correction: There's at least two or three weeks between the scene in Subway and the next scene with his grandma - he's suspended for one month but when he tries to buy the house back he's playing in the championship in a week's time. Three weeks is plenty of time for a cut to heal, and it's certainly not going to reappear after that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Chubbs is training Happy at the mini golf place, Happy smacks the nose off the clown with his golf club. Sparks and smoke come out of where the nose was, and the clown stops functioning. Considering it didn't light up or move, how could sparks and smoke come out if it was just a piece of plastic attached to the face?

Correction: The clown's eyes did actually move, so that's probably the mechanism that Happy blew up when he hit it.

Corrected entry: When Shooter steals the jacket, everyone is chasing him and "Frankenstein" is in the middle of the pack. Then in the next shot, you hear him beating up Shooter.

Correction: The action takes place off camera so its near impossible to tell whether he got there too soon. The sounds we hear are just punches and could be from other spectators as there were a lot chasing after him.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Happy and Bob Barker are fighting, just after Happy is sitting on Bob, Happy stands up and is grabbed around the throat by Bob. The camera cuts to Bob laying on the floor, meaning if he grabbed Happy his arms must be about six feet long.

Cheryl Gibson

Correction: Happy sits on his knees, so Bob Barker can grab his throat.


Corrected entry: Happy brags to Virginia about being the only guy in the history of hockey to ever try to stab someone with a hockey skate. Well, it is impossible to do. The blade on a hockey skate is in a shape of a small arc, with no points, unlike a figure skate, which has a pick in front and a definite point in the back.

Correction: Happy "tried" to stab someone. Being as irrational as Happy is he certainly might have just thought that he could use it to stab someone. As you have explained its not hard to figure out why Happy was the first person to try it.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Happy is on the golf course his Subway shirt changes from having the logo and not having the logo countless times.

Correction: On the regular video/DVD version of this film the logo is shown in all shots that Happy is wearing the tee shirt. However, you are referring to the version of movie which was broadcast on TV. In the televised version of the movie, in order to save on royalties the logo was edited by the station. This is not a mistake within the film itself.

Corrected entry: When Happy is practicing hockey outside the batting cage, he knocks Chubbs' hand off. A truck runs over the hand and shatters it, but the next day the hand is fine and only missing two fingers.

Correction: If you look more closely, the hand is glued together. He is missing two fingers because he could not glue those back on.

Corrected entry: How could somebody get a car onto a golf course without anybody noticing? And if somebody DID notice, then why weren't all the golfers warned? Don't you think they could improve the security for such an important event?

Correction: I don't know if you've ever been to a golf tournament but security is slim to none. They make mention to that in the movie when Shooter saw a couple having sex in the woods. Not much security there.

Corrected entry: When Happy is at the Happyland putting park, and he is practising his shots in the scene before the laughing clown, why would the signs "Keep Smiling" and "Have Fun" be facing away from where the putter was hitting, instead of facing people walking by?

Correction: It was to face the person sitting on the chair.


Corrected entry: When Happy and his grandmother hit the lady at the nursing home and Happy dumps food for her, if you look you can notice grandma laughing and covering her mouth.

Correction: This entry is wrong, because Grandma is not laughing at all. I have watched that specific scene many times, and she is by no means covering her mouth laughing. She does put her hand up to her mouth, but it is a gesture of shock and concern.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Happy and Bob Barker are fighting and Happy gets knocked into the pond, he crawls out and yells "Now you're gonna get it, Bobby." When he yells this, his lips don't move. The voice was dubbed in.

Correction: You CAN see Happy saying "Now you're gonna get it, Bobby". Adam talks through his teeth a lot, but if you watch closely, you can tell he is saying it.

Corrected entry: In the final tournament, Happy's shirt changes back and forth from orange to blue.

Correction: The final tournament takes place over four days, so his shirt will most likely change.

Corrected entry: After Chubbs died, Shooter told Happy "You killed a golf legend." But in the first tournament, when Shooter was a special guest, neither him or any of the other participants never bothered to notice Chubbs. If he was such a legend, why had all those people who obviously knew a lot about golf ignored him ?

Correction: Shooter is just trying to make Happy feel bad


Corrected entry: During one of the tournaments midway through the movie, there is a scene where the camera shows Happy teeing of many times in a row. In one of the last shots, Happy hits the ball, throws his hands straight up in the air and says 'yeah'. When he hits the golf ball, it actually goes through his legs and backwards. He still seems happy though.

Correction: The ball goes forward, it is the tee that goes backwards through Happy's legs.

Corrected entry: When Happy first learns that the IRS will take Grandma's house, he throws Robert Smigel, the IRS guy through the glass door. Later, when Happy goes outside and the movers are golfing, he goes through the same door, but it is intact. (00:09:00)

Correction: You never see the door in the segment when the movers are playing golf. You do see it later when they are auctioning off the house and the door is a completely different color. So one could only assume that the door has been replaced.


Corrected entry: In the last tournament, after Happy is hit by the Volkswagen, it crashes into the tower and flames fly from the front of the car. The problem is that old model Volkswagens were made with the engines in the back. So when he wrecked it would have simply collapsed the bonnet instead of exploding.

Correction: But the petrol tank was in the front...

Corrected entry: In the scene in the bar Happy orders a bottle of beer from the bartender. He takes only one drink, yet when he smashes it to threaten Shooter no beer splashes out.

Correction: If you look there is an empty bottle next to his, and when he grabs a bottle it his not his but the one next to his.

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Happy Gilmore: I'm stupid. You're smart. I was wrong. You were right. You're the best. I'm the worst. You're very good-looking. I'm not attractive.



In the beginning of the movie he is not taken onto the hockey team. After he is hustling at the driving range he goes to toughen up. As he is toughening up, Chubbs unplugs the machine. The kid tries it, but he never plugged it back in and the machine still manages to work.



The evil man at the nursing home is played by Ben Stiller, then a rising star, in an uncredited role.