Halloween (1978)

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Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Michael is about to kill his sister, we see through his eyes. When his sister turns around to see him, she has to look way up, meaning that he would be very tall, when in fact, he is only 6 years old.


Correction: She's sitting in a chair.

Corrected entry: Michael was locked up for 15 years, so how does he even know where Laurie lives? Let alone know what she looks like or that the Strodes adopted her. The nurse states in part 2 that those records are sealed by the state.


Correction: Michael does not know where Laurie lives. He first sees her when she drops off the key to the Myers house and he follows her throughout the day. This is how he finds out where she lives (so he can appear in her back yard).


Corrected entry: Tommy accidentally says Laurie's line, "There's nobody out there."



Correction: Tommy never says "There's nobody out there". He's screaming a lot, but he's saying "The boogeyman's outside!".

Orlando Rocha

Corrected entry: The bush that Michael hides behind is neatly trimmed on Laurie's side but bushy with leaves sticking out on the other side.

Correction: Maybe the neighbor doesn't do their part in keeping it trimmed. Not a movie mistake.

Orlando Rocha

Corrected entry: Where did Michael get the white sheet? I doubt he took the time to look for one and cut eye holes in it.


Correction: He'd been stalking around that house ever since Annie started babysitting, so he had plenty of time to learn where everything was. He might have even taken one out of the laundry room since it was in a separate building away from the main house. After he killed Bob, we're not given any indication how long it was before he went after Lynda, so he may have taken one from a linen closet in the house. It's doesn't require much a stretch to the imagination that he'd find a sheet in a house and use it to simulate a ghost, especially since it's Halloween night.

Corrected entry: On their way to babysit, Annie and Laurie run into sheriff Brackett who's investigating a recent break-in at the local hardware store. He reveals to the girls that the only things taken were "a couple of knives, some rope, and a Halloween mask." First, how can it be a break in if it's the middle of the day and the sign on the door says "OPEN"? Second, if we're to assume that Michael was responsible for stealing such a fine selection of items, why wasn't the break-in reported in the morning when Michael was already shown wearing the mask?


Correction: This is easily explained. In the small town where I grew up, many "mom and pop" shops did not open until the afternoon, when people were out of work and school. Michael could have easily burgled the store any time from the middle of the night through early afternoon. The break-in wouldn't have been discovered until the first workers showed up to work, in the afternoon.

Correction: The break in should have been noticed and reported very early. Can't you hear the alarm going off when they pull up and open the car window? Annie even has to raise her voice over it to talk to her father.

Corrected entry: In certain shots, you can see that the William Shatner mask had not been fully painted white, because you can see the flesh coloured neck, but in other shots it is fully painted.

Correction: Not a mistake, just the lighting. There was only one mask used throughout filming.

Corrected entry: When Annie drops Laurie off at Tommy's house the front door of his house is glass, but later it is a plain door.

Correction: Watch again and you will see that the door is not glass, but plain with the exception of a shadow, when Annie is dropping Lindsay off at Tommy's house.

Corrected entry: During the closing montage of shots, you can see Michael carrying Annie on the left side of the shot at the Wallace house.



Correction: How is that a mistake? There's not enough information here, or a reason why it's a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael is stabbing his sister, the point of view camera is on his sister. But because the audience can't see what he's doing, the camera pans to the right to show the knife. Someone actually stabbing a person would not look away from the victim to watch the stabbing motion of the knife.

Correction: You are merely speculating into the mind of the killer. It is equally as likely he was focusing on the knife as looking anywhere else in the room.

Correction: Yeah, but he would have probably missed the target a lot if he wasn't looking at it. Six year olds don't have the greatest motor skills even when looking at a target. Michel didn't miss once even when he wasn't looking. Highly unlikely.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Doctor Loomis notice Michael's car until it was almost too late? The car was parked right across the street.

Correction: Character's ignorance, hence character mistake.


Corrected entry: When Laurie stabs Michael in the head with her knitting needle, she stabs him in the upper left part of his head, but in the next shot the needle is now in the left part of his neck.


Correction: I have seen the move many times. She has always stabbed him in the neck.

Corrected entry: When Michael gets shot by the doctor, he falls off the balcony. In the next shot, the doctor pulls the trigger again. What was he going to shoot at?


Correction: Dr. Loomis was angry to see Michael, so pulling the trigger is a natural reaction after seeing him. It was just hysteria.

cameron davies

Corrected entry: At the beginning when Michael kills Judith, he puts on the clown mask and you can see that before he picked it up there were two eyeholes but once he put it on there was just a large space and the two eyeholes aren't visible.

cameron davies

Correction: This is a widely accepted filming technique, that properly and correctly shows the POV of the person behind the mask, that has two distinct eye holes. If you wear a mask you won't see two separate images.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: When Michael is going through the dining room, you can see the clock says 10 o'clock. But when he is going up the stairs you can hear the bell chime 12 times signifying 12 o'clock.


Correction: The clock only chimes ten times.

Corrected entry: In the beginning after Michael goes upstairs to kill his sister, he picks up the clown mask. But right before he picks up the mask the camera runs out of film and they have to reload the camera and there is a half a seconds pause of a black screen.

Correction: This was just him putting on the mask. If you ever put a mask on you are blinded by part of it till you get the eye holes in place.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when they show the different scenes in stills, the knife is shown on the floor by the sofa. Laurie had dropped it earlier after stabbing Michael with the knitting needle. He then has it again upstairs when she's in the closet. He drops it after being stabbed with the hanger. She picked it up when she stepped over him getting out of the closet and dropped it by the bed. How did the knife get back downstairs on the floor for the final stills?

Correction: The Sheriff has already pointed out that "a couple of knives, some rope, and a halloween mask" had been stolen from the shop, we know 'the shape' has more than one knife.

Corrected entry: When Laurie spots Michael standing behind the clothes line the shot goes from Michael, to Laurie, and back to the empty spot where Michael was standing. However, Laurie never actually looked away from the area, only the camera did, so why is she so frightened when he is gone. She throws the window shut and back away, surely she saw him walk away...


Correction: She's creeped out by the whole incident, she's not scared that he disappeared.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, after young Michael comes out of the house with the bloody knife and his parents see him, they only utter the words "Michael?" and stand there, staring at him with their hands in their pockets. Don't you think they would be curious as to why the knife is bloody and go inside? They don't seem disturbed at all.


Correction: Bad acting, sure, but hardly a plot hole. Given that Michael was carted off to a mental institute, it's pretty obvious that they did eventually do all of the things you mention. Besides, if you came home to find your kid wandering around with a blood smeared knife, you'd probably be a little shocked to do anything immediately too.

Corrected entry: When Loomis shoots Michael and he falls over the balcony, you can see that he hopped over it and did not just fall.


Correction: Actually he didn't "hop." You don't even have to look closely, on the reversal shot, he just walks straight off the balcony. There must have been a plank that he walked off, in order that he didn't need to jump.

Corrected entry: In the part where Michael Myers is driving down the street, watching Laurie and her friends walk home from school, the camera is supposed to be filming from Michael's point of view. However, they shoot it from the backseat, looking out the window. (You can see the metal grill seperating the front and back.) If Michael is driving the car how can he be sitting in the backseat?

Correction: This shot isn't supposed to be from Michael's view. Near the end of this scene, if you watch it in widescreen view, it shows Myers in the front seat driving. The view is actually supposed to be as if you were in the backseat of the car. It talks about scenes like these in more detail in the pamphlet inside the 25th anniversary edition DVD.

Corrected entry: When Annie is taking her clothes off, her underwear is a solid colour, but in the laundry room it is polka-dotted.

Correction: If you look really carefully, especially on the DVD version, her underwear IS polka-dotted. It is hard to tell unless you look.

Corrected entry: Michael Myers escapes from prison when he is 21. He is able to drive a car even though he has been incarcerated since childhood. Where did he learn to flawlessly drive a car during those years?

Correction: Loomis actually remarks in the film that someone must have taught him (probably the nurse who let him escape). This could be the explanation.

Corrected entry: When Annie goes to her car to pick up her boyfriend Paul the car is locked. she gets her keys and she then opens the car door without unlocking it.

Correction: When Annie opens the car door without unlocking it is because Michael is already in the car. She even acknowledges the strangeness of the event by making an odd face.



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