Big Momma's House 2

Big Momma's House 2 (2006)

25 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When Sherri walks outside, and hugs Malcolm in his eagle suit, in the shot from behind, she puts her arms around his neck, above the suit's wings. In the next shot she is hugging him around the waist, under the wings.


Audio problem: At the end of the film, where Big Momma is performing with Carrie's cheer leading squad, when Andrew breaks loose and climbs up the human pyramid that the girls made, and jumps, falling on Big Momma's stomach. Then Andrew says, "Big Momma" but his mouth doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: When Malcolm leaves a message on the phone for Sherri, the mesaage has noticeable differences when Sherri listens to it. Malcolm pauses between the lines " from Phoenix" to "Wait - Carrie!" but on the phone, there's no pause.


Continuity mistake: When Big Momma and Leah are teaching the children to dance, in one shot there is a closeup of Molly putting her head down and laughing. But a split second later they go to a long shot and she is now up straight listening to her iPod, with no time to move.

Continuity mistake: After sneaking around in Tom Fuller's office, Big Momma exits, and sits Andrew down on the table. During the scene, as Big Momma talks to Tom, Andrew's dungaree strap alternates from falling down his shoulder, to up on his shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Fuller is telling Big Momma that the girls walking by in the spa are Victoria's Secret models, the gold watch on Big Momma's left hand is missing and you can see the seam of the costume on Big Momma's wrist. And in the next shot, the watch is back again.

Visible crew/equipment: At the end when Big Momma is dancing with Carrie's dancing group, when Big Momma does her flip, you can see a tape marker on the floor for where Big Momma stops. It is gone in subsequent shots.

Continuity mistake: During the bingo scene when Big Momma is about to fight the drunk elderly women, the picked numbers on the bingo board change from shot to shot dramatically.

Continuity mistake: When Big Momma walks through the metal detector at the National Agenda Software building, her bag strap falls down off of her shoulder, as the secuity man touchs her. In the next shot the strap is back up on her shoulder.

Big Momma's House 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Malcolm is being the safety eagle at the childrens school convention, as he flails around on fire, he knocks the large space heater over. In subsequent shots it is suddenly standing upright again.


Factual error: You can tell that the "Brillo pad" Andrew eats is not real as Andrew would have been VERY ill due to the cleansing chemicals on the pad and the fact that the metal would have cut his mouth considerably. There was no blood, no foam coming out of his mouth (the box says Oxy action implying foam), and he keeps eating despite that the taste would have been horrible.

Continuity mistake: When Leah Fuller is sitting down to watch the cheer club class at her house, her ponytail is on her right shoulder. But in the next shot, the ponytail is not on her shoulder.


Revealing mistake: When Stewart is working on his laptop at the satellite dishes, it is very obvious that he cannot type. He is tapping the keyboard repeatedly with several fingers, without moving his hands.

Continuity mistake: When Sherri and Danielle are talking in the baby store, over the crib, about the humongous thong, between shots throughout the scene, the way Danielle holds the thong alternates from the back / front of it facing the camera.


Factual error: I used to cheer at major competitions like at the end of the movie. These competitons have VERY strict rules concerning music and acceptable moves. Carrie's cheer team would not have been allowed to compete with the song they use and some of the moves they do. They would have been considered vulgar/ inappropriate for their age group and the team would have been immediately disqualified.

Continuity mistake: When Big Momma is zipping up her dress at the beginning of the movie, the coat hanger she is using changes its shape between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Big Momma is making breakfast the morning she is supposed to be fired, she is wearing a necklace. After the family comes downstairs, the necklace is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Malcolm/Big Momma goes to the beach, he is wearing a prosthetic bodysuit as we can see in shots of Big Momma in a bathing suit. He puts on a sun dress to cover up. Not long afterward, he chases Bishop down a pier and his mask comes off. We can see a heavier cloth bodysuit underneath the dress on his right shoulder, but Malcolm had no opportunity to change bodysuits.

Continuity mistake: When Malcolm arrives home in his car, we see two shots of Sherri walking out of the front door. There's a table on the porch with three flower pots on it. In the second shot, a fourth pot has appeared on the end.


Continuity mistake: When Malcolm sneaks into the office, to use the computer and view the security webcam, he puts his box of belongings down on the desk. In subsequent shots the positioning of the items in the box has changed.