Rollercoaster (1977)

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Plot hole: When the bomber is surrounded at the end he gets shot in the leg but manages to get away from all of the police that were surrounding him. They were literally an arm's length from him.

Audio problem: The rock drummer is way out of sync with the drum sounds. Examples include fills, rolls, and cymbal crashes being performed when a straight beat is heard. (01:34:20)

William Bergquist

Audio problem: When the bomb goes off under the track in the beginning, the sound of the explosion sounds as if it's cut in half. (00:12:55)

William Bergquist

Plot hole: At the end the bomber is watching the band perform on stage. Behind them is the loop where the bomb squad are on the track approaching the tunnel exit, but he only sees them when he takes the photo for the family. He should've seen them long before that.

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry is on the roller coaster for the second time (whilst being run over the park by the bomber), as the coaster is going down the final decent before the return loop, there are two camera men with a camera stood on the ground in the middle of the loop. (01:01:35)

Mr Manchester

Fran: Harry?
Harry Calder: Mmh?
Fran: If you're trying to kill us, at least let me put on some lip gloss.

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