Back in Olympus, Hitomi suffers physical damage for not being able to get a life extension and she is in critical condition. Meanwhile, the elders are becoming more and more suspicious as their opinions start to sway from Gaia's normal orders. Essentially, for being humans, they seemed to favor Bioroids over their own kind.Deunan and the injured Briareos meet up with an old friend from back in Olympus who gives Deunan a landmate (essentially a robotic suit that enables air travel), and who also gives Briareos a shot that will temporarily bring him back into conciousness.Deunan rushes back to Olympus to first give Appleseed to Athena. Athena is finally able to reveal herself as Deunan's "godmother", and they share an embrace. Hitomi is the first to receive the Appleseed treatment. Deunan then visit's the injured Hitomi. She is also joined by the 7 elders in the room. The conversation that ensues makes Deunan suspicious, and she realizes through the talk that the elders were actually the ones who sent the military in to kill her mother. Their reasoning was different than that of the military's though. Instead of being afraid that the Bioroids cannot be trusted, the elders actually wanted to get their hands on the Appleseed data from the very beginning! Deunan questions them because surely this cannot be the will of Gaia. The elders reveal that they have been disconnected from Gaia since the time they ordered the hit on Deunan's mother, and that by getting the Appleseed data, it would make the Bioroids a superior race over humans. Deunan questions as to why they would want such a thing, and their response proves their dysfunctionality, and extremist views on current life. The elders believe that the human race should be depleted because Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, and if Olympus and the Garden of Eden were supposed to be a place of peace and perfection, then humans don't deserve to live in Olympus either. Deunan and Athena agree that this is madness, but the elders reveal that it is too late because by the simple push of a button, a virus that has been stored up in the D-tank over the years will be set loose on the city, rendering humans infertile, and thus resulting in the gradual extinction of mankind. The order is set, and it is now up to everyone else to stop the nearly indestructible force headed to the D-tank to set loose the virus. In the heat of all this comotion, Hitomi comes to and reveals that the only way to stop the 9 giant scarab-like platforms from reaching the D-tank, is to get to Platform 7 and enter "H-I-T-O-M-I" as the password into the computer and the sequence will shut down, saving humanity. Through much gunfire, Briareos returns, and he and Deunan fight their way to Platform 7 to stop them. She arrives on the platform, and begins to enter the password, but because of the gunfire, the computer will only read "H-I-T-O-" and nothing else. Through much persuasion, and a cry to her fallen mother to help her, the final letters appear, but she did not enter them in, leading us to assume that her mother smiled upon her efforts and entered the rest of the password. Humanity is saved. The film ends with Deunan narrating, that as long as humans and Bioroids live together, there will be inevitable conflict, and she will always be there to fight for what's right.


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