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Corrected entry: If the lizards are born pregnant and produce offspring within 12 months then the "mother" lizard would have already produced many litters prior to the one in New York and those offspring would have in turn produced their own litters meaning the planet would have already been over-run long before the litter of 200 in New York. That is, unless the "mother" lizard in the movie is only 12 months old herself and the New York litter was her first (which in itself would be ridiculous). Not to mention that the "mother" would also have 199 brothers and sisters all producing offspring.

Correction: Why is it so ridiculous that the litter would be her first? Zilla may only be 12 months old. Or she may have laid eggs 12 months after reaching maturity. As for the mother having brothers and sisters, watch the beginning of the film. You can see there is only one egg left on the bombed atoll.


Corrected entry: Godzilla makes cars bounce several feet off the ground when she walks, but she can hide for an extended period of time in the subway tunnels without disturbing the trains?

Correction: Subway cars are much heavier than cars. Also, it's possible for me to walk in my house, and rattle the china in the cabinets. Alternatively, I can move around without making a sound. It all depends on how quiet I want to be. As she is hiding, it's not unlikely Godzilla is trying to be as quiet as possible.


Corrected entry: In Madison Square Garden, the French guy smashes Animal's camera, breaking it. When they are again being chased by the baby Godzilla's, Animal runs back to get his tape but leaves the broken camera on the ground. However, when they are being chased by Godzilla in the cab, Animal all of a sudden has another camera to film the chase. Where did he get this camera? When he packs his bag at the house, we see him put only one camera in there. Plus the bag is only big enough to fit one camera anyway.


Correction: They took the second camera from the Madison Square Garden's studio.

Corrected entry: It is shown that Godzilla laid around 200 or so eggs in Madison Square Garden. Yet to carry that many eggs at the size they are shown in the film, Godzilla would have had a visible bulge for all of the eggs. Yet throughout the movie, it is never shown to have any signs of carrying eggs.


Correction: We have no idea how quickly Godzilla can reproduce eggs, and there's also no onscreen suggestion that she laid the eggs in one hit. I got the impression she was using the garden as a lair and constantly returned to it, presumably to lay more eggs.


Corrected entry: How did Godzilla deposit eggs in Madison Square Garden? It's obviously much too small for her to fit in. Almost all of the eggs are in the central dome, yet when our heroes are running around there is never any indication of a large hole Godzilla could reach through to place them inside.


Correction: The hole Godzilla used to get in there is the one that the humans climb up to get in Madison Square Garden. You even see Animal looking up the hole when he notices the MSG sign.

Corrected entry: When the old guys snags the "big one" and realizes he needs to run his chair disappears from shot to shot.



Correction: The only time the chair is hard to see is the shot from well behind him, looking at the approaching swell, but the chair is there, tho faintly visible with all the rain in the shot.


Corrected entry: At the briefing meeting where Nick tells that Godzilla is pregnant, some guy says "I think we should watch this" just when a news flash is starting - the one with the secret tape. How could he know that THIS news flash was so important?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Obviously he doesn't KNOW, but as it IS a "news flash", it just might be important. Hardly odd unless we see him ignore every 'news flash' before and after.


Corrected entry: When the mayor's helicopter lands it makes a screeching tyre sound (like when an airplane touches down). The heliport was wet and the tires touched straight down and therefore wouldn't make a screeching sound.


Correction: Cars braking hard in the rain screech the tires, so the water is not a factor. The front tire actually stops well-above ground, then drops the last few feet very hard. It's not impossible that it would have made such a sound.


Corrected entry: When Godzilla is killed, he is standing on a suspension bridge entangled in the newly broken wires. If the wires are broken, then the bridge wouldn't be able to support its own weight, let alone the weight of a monster of that size.

Correction: First, the bridge does begin to collapse. Second, suspension bridge designs take into account that a significant portion of the cables can fail in a major accident without the bridge collapsing. This is done by having redundant cabling. The Brooklyn Bridge's design has six times the needed cabling, so that 5 of every 6 could fail and the bridge would stay up- even fully loaded with cars.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Godzilla arrives in NYC the fisherman has thrown out his little line. Apparantly Godzilla catches it. However when Godzilla starts to race towards the bridge, she is several hundreds of meters away. How could she get hold of the line?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: I had a similar thought when I saw the pole yank AWAY from the dock, then Godzilla swarm TOWARD the dock. The answer to both is that Godzilla was passing very near the dock and caught the hook as she turned away from the dock, pulling the pole away. Then she reversed direction and charged the dock. This scenario negates both mistakes.


Corrected entry: Before Victor tells his new plan to Audrey, he talks to another woman in a crowded room which is full of people talking on the phone and there is also Jamiroquai's featured song coming from somewhere quite loud. Still, Victor and the woman are able to converse quite well without having to change their low voice level, even when they are five or six meters from each other.

Correction: As the other folks are using phones and having conversations (including the one you mentioned) without trouble, the song is obviously not as loud as you believe. We the viewers also hear everything said. The music is not at all loud.


Corrected entry: When Nick is getting the worms, he walks from the back of the van. When the helicopter lands the shot over Nick's shoulder shows the van is turned around and face the way he came.

Correction: Not so. He fetches equipment at the rear of the van and the next shot (looking through the van from the other side) shows him carrying it past the van, to a point well in front of the van. He plants the poles, then goes back to the rear of the van to connect the cables. Then he's back at the poles, picking up worms, again in front of the van. When the helicopter lands, we see the front of the van well behind him, as it should be.


Corrected entry: When Godzilla's foot comes down on the cameraman, it raises up in the very next shot without the other foot behind it moving forward. In the shot after that, with the cameraman's point of view, the other foot is gone.

Correction: As Godzilla approaches, Grand Central Station is to our right. There is an elevated street that wraps around that building. Godzilla's right foot lands around the cameraman. The left foot is using the raised roadway (note the flipped taxi on that higher roadway as Godzilla walks away) until her last left step, which is now on the lower roadway as she turns left.


Corrected entry: After Nick (Matthew Broderick) gets into the jeep with Jean Reno you can see a reflection of someone standing right next to the vehicle as it pulls away. The reflection is in the jeep's window and is real easy to see, especially in slo-mo.

Correction: First, it's a Hummer, not a Jeep. Second, there are numerous civilian-dressed people milling about the area, so that any one of them could have walked toward the Hummer just as it began to drive away.


Corrected entry: In the shot of the wrecked tanker, one of the helicopters flies straight through the side of the tanker.

Correction: Watched the scene three times in slow-motion. Neither of the two helicopters does any such thing.


Corrected entry: When they load up in the HMMWV (Hummer) in the warehouse there are 6 guys. military HMMWVs only have 4 seats (very uncomfortable ones at that).


Correction: The Hummers in the warehouse are actually civilian Hummers which are being disguised to look like military Humvees.(Notice when Matthew Broderick and the French guy first walk into the warehouse the humvee's are being spray painted the camoflauge color "You can buy anything in America"). Civilian Hummers can be modified to seat up to 8 people.

Corrected entry: When they are at the MP checkpoint trying to get past the gate in the HMMWV (Hummer) you can see an interior panel with a speaker over the driver's side window. Military Hummers don't have interior panels, much less stereos and speakers. They are totally bare necessities inside. They don't even have keyed ignition. There is an on off switch for ignition.


Correction: The Hummers in the warehouse are actually civilian Hummers which are being disguised to look like military Humvees.(Notice when Matthew Broderick and the French guy first walk into the warehouse the humvee's are being spray painted the camoflauge color "You can buy anything in America"). This is the reason why the Hummer has an interior panel w/speakers, as well as power windows. Its actually a civilian model.

Corrected entry: When the lead fighter jet sends two rockets to blow up Madison Square Garden, if paused just right you can see the building blow up from the inside and there are no visible rockets hitting the roof. (It is necessary to go frame by frame.)


Correction: If frame-by-frame is required then it's not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: When the missiles hit Madison Square Garden it is a massive explosion, even accounting for the explosive placed there by the French (who did not think they had enough), but when a total of 12 missiles hit Godzilla, no explosions. As the missiles had penetrated Godzilla’s skin it would hardly have been able to contain the explosion inside the body.

Correction: When the planes attack Madison Square they use LGB's (laser guided bombs) which would blow up the building no problem, when attacking Godzilla on the bridge they would have used missiles as they only wanted to kill Godzilla not blow the bridge to pieces.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when the people are in the taxi driving over the Brooklyn bridge, they jump from the bridge to the road right even though the shot right
before the jump shows the taxi cab a good 3-4 feet below the road level. How did they all of a sudden jump that gap UP onto the road?

Correction: The car got visible lifted into the air, either by the blast of the collapsing bridge or by anything else acting as a ramp on the street.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Two soldiers examine the tube at the end of which we then see Godzilla's eye opening. One looks towards the end of the tube, the other examines with a flashlight. He then turns around to go back to the guy at the curve and behind him opens the eye of the beast - but shouldn't the guy in the back who was looking in that direction notice?

Correction: We don't see the other guy after the one near Godzillas eye has turned around. He might have turned around as well.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: The footage of the Nuclear Explosions are actually those of the US "Crossroads" Program during 1946-1953. Ironically enough, it was done in the South Pacific.

Correction: I can not see how this is a mistake. All this goes to show is that Godzilla is a result of years of nuclear radiation and several test bombings, instead of being mutated by a single atomic blast.


Corrected entry: When Godzilla's tail smashes the bridge of the Japanese fishing tanker, all 3 men at the bridge go flying, but in the next shot, we only see 1 of the 3 men actually slam into the wall.

Correction: Perhaps one guy got hit with more force or weighed less so he flew farther.


Corrected entry: I've talked to a Ministry Official and other fishermen, and the "fishing ship" that is portrayed in the Godzilla movie is a bit too generous in size for Japanese fishing operations in the South Pacific. Not too many fishing operations require a ship the size of a supertanker...

Correction: The ship in question is referred to as a "canning ship". It is self contained, it catches the fish, processes and cans the fish so when it lands they just unload the cans of fish. This makes for fresher canned fish as opposed to keeping the fish alive long enough to get to land and then transport them to land for processing.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the F-18's shoot missiles at Godzilla. However they are very close to each other. They weren't in any formation, and having a missile pass so close to a jet should have caused it to explode from the heat and radiance or at least give it turbulence.

Correction: They are proximity fused, air to ground Hellfire missiles, not heat seeeking air-to-air missiles. The heat of a near by jet is irrelevant. Secondly, the turbulence from a 420kg missile won't even cause a noticeable wobble on a 20 ton jet fighter, let alone 'turbulence'.

Corrected entry: The newscaster states that Godzilla's appearance in New York is the greatest disaster since the World Trade Center bombing. It is unknown what year this is supposed to take place. The WTC was destroyed by terrorist attacks in 2001. The movie was made in 1998 so it seems the writer had a premonition. Also, when the various camera shots show the NYC skyline, you can see the WTC buildings, although in this movie, whatever year it was to take place, they could have been rebuilt.

Correction: You are blatantly wrong! The movie was set in the present day of that time in 1998. The reference was for the first terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, on February 26th 1993. That bombing caused the deaths of 6 people, there were more than 1,000 people injured, 105 firefighters injured, damage to PATH train mezzanine and the cost of the damage was more than half a billion dollars.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the old man is fishing off the pier in New York and hooks Godzilla, Godzilla swims back towards him, just under the water. He keeps coming until he starts smashing the pier up from underneath the water. How could he even stay under the water right there? The water can't be very deep because the pier is on pilings.

Correction: As seen later in the movie, Godzilla swims in a flat-out position. When swiiming, she is no taller than the thickest part of her body, which is far from her regular height. And naturally, she stands up before jumping out of the water.


Corrected entry: The monster can outrun helicopters, but can't catch a taxi?

Correction: Godzilla actually outmanuvered the choppers, not outran them. She was able to move much more freely than the choppers as she didn't have to worry about hitting buildings. As for the taxi, have you ever tried to catch a mouse running through your house? It's very difficult. Same situation.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The Apache choppers Echo 1, 2 and 4 fire missiles at Godzilla which are called 'Sidewinders'. Sidewinders are air-to-air missiles used on fighter planes; the Apaches' standard heavy missile are air-to surface tank-cracking 'Hellfires'.

Correction: The Apache are capable of using Sidewinders for air-to-air attacks. They can be mounted on the wingtips.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nick is trying to get in the elevator, a young Godzilla sticks its head through the doors and they automatically open (this is a security feature). When Nick kicks it in the head, the doors are automatically closing, even though there is something in the middle of them.

Correction: The door hit the baby the first time. The door closed again because it was not blocking the electric eye on the elavator, which is near the bottom.

Corrected entry: After Matthew Broderick is kicked off the project team and he has the fight with his ex-girlfriend, his girlfriend's friend's husband heads to his bright red van. He has an opened umbrella in his hand one shot, yet when he steps into the van, he doesn't stop to close it or anything. It literally disappears. He doesn't bring it into the van, and he doesn't drop it either, as the ground to the left of the van is empty as he drives away in the next shot.

Correction: I played it in slow-motion. He puts it in the car, just before he gets in.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nick gets into the elevator in Madison Square Garden he starts to press the close button, but if you look at the button to the left of his hand the picture shows the close doors sign so he would be pressing the open doors button.

Correction: No, that picture is a marker. There is a silver button that actually closes the door. You can see the same on the left hand side, where there is the doors open marker and a silver button next to it.

Corrected entry: The strength of Godzilla seems to change every minute from destroying skyscrapers to being unable to destroy a cab. This also applies to the young ones, they can go through walls but later they're held back by locked doors, doors closed with a rope, or elevator doors.

Correction: Concerning the young, there is no scene featuring them coming through walls, only windows/glass screens at best; yet the question about the Garden's all too flimsy doors remains.

Corrected entry: When Godzilla chases the taxi, the people inside argue which road they should take. When one of the characters proposes one route, Audrey says "But that road always has traffic jams when it's raining" or something similar. But isn't that a perfectly stupid thing to say when there's no one in the city?

Correction: This is just becasue living in New York, Audrey has been conditioned not to take this road in the rain. It doesn't even occur to her that the road will be devoid of cars.

Correction: Also, she has seen enough wreckage to be thinking of abandoned / destroyed vehicles from Godzilla's first attack (which was also in the rain). A traffic jam of totaled cars is just as bad an obstacle as functional ones that are stopped.


Corrected entry: When the attack helicopters go after Godzilla they use heat seeking missiles. Surely they wouldn't even notice a cold blooded lizard? Also when Godzilla chases them why don't they just go up out of reach, rather than running away below the rooftops?

Correction: Cold-blooded doesn't mean cold. A reptile is as warm as his environment. A little added exertion would make Godzilla warm enough for the missiles to work. What's more, the iguana she once was has turned dinosaurian, with legs under the body. As such, she could easily be warm-blooded now like dinosaurs are thought to be.

It's mentioned by the helicopter pilot in the movie that the lizard is colder than the buildings around it. She isn't warm blooded, she isn't expelling any heat at all.


Correction: The force of habit, most of the things they usually fight have warm components (soldiers, attack dogs, running engines, even mere campfires), and they don't have the time or know-how to custom make the missiles. Arctic researchers have made a similar mistake when tracking seals, they tried tracking them via infrared, which works in warmer climates perfectly well, but since it's obviously urgent that Polar warm-blooded creatures not lose heat, it was of limited to no use, and the scientists had to use other methods; which they, unlike the soldiers, had the time to find.


They should have immediately noticed the thing is too cold to use heat seekers on. They should have switched to cannons.


Corrected entry: Godzilla can bite an armored helicopter in half with one chomp, but apparently cannot handle a taxicab that is in his mouth.

Correction: He also had a huge chunk of the bridge's concrete in his mouth too...difficult to bite through even for him.


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When the Mayor of New York is talking to the crowds and people can feel the ground bouncing, Godzilla is a fair bit away, but when she is stomping through the streets the people don't feel it at all - shouldn't they be thrown into the air from that proximity?



Director Roland Emmerich was a massive fan of Spielberg's films. Particularly "Jurassic Park." Emmerich decided to model this film more around "Jurassic Park" than the original "Godzilla" series. (In particular the "Baby Godzilla" sequences, which features many callbacks and references to the raptor scenes from "Jurassic Park").