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Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Continuity mistake: When the coaster passes Wendy on the right side, her hair blows on the left side.

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Suggested correction: The wind is in the movie always a sign that death will come. So the reason for lifting the hair should not necessarily be caused by the roller coaster, but caused by death arriving soon.

Factual error: During the McKinley Tri-Centennial there are several references to the American Revolutionary War with red coats marching through the festival, a man reenacting Paul Revere's Ride shouting "The British are coming!" And signs reading "celebrating 300 years of freedom." However this movie was made and set in 2006, which is about 70 years too early for a tricentennial celebration.

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Suggested correction: The fictional town of McKinley was founded in 1705. The town is celebrating 300 years of its existence, not 300 years of America as a nation's existence. There are towns in America that were founded prior to the establishment of the United Stares that are still in existence. New Orleans for example celebrated their tricentennial in 2018.


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Visible crew/equipment: In several shots during the weight room scene, a boom mic is reflected in the hanging swords.

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Wendy Christensen: What happened to willful ignorance?
Kevin Fischer: Hey, I'm full of shit, all right? I never thought I could see my own death before it happened Wendy.

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Trivia: The gag from the first film with the John Denver song playing before someone's death returns for this film with the song "Turn Around, Look At Me" playing instead.


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Question: We know that Wendy's pictures on her camera are clues to everyone's deaths, but Death's plan was for them to die on the roller coaster. Also, Wendy took the photos before she got on Devil's Flight, so if everyone was supposed to die on the coaster, what's the point of the pictures?


Chosen answer: It's metioned in the filmakers' commentary that in every Final Destination movie everyone has a premonition (Of course), well it's also mentioned by the director, James Wong, that if death wants to kill them why give them the premonition in the first place? Well he believes that there is some other force out there trying to prevent death from killing these teenagers. That's where the premonitions come in including the signs therefore, Wendy's pictures are helping signs like voices or visions from other movies. It's just the whole "giving signs" thing is portrayed differently in this movie.

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