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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ashley and Ashlyn are at the tanning salon, it is pouring outside, yet they both are bone dry, hair and all. I don't see either of them with an umbrella. Ashlyn used a notebook to cover their heads when they were talking to Wendy at school.

Correction: What if they used their jackets to do the same thing? Added to that, we don't know exactly where they parked, so they could've parked right in front of the building, hence not needing to walk very far.

Corrected entry: We know that Wendy intervenes to save Ian from his death, then death moves on to Erin and kills her. Julie is next but Ian dies before her. The problem is Ian should not die. As seen in Final Destination 2 (when Eugene tries to shoot himself), you cannot die if you aren't next on Death's list.

Correction: Julie is next to die, yes, but she is saved by the other guy. The guy then almost gets himself killed, but is saved by Wendy. Wendy is supposed to die from the cherry picker but she is saved by Ian. Her picture with she wearing the McKinley shirt points to she being killed by the cherry picker. With Ian standing below the cherry picker, he saved Wendy from her supposed death. So death loop back to the first person that was intervened, Ian.

Corrected entry: During Wendy's 'vision', Frankie's camcorder caused the incident, yet, afterwards, Frankie gets off.


Correction: I found this in Final Destination wikia so the credits belongs to the respective owner. Since Frankie is pulled off the coaster, many viewers are confused as to how the crash still took place, as Frankie dropping the camera seemed to trigger off the event. This is incorrect; the actual cause of the accident was the hydraulics rupturing after Lewis' harness is forced down (this took place before the premonition, so it still counts in "real life") the camera only causes the hydraulics to be damaged further, causing the ride to crash. While Kevin, Lewis and Ian are fighting after Wendy has her premonition, the hydraulics are still rupturing, so by the time the ride restarts, there was no need for Frankie's camera - the hydraulics were damaged enough by then.

Corrected entry: Wendy should have died when the fireworks nearly hit her, someone else is supposed to intervene, no one in the Final Destination series saved themselves from death's attack, unless they saw it.

Correction: Wendy was never meant to be hit by the fireworks, the Cherry picker was supposed to kill her, but killed Ian instead. Ian died because he was (unknowingly) intervening with Wendy's death just by standing in their way. Also the reason Wendy thought Ian was going to cause her death was because she mistook the clue in the photograph (her wearing a shirt with 'McKinley' on it) as a sign that Ian would be the cause of her death. The 'McKinley' clue was actually referring to the Cherry picker.

Corrected entry: After the train crash Wendy looks back at all the people that died, look at the left-middle portion of the screen you can see a man breathing and move his lip as if he was talking.


Correction: He could very well have been trying to moan, since he was obviously not dead, just like Wendy.


Corrected entry: At the tricentennial, Wendy, Kevin and Julie are right in front of Julie's friend that gets speared resulting in them being spattered with blood; but when they are talking about Ian causing Wendy's death, they have no blood on them or their clothes.


Correction: Kevin had already left to check on the horse, so only Wendy and Julie were splattered with blood. Throughout the scene, the blood can clearly be seen on both their clothes and their faces.


Corrected entry: At the Tricentennial, when Julie is being dragged toward the farm equipment by the horse. After Kevin cuts the rope with the sword, the next shot shows Julie sitting up with the rope around her neck, but the severed end is going the opposite way of the way she was dragged.

Correction: The end facing the dangerous equipment was severed. The other end (which was tethered to the stake that the horse pulled out) was going in the opposite direction. It was basically a knot at her throat, and the two ends go in opposite directions.


Corrected entry: When Wendy is standing in front of the memorial a gust blows and the candle goes out. However in the previous two movies when there is a gust of wind the character dies within the next 5 minutes because the gust means Death is there. Wendy hasn't died almost an hour into the movie which doesn't follow the rules of the first two.


Correction: Or, it could have simply been the wind. Just because Death is around doesn't mean that nature stops working.


Corrected entry: When we see the ride we can tell that it has a very long line and in the several shots of the roller-coaster the train is never full. As a ride operator it is a rule that you only dispatch a full train.


Correction: Just because it's a rule doesn't mean that everybody follows it. There's also the rule of no cameras but at least two people break that. There's also the possibility that there were parties in the line that all wanted to go together and not be split up.


Corrected entry: When Wendy snaps the photo of her sister as the guy is waving his hand in front of the camera she has already started the vision. But when she snaps back into reality and she has the camera in her hand, he is waving his hand as she is holding it but she never snaps the picture. Yet later that picture is among all the other picture clues.

Correction: The vision could well have triggered right after taking the photo.


Corrected entry: Why does Wendy have a camera for yearbook in the first place when yearbooks came out right after the accident? There wouldn't be enough time to get those pics into the yearbook.


Correction: At times, there are pictures for yearbook that go into the next year. For prom or spring events for example. Despite them being the graduating class, the pictures could into next year's book or as a summer insert to be placed inside the yearbook.

Corrected entry: During the tanning bed scene, the machine turns from 245 to 250 VAC twice.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: No it doesn't. It hits 250 VAC, then later, it shows it hitting 350 VAC.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wendy and Kevin are at Jason's grave site, there should be freshly turned soil due to his recent burial.

Correction: When a relative of mine died straight after the funeral the ground was put down to grass.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of Wendy's vision, when the rollercoaster starts to leave, the camera goes on Erin and Ian. Erin is in the left seat, and Ian is in the right seat next to her. As the ride goes on, the seating remains the same. But in the scene when they both fall, Erin is in the right seat and Ian is in the left seat.

00:13:55 - 00:18:15

Correction: Yes we see Erin on the right and Ian on the left when they fall but this is not a mistake. The roller-coaster is upside down and the camera shows them through Wendy's point of view, that's why it looks like they've switched seats, but that's not the case, they are in the correct seats.

Corrected entry: In the final scene when Wendy is starting to have another premonition she is on train 081. She looks out the window and sees a reflection of the train in the mirror that reads 180, the flight number from FD1.



Correction: This isn't trivia at all, but quite an important aspect of the FD movies. Wendy points out the appearance of "180" in one of her pictures early on in the film, and the train scene is set up in such a way that it's almost impossible to miss the Flight 180 reference.

Corrected entry: When the Hice beer truck pulls out and passes Kevin's truck the liftgate is straight up at a 90 degree angle, but when it backs up to the gate is tilted down like 10-15 degrees. These gates are not operated from inside the cab.

00:46:10 - 00:46:55


Correction: This movie depicts "death" manipulating objects to accomplish it's plan. "Death" could have lowered the gate from the outside without the driver noticing.

Corrected entry: When playing "Choose your Fate" and pick Wendy to take another look, Wendy and Kevin just walk straight into the locker room. Lewis says, "What the F*** are you doing here?" then the weights fall. The swords that cut the wire holding the weights are still upright when they should have fallen to cut the wire.


Correction: The picture only gives clues as to how the characters are going to die. Although the swords were in the picture, the actual clue was the weight Lewis smashed that looked like it was going onto his head. As this is what happens on Choose Your Fate, there is no mistake.

Corrected entry: When Julie is getting dragged around by the rope by horse it jumps over a spike thing.Well, if it jumps over the spike thing how can the rope suddenly go under it?


Correction: I've just rewatched that scene, and the rope does not go under the wheeled spike thing. The rope goes over and rests on the axle.

Corrected entry: In an alternate ending of the train scene, a newspaper clipping blows past which reads that Kim and Burke from FD2 were killed in a woodchipper, in that order. This presents two plot holes: 1) Burke was meant to die before Kim; 2) Despite the incorrectness of the order, Kim's death and revival in FD2 erased Death's list (because of "new life"), so she and Burke should have become unmarked anyway.

Correction: Just because Death's list got erased doesn't mean that they are going to live forever! They still need to be put back on the list *somewhere*. It just so happened that that *somewhere* was in a woodchipper incident.

Corrected entry: There is no clue on Wendy's photo that indicates she will be attacked by fireworks. Also, nobody actually intervenes to save her: she saves herself as she throws herself to the floor. Death should return back to Wendy before skipping to Ian.

Correction: I have seen the movie several times and have no idea what scene you are talking about. There never was any photo of Wendy being killed by fireworks. In the photos she sees the one of Kevin with a flash going off in his face, HE suggests that it could mean he is killed by fireworks at the tricentenial celebration. It isn't until she saves Kevin from the fire of the gas leak and sees Ian walking toward them that she realizes that Ian casues her death. His last name is McKinley and her shirt in the photo says McKinley High School.

Corrected entry: During Wendy's premonition, Wendy (and the audience) actually see that Ian falls off the ride before Erin does. Yet later in the film, she doesn't know which of the two died first in the premonition.

Correction: It's normal for some one to not remember all the details of a stressful situation. When she said she didn't know, it seemed she didn't remember, not that she couldn't tell.

Corrected entry: On the dvd, if you make Wendy beep again at the drive through, you save Frankie's life. But doing this creates a flaw when Ian dies, as Frankie would still be alive. Also there is no way he could have died in the minute space between Wendy's near death and Ian being cut in two.

Correction: It doesn't, seeing as when somebody's skipped, death works through the other people left in the line after that person and then, if any are left, restarts the line again.

Corrected entry: The Law of Gravity prevents the train from ever being stuck upside down in a loop; it's physically impossible. Also, coasters do not have brakes on the cars. The only moving parts on a roller coaster are the chain on the lift hill, and the brakes/brake release in the station. Once the cars leave the top of the lift hill, gravity is the only thing affecting the cars until they reach the station again. No electrical/hydraulic stuff on the cars at all.


Correction: The cars have been damaged by the camera, so it is plausible that a piece of metal acted as a braking device. Plus there has been an incidence in Switzerland where a rollercoaster has been stuck upside down for about 30 minutes, in addition another member was stuck in a coaster about 1 quarter up in a loop.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the first film the plane crash was always going to happen, nothing the teenagers did or didn't do was going to alter that. In FD2 the car crash was always going to happen, again, nothing the teenagers did was going to alter this, because again, their actions were not responsible for the crash. But in FD3 an action by someone on the coaster is why it crashed, and by that person not riding the coaster and removing the item responsible for the crash (the camera), the crash should never have happened. I accept that the teenagers escaped death, but that still doesn't change the fact that the crash simply couldn't have happened. It has been established in the movies that Death can improvise with deaths, but it has never been established Death can simply cause the crash regardless of Frankie Cheeks' involvement, because that would negate the point of the flashback.

Correction: As flashbacks are fiction, nobody can say whether they would be entirely correct or that details could be different. Now we are talking about death haunting people to fulfill his plan. He intends to let that rollercoaster crash, but Frankie leaves the coaster and the camera couldn't have fallen out, however, death could have found a different way to let the coaster crash (remember the leak in the breaking system in the flashback). Only thing we see in the "real" crash is that the coaster goes off the tracks at a highly elevated point of the tracks, not like in the flash back, where they hit the camera at the bottom and then start to fall off in the looping. There is absolutely no mistake here, and has been corrected legitimately before.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Wendy has the vision of the rollercoaster crash, after Ian and Erin falling, you see a girl fall (who is later revealed to be Julie) but there is no one next to her. Later in the movie, it was we find out that Julie's friend Perry, who dies after Julie, was sitting next to her on the rollercoaster. Right before it was revealed, Wendy asked who was sitting next to her. The picture from the rollercoaster only shows Julie, not Perry. The same with the vision.

Correction: The girl falling off of the rollercoaster with the pink hoodie after Ian and Erin with no one next to her in Wendy's vision is actually Julie's friend Perry. This is established in the scene where we first meet Julie. In this scene, Julie is shown with a blue hoodie around her waist and Perry is shown with a pink hoodie around her waist. So the whole movie was correct in that sense.

Correction: We don't even see everyone on the roller coaster, and later on when Wendy and Kevin are looking at the pictures, Kevin says something along the lines of "there's some other kids here but I can't make them out because this guy's arm is in the way", so Perry could have just been hidden by his arm.

Corrected entry: After Lewis dies and Wendy and Kevin go outside, a camera can be seen reflected when Kevin opens the car door after Wendy asks him to drive.

Correction: The reflection isn't actually of a camera, it may look like one, but it's just Wendy's reflection.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the warehouse, where Ian and Erin work, Ian is holding a nail gun. When he is lifted up on the forklift he is holding the gun pointed down, but when it cuts to a frontal shot of him, he is holding the gun pointing upwards, in front of his face.

Correction: Just as he reaches the top with the forklift the camera is looking up from his left side you can see him raise the gun up with his right hand.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Wendy takes a picture of Julie, she is wearing a dark pink shirt. When Wendy looks at the picture from the rollercoaster, Julie is wearing a blue shirt.

Correction: In the picture on the rollercoaster, Julie is wearing a blue hoodie over her pink shirt.


Corrected entry: Erin's head striking the nail gun would not trigger a shot. It requires a simultaneous pull of the trigger plus depressing the trigger safety (as Ian did shooting at the pigeons) to fire a nail. Some guns can be converted to "bump fire", but it requires some disassembly, and Ian would not have done that because he had not eliminated all the pigeons.

Correction: All three of these movies depict "death" manipulating objects to accomplish it's plan. "Death" could have been holding the trigger in when her head hit the safety.


Corrected entry: When the kids get off the roller coaster and the ride starts, Wendy is dragged outside by the security guards. About 5 seconds after Wendy has been dragged out the roller coaster crashes. So basically, the roller coaster managed to climb up the huge hill and crash in the space of 10 seconds, even though it took at least 30 seconds to climb the hill during Wendy's premonition.

Correction: The door she comes out of right before the coaster crashes is an access door for staff, not the exit to the ride, so there is no way to know how long there was between the ride taking off and her coming out the door with the security guard.


Corrected entry: Wendy says that the "hydraulics will rupture" when she's freaking out. If her vision ended after she was falling from the car then how would she know what the reason for the accident was unless she knew how roller coasters worked which is doubtful for an average high school teenager.



Correction: I was eighth out of thirty six in my graduating class. GPA of 3.27; relatively average. I knew how roller coasters work.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In Final Destination 3 doesn't Frankie Cheeks' fallen video camera cause, or contribute to, the crash?If he and his video camera weren't on the ride and if his camera didn't fall and hang on the rails of the ride, how did the second crash take place?

Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected.

Corrected entry: Kevin's photo shows a shocked expression as a camera flash has gone off close to his face. However, in the scene where Wendy takes this photo, he throws his head back, making this expression after the flash has gone off, therefore after the picture was taken, resulting in a completely different picture.

Correction: The only one to see the picture is Wendy. It was a premonition that showed the picture that way to her.

Corrected entry: On the double disc thrill-ride edition, the all-new Ashlyn and Ashley scene is ridculous. No way would Ashlyn have died from an electric shock like that, it would have taken a lot more electricity, via Ashley, to kill her.

Correction: Considering the fact that the VAC was constantly rising due to the dripping water, by the time Ashlyn woke up the voltage might have reached high enough to kill both girls.

Corrected entry: Directly after Wendy has her premonition of the roller coaster crashing, we see her holding the camera out in front of her and we see the roller coaster guy waving at her to put the camera away. Watch closely and you'll notice that Wendy never actually presses the shutter button - she does in the premonition, but not in 'real' life. Later in the movie, on multiple occasions, we see this shot on the camera, (as Wendy figures out Julie was on the roller coaster) and it doesn't make sense because Wendy never took the photo.

Correction: She had the premonition as she took the picture. When we see her after the premonition she has already taken it, that's why we don't see her pressing the button.

Corrected entry: The sunbed scene is totally unrealistic. There are always emergency stop buttons inside the canopy that automatically cut the power. Secondly the 2 girls would never have got so burned that their skin would blister, in such a short period of time regardless of how much power overload there may have been.


Correction: The entire tanning business they went to was very shady. The settings of the booth were outside of the booth, so it is not unsafe to say that the emergency button was there too. UV rays are very powerful and to be exposed at such a close range at such a high power would defiantly blister the skin in about three to four minutes. The blisters on the skin and the skin popping and splitting is completely realistic.

Corrected entry: How are Wendy's pictures, taken before her and her friends got on the rollercoaster, supposed to say how they died if death's design was for them to all die on the ride? If there were something in the pictures related to their death, aside from anything to do with the rollercoaster ride, then the actual "design" was for them to make it off the ride alive and die a different way later.

Correction: It can be stressed that the camera should have been destroyed in the crash, since it was in Kevin's pocket. With that consideration, it would make sense then that the pictures the camera had taken were reflective of the fate both it and the teenagers' should have suffered.

Corrected entry: During the tanning scene, the top bulbs of Ashley's tanning bed shatter, scattering the shards all over her and the bottom of the bed. In the next few shots, just before the glass below her breaks, the broken shards have disappeared.

Correction: They haven't disappeared. Some are still there, and others have been knocked away, as Ashley squirms and wriggles around in the tanning bed.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: The make of camera that Wendy uses to take pictures round the amusement park is a Lumex. When she plugs it up to her PC at home to view the pictures the computer registers a Panasonic camera.


Correction: Panasonic manufacture the Lumix range of cameras. This is not a mistake. Lumix is a model of camera, not the brand. Panasonic is the brand.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: During the tanning bed/Wendy freak-out sequence, it seems that night has fallen at Wendy's house, but it's still daylight outside the salon (an anomaly which facilitates tanning?).

Correction: Because there is a thunderstorm during this sequence, it's possible that it is darker at Wendy's house because of storm clouds.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wendy sees them all die on the roller coaster the character with the camcorder drops it onto the track. The camcorder becomes wrapped by the strap around the track causing part of the roller coaster to derail. After the premonition Wendy panics and several people, including the camcorder guy get off, therefore the camcorder will never wrap itself round the track causing the roller coaster to derail - end film.

Correction: Already corrected once. Death has proven he can improvise if necessary. If Frank's camera wasn't on the coaster, then Death must have done something else to crash the coaster as planned. He still had to kill everyone that didn't leave the coaster, they don't get to survive just because Frank leaves.


Corrected entry: When you see the picture that Wendy took of her sister and friends, you see the Chinese girl but it shows nothing about a pole going through her.

Correction: I don't think her picture is supposed to refer to a pole. If you look at the far right edge you can see that the girls are next to the merry-go-round, and one of the white horses is coming around. The picture was hinting that Perry's death was going to be caused by a horse.

Corrected entry: When the girl and guy are in the drive-through and the guy in front of them won't move up, the truck hits their car and the engine come flying out and kills the guy in the front seat. It doesn't matter how fast you're going, an engine is ALWAYS supposed to drop vertical so neither the people in the car or outside the car would get hit by it.

Correction: Not always so. Modern cars are designed that the engine drops down if impacted from the front, so the engine doesnt land on the drivers lap. However, in the film the car is hit from the rear by a another car and the force of that impact was so great that it ripped the engine off its mountings and into the rear of the Triumph Spitfire. Car design is good, but under extreme circumstances, it won't break the laws of physics. Also, this was a truck engine and the design is completely different.


Corrected entry: The order of deaths in this film are wrong. The film states that the people who died in the roller-coaster accident will die in the exact order they died in the crash. However, Ian and Erin should have died after Julie and the Chinese girl, because if you think back to the crash; Wendy, Kevin, Ian and Erin were the last 4 people alive on the roller-coaster, as shown in the hanging upside-down bit of the accident. When it is time for the people to die, Erin dies before the Chinese girl.

Correction: They never said that they would die in the order they died in Wendy's vision. They were going to die in the order they were sitting on the coaster. Julie and Perry were sitting behind Ian and Erin.

Corrected entry: When trying to get on the rollercoaster in the beginning, Wendy and Kevin are cut off by 2 little kids. But they are asked to leave because they are not tall enough. How come death did not have a plan for them?

Correction: Because the children were never meant to get on the ride in the first place.

dgemba dgemba

Corrected entry: Check out the truck that moves from the right side of the screen to the left while the guy and girl are in the drive-thru and that squashes their car against the wall. Its the EXACT same truck from Final Destination 2 that passes the 4 teens on the highway. You'll notice the big "Drink Responsibly" slogan on the side it.

Correction: The truck in FD2 is named Hice Pale Ale and is much smaller than this one and many beer trucks promote "Drinking Responsibly".


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the girl is getting very strange feelings, look when she stops near the roller coaster and suddenly the cart goes flying next to her. 1) It's impossible for a cart like that to make such a huge gust of wind to hit her. 2) She got hit by the gust of wind on the opposite side the cart was going down the track.

Correction: That was the whole point of the scene. The same "weird" things happened when a single candle blew out and a single wind chime was blown out. It was "death" that made those things happen. So the roller coaster did not make the gust. Death did.

Corrected entry: The sign that eventually kills Ian looks like a wider version of the flags from his picture. Also, his body winds up in the same position it was in in the photo.

Correction: Congratulations for the obvious observation. That was pretty much the point for Ian's death.


Corrected entry: In the clues to each persons death we find out that Ian McKinley is supposed to be involved in Wendy's death. However, he was supposed to die before her. If his death was not intervened, then he wouldn't have been able to be the cause of Wendy's death.

Correction: His death was intervened. When the pieces of wood came crashing down, Wendy pushed him and saved him. And then it was Wendy's sister, Kevin saved her, then Julie's friend was next, then Kevin who was saved by Wendy. And then it was Wendy's turn to die. So she still could have died no matter what by anything, but Death missed her, skipped her and it went back around so it was Ian's turn to die.

Corrected entry: In the main girl's vision, half of the roller coaster malfunctions generate due to the dropping of a camera on the tracks. Since the guy that dropped it did get off the roller coaster, wouldn't the coaster not have crashed and everyone died?

Correction: Death has proven he can improvise if necessary. If Frank's camera wasn't on the coaster, then Death must have done something else to crash the coaster as planned. He still had to kill everyone that didn't leave the coaster, they don't get to survive just because Frank leaves.

Corrected entry: The tanning booths that Ashly and Ashlin die in resemble a pair of large, white coffins.

Correction: That was kind of the point of having a birds eye view of both tanning beds and then suddenly cutting away to two white coffins.

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Kevin Fischer: What's wrong?
Wendy Christensen: It's nothing. It's just that I'm going to be worrying about you every second while you're gone.
Kevin Fischer: Why would you worry about me? We don't even like each other, remember?



In the scene where Ashley says that they've got CDs in the tanning salon you can see Ashlyn keeping a cream tube on the table with her right hand. In the next shot you see her continuing the same action with the left hand.



The opening sequence is a foreshadow to a few of the deaths in the movie. The pinball-like game shows a picture of a woman with nails in her face (Erin), twin "electric sisters" (Ashley & Ashlyn), and daggers/swords (Lewis).