The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther (2006)

22 mistakes

Audio problem: When Clouseau is in the training facilities and hears footsteps approaching, the feet sound like they are wearing high heels or football boots. However when the Russian trainer appears he is wearing trainers therefore his footsteps could not possibly have made the noise heard on his approach.

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Continuity mistake: When Clouseau parks in front of the ministry of justice, he breaks the hood of two police cars. A few shots later, when we see him entering the building, only one of the cars is broken.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In the flashback, when the trainer kills the coach with the dart, he stabs the coach but when he takes his hand away the dart is above his hand.

Factual error: When Clouseau heard the footsteps of what he thought to be a lady and what we afterwards knew was the Russian trainer, he described how tall she was using the English system of feet and inches, not the metric system, which is used in France.

Continuity mistake: The Killer is no where near the football coach when he dies in the beginning, but in the flashback, the killer is right next to him.

Continuity mistake: After the cyclist smashes in the door, the window is lowered. It is almost closed in the following shot, without Clouseau touching it.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Xania is performing her song at the Presidential Ball, she has a long feather draped down her back. During the song, the feather disappears, but at the end of the performance it re-appears.

Revealing mistake: During the opening soccer match scene, the advertisement banners in the stadium appear backwards in several shots.

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau is playing "good cop/bad cop", he offers cigarettes to the prisoner, which he declines. Clouseau puts them on the desk, where they promptly disappear from the remainder of the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau is working late and Nicole asks him if she should stay, the camera moves behind Clouseau and you can see he is wearing a jacket. When the camera turns around, he is wearing only a white shirt.

Revealing mistake: When Clouseau falls through the floor of Xania's room on to the hotel registration counter, you can see it is not Steve Martin but his stunt double.

Continuity mistake: When Dreyfus is holding the ice-pack to his eye, the angle changes to show Clouseau entering. In this shot Dreyfus removes the ice-pack, but in the next shot he is still holding it to his eye.

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau tells Xenia that she can keep the Pink Panther, she puts it on her right hand. In the next long shot, when Clouseau explains how he knew that she had it, Xenia is still holding it, not wearing it.

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau is in LaRoque's office, you can see a table with his coat and a chair behind the desk before he hits the desk to break the vase off his hand. But when he hits the desk, the table and the chair have suddenly disappeared.

Other mistake: In the final scene where the police chief is barreling through the hospital on his bed, he goes along a straight path, yet when the two inspectors and the assistant come down the stairs they come out the side of the corridor. If the police chief followed a straight path, how did they come out of the side of the corridor, and how did the bed turn around a 90 degree corner at that speed?

Continuity mistake: When the footballer is killed we see the girl enter the room, and the shot cuts the the dead body. The body is seen lying face down with his hands out to his sides. Later when Clouseau sees the body, the head is now to one side.


Factual error: The French national police are under the control of the ministry of interior, not the ministry of justice.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: When Ponton and Clouseau are driving the car, before the cyclist smashes in the door, the car is reflected many times on the windows. There is a black object at the rear of the car, which was not there before, and disappears the rest of the film.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: As Clouseau falls down the stairs when pretending to read the newspaper, you can see his legs flick up after he has supposedly fallen beyond sight - indicating he fell onto a mattress just below the camera's view.


Continuity mistake: When we see the dead body of the footballer for the first time, we see that his right hand is on what appears to be some sort of white stand. Later when Clouseau is viewing the body the stand is now in front of the body and a few feet away.