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Corrected entry: At the very end of the last race, we see Lightning stop about 4 feet from the finish line when he realizes that The King has crashed. However, there is a long shot of McQueen at the finish line just after Flo says, "What's he waiting for, Doc?" and you can see that McQueen's bumper is just touching the finish line. However, when he decides to see if The King is OK, his bumper is 4 feet from the finish line again.

Correction: During the long shot, the perspective has changed, making the bumper look closer than it is.

Corrected entry: When Lightning Mcqueen's body is redone in Radiator Springs, the change does stay when he is in the Piston Cup. However, after the Piston Cup, back in Radiator Springs, his body is the re-do, just with the Lightyear wheels instead of his redone ones.


Correction: How is this a mistake? Perhaps, he wanted to keep that racing edge and kept the Lightyear tires on.


Corrected entry: Lightening McQueen is portrayed as the first rookie to possibly win the Piston Cup. When he discovers the Piston Cup trophies in Doc Hudson's garage, we see that Doc won the Piston Cup in 1951, 1952 and 1953. Doc Hudson is a 1951 Hudson Hornet, as confirmed by his license plate is 51HHMD. By winning the Piston Cup in 1951 the year he was made, Doc Hudson is actually the first rookie to win the Piston Cup.

Correction: Doc Hudson would still be considered a rookie even if he raced before. Like other sports if he came from a lower racing league he would be considered a rookie when he got to the professional league.

Correction: "Rookie" would mean someone who's never raced before. McQueen's first races were in the Piston Cup Series. Doc Hudson must have raced prior to racing in the Piston Cup Series; meaning he won the Cup his first year racing, but had racing experience prior to competing for it.

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Correction: If the year convention follows how it is in the real world, the 1951 Hornet would have come out in 1950, making that his rookie year if he began racing right away.

The ‘51 Hudson Hornet was a new model car introduced in 1951.


The first 1951 Hudson Hornet was produced in September 1950 (18 built), with main production beginning in October 1950 (2977 built).


Being produced and introduced are two separate things. Even if Doc was built in Sept 1950) he wouldn't have run a full season of the Piston Cup. Doc was meant to represent the Hudson driving team of NASCAR, especially Herb Thomas who won the Grand National Championship in 1951, with their ‘51 Hudson Hornet (1951 being the first year they drove the Hornet). Yes, ultimately it's just a cartoon movie with talking cars so there's nothing to say Doc didn't run a full season in 1950 or wasn't a rookie in 1951. But in keeping line with some semblance of the real world, by all accounts, Doc should have been a rookie in 1951.


Corrected entry: In the final race, Lightning gets hit by Chick and almost loses it in the grass, but he is able to regain his composure and get in front of the King and Chick. He passes them on the grass and that is illegal in NASCAR. If a car passes another by passing the interior line to get around them, that driver is automatically to the back of the pack.

Correction: This isn't NASCAR.

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Besides, it's not Lightning crossing the interior line intentionally. Chick hit him and he manoeuvres his way back on instead on just stopping.

Correction: All they did was remove the racing spoiler.

Correction: That's not a mistake. As you noted, he had a lot of changes made.

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Corrected entry: When Mack is driving past the truck stop, you can see a truck with the "I" logo from The Incredibles. There is also a truck with "Monsters Inc." on the side of it, using the logo from the movie.


Correction: There is no truck with the logo from The Incredibles and other truck with "Monsters Inc." on the side. There only one truck with the word "Inc" and the letter "i" just look like the logo from The Incredibles.

Corrected entry: when lightning McQueen finds DOC's 3 piston cups they all have the years on them, but at the end of the movie when CHICK wins there is no year engraved on the cup.

Correction: This information is not trivia.

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Corrected entry: In the final race, Chick purposely grinds against Lightning which in turn causes a blow out. In NASCAR you can't deliberately hit someone to get a higher position.

Correction: This isn't NASCAR.

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Continuity mistake: In the tractor tipping scene, Mater demonstrates to McQueen how to do it using two tractors before Mcqueen's first try. And then when McQueen accelerates to make the noise and we have a wide open shot of the field, we can see that all the tractors in the field are still turning. Missing are the two already done by Mater. (00:55:40 - 00:56:25)

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Suggested correction: There are McQueen and Mater's tire tracks on the far left when we see the tractors turning, hinting where the two tractors Mater tipped were.

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Lightning McQueen: Look, Doc said when I finish, I could go. That was the deal.
Doc Hudson: The deal was you fix the road, not make it worse. Now, scrape it off! Start over again.
Lightning McQueen: Hey. Look, grandpa, I'm not a bulldozer. I'm a race car.
Doc Hudson: Hohoho. Is that right? Then, why don't we just have a little race - me and you?
Sally: What?
Lightning McQueen: Hohoho. Me and you? Is that a joke?
Doc Hudson: If you win, you go and I fix the road. If I win, you do the road my way.
Sheriff: Doc, what're you doing?
Lightning McQueen: Hahaha. I don't mean to be rude here Doc, but you probably go 0-60 in like, what? 3.5 years?
Doc Hudson: Then I reckon you ain't got nothing to worry about.
Lightning McQueen: You know what, old timer? That's a wonderful idea. Let's race.

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Trivia: "Route 66" was the original title of this film, but the name was changed to "Cars" so as not to imply a connection with the television show "Route 66".

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Chosen answer: Nope, nothing official was ever said. There are very few truly original film storylines these days; a close examination of most films would allow one to swiftly note plot similarities to any one of a number of preceding movies. Both Cars and Doc Hollywood fit neatly in a very standard storyline of an outsider coming into an unfamiliar cultural group, which they learn to appreciate and benefit from, while their presence likewise benefits the group they encounter. While the two are unusually similar, no comment on the subject was ever made.

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