X-Men 3

Corrected entry: In the big fight scene at the end of the movie against The Brotherhood, Storm fights Callisto (Speed/mutant-detector) and kills her via electricity which comes out of her hands. Since Storm's power is to control weather, and weather control and electric shock are two very different things, she shouldn't be able to do this (in the first movie she had to summon lightning down from the sky to use against Toad).

Correction: There is no error, the lightning simply never comes out of her hands. All the lightning strikes comes from the sky. If you watch the scene you see she just uses her hands to point or direct the lightning towards Callisto, but the lightning comes from behind her.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning when the boy is cutting his wings, his hand is reaching behind his back. During different shots he's reaching behind him with different hands.



Correction: There is no mistake. The camera shot simply changes from filming Angel directly to filming the mirror reflection, and there is plenty of time for Angel to turn to face the mirror. You can tell the second shot is a reflection because the position of his mole switches sides. The mole is always opposite of the hand/arm Angel uses.


Corrected entry: In the recently released prequel, X-Men: First Class, Mystique's "normal" form has blonde hair. In this movie, when she is shown in her human form, she has dark hair.

Brad Premium member

Correction: You mean Mystique can't change her hair color when she is in human (prequel) form? In the X-Men: First Class prequel she struggled with people accepting her "looks" so when making herself look "normal" she clearly makes her hair blonde too.


Corrected entry: We see that Pyro is able to create fire to blow up flying cars. However, in X2, he says that he cannot create fire. He only controls it, which is why he always has his lighter.

Paul Pepiton Premium member

Correction: Earlier in the movie we get to see how he has rigged up a small device to his forearm, that functions as a lighter, producing a small flame for him to work with.


Corrected entry: The protruding rock that Cyclops stands on when he shoots his optical beams into Alkali Lake was actually a fiberglass prop affixed onto the existing rocks by production designer Ed Verreaux.

Jedd Jong

Correction: Using false terrain is a very common filmmaking practice. This isn't trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Juggernaut is attempting to catch Kitty Pride and Leech, he runs and ends up hitting his head on the wall and knocking himself unconscious (due to the fact that Leech has the ability to nullify other mutants' powers). However, Juggernaut is not actually a mutant, as his power is derived from the suit he wears (an alien suit). Therefore, in reality he would have still bashed through the wall and Leech's power would have had no effect on him at all.


Correction: Incorrect. In the film, Juggernaut is a mutant and thus Leech can affect him. The fact that his origin is different in the comics (it's nothing like what you suggest, by the way) is irrelevant.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene at Jean Grey's house, we see the water from the hose going up, but neither Magneto nor Xavier has the power to do this: Magneto can control metal and Xavier is a telepath.


Correction: Neither Xavier nor Magneto are doing anything in this scene, it's all Jean Grey. And SHE has no problem using telekinesis.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Xavier uses his telekinetic ability to lift the cars in the street outside the Grey house, Magneto says "Oh Charles, I like that one!", a reference to the fact in the first film he used the same trick outside the train station.

Correction: Nope, totally wrong. He says "I like THIS one", referring to Jean, the one's who's actually lifting the cars, not to what she's doing.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Wolverine states to Storm he's the only one who can stop Jean at the end - what about the child who they were rescuing who can take mutant powers away?

Correction: The kid's power only has a range of a few feet. He'd have been torn apart long before he got close enough to Jean to affect her.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The loud voice in the background giving orders as the soldiers trade in their weapons and equipment for the plastic cure guns is R. Lee Ermey, the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket.

Correction: Pointing out the name of the actor playing a part does not qualify as trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jean and Magneto are overlooking the camp of mutants, Magneto talks to Jean about her powers. He holds up the weapon with the antidote and says he can only control metal then levitates the weapon. The weapon was supposed to be made of plastic as revealed later in the movie. The alternate scene shows him levitating a metal mug instead which made sense with his line.

Correction: *That* particular weapon had metal in it. It was taken from one of the guards on the transport vehicle. Since Magneto was not one of their prisoners, they'd have no reason to carry metal free weapons.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Shadowkat meets Leech in the complex, she can't phase through the wall to escape because being near Leech negates her mutant powers. When Juggernaut enters the same room, he is unable to break through the wall for the same reason, however Juggernaut technically isn't a mutant, his abilities were received through mysticism so his powers shouldn't have been affected.

Correction: Inapplicable comic book mistake. In the movie, Juggernaut IS a mutant.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: While Wolverine is trying to walk toward Jean in the final showdown. His clothes (and chunks of his skin) are ripped off. There are a view shots where his pants have been ripped down to boxer brief length, but after he reaches Jean, they are full pants again.

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that Wolverine's pants haven't really been cut down to shorts, but rather there's a big hole torn from mid-thigh to mid-calf.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rogue talks to Wolverine about going to get the cure, she reveals that her real name is Marie. In the first X-men film, Rogue introduces herself to Wolverine as Marie after he reveals that his real name is Logan therefore eliminating the need for her to reveal her name in the third film.

Correction: She is not "revealing" her name. She is pointing out that she wants to be called Marie, instead of Rogue, since she is going to get the cure and become "normal".

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: During the final battle, Magneto pulls cars up from the bridge behind him and catapults them onto the island. However, in later wide shots we can see behind him and the bridge is still jammed solid with vehicles.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: It would be a good idea for him to constantly drag more cars closer to him, whilst fire others, so he'd have a ready supply "car-tillary", for later use.

Corrected entry: How did Mystique know where Magneto was in the forest? He doesn't tell her, and there's no secret meeting base or anything, just a quick set-up hideout and a bunch of tents set up by the mutants.

Correction: We do not know if this meeting place was somewhere where they had already been. Somewhere that the officials and Xavier's people would not think to look.


Corrected entry: Juggernaut's power is the ability to gain great strength but only by building momentum. This was proved when the loss of momentum, by locking his arms and legs down in the mobile prison, is how they were able to contain him. However, when Kitty Pryde sinks him in the floor, he bursts out effortlessly, despite having his arms and legs fully pinned down in concrete and unable to gain momentum.

Correction: Even though Juggernaut is not a mutant in the comic that is not how his power works. Juggernaut has uncharted superhuman strength like the Hulk and could have easily broken through the floor like he did. When he was in the back of the truck the point they were trying to get across was that he is so strong that nothing can stop him short of fully restraining him as so he can not move or even wriggle.


Corrected entry: In the forest of the Brotherhood, when Wolverine first extends his claws, the sleeve of his leather jacket can be seen above his fist. Despite the fact that he never is seen taking it off, he is only wearing a tank top a second later.

Correction: That's not his leather jacket's sleeve. That's his wrist band.

Corrected entry: When we see Magneto move the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz he sets it down so that there is a bridge across the mainland to Alcatraz. The bridge is supported only by the island and the mainland, this wouldn't happen as a bridge that long and heavy would just collapse in the middle, that is why suspension bridges with supports in the middle are needed.

Correction: Already listed. See minor mistakes.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the van when the brotherhood attacks to get Mystique, she is shot with one of the darts of the gun. This should leave three. Magneto keeps the gun. But when Jean takes it apart and plays with Magneto, there are four again.

Correction: The handgun used by the guard in the moving prison does not resemble the guns used later by the soldiers. There is no way to say for certain how many needles go into the handgun, so it may have held five darts.


Corrected entry: In the second film Magneto escapes the entire prison with only the aid of 3 ball bearings. He could have easily ripped the cars apart and used them as bullets against the troops guarding Lech and hit them with 100% accuracy or even made the cars spin like tops and slam into the guards. All he did was throw cars in random directions and let Pyro light them and hope for the best. This goes beyond a character mistake, as Magneto's often been shown to make very good use of metal around him, whereas here he just doesn't bother so it benefits the plot.


Correction: Still, it is his choice to use the cars as artillery shells rather than bullets. Maybe he just wanted to attract attention while his fellow mutants got to Leech, maybe he simply wanted a big, flashy and intimidating show for the humans watching. It is impossible to say for certain what a character's motives are, based on such circumstantial evidence as this.


Corrected entry: Somehow, Angel manages to get from New York to San Francisco, just in time to save his father. Of course, this takes place about half an hour after the other X-Men arrive in a super sonic jet. Even with some feathery wings, that's quite a distance in such a short time.

Correction: He could have stowed away on the jet. He overheard the plans of the other X-Men.


Corrected entry: When Magneto is leading the Brotherhood across the Golden Gate Bridge, Jean is walking to his far left. In the following shots, Jean jumps to Magneto's far right.


Correction: Actually what happens is this: we first see them walking with her on his left, then Magneto stops, everyone behind him keeps walking past him, then they stop and everyone, including Magneto, turns around to face the other direction, resulting in Jean now being on his right, then Magneto proceeds to move the bridge.

Corrected entry: Towards the end, when Wolverine looks down and sees the cartridge of the cure on the ground, 4 needles are visible in it. The next shot of it, with no-one touching it in the meantime, only 3 are visible.

Correction: There are only three needles in the cartridge, you have to look at the center of the needles to see this. The mistake takes place when they stab Magneto and there are four needles stabbed into Magneto and not three.

Corrected entry: When racing to the room where Jean Grey and Professor X fought, Wolverine's claws are fully extended. In the next shot, when he drops to his knees, his claws are suddenly sheathed, with not enough time passing or sound to indicate he retracted them.

Correction: As he's falling to his knees, that is more than enough time to retract his claws, as we've seen in other scenes. They take about 1 second to retract. You couldn't hear them retract because there was so much noise from the fight Jean just had. The wind was blowing and the house was falling apart.

Corrected entry: When the troops start mobilising to attack the Brotherhood, they make a big show of removing 'all metal' from their gear. However, multiple times the soldiers are shown using radio equipment built into their helmets. Even if they replaced everything they could with plastic, electronic impulses still require metallic wire to operate, and since in X2 Magneto made good use of iron injected into someone's bloodstream, a decent collection of wires would definitely have been enough for him to use to kill the troops.

Correction: There are semi conductors other than metal. There are silicon conductors and organic conductors that are in use already and more being researched as I type this (Read ACS or Scientific American Journals). Therefore, it is entirely possible that the "wiring" in the radios and helmets was created out of this non-metal, semi-conducting material.

Actually Magneto is able to control and manipulate the magnetic fields, not "metals" as such. Since every electric charge in movement generates a magnetic field the user has made a good point. Probably that level of control would had left him exhausted and vulnerable though.

Corrected entry: In X-Men 2, we see a shot of Hank McCoy on a TV screen in a bar, who is not blue and covered with hair. In X3, they act like they've known him for years that way. He even mentions his old uniform not fitting him.

Correction: In the comics, Hank undergoes many changes to his mutant powers, looking fairly human initially (but having greatly increased strength and oversized limbs). The blue skin and fur only came after an experiment designed to make him look more normal. It's very plausible that this change occurred between the two films, also that he was initially part of the X-Men but left to further the cause politically.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Magneto's Brotherhood attacks, research lab soldiers use plastic weapons to prevent Magneto controlling them. However, even if the weapons are made of plastic, needles on syrettes are made of metal, so he should be able to feel and control them.

Correction: This could have been fixed two ways: 1. They could have used a non-magnetic metal (such as aluminum or stainless steel) to make the syringes; or 2. They could have used a plastic needle (which does exist). Even if they didn't exist in real life; it's safe to assume that they could have developed one in the X-Men universe since it takes place a few years in the future and they have shown technology that is more advanced than what we currently have. Besides; when was the last time you saw a "plastic" firearm, outside of some hijacker's fantasy?


Corrected entry: When they first attack the bridge and everyone is escaping from their cars and jumping off the bridge, none of the cars have their lights on. Yet after darkness suddenly falls (see the other mistake), all the lights on the cars on the bridge are all on, despite no-one being left in their cars to have turned them on.

Correction: When we first see the bridge before the attack, almost all the cars have their lights on.

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Eric Lensherr: Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live.



When Magneto lands the Golden Gate Bridge on the island, as it hits land it is still very light. When the Brotherhood start to walk toward the island, it cuts to a wide shot of them still walking on the bridge, and it's suddenly dark.



The combat simulation the X-Men are running on their first appearance in the film features the dread Sentinel robots. Originally, these were meant to appear in the second movie already, but the idea was scrapped. The simulation also bears a close reference to the parallel comic storyline Days of Future Past, where the Sentinels rebelled against humanity, killed most of Earth's superheroes and erected a totalitarian regime in the US.