American Pie: Band Camp

Factual error: Matt marches on the field with the triangle, however the triangle is part of the pit, and therefore wouldn't have been part of the field show.

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Tom Craft

Factual error: When Matt Stiffler gets himself stuck in the oboe, it's not actually an oboe - it's an English horn. Both are double reed instruments, but the English horn is larger.

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Factual error: When Matt plays "Play That Funky Music" in the duel, we hear him play notes that are far below the range of actual bagpipes. Pipes have a range of only an octave plus a tone.

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Factual error: The postcode on the postcard from Steve is for a location in Bradley Beach, NJ, which is not the location on the postcard.


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Matt Stifler: Bite my nuts and call me Skippy.



In the scene when the Sherminator is talking with Matt after returning from band camp, Matt is wearing a purple shirt. But when Matt asks if "everyone hated his brother", in the reflection of the star trophy on the desk, you can see Matt's reflection, and he is wearing the orange and black striped shirt from the earlier scene where the Sherminator sends him to band camp. Clearly the two scenes were cut together.