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Corrected entry: The New York scenes take place in winter, on a day cold enough for the lake in Central Park to freeze hard enough to hold Kong's weight. Despite this, Anne Darrow shows no hint of cold or discomfort, despite wearing a sleeveless gown. Kong takes her to the top of the Empire State Building, where it's even colder. Still no discomfort. In fact, she's able to climb a metal ladder, which should have frozen her poor little fingers off. By the time Driscoll reached her, Darrow should have been a block of ice. The effects of adrenaline would never have lasted to keep Anne warm for that long.

K.C. Sierra

Correction: Evidently you haven't lived in a cold climate. We just had a week of -30C night-time temperatures. The lakes and rivers around here are frozen hard. My neighbours went ice fishing today, parking their large 4X4 truck and all its gear on the lake. It didn't break through, and it is above freezing today. They even built a fire on the lake to cook burgers. It didn't go through the ice. It's easy for a pond to be completely frozen, and stay frozen for some time after the weather warms up. A person's hands don't freeze their little fingers off climbing a ladder, unless they hold their hands on it for some time. I've done it, and never had frostbite. A block of ice wouldn't happen unless the person dies. Blood circulating through a body keeps you from freezing solid in the winter. From other scenes in the movie, where passersby are seen with their coats open and scarves undone, it is apparent the weather is not that cold. There are also scenes with melting snow in the street, further evidence that it was likely quite cold earlier in the week, but has warmed up considerably.


Corrected entry: When Carl closes the door to the taxi cab (with Preston in the cab) it's daylight. When Ann throws the business card on the ground it's nighttime.


Correction: Carl tells Preston he will 'find us a female lead'. It's reasonable to assume he has spent some time trawling a number of theatres & burlesque bars for a girl before we see him outside the theater where he meets Ann.

Corrected entry: in the beginning of the film its said about the island that it has never been discovered because its always hidden in the fog. Later in the movie Kong enjoys the beautiful sunset on top of the mountain.

Correction: The fog surrounds the island at a low level; higher up is clear.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: For most of the first half of the movie, Kong is shown carrying Ann while he's running at incredible speeds. While he's doing this, he shows no regard for poor Ms. Darrow. She's being shaked about, bounced off the ground, and having her face smacked into the dirt. Being caught in a vice-like grip to start with, she should be either dead or have severe breaks, fractures, and internal injuries. Factor in all the G-forces and whamming, she should have a broken neck, crushed ribcage, a miriad of organ punctures, and broken arms. However, later, we see her looking just fine. Fine enough to do a little song and dance, Vaudeville style. Right.

Correction: Ignoring the fact that this is a fantasy (apes don't come that big) and we allow liberties for such story telling, I can hold a grape in my hand without crushing it, yet I'm capable of crushing it easily. Kong takes similar care to protect her. As for 'forces', a hamster will survive in my hand while I run with it. Kong also tends to not swing the carrying arm, again to protect her. The little damage she does take is the bit that gets through despite his best efforts.


Corrected entry: In the aerial shots of Manhattan during the airplane attacks there's much less snow on the ground than in previous scenes shot below.


Correction: You can't really see the amount of snow from the air, even in the country. It's even harder to see in the city. What looks like a lot of snow on the ground only looks like concrete from higher altitudes.

Corrected entry: After Kong dies and falls off, watch carefully as the papparazzi start to come. One of the first photographers has a new digital camera. They didn't have those back then.

Correction: Look at the camera closely, that is NOT a digital camera.

Corrected entry: When Ann is running away from the T-Rex she slides down a muddy hill on her back. As soon as she lands she gets up and we see her back, which is clean.

Correction: When Ann is running away from the T-Rex, and she slides down the muddy hill, her back would normally have been soaked in mud, but if you look closely, you can see her dress flying up, therefore the inside of her dress would be muddy, not the outside. If you look at her panties when she finishes sliding, they are covered in mud.

Corrected entry: After Kong breaks loose from the chains, in some shots the chain tower on the left side disappears: there is nothing next to the platform stairs.

Correction: The sequence runs from 2:29:20 through 2:30:45. Both towers are always there although it seems to be that something changes on the left (facing the picture) group of stairs.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: When Ann is climbing up the ladder at the top of the Empire State, she has discarded her high-heeled shoes (although we don't see them there is a brief flash of foot past her skirt from above and she climbs far too fast to have them on). Yet when the ladder breaks, Kong catches her and deposits her safely inside the building and the shoes have reappeared on her feet.

Correction: Ann's shoes (silver) are clearly visible at 2:46:35, 2:49:05 and especially at 2:49:40 when she's hanging from the ladder. Can't imagine any reason why she would have wanted to remove them.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: When Hayes is thrown and killed by Kong, he falls off the cliff and begins to tumble. Notice as he falls that even as he tumbles upside down his hat manages to stay on. Later, when we see his body and the hat is off.

Correction: It's entirely possible for a hat to stay on until impact with the ground. I have had a hard hat stay on my head right up until my body hit the ground from a fall from a roof. Once my body had the jarring hit, my hat fell off.

Corrected entry: When Carl is waiting behind the wall to trap King Kong, the sailor holding the machete (before Preston takes it) is the same guy who got kicked off a cliff during the Brontosaurus chase. I'd figure a 1000+ foot drop would've surely killed the man, and even if it somehow didn't I don't see how he found his way back up to meet with the rest of the crew.

Correction: The crew member who is pushed off the cliff by the "longnecks" is an older man with a gray beard and mustache; he's wearing mostly brown clothing. The man holding the machete is much younger, no beard, no mustache and dressed mostly in blue.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: In the scene where Carl, Jack some of the other people are fighting off the insects, just before the young man pulls the bullet magazine out of the bag; you can see what looks like a skeleton to his right. Between the ribs on the left part of the skeleton, a wheel and other mechanical-looking objects can be seen.

Correction: Not sure it's a wheel and, even if it is, why would this be a mistake? Unusual, certainly, but who knows what other ships found the island and what the natives offered to Kong?

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: When we first come into the galley, several crossed-out lines of writing can be seen on the chalkboard mounted on the wall. When the crew enters to confront Denham about their true destination, the chalkboard is mostly blank, with only a couple of faint smudges.

Correction: There are actually TWO blackboards. The one with the hash marks in the first one we see as the shot pans into the room. It is directly in front of Carl and to Colin's right. During the "discussion of destination" scene, the camera never goes back in this direction. The second blackboard (the one with the smudges) is directly outside the galley where Lumpy is standing.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: Denham is obviously shooting a sound film - he has a sound recordist with him along with the bulky and awkward recording equipment typical for the era, and they discuss the problems of recording dialogue on board. Yet, not once do we see him filming with sound, even when he is filming a dialogue scene between Anne and Bruce Baxter on deck. We never see a microphone, a boom pole or a tape recorder. His camera isn't even 'blimped' - soundproofed - and it's handcranked, which makes a racket. They can't be planning on adding the sound later - why have the sound recordist and his bulky and heavy equipment there with them if they are?

Correction: They ARE planning on adding the sound later. The sound engineer came with them so he could record, separately, the natural sounds of the location and the animals, etc. Denham and the sound engineer have a conversation where the engineer says this much, due to the extreme conditions.

Corrected entry: While everyone is on Skull Island, Hayes tells Jimmy he was in the Army, and had a Drill Sergeant. However, the first U.S. Army Drill Sergeant course wasn't offered until 1964. Prior to this, Drill Sergeants were known as Military Training Instructors.

Correction: Although correctly termed "Military Training Instructors" as a true title, they were still known informally as drill instructor or drill sergeants to the men under their command.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: When the Venture is approaching the wall of Skull Island, there is a shot of the Venture gradually moving towards it, and as it does the wall becomes more visible through the fog. However, the camera angle is locked in one place; the wall should've remained obscured by fog the entire time.


Correction: Fog isn't a static entity, it changes all the time. It would be completely normal behaviour for the fog to have simply thinned out a little at that point.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ann encounters the first T-Rex, it has a dinosaur in its mouth which it is about to eat. The T-Rex would have no interest in Ann and would have no reason to chase her because it already has a bigger meal.

Correction: First off, it is a V-rex, not a T-rex, and just because it already has something to eat doesn't automatically mean it would not try to catch something else to eat as well, as there is no way of it knowing when or how its next meal may amble along.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: During the brontosaurus stampede, Carl Denham has his hat on for the whole scene. You would think if he were running fast enough to survive the stampede he would at least be running fast enough to have his hat fall off. Also the ground would have been disturbed by the brontosaurs enough to, if not make the crew fall over, at least take of Carls hat. But it stays on and he only loses it after the stampede as he flees from the raptors.

Correction: Some people in real life run with hats on all the time and manage not to lose them (for example, see various news clips of marathons), so it's possible for Carl's hat to stay on.

Corrected entry: In the original "map" of the island, fog is noted on the map surrounding the island as if it's a permanent fixture (and is the key element in keeping the island hidden.) Yet when Ann and Kong are sitting peacefully in his lair at the top of the mountain and they gaze out at the ocean, there is no fog or any form of inclement weather. In fact, the island, and certainly this peak, would be visible from a long way distant at sea.

Correction: Indications on maps aren't necessarily of "permanent" features, but of "prevalent" ones. Even Seattle has nice weather once in a while.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: As the Venture approached Skull Island, it is surrounded by fog, but when it reaches the Wall it is suddenly tossed by huge waves. Fog cannot persist in the presence of heavy wave action, since the motion of the waves will disperse it. You can have heavy wave action, or fog, but not both.

Correction: Not true, you can easily have both. Fog is mostly dispersed by wind, which would cause higher waves, but not by waves themselves. So, if there is little or no wind, you'd have fog. The big waves could be accounted for by tidal effect reaching shore, and as the water becomes shallower as it is pushed up from the ground below the water, it cause an upward motion, creating a large wave, especially if the ground rises sharply underwater, as in an underwater shelf.

Corrected entry: The crew that remained on the boat could not have made it to the village in time to rescue everybody the way they do. They are still on the boat when they hear Anne scream: they would have had to lower the rowboat, head ashore, and then walk up to the village. Yet in the film they appear only a few minutes after Anne had screamed.

Correction: The crew had already decided to go help Ann in case there were any un-foreseen troubles on the island. Thankfully for them, they were right to do so.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the first T-Rex is chasing Anne, it has a dead dinosaur in its mouth. In one shot it drops the dino, but in the next shot the dino is back in its mouth.

Correction: The dead dinosaur splits in half. One half falls, the other half remains in the T-Rex's mouth.

Corrected entry: In various scenes you can see the glue that attaches Ann's hair and wig.

Correction: It doesn't look like glue, it looks like her natural fine hair on her scalp line.

Corrected entry: Chloroform does not fume.

Correction: Yes it does. That's why scientists working with chloroform are advised to only work with it in a well ventilated area, or under a fume hood.

Corrected entry: When the Venture is trapped by the rocks, the captain orders, "Dead slow, both engines". The Venture is a coal-fired tramp steamer, and would never be equipped with twin engines and screws. This is brought out when the captain and mate discuss whether the propeller and shaft are damaged or not.

Correction: The Venture is referred to having twin engines throughout the movie. The captain possibly only discussed the one prop because it was on the side that hit the rocks. Coal is the fuel for the boiler, and the boiler can supply steam to more than one engine.

Corrected entry: In the scenes with Kong in the theatre, the bright green exit signs are visible several times, although you can tell that they tried to blur them out slightly.

Correction: Why would they blur them? It's more likely just a change of focus from the camera lens.

Corrected entry: When Ann is being lowered on the long construct (as a sacrifice to Kong), we can see that the thing was not made to be walked on- it doesn't have any kind of covering, and in fact is full of gaps. Then, when Ann's rescue party is going across the "bridge," they are simply running across, and seem to be having no problem keeping their footing on this seemingly very precarious surface. And then, when Ann and Jack are running back, escaping from Kong, the bridge has returned to its 'original design,' and they have to pick their way across.

Correction: Ann's rescue party does not run across the bridge. Watch the entire scene and you will see the rescue party is carefully edging its way along the right side, main support beam, while grasping the rope railing for support. When the camera pans up for an overhead view, all the gaps are visible.

Corrected entry: Just before Kong is about to fight the last dinosaur with Ann standing beneath him, he roars, bearing his gums. Then it cuts to a close-up of Kong, and he is not bearing his gums anymore, with no time to change between shots.

Correction: The gums are visible in both the far shot and the close up.

Corrected entry: When King Kong is chasing Adrian Brody, he leaves a path of destruction before hitting the car. However, when Naomi Watts walks down the road (which is the same street Kong came down) there is no destruction and all the cars are parked as normal.

Correction: At the moment when King Kong catches Adrian Brody he is running from the left side of the screen towards the right side of the screen. Therefore all the destruction is behind Kong to the left. Moments after he catches Adrian, Kong looks to his right (the right side of the screen) and we see Naomi Watts walking from right to left. This indicates she is coming from a direction where Kong has not been and as such should not have any damage. While Kong did rampage up and down several streets, he did not rampage up and down all streets.

Corrected entry: When Kong has killed the T-Rex and toys with it by moving its dead jaws, this is a tribute to "Son of Kong" from 1933 (the sequel to King Kong in that time), in which we saw Kong Jr. doing the exact same thing.

Correction: The jaw-playing scene after the T-Rex is killed actually appears in the original King Kong from '33, right before he pulls the trunk away from Ann and grabs her again. So this is a reference to the original.


Corrected entry: In the end of the movie when Kong falls and everyone is surrounding him. Mathematically speaking, with his size and weight and the height of his fall, he should have left some kind of crater or indentation in the pavement where he landed, and there should be some casualties who did not manage to get out of the way of his fall. Instead he left a nice clean corpse for everyone to marvel over and take pictures of.

Correction: A minor point, this mistake hasn't really got anything to with Math, its all about the Laws of Physics. These laws will show that Kong should have bounced when he hit the ground. We don't see it screen but it would have happened. So Kong would have bounced and landed again in another position from where he initially "landed". Who is to say Kong didn't make an impact crater of some sort, there are far too many people around to show the extent of damage of the ground. At that height (from the top of the Empire State building) the people on the ground should have seen him falling and moved out of the way accordingly. There were police watching the events above and would have seen Kong falling and warned people to get out of the way. As for the clean corpse, this may be the only true mistake, however showing a mangled giant ape on screen would hardly be appropriate.


Corrected entry: In the last scene on top of the Empire State Building when Ann touches Kong's arm, her hand goes through Kong's arm and pixelates.

Correction: Her hand goes under his hair, not through his hand.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kong is fighting the two T-Rexes, after they fall through the spider webs, Kong bites off the tongue of one of them and spits it out. In the next shot, when Kong is opening and closing its mouth, the same T-Rex miraculously has a tongue again.

Correction: Kong only rips out half the tongue, so he still has a bloody stump tongue.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: When Carl Denham tells Jack Driscoll that they are going to Skull Island instead of Singapore, Jack Driscoll types "Skull Island" on his typewriter. But when he does that, it's already on his sheet, the page just moves from right to left and the typewriter bars are only touching the paper.

Correction: Wrong. The particular shot is played in slow motion and you are getting it all wrong.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: Given Kong's massive size and weight, there is no way he could have been moved off Skull Island by the boat's crew members, let alone be transported to NY on the ship. In a similar vein, how in the world could they have gotten Kong into the Broadway theater, and how could the stage have supported his incredible weight?

Correction: They show Kong knocked out. They show Kong in New York. They do not show anything in between. They could have called for more ships since Skull Island was now found or any number of possibilities. As for the stage, it could have been reinforced.


Corrected entry: The behaviour of the carnivorous dinosaurs in the film is completely false. T-Rexes would never use so much effort to chase after Anne and Kong. They are scavengers. T-Rexes never hunted because they couldn't risk falling down - they would never be able to get up because of their small arms and would subsequently die. Also, they were so territorial, they would have been more apt to kill each other during the chase.

Correction: 65 million years of further evolution may have changed their behavioural patterns. And the question of whether or not T. Rex were hunters or scavengers has not yet been resolved with certainty, there are evidence and arguments supporting both theories.


Corrected entry: There are errors in the way Kong uses facial expressions - he should never have laughed similarly to humans. An ape laughs with his lips sticking out like a "huh huh" sound. Anytime the lips are pulled back indicate a sense of fear.

Correction: Kong does not need to use the same facial expressions as regular apes. He is an entirely different species, who has evolved by its' own for thousands (if not millions) of years. This might as well also have changed the way they use their face to express emotions.


Corrected entry: On the island when Driscoll tells Denham he's going back for the girl, he says something like, "Leave the gate open for us." But the gate is in the 1933 version. It's a drawbridge in the new version.

Correction: When he says "gate" he is referring to the two huge doors, not the drawbridge.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Wireless framed glasses were not available during the supposed time era of the film.

Correction: They most certainly were - this website shows some dating from 1880-1920.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: In the end, Anne climbs to the top of the Empire State building on a ladder that breaks where Kong then saves her once more and gets her up the rest of the way to the top. After Kong falls however, Jack some how makes it to the top despite the broken ladder.

Correction: No reason there couldn't be another ladder on the other side...

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: The aircraft attacking Kong are Sopwith Camels. These Aircraft were retired out of service in 1922 and were never used by the USA.

Correction: They are Curtis Helldivers. They date from 1933 so are completely appropriate for the setting of the film. There are none still flying, so the filmmakers obtained the original designs from the Smithsonian Institute to base the CGI images on. See Peter Jackson confirming this himself: ttp://

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ann is looking at herself in the mirror prior to meeting Jack Driscoll, it keeps changing to her wearing a wrap around her white under garment and then not wearing the wrap.

Correction: The frequent cuts during that scene are deliberate. There's a time lag between each cut as she practices how she's going to introduce herself to Jack. Plenty of time between cuts to drop the wrap and put it back on.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: The show where King Kong was being showed off at occurred at night according to the signs, however when King Kong gets to the top of the Empire State building the sun is coming up. We can tell it's not the sun going down because during the final scene the sun has fully come up. This means he must have been rampaging around the city for about 10 hours, even though the camera was with him the whole time.

Correction: Kong does more than rampage through New York. After Ann has come to him, he goes wandering off very quietly through the streets, before ending up in a park. And since the camera does NOT follow him around on this whole trip, we have no way of knowing for how long they simply walked around in the streets.


Corrected entry: Carl's sub-plot for being wanted by the New York police is completely ignored upon returning to NYC. Giant ape or no giant ape not only should he have been charged for his previous crime, but also for resisting arrest.

Correction: As we see when Kong premiers in New York, Carl has suddenly become best friends with the executives that previously wanted him arrested. So we can assume that they have decided not to press charges, most likely in return for a percentage of the profits. And it can be hard to prove that Carl actually resisted arrest or he simply departed before the police arrived.


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Carl Denham: There are thousands of actresses out of work in this city. Somewhere out there is a woman born to play this role... A woman who will journey into the heart of the unknown... Toward a fateful meeting that changes everything.



When Ann meets Kong on NYC street, the camera flashes back and forth between them. When it shows Kong, he is surrounded by snow, but when it shows Ann, the street doesn't have so much as a snowflake.



In the escape from the dinosaurs, one of the ship's crewmen lets out a Wilhelm scream when he is knocked off a ledge.