Trivia: Originally, the Animalympics movie consisted of two separate parts, the summer and winter games; the theatrical release features both games in one setting. A special video release features both games separately.

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Trivia: The Lisberger Studios logo - the glowing figure hurling two discs - was the basic inspiration for the design for the character Tron, which became Lisberger's first and only cinematic success.

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Trivia: The black-and-white clip of the movie Bjorn Freeborg is supposed to play in originates from the Swedish movie 'The Seventh Seal' (Sjunde inseglet; 1957), where Death (Bengt Ekerot) and the Knight (Max von Sydow) play chess for the Knight's life. The movie was directed by Ingmar Bergmann, who is here aptly renamed 'Ingmar Birdman'.

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