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Corrected entry: In the scene where the mobsters come to get Tom to go back to Philadelphia, Tom lays down his shotgun right next him. In the ensuing sequence where he beats up everybody but finally has Carl pointing a gun at his head, his son Jack somehow gets around everybody and now has the shotgun in his hands. Unless there is another shotgun in the house he couldn't have popped up in the midst of everything without being noticed.

Correction: When Joey voluntarily lays down his shotgun, Carl asks him to take a dozen or so steps forward after he has dropped the shotgun. Meaning that in the ensuing fight scene, the gun would be a far enough distance behind the commotion that Jack could theoretically have left the house to grab the shotgun without the only surviving mobster at this point, Carl, noticing.

Corrected entry: Sheriff Sam's research on Richie Cusack leads him to wonder if there really is a connection between Tom and the Philadelphia mob. In a scene at the house, Tom and Edie convince him otherwise. Yet days later, Richie is killed in what would be considered a high-profile mob rubout. This should reignite Sam's original suspicion of Tom, in a sense voiding Tom's return to a peaceful life. The movie wants us to believe that Sam will ignore the fact that Tom is an obvious suspect in Richie's killing.

Correction: We never see what happens after Tom returns home to his family either. It is left up to the imagination, so it might very well be that Sam would come after Tom. To say that "the movie wants us to believe Sam will ignore this" is the submitter's own interpretation of the last, ambiguous scene in the film.


Corrected entry: In the baseball scene, the runner on third is seen leaning towards home with the front foot on the bag. Any T-baller would know to keep the back foot on the bag, not the front.

Correction: They are kids. They get excited and forget what they are supposed to be doing.

Corrected entry: Tom Stall is in his diner after Carl Fogarty comes in to accost him. He runs home the next morning ringing his wife Edie to get the shotgun as the hoods are driving to their home. After Edie fetches the shotgun she closes the front door with the doorknob on the right side. When Tom comes rushing in, the doorknob is on the left and in all other scenes it's on the right.

Correction: There are two different doors. One of them has the coat rack and shelf to the left, and the other doesn't.

Corrected entry: During the introduction of the movie we see two killers, checking out of a motel. After the older one gets out, apparently having killed everybody, he sends the sidekick back in, to get something to drink. This guy opens the refrigerator, gets a drink and then goes to fill up a container with water from a water dispenser. A gallon container, although there were all kinds of chilled containers in the refrigerator. He didn't like to be getting sent back inside by the old guy in the first place, why bothering with filling up a container, if he could have simply walked out and left a crime scene, though he apparently is pretty cool about standing at a crime scene a little longer. This was probably only done, so he had the chance to shoot the girl.

Correction: This is not a mistake, for what ever reason he had the character chose to fill up the water jug. And since he is a serial killer I would say he does not mind standing at a crime scene.


Continuity mistake: When the mobsters have Tom's son, he drops the shotgun in the grass and walks forward. When the wife is looking from the window, the shotgun is missing.

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Trivia: This was the last major Hollywood movie to be released on VHS.

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