Spirit Trap

Spirit Trap (2005)

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Four students show up to their new outside student accomidation...a deserted, run down long since unoccupied mansion like house (a site of a fatal accident of a homeless man who died by a dropped slate). Tom is a smart, cocky somewhat selfish and snotty drug dealer & Adele is his feisty and sexual girlfriend...both of whom are on the run from their fellow ripped off bussness partners and a suspicious overdose of a close mate. Jenny is a good-natured girl whose lost all contact with her dad, due to her late mother, whose clairvoyant powers she has inherited from. Finally there's Nick who is a kind and sensitive art student, haunted by a troubling family tragedy concerning his older brother. Once inside they are greeted by Tina their egmatic fith house mate. Coming across an ancient Russian grandfather 'spirit clock', Nick decides to get it working during which he pulls free a diary which was jamming the mechanisms indoing so he unknowingly starts a series of events in motion as appraitions and other such supernatural oddites start occuring to them. Before long the uncover a disturbing past and spectral forces, eventually leading to a terryfying conclusion. They've become trapped in a netherworld place known as a spirit trap, where life & death become blurred and the only means of escape this limbo state is sacrifice...of human life.


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