The Constant Gardener

Corrected entry: About 2 and half minutes into Chapter 13 Justin is seen approaching a small group of people waiting at an intersection. As Justin approaches them, one middle-aged woman with glasses, suddenly sticks out her tongue at him. It occurs very quickly and the scene changes almost immediately after but it is still very noticeably and odd.

Correction: Odd maybe, but not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Ham is seeing Justin off on the Eurostar train, Ham is on the actual platform. In real life he wouldn't be able to get onto the platform because non-passengers are not allowed past a certain point, and certainly not allowed on the platform.

Correction: Not so. Passengers as well as people seeing them off are commonly allowed onto the platform. It's not an airport with all its' attendant security checks. Generally, the tickets aren't even checked until the train is underway.

Corrected entry: When the UN airplane makes its food drop, the pilots push the control yoke forward. However, when the airplane is shown from the outside, it goes up.

Correction: This is in fact what would happen when making an air drop. Once the freight is dropped, the plane is the weight of the package lighter, and will automatically rise. To counteract this, the pilot must initially push the yoke forward to limit the gain in altitude, and to keep the aircraft level. In addition, with extra weight in the rear of the plane, it will fly nose up unless properly trimmed, causing the pilot to either use trim tabs, or push forward the yoke to keep the nose down.

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