From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the pages change in the magazine that the convenience store clerk is reading.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire film the tattoo on George Clooney's neck moves position and changes shape.

From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When George Clooney is talking to Juliette Lewis towards the end of the film, it is painfully obvious that his tattoo has been smudged.

Continuity mistake: In the final battle, Jacob turns into a vampire and bites Scott, when Scott hits Jacob with the holy water bomb, Jacob backs away from Scott, when Jacob removes his mouth from Scott's neck, there is no blood on it, two cuts later, there is blood on Scott's neck.

Continuity mistake: When Jacob gets bitten, he is thrown across the room by Sex Machine. If you look closely as he's flying through the air, you can see the wound on his arm has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Sex Machine turns into a vampire, he covers his mouth so he doesn't show his fangs. When his hand changes, he tries to cover it up with his other hand. Watch this other hand. In the shot where THAT hand changes, it is in a different position from before.

Factual error: The Abilene, Texas courthouse should read Taylor County Courthouse, being that Abilene is the county seat of Taylor County, Texas. All Texas courthouses are named by the county they are in.

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From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During Santanico Pandemonium's routine, two dancers take the snake away so she can step forward. As they take the snake off, the second dancer is holding only a couple feet of the snake's tail, but in the next shot, the second dancer is holding the entire snake.


Continuity mistake: In the shot where we see the bar (for the very first time) they are going to, you can see the background is flat, kind of like the building is on a flat area of land with nothing behind it. At the end of the film we see not only a giant ditch but also the trucks from over the years piled up behind the bar.

From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the hotel when the manager comes through the door, in the first shot the door is open, but the next time the door is closed.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Seth questions why the bartender will not serve him, several camera shots go to the band on stage You don't even have to watch carefully to know the band, especially the drummer, are not playing their instruments and/or their miming is way off.

Plot hole: When Seth's piledriver gives out during the climactic fight, there are many vampires in the background politely keeping their distance while he tries to restart it. Similarly, they ignore him while both his hands are occupied with Sex Machine's whip, even though vampires are running around behind him to no apparent goal.


Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where the Geckos first enter the Titty Twister, right after the shot where Seth takes the bottle of whiskey and glasses from the bar the camera cuts between shots of the bar, right after the band finishes the song a camera is visible in the lower right corner.

Continuity mistake: When it shows a shot from the front of Seth, Kate and Scott running from the bats, some bats catch up with them and fly past them. But in the next shot from the back of them, no bats have flown past.

Continuity mistake: At one point the RV is going down a rough, bumpy road and inside Seth and Richie are talking and everything is perfectly still.

Continuity mistake: As Santanico begins her dance, she swirls her cape. On the third "swirl" a snake appears. The camera shot goes to behind her and the snake's head is working its way up her back. Then in the next shot, the snake's head is round the front and works its way upwards towards her head.


Revealing mistake: Shortly after passing the border Seth is talking to Jacob who's supposed to be driving. But the reflection in his glasses shows that they don't move.

From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Frost gets green blood all over his hand after holding the vampires heart, but this disappears while they are fighting the four women. After the fight finishes, the blood returns.

Continuity mistake: While Seth is talking to Carlos about the loss of his brother and Kate's family, Kate turns around to survey the damage. Two quick cuts later and she's facing exactly as she was before, down to the facial expression.


Continuity mistake: Right after the Geckos capture the Fullers and are driving off, Seth is talking to Jacob in the front seat. The light and shadow on Jacob's hat change between shots on his face and shots on Seth.