Fantastic Four

Corrected entry: When Sue strips down on the bridge, Reed takes off just before Johnny bends down to pick up her clothes. He only grabs her shirt, jacket and pants. When we see Sue climb in the cab, she also has her shoes back.


Correction: The shot also goes from her being naked to fully dressed, so enough time has passed that someone could have gone back for her shoes.


Corrected entry: When Doom enters the elevator after arguing with Reed he is holding his gloves in his hands. In the next shot he pulls off a glove and punches the wall.

Correction: He's not pulling his gloves off, he's putting them on. He just punches the wall before putting his right glove on.


Corrected entry: Did anyone ever stop to wonder how Ben Grimm turned himself back into the Thing for the climatic final battle scene - without Victor Von Doom's assistance? Remember, earlier in the movie, Reed Richards couldn't get enough power to the machine, which is overheard by Von Doom through the cameras he has planted in the lab. Von Doom (whose body is now like a charged capacitor) had to supply the extra power needed to change the Thing back to how did Ben get the machine to work without him?

Correction: If you'll remember earlier in the film, Reed tried the machine on himself when he did not have enough power. Instead of fixing him, it made his mutation get worse. So when not having enough power, the machine had the opposite effect that was intended. When Doom gave it the power needed, it turned Ben human, so it's logical to assume that without efficient power when using it without Doom, the machine would have the effect on Ben of mutating him once again into The Thing.

Quantom X

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Thing walks into a pub, the pool table bounces up and down. Beneath the green ball is a ring, holding the ball in place.

Correction: That's not a ring, that's where the number 6 is, and its pointing down (towards the table).

Corrected entry: When Dr. Doom is trying to eliminate the Fantastic Four, he makes Ben 'normal', then he freezes Reed, incapacitating him, and then he believes he destroys Johnny with the missile. He then says, "Two down, two to go. He should have said, "Three down, one to go. He thought he had taken Reed, Ben and Johnny out of the picture and he had no way to know that Ben had regained his powers.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: He took Ben's powers away and thought he had killed Johnny. That's two down. He was still in the process of taking out Reed but hadn't completely done so yet, so it wasn't three.

Corrected entry: When Ben Grimm is on the bridge he stops an oncoming semi-truck by simply allowing it to slam into him, at which the truck halts cold and crumples under Ben's immense resistance. But although Ben, as The Thing, may be able to withstand such a collision unhurt, he still cannot stop a speeding truck dead in its tracks. As is evidenced by other scenes, Ben is rather heavy (massive), but not so heavy that his mere weight causes damage to various floors on which he walks. His body lacked sufficient inertia to stop the truck at that speed; He would've been dragged along with it.

Correction: In accepted comic physics, a character with superhuman strength also creates sufficient inertia to negate the effects of what they are stopping in some unknown way. I.e., if they have the strength to move an object, they can stand still and take the impact of a collision with that same object.

Corrected entry: When Doom and Thing hit the pool, just before they go through the floor, the guy trying to get in his door (last door on the left) goes missing while they show the water flowing down the hall.



Correction: The man doesn't go missing; it shows him fumbling with his card key and barely making it into his room before the water rushes by.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny in watching the X-Games you can see it is night outside. However, when he drives to the games it changes to day.

Correction: The X-Games take place over several days. He went the next morning.

Corrected entry: When Vic is holding Reed hostage, and is super-cooling him, he bends back Reed's finger. You can see that he lets go of his finger, so he wouldn't hurt the actor. Reed groans after Vic lets his finger go and the snapping sounds continue.

Correction: The camera pans up and we can't see Reed's fingers anymore, there is no way of telling if Doom let go or not.

Corrected entry: When Victor is first looking at his stitches in the mirror, they are on the right side of his face. He even tells his assistant to make sure he is only photographed from his left side. For the rest of the movie, though, his scar is on the left side of his face.

Correction: When he is looking in the mirror, the scar is supposed to be on the opposite side, as it is a reflection. Furthermore, he tells the assistant to only photograph HIS left side, which is also correct because HIS left is on the right side from the viewer's point of view.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny Storm and The Thing are arguing in the lobby. You can see in the background a man wearing a raincoat looking directly at camera. Then suddenly he is pulled out of shot by an unseen crew member.

Correction: This man was a background extra, he could be seen in another shot earlier. He was pulled off camera by an actress who did not want to get involved with Johnny and The Things argument. Even after he was pulled away, on the left side of the shot you can see a woman in a black dress watching the scene take place. I doubt the crew would allow her to stay if the shot was to be cleared.

Corrected entry: When the crew first arrive on the space station we hear an announcement: "ETA to cosmic event." ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, which means he said Estimated time of arrival to cosmic event. Makes no sense.

Correction: People say stupid things like "ETA to the Tsunami". You understand what is said but it comes down to a grammatical (character) mistake.


Corrected entry: A vital part of the denouement comes as Doom is disabled when he is superheated and then cooled down by being sprayed by water. As Reed has it - "You know what happens when hot metal is rapidly cooled." Not much that will help them, actually. Water cooling of hot metals is an important part of the process of hardening them. Spraying ordinary fire hydrant water on red hot metal will make it stronger. Since Doom's metal body was overheated they should have made him even hotter, pushing him to melting point (we already know Johnny can generate enough heat to melt tungsten) rather than helping him out by cooling him back down.

Correction: The important part was that as the metal hardened it would lose its elasticity and he would be unable to move, which is exactly what was shown on screen.

Corrected entry: When Johnny walks out to meet the press for the first time on the bridge, Sue tries to stop him by saying, "Get back here right now, Johnny," but her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: You cannot see Sue's mouth when she is speaking, she is passing behind a truck.

Corrected entry: In the scene with The Thing and the firetruck, the fireman on the ladder is first facing forward toward the water as the ladder falls away from the truck. After a few shots the fireman is shown facing the other direction, and falling away from the camera. Then after a few more shots the fireman is facing the water again as the ladder reaches the end of its reach and he flips over the last rung.

Correction: There are two firemen on the ladder one trying to climb back to the truck. The other facing the water as the ladder extends.

Corrected entry: During the bridge scene, The Thing shows incredible strength by wrecking a truck by simply lowering his shoulder. Later in the movie however, when the Fantastic 4 are fighting Dr. Doom, he is thrown full speed onto a much smaller car driven by two women. When he gets off the hood, we see he has not even left a dent.

Correction: There was a dent, but because of the dark colored car and night time, it was hard to see.

Corrected entry: When Johnny leaves the Baxter Building after arguing with the Thing, he is wearing khaki colored cargo pants and a leather jacket. When he comes back after Ben's transformation into human, he has on blue jeans and a red blazer.

Correction: He had a place to live before they all moved in with Richards. He could have easily left clothes at his place and went there to change or he could have just gone and bought some new ones.

Corrected entry: You can tell that Susan purposely hits the bottle of wine off the table, when she first finds out that she can turn invisible. She gasps before she hits it.

Correction: She gasps because she's invisible. Bit of a shock, to suddenly find yourself invisible. You might even gasp first and knock something over second.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Human Torch does a stunt on the motorcycle, the announcer says something like: "Come on, that's old school, show us something new." When the announcer says that, the microphone isn't near his mouth, and his mouth doesn't move either.

Correction: The announcer isn't in any of the multiple shots during the period in which he says that line. So it cannot be known whether the microphone is anywhere near his face.

Corrected entry: The gray streaks in Reed's hair change in thickness in many shots. It goes from a little bit of gray to lots of gray to hardly any many times during the movie.

Correction: The change in his hair color is only due to the lighting around him. It stays the same but will look different depending on what angle he is on or how light it is in the area he is in.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the bridge, the back of the Human Torch's jacket gets a burn hole in it when the gas tanks explode. But later on in the movie, he's wearing the exact same jacket and it's perfectly fine.

Correction: It is quite feasible that he liked that jacket so much he bought another one, or already had another one, or even got it fixed.

Corrected entry: Why would a thermometer made for humans, such as the one the nurse uses to take Johnny Storm's temperature, need to go above 125 Fahrenheit, let alone above 200?

Correction: Then why do they make cars that can go faster than the speed limit and saunas or steam rooms that can be turned up hotter than humans can survive? Some products are just made and produced that way.


Corrected entry: Reed explains that the suits they wore when they were hit by the cosmic storm adapt to their physical abilities (for example, Susan's suit turns invisible with her). But when Reed saves the fireman on the bridge, he wears "normal" clothes. Nevertheless, these clothes stretch together with Reed's body. He wouldn't have made special clothes by then because he didn't want to be a superhero at this point. Also, Susan Storm's clothes do not disappear with her on the bridge moments earlier.

Correction: In the shot on the bridge when Reed is saving the fire fighter, his clothes do not stretch, but his arms stretch past his clothes. The stretching of his arms wouldn't have to affect his clothing.

Corrected entry: When Johnny goes Nova at the end of the film all he manages to do is melt some of the surface of the road even though Reed had said he could destroy the Earth. You would think he would have done more damage to the street inside the force field based on Reed's predictions.

Correction: Susan's force field seems to have been partially covering the ground too, though not as much as the air around him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Thing is meeting up in the diner with Victor Von Doom, a plate of steaming hot pancakes is brought for The Thing to eat. There is a pat of butter on top that does not melt at all, so the steam must be computer generated and the pancakes must actually be cold.

Correction: I've had near frozen butter served at IHOP once, and it was irritating because it took forever to spread.

Corrected entry: When Sue goes to rescue Reed from the freeze chamber, the scar on Victor's face briefly switches sides.

Correction: He's wearing a mask the entire time. You can't see his face.

Corrected entry: On the bridge, when Susan Storm suddenly realises that she is turning invisible unintentionally, she takes off all of her clothes except her underwear and pushes through the crowd. When she is climbing over the fire truck, she is suddenly visible and wearing all her clothes again.

Correction: Sue Storm takes all her clothes off and pushes thru the crowd. Jonny Storm and Reed then follow her. As the camera is on them we hear Sue screaming and the crowd laughing, and Jonny and Reed then rush toward the sound. When it cuts back to Sue she is getting dressed and Jonny and Reed are there. They have caught up with her and given her clothes back.

John Elwen

Corrected entry: What on Earth was that fire engine bumper (fender, for you Americans) made of? The Thing was able to stop the fire engine, which must weigh several tons, from falling off the bridge just by holding on to the bumper, which didn't even bend or buckle. Admittedly at one point he had one hand on the tow-bar as well, but for the most part he was just using the bumper.

Correction: Its not about what its made of, but what its connected to which is directly to the frame. Also this is a film based on a comic book which implies fantasy ideas of how things work.

Corrected entry: The type of fire truck that was used during the scene where it was falling off the bridge is not used in NYC anymore, where the movie took place. FDNY no longer uses the fire trucks where someone steers from the rear.

Correction: Tell that to the fire truck outside my office window on Wall Street.

Corrected entry: According to the scene, where the Fantastic Four are trying to use the elevator and suddenly, an "exceed maximum weight" message appears on the screen, which forces The Thing, to use the stairs: In the scene, when Johnny Storm shows The Thing the doll that was made, he says he is leaving and goes into the elevator.

Correction: The Thing on his own doesn't exceed the maximum weight, but along with the few hundred pounds of his teammates, he steps over the line.


Corrected entry: The Fantastic Four figures out that the uniforms they wore in space were exposed to the same rays that gave them their superpowers, so that is why the uniforms are able to stretch, and turn invisible and catch fire without burning just them. But Johnny Storm changes the uniforms to add the 4 patch on the left breast, something that was not there when they were in space, there it was a Von Doom patch. Since the 4 wasn't on the uniforms and exposed to the rays, that part of the uniform shouldn't be able to stretch, turn invisible or catch fire without burning like them.

Correction: He used the same material. There were probably extra outfits on board he could have used.

Corrected entry: On the bridge Jessica Alba strips down to slip by the police. Yet afterwards when she is putting her clothes back on both Reed and Johnny have gotten by the police as well. Why was it necessary for her to become invisible if the other two got by the police without much trouble?

Correction: Well, a VERY attractive woman stripping down to nothing, who suddenly turns invisible, may have distracted the police long enough for two other people to slip by them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny leaves the building after having a fight with Sue he is wearing a blue jacket. Later when he sees that the machine had been activated and runs back he is wearing a red jacket.

Correction: It is not unrealistic to think that he could have bought a similar jacket at some point after the explosion.

Corrected entry: When Johnny Storm sets himself ablaze, his body is enveloped in dense, hot plasma. The powerful emission spectrum of the flame over his face would overpower the optical information from further away. He would be effectively blind.

Correction: Whatever changes have been made to his physiology includes the ability not to be blinded by the plasma.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when the Thing is on the bridge, the I-beam that he is standing on is bent. This is impossible since an 8 inch I-beam should be able to support over 2500 lbs and the Thing does not weigh 2500 lbs.

Correction: The weight given by the scale wasn't his final weight. It was a weight that was given while he was transforming still. It was never established what his final weight really was. So it could have been in excess of 2500 pounds.

Corrected entry: Before Ben wakes up, we hear the 'beep' of his cardiac monitor, measuring his heart rate, but when he wakes up it continues at the same steady beat it has been going. Wouldn't his heart rate have increased if he had just woken up not knowing where he was and confused?

Correction: He's just waking up, remember- and to a friendly face, no less. Confusion would take a bit to set in, otherwise he's just feeling relaxed.

James King III

Corrected entry: When Reed is being super-cooled he is in pain when Doom so much as bends his finger. Doom explains that the reason this works is because when rubber is super-cooled it becomes icy and brittle. This is true but stretchy as Reed is, he has not changed into rubber, his molecules are simply unstable.

Correction: He's not actually made of rubber, but the example seems to work for whatever science-fiction can explain Reed's powers. His "unstable molecules" were slowed down drastically by the coolant, which certainly impeded his movement and made him "freeze".

Corrected entry: When Susan Storm makes herself invisible, then like any fictitious invisible character, in real life she would be blind as a bat, regardless the mechanism of invisibility. If she were transparent, then light would pass cleanly through her eyes. If she refracts light around her body, then light isn't reaching her eyes.

Correction: As with most science-fiction invisiblility, there is no actual science to invisibility that we understand. The idea of the invisible retina is almost impossible to get around. Therefore, as with Hollow Man or LXG, to allow invisibility to exist in this world, I think it's a fair conceit to say that the invisibility works however the moviemakers care to say it does, despite the possible contradiction.

Corrected entry: How did Ben Grimm change back into The Thing at the end of the movie? Reed's machine was supposed to work by using energy that was the opposite of the cosmic energy they got hit with. Ben was no scientist so its unlikely he would have figured out how to operate the machine, never mind reversing its polarity or whatever.In addition the first time it took him days to change into the Thing not hours.

Correction: Just because a waveform is opposite doesn't mean it won't have the same effect on an unaltered person - sound waves played out of phase will completely silence a sound, which is how noise-cancelling headphones work. The out-of-phase sound sounds exactly like the first when played separately. Secondly, he did work for NASA and may have been able to figure it out, without needing to change any polarity. Lastly, both transformations (using the booth) took only minutes. Clearly the booth works faster than the original storm.

James King III

Corrected entry: Reid kneels down twice when he's proposing to Susan. He takes out the ring and the shot shows him- from the waist down- kneeling. In the next shot he's talking to her at eye-level and kneels again.

Correction: This was actually a joke. Reed stretched his legs to kneel while remaining at eye level with Susan. He then kneeled down for real.

Corrected entry: Shouldn't the thermometer melt in Johnny's mouth when the computer is registering his incredibly high body temperature?

Correction: Not necessarily. It depends what the thermometer's made of. He was only at a temperature of 200 degrees. Some plastics and metals won't melt, especially considering he only had it in his mouth for about a minute.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Thing busts in Doom's office to save Sue and Reed, it was impossible for him to get there that fast. Between the time Reed first notices that the machine is going off and the time Thing comes in is at least a few minutes. In those few minutes, Thing manages to get out of the machine, put on his pants and boots, run all the way downstairs, run to the Doom building (which is already a good distance from Baxter Building), and all the way upstairs to Doom's office.

T Poston

Correction: The Thing has the ability (much like The Hulk) to leap and climb over buildings, run up walls, and leap from rooftop to rooftop if he has enough momentum and energy - and if he's motivated enough to go through the trouble. It's a bit of a stretch, but he -is- a superhero.

Corrected entry: It seems odd that Ben Grimm is able to get the storm machine set up all by himself. It has been made evident, more than once, that he isn't very knowledgeable of scientific matters.


Correction: Since the plans were lying all over the place, there was a good chance Ben could make it work. Whilst he is not incredibly scientific, he isn't stupid (he did after all work for NASA).


Corrected entry: In the final battle between Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm makes a huge force field around her brother's supernova. Blood drips from her nostril, however, in the very next shot, the blood is gone.

Correction: There still is some blood on her lower lip.

Corrected entry: When The Thing first goes back home to see his wife, he calls her from a phone outside of where they live, they are suppose to be in New York, but the phone he uses says SBC on it, SBC is not the phone company in NY.


Correction: SBC does operate public pay telephones in N.Y., as does AT&T, Verizon and others. They are all the recipient of pay phone service revenues in N.Y.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Dr. Doom's fictional kingdom, Latveria, is supposed to be located somewhere in Eastern Europe. In the closing shots, as the ship with Dr.Doom's container sails "LATVERIA" is written on it. Right under that are 3 Russian words that make no sense whatsoever. Basically, it translates as "the head of the toe." Evidently, the screen writers just flipped through a Russian dictionary when writing the scene.

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: Just because it doesn't make sense in English doesn't mean it's a movie mistake. It could be some sort of meaningful metaphor to Latverians.


Corrected entry: Dr.Doom picked his mask from some sort of store. Thus, it was unlikely to be made of titanium or some other heat resistant alloy. The heat generated by the fire during the final battle is big enough to melt Dr.Doom himself, yet the mask is intact. It should have melted first.

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: The mask was actually shown to be a gift from his home country of Latveria. It can be seen in his home earlier in the movie and you can see the plaque on it when he smashes the case to get it out. So there is really no saying what the metal was, that the mask was made out of. And since Doom didn't actually melt in the final battle - it actually seems to solidfy the alloy that has taken over his body (and as evidenced by the play with electricity in the cargo hold, showing that there is still life in him). It seems entirely probable that the mask could survive as well.


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Johnny Storm: [to the Thing.] Where are your ears?



When Johnny is walking out of the dirt bike stadium, he has his arms around two women's shoulders. The shot changes, now the two women are holding on to his arms. The shot changes again, and now his arms are free. It happens too fast for him to just let go of the women.



When Michael Chiklis' wife, Michelle (who suffers from claustrophobia), first saw him in his The Thing outfit, she suffered a panic attack and had to be escorted off the set.