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Corrected entry: Ray's family is headed north, along the west bank of the Hudson River, attempting to cross and get to Boston, but, in every scene by the river, they are travelling in the same direction as the current, which would put them on the east bank, headed south.

Correction: The Hudson is a tidal river. As the tide rises the current reverses, something which the old ship captains used to take advantage of.

Corrected entry: The fact that alien weapons and vehicles were planted thousands or millions of years ago and no one detected any of them, even in the middle of cities, is quite a stretch but I'll accept it. What I can't accept is that these vehicles and weapons are literally eons of years old that they are using. That doesn't make any sense. We wouldn't go to war with equipment that is only 70-100 years old. why would they use equipment against us that is thousands or millions of years old? You mean they haven't improved on anything?

Correction: (1) The eons-old equipment is what's buried there for them to use. With no apparent method of bringing updated equipment along, they're stuck with what they've already put in place. (2) We wouldn't go into battle with 100 year old equipment because we know that said equipment couldn't possibly compete with the more modern stuff that our opponents would have available. The alien invaders, however, have no such concern - despite their equipment being millions of years old, it still outperforms human technology by a considerable margin, so it's simply not necessary to use anything newer.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ray is taken by the alien Tripod, at the part where he is taken into the Tripod interior, it is shown that he pulled the pins of a few hand grenades while he was inside. The hand grenades shown in the movie are M67 grenades, the standard US hand grenade, which has a 4 second delayed fuse. In the scene, it takes about 20 seconds from him originally getting taken in to the part where the grenades actually detonate. If it was realistic, it would have detonated earlier, before he was pulled out.


Correction: Incorrect. Pulling the pin on a grenade does not arm them, releasing your grip on the safety lever arms the grenade. At no point does Ray let go of the grenade until he's ready to, and at the point he releases it, is when it arms.


Corrected entry: As they main characters walk to the ferry, there is a blood donation lady explaining that they are full for certain types of blood. Why are they taking blood donations? The aliens vaporise every part of the human body. The only reason they would need blood is if limbs were torn off (And people shooting people would not be the cause to ask the Red Cross to call for a national blood drive during an alien attack).

Correction: There are plenty of injuries outside limb loss and gunshot wounds that might require a blood transfusion to treat.

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Corrected entry: As Tom Cruise yells , "Get off the car" to the mob in Athens NY and the guy in the red flannel jacket is on the roof. In the next shot he's standing next to the driver's side door.



Correction: After Ray shouts "Get off the car!" you can see the guy in the red jacket getting off the roof, when the shot cuts, there is enough time for the guy to completely get off and stand with his arms up.


Corrected entry: In the final scene where the military begins to fire Javelin anti-tank missiles at the tripods, the missile flies a straight path. But; a Javelin is a "top attack" missile, meaning it goes vertical and comes down at a steep angle to hit a tank in the weakest part of the armor, so they would do the same thing to the tripods instead of a straight flightpath.

Correction: The Javelin missile has both a top attack mode and a direct attack mode. With no evidence that the top armour on the tripods is particularly weak, the military have apparently decided to try the direct attack mode, possibly in hope of immobilising the tripods by damaging the leg structure.

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Corrected entry: The same silver Mazda station wagon appears in numerous locations in the background during the attack on Ray's neighborhood. Though it is possible that that car in that color is very popular there, it is obvious the film-makers used the same car.

Correction: You said yourself it's possible the car was very popular, so no mistake unless you're able to find something (i.e. license plate) proving it's the same car.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: After Ray says to Robbie that the next time he takes the car without permission he will call the cops, he says "Robbie" and slaps his hands together. As he is doing the clapping a car is driving by, but the cars are all supposed to be down so no one should be driving.

Correction: There are people pushing all of the cars that are seen moving.


Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise exits his ex-wife's house where the plane has crashed, you see one of the rotors turning slowly. The plane crashed late the night before, that rotor would surely have stopped turning by now. It didn't look like it was that windy outside and even if it was; it would take a big gust of wind to keep it turning.

Correction: Turbines have a lot of kinetic energy. Inertia alone could easily have kept it spinning for hours. A lot of wind would be required to start it turning, but if it was already in motion the wind speed could be substantially less and still have a noticeable effect.

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Corrected entry: As to the initial EM pulse, it is unlikely that changing the solenoid on the van would have helped, as the one he has to change it with was in proximity to the van when the EM pulse disabled them. Unless he keeps spare solenoids in a shielded box then it is likely that all solenoids would have been equally affected, regardless of whether or not it was installed or not.

Correction: If an electrical object is completely turned off and not attached to a power source then it isn't necessarily destroyed by an EM Pulse. Therefore, if he had a spare solenoid on a shelf, it could have been fine.

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Corrected entry: As the three drive away from the bathroom stop, after encountering the Army for the first time, we can hear the sound of the EAS (emergency alert system) on the radio, then the announcer stating "This was only a test if this had been an actual emergency." If ever there was a time for the EAS to be activated for real, this would be it.

Correction: Not a mistake, however. Tests are simply automatic. That's the irony.

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Corrected entry: When Ray comes upon the news cameraman scouring the wreckage of the crashed airliner, the cameraman does not hear Ray's questions. The female reporter explains that he's deaf from a shell that exploded near him, and demonstrates this by yelling at him only inches from his head. A couple of shots later, a tripod is heard trumpeting off in the distance (and is certainly less loud than the shouting demonstration) "Hear that? We gotta go," exclaims the deaf cameraman.

Correction: The deaf guy never says anything. It's a different camerman who says that.

Corrected entry: At the very end, when Tom's son appears and they hug, there is no explanation whatsoever as to how he survived the explosion that engulfed him earlier. When he runs over the hill all we see is fire rising into the sky, incinerating anything that was near. It is impossible for any normal person to have survived a blast of that magnitude.

Correction: Just because there is no explanation offered in the film, does not mean it doesn't fall within the realm of possibility. Yes, there is a huge fireball at the top of the hill, but obviously Robbie had just barely made it past that specific area, before it was consumed by fire.

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Corrected entry: When Ray arrives at his home to meet his ex and kids after he gets off work, his ex-wife is wearing a short green blouse with a long black skirt. When she's in the bedroom speaking to Ray and Robbie regarding his paper, she's wearing a long dress, then in the next shot walking down the stairs, it is a short blouse again.

Correction: Mary Ann is wearing the same outfit throughout these shots, including Ray's driveway, in Ray's kitchen, walking up the stairs, in the kids' bedroom, then walking down the stairs, to the last shots of her at Ray's front door. She wears a brown skirt, a green floral pregnancy blouse, a long blue knit sweater with a brown furled edged collar (sleeves are also furled and are visible under coat sleeves in some shots), and a long grey tweed coat.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when the aliens first arrive, all the electrical services, phones, mobile phones, cars, etc. cease to function, but when the aliens start moving and attacking, we see a woman taking photographs with a digital camera and a man using a video camera.

Correction: EMPs only work on running electronics. For instance, cars, cell phones and wrist-watches but if a device is not on when the EMP blast occurred it can still function properly. So after an EMP is triggered, you can still use digital cameras and video cameras. Assuming they weren't on.

Corrected entry: In one scene after their car has been taken, the three bunch together and Robbie has a bloody nose. You see him in the next shot and his nose is clear, in fact his whole face is clean.

Correction: They don't bunch together, and it's not in "the next shot" that the blood is gone. At the diner, Robbie has the bloody nose when the gunshot is heard, and Rachel runs to his arms, while Ray sits across from them at the table. Now there are three shots where Robbie's face is not visible, the first of which he buries his face into his wet jacket sleeve while he hugs Rachel. It's very reasonable to think that the small amount of blood was wiped away during the time his face was not seen onscreen.

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Corrected entry: When Ray Ferrier walks to the area where the lightning struck 26 times in one place, he walks past a number of cars which are between him and the camera. In the window of the last one he walks past, you can see a cameraman looking into the lens of the camera filming the shot.


Correction: The reflection in the window of this car is a gentleman with a baseball cap simply walking past the car, along with the rest of the crowd on the busy street; he does not look into a lens, nor is there any lens or any other camera part visible in the reflection.

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Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise goes out after the lightning storm to find his son, he puts on a blue zip-up sweatshirt. For the rest of the movie, he's wearing a leather jacket over the sweatshirt.

Correction: When Ray is watching the overhead clouds (in front of his house and in the backyard), and the subsequent lightning strikes, he wears only the blue sweatshirt. Then when he heads out from his house, meets Robbie in the street, heads to the area of the 26 strikes, comes home with human "dust" all over him, and finally when he, Robbie and Rachel leave in the van, Ray is wearing the leather jacket, with white stripes on the sleeves, over the blue sweatshirt.

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Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise and his kids are in the basement of the ex-wife's house, there is this drawn out dramatic scene where Tom Cruise races to slam the door of a little closet they hide in as flames fill the room when a plane crashes on the house. When they enter, the door opens inward, toward the closet. The next morning when they emerge, the door opens in the opposite direction. Since doors that 'slam' close are not swinging doors, it is impossible to open the door in the other direction.

Correction: There are actually two doors that lead to the furnace room ("little closet"). The outer door that opens out into the main area of the basement, which Robbie opens, has six carved panels and a door knob. There are 2-3 steps to the second inner door, which Ray forcibly closes, that opens into the furnace room, and it is a solid door with a door knob and a dead-bolt.

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Corrected entry: Most of the way through the movie Robbie is wearing sneakers. After the ferry disaster scene when they are all walking through a field towards the battle he still has sneakers on, but when he runs off up the hill and Ray goes after him and struggles with him on the ground you see Robbie stand up and he is wearing what seems to be heavy duty military boots.

Correction: When Ray, Robbie and Rachel swim to shore they are soaked as they watch the tripods' massive destruction. In the next shot, as they walk amongst the large crowd of refugees, a considerable amount of time has passed; they are all completely dry, Rachel is now wearing a long wool hooded cloak and Robbie is wearing the combat boots. Robbie does wear the boots when "they are all walking through a field towards the battle" and when he runs up the hill. So Rachel and Robbie found the cloak and boots during the time offscreen.

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Corrected entry: Tom Cruise is able to drive the mini-van because he told the mechanic to try changing the solenoids. The military vehicles all work, indicating that they knew how to get vehicles moving again, yet the military does not tell the mobs of people how to repair the cars and Tom Cruise does not take the time to replace a solenoid in one of the thousands of disabled cars, instead choosing to walk from the Hudson River to Boston, about 200 miles.

Correction: Cruise's character had already seen first-hand the stampede and violence that erupted when the mobs saw a working car. He knew he would not have been allowed to keep the car for long, and it could be very dangerous to him and his daughter. As for the military; how many of the regular soldiers would know how to fix the cars? Most likely this was done by the mechanics in the military compounds, and they would have their hands full with repairing vehicles (or being called out to fight), so it is not certain thy would have had the opportunity to inform the public.


Corrected entry: When Ray and the kids hide in the smaller room in the basement, he shuts the door and everything goes black. But in the larger part, he had the lights on, so the lights from the bigger section of the basement should have shone through in that slit under the door. However, there was no light.

Correction: There was a huge explosion. So big in fact that there was a huge fireball in the "main section". This explosion destroyed almost the entire basement. Surely all the lights would have been destroyed.


Corrected entry: Once the big aeroplane has come down the following morning one of the engine's rotorblades can be seen moving. The amount of burning debris on it varies from shot to shot.

Correction: Not exactly true. Fire is unpredictable. It could start at one part, go out, and end in another part. It could of easily went out and then spread back over where it was.

Corrected entry: The mechanic asks Ray how he should repair the van disabled by the EMP since the starter he already replaced didn't work. Ray responds by suggesting he replace the solenoid (which we later find solves the problem). Unfortunately, Mopar vans (Dodge, Chrysler) use starters with solenoids already attached. He would have already replaced the solenoid when he replaced the starter.

Correction: Still, the solenoid may have been faulty, requiring it to be changed again. Thermostats, for example, for vehicles are notorious for being faulty right out of the box, requiring two or three attempts to get a good working part. Regardless, a solenoid/starter should not be affected by an EMP as an EMP would likely only affect computer modules.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they are hiding out at Ray's ex-wife's house, Ray throws a piece of bread with peanut butter on one side at the window, and it sticks peanut butter side against the glass. In the next shot, it is a sandwich with the peanut butter between slices of bread.

Correction: No, actually it is always just peanut butter on a piece of bread. Granted the position does change slightly, but it is still the same.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the soldiers gather around the downed tripod walker, one of the soldiers with a M242 (machine gun) has a green box of ammunition attached to it. Green boxes are for blank ammunition, black for live.

Correction: With the world being attacked by alien invaders, they may have been running tight on supplies and must have used whatever they could find to carry ammunition in.


Corrected entry: If the aliens planned on taking over the Earth and planting vines to colonize the planet then they would have done some testing to ensure the planet was hospitable. It makes no sense that they would expend such effort to take over a planet without testing for or protecting themselves against deadly bacteria or viruses. Can you imagine a movie where humans simply land on an alien planet without testing the air and environment then proceed to run around naked?

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake, the ending was taken from the book. The aliens may be a arrogant race and thought they could survive anything.


Corrected entry: In the scene, where the tripod rises from the ground after the EMP pulse has been triggered, the camera follows a young man filming the tripod with a digital video camera although the camera should be out of commission after the EMP.

Correction: He could have had the capacity to fix it, or we don't know if the EMP is a weapon or if it is just a side effect of their transport, which might mean it has uneven coverage and the camera was 'missed'.

James King III

Corrected entry: IF the aliens wanted our planet so bad for so long, why didn't they just take it when they planted the stupid tripods? Why wait a million years and then systematically kill us in the most inefficient way possible? For that matter, wouldn't the germs have killed them when they first came to bury the stupid things?

Correction: They needed a 'critical mass' of warm-blooded creatures to grow and sustain their 'red vine' plants, that terraform our world to resemble theirs. There weren't enough back then. They weren't killed by disease because they sent down the machines UNMANNED- that's why we saw the pilots coming in on the lightning.

James King III

Corrected entry: It's accepted as canon that when the tripods first were buried, it was before humans had evolved. In that case, why are the Martians focusing solely on destroying humankind? They wouldn't even necessarily know that humans are intelligent since they are so self-assured and yet there are no instances of other animals being vaporized, investigated, loaded into tripods, etc. If the Martians were planning this before we were anything more than bipedal monkeys, what makes us so special?

Correction: They probably buried the tripods before any spieces was dominant and observed us. Once they realized that humans were the dominant life form they went after us.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: After finding out about the effects of EMP Tom Cruise looks at his watch and it is disabled. You could see in the shot that he wears an Omega watch. This watch happens to be a vintage Omega Seamaster Deville Chronograph which is a mechanical watch that contains absolutely no electronics. The watch would have been completely unaffected by the EMP.

Correction: Actually, the DeVille is a self-winding mechanical watch with a 44-hour power reserve. If Ray had not wound his watch in a while (thus forcing it to run on its reserve power), then it would have died with the rest of the electronics. See http://www.watchesplanet.com/omega_de_ville.php.

Corrected entry: When Ray and Rachel are looking at the thunderstorm, the thunder is always at the same time as the lightning. However, the lightning doesn't strike right behind their house, but roughly a mile away in the distance. From their point of view, there should be at least 3-4 seconds between those two things.

Correction: This is not a normal storm. As shown by the strange wind and repetitive, thunder-less lightning, the normal rules do not apply.

Corrected entry: After Ray is captured by the tripod and put into one of the baskets and the first man is taken the camera zooms out as the tripod walks away. If you look at the other basket where another tentacle is picking a victim to process for blood you can see that it isn't holding anyone at first. Then a body suddenly materializes almost out of thin air like it was added in afterwards to the SFX.

Correction: The people, which the Martians want to feed off, are first sucked out of the basket into the tripod (that nearly happens to Ray too). They come out of the tripod at another point. So they don't materialize out of thin air. They exit the tripod and are picked up by the tentacle.

Nelleke Rietvink

Corrected entry: Shortly after the ferry leaves, the captain looks out his window to see a tripod underwater. It bursts out of the water. This tripod would malfunction and die right away, as at the end of the movie we find out that the tripods are dying because of small organisms in the water.

Correction: The tripods actually died because they caught disease that men have immunities too. It would take a while for the disease to work its way into the alien's system and kill it.


Corrected entry: When Robbie is hugging Rachel after just trying to get on the convoy of Humvees, he has spots of water on his shirt. In the next shot, the spots have become just a large wet area.

Correction: Water sinks through very quickly on clothes, so yes the 'spots' of water would turn to wet patches.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the ferry gets tipped by the tripods, you see a car starting to slide sideways into the side barrier as the angle of the ferry tipping increases. You see it stop suddenly before hitting anything to stop it.

Correction: We dont really see the floor of the ferry at that particular moment. There could have been something on the floor to stop the car.

Corrected entry: When Ray, Rachel and that other guy are in the basement after the aliens eye has come and gone, they see a ripple in the water. They then see aliens coming down to the basement. These aliens would have to be down there in the water before making the ripple.

Correction: No, they would only have to make something drop into the water, such as a pebble or other loose debris that is lying around after the destruction.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise returns home after being chased down the street by tripods, he suddenly rushes to the bathroom, after realising he is covered in dust, which he promptly washes off. A few scenes later, he is escaping his house with his kids and there is not a streak or drop of dust on him. His jacket is surprisingly clean considering the rush he was in, he wouldn't have had the time to clean it that well.

Correction: He did not wash any of the dust off. He brushed it off and patted everything real hard with his hands. The stuff was just sitting on him and his clothes, not ground in where it would need water and soap.

Corrected entry: When Ray meets the people in the news van, the van says "CBS 2" on the side. But the woman says they're from the Pine Barrens, i.e. Southern New Jersey. The regional station there is CBS 3.

Correction: This isn't actually a mistake. The Pine Barrens are in South Jersey but the "barrens" or pine lands spread north up to areas like Lakehurst (up in to the 90 mile markers on the parkway.) The area of Lakehurst and about 15 miles south ARE covered by CBS2 (the New York station.) CBS3 or KYW is in Philadelphia but since they were dealing with the NY/NJ metro area CBS2 makes much more sense especially since Philly isn't in the film.

Corrected entry: When Ray is arguing with his son as the military column rumbles by you can see over the son's shoulder that there are no further military vehicles approaching. The shot changes to Ray's daughter running to the son and the military vehicles are passing by again.

Correction: There was just a gap in the convoy between those shots.

Corrected entry: When the lightning storm begins, it is made very clear that an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) has disabled all electronic equipment, including Tom Cruise's watch. However, when the aliens begin disintegrating people, one man is seen holding up a video camera recording the events before being disintegrated himself. An EMP effectively destroys electronic equipment, causing circuit breakers in the device to overload, making such an "instantaneous" repair impossible. In fact the effects of the EMP are never even referred to again throughout the rest of the movie, with people using lights, televisions, phones, cameras and radios as if nothing happened to them. Can't be due to things being turned off - every car we see (except Tom's) is broken, and they can't all have been running during the storm.

Correction: The EMP seems to be caused by their transportation systems. It is likely this is a byproduct of their system, not an intentional weapon. This puts to question how constant it is. Does it really burst evenly out? Or does it fire off in different waves in some unstable pattern. It is likely that some equipment sitting in the right place at the right time could be spared. This would explain the news crews who were able to photograph at least some of the events (most likely using long range zoom).

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: In the scenes where Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, and Dakota Fanning are in the basement and the aliens are looking at stuff, one of them spins the front wheel of a bike, yet the freewheel can be heard ticking. That part is only on the rear wheel hub.

Correction: It was not the freewheel itself ticking, it was something ticking against the spokes as the wheel turned.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom and his kids get on the ferry, it changes from heavily raining to snowing and back again throughout the shots.

Correction: The weather can go from snow to rain and back to snow in a very short period of time. Nor is it ash from the bodies. Firstly, the tripods are nowhere near the town when the snow first appears. Secondly, the ash from the dead people is much finer than that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where everybody is trying to get onto the ferry, there are a bunch of cars on it. Since they are obviously functional (we can see the headlights on when they fall into the water) how did they get through the angry mob if Cruise didn't make it past the 2km mark?

Correction: Those cars could have been on the ferry when it was on the other side of the river, which may not have been hit by an EMP. Or perhaps the cars arrived before the mob (as people would have ignored the dock as a dead end until a ferry arrived).

James King III

Corrected entry: When Tom and Dakota are sleeping in Tim Robbins' ruin, an eye-alien watches them. Rachel wakes and gets out from under the stairs screaming. Ray destroys the eye and straight away he goes out to search for Rachel. Where is the destroyed eye? We suppose we should see a huge tripod with a hundred eyes and one destroyed.

Correction: Why are we supposed to see this? Other than the basement scene, we do not see these things elsewhere. We have no clue how it attaches, how many of them a tripod has, or if it is even part of a tripod (rather than some independent probe).

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: In the scene where they look at Tom Cruise's watch after the EMP, it has stopped. However, his watch (an Omega Speedmaster) is a wholly mechanical watch, and would not have been affected by the electronic storm.

Correction: Some models are battery powered.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: The 'aliens' buried their vast army of complex machines thousands of years ago in many different locations throughout the planet. With all the mining and tunnelling we've done, and all the seismic and geological activity that has gone on, and all the scientific investigation of the Earth's crust by oil and mining companies (amongst others), not one was ever found?

Correction: How deep were these things? What were they actually made of? And where WERE they buried? Certainly in some cases they could have moved to the right position before the aliens transported themselves in. Maybe they were all buried under the ocean and they burrowed themselves into position when they received a signal from the aliens when they arrived.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: EMP bursts only affect things within a limited range. Yet when Ray drives down the highway we see cars all the way down the road crippled for miles. This could have only happened if an EMP burst had struck at regular intervals down the road to affect cars for such a distance.

Correction: Maybe it did strike at intervals. Besides how do you know the range of the alien EMP weapon?

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise throws a grenade at the tripod to get its attention, it explodes as soon as it hits the shield. A grenade will not explode from hitting something, it explodes when the fuse runs out. It would simply stop and fall or bounce off a little.

Correction: When Cruise meets the reporters after the plane crash, she explains that the tripods have a shield around them that cause weapons to explode early.

Corrected entry: When the storm makes all the cars stop Ray tells the mechanic to change the solenoid. Ok, then where did he get one that worked? If the one in the car was zapped all of them would be. He did not have to go get one it was less than 15 minutes between the conversation and them getting the van to crank barely long enough to change it much less walk miles out of the blast zone and get a new one.

Correction: EMPs shut down only electronic devices which are in use. If the aliens' technology is similar to this, then all he had to do was get an unused one; quite easy if you're a mechanic.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise is driving in the minivan out of the city, We see all the disabled vehicles out the windows. Within them we see a coach bus and a large truck. They filmed this scene on Richmond Parkway. Richmond Parkway does not allow any Commercial or truck traffic at all.

Correction: 1) Using that road for the film isn't necessarily a mistake if it's been used as a 'set' 2) People might have tried to flee the city and of course no one could care less then about restrictions.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning and a whole bunch of other people fall over 50 feet from the sky in a small cage and land in a tree. The branches come through the holes in the pod, but no one gets hurt. Everyone is fine.

Correction: So nobody getting hurt is a plot hole? This can be referred to as simply having good luck and it actually happens in real life.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: While being sucked into the interior of one of the tripods, with a soldier hanging onto one of his hands, Tom Cruise (off camera except for the hand held by the soldier) somehow uses the other hand to pull the pins of two grenades, leave the grenades within the tripod, and retain the pins in his same hand.

Correction: No, he uses his mouth, hence why he spits out the pins into his hand.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: During the beginning when the kids are being dropped at Ray's, they say he was a half an hour late and it is now 8:30, but when Ray and the kids go inside shortly after, there is a brief shot where behind Ray's head you can see a clock displaying the time 5:00. Note: The clock is not digital).

Correction: It is possible the clock is broken.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ray and the kids arrive at the mom's house, Ray decides to make sandwiches. He gets the bread and dumps the package out, which is about half a package. If you look, you will notice that the piece where one side is all crust, is missing. There is one of those on each side of a loaf of bread.

Correction: Yeah well, my mom loves the heel of the loaf and will take out both ends first.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Why do advanced, space faring aliens seem to have no knowledge of basic microbiology. Wouldn't they have tested the Earth to see if there was anything dangerous to them before invading? At the very least why wouldn't they wear contamination suits? Its a little much to see an Alien drinking water out of a broken pipe in the basement. We don't even drink water from unknown sources when we go camping because we understand such risks.

Correction: The entire basis of the plot is that the aliens were overconfident in their domination of Earth. This overconfidence thus led to their downfall.

Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise and the two kids are speeding along the highway swerving through stalled vehicles, they always have a clear path. This would be highly unlikely because if an EMP just disabled all the vehicles, I doubt making a clear path would be on their minds.

Correction: EMP just short circuits electronics it doesn't physically stop things dead in their tracks. The cars could still coast and pull over.

Corrected entry: When the aliens begin disintegrating people, they destroy everything with the beam, including cars, wood houses, etc. Why do the clothes remain intact after people's disintegration?

Correction: They have two different beams- a biodestroyer and a matter-destroyer. The dust left by disintegrated people is made of dead skin cells and such.

Corrected entry: The wife's father (Ray's Father in Law), as seen in the final scene, is the same actor who played the hero in the original War of the Worlds film.

Correction: This trivia has already been mentioned. At the bottom of the trivia page it says that the wife's parents are the stars of the original "War of the Worlds".

Corrected entry: After Ray wakes up from his nap, he comes out to his living room to find Rachel sitting on the couch. When Ray asks her what's wrong, we see her with a fire-fighters hat on, but on the next shot, when she's getting up to show him, the hat has disappeared.

Correction: Its not a fire-fighters hat, its a normal red construction helmet that Ray wears on his work. And it hasn't disappeared in the next shot, its just laying next to Rachel on her left side. She had enough time to take it off herself.

Corrected entry: During the movie, the aliens were seen with invisible shields around them that protected them from gun fire/bombs etc yet the long search/observation probe which comes into the basement is relatively easily broken simply by hitting it with an axe.

Correction: What we see, when a shell or missile hits the shields, indicates an ellipsoid shape of the force field. Maybe the probe was outside the shield. Or the shield was turned off since the aliens did not expect any heavy resistance in the otherwise "pacified" area.

Corrected entry: After Ray gets the gun from under his bed, we are shown a close-up of Ray putting the gun in the back of his pants and untucking his shirts to hide the gun under them. Later on, when Robbie, and Rachel have arrived at their mom's house with Ray and are about to sleep in the basement, Ray pulls out his gun to put it behind the pillow. However, both his shirts are tucked in, and the gun is in front.

Correction: Just because Ray first put the gun in the back of his pants doesn't mean he wouldn't reposition it at some point during the trip to his kids' house. He had any number of opportunities and reasons to move the gun, readjust his shirt, etc., and it would be uncomfortable and dangerous to drive a vehicle with the gun in his back pocket.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cruise and the neighbours run into their back gardens to watch the storm, Cruise comments that it is unusual that the wind is blowing towards the storm. The eye of the storm is an area of low pressure, which means that the wind would naturally blow towards it, in order to equalise the atmospheric pressure.

Correction: Cruise's character is hardly a meterologist. The wind direction may seem strange to him, but character ignorance is not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning, it's revealed that all electronic equipment within about a mile of the lightning storms stop working. Yet a camera crew was able to film lightning striking the ground multiple times during such a storm.

Correction: The recording merely caught a portion of the lightning storm, which they rewound and repeated multiple times. We don't know how stable this EMP is, if it is intentional or just a byproduct of their transportation system. If it isn't a weapon, and just a byproduct, perhaps it doesn't project evenly. Many news crews must have tried. Perhaps this is the one that lucked out and their equipment survived at least SOME of the recording time.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: The aliens buried their machines some thousands of years ago. Precisely when isn't clear but well before human civilization got going. Yet they just so happened to bury them in and around major cities that would be built many thousands of years later. And by complete chance they put one right under the middle of an intersection in New York. The speed of the attack makes clear that these things didn't emerge randomly in the countryside, forest or jungle. They were marching through major cities from the word go.

Correction: First of all, it is only the ones we see who are "marching through major cities", and only one of these is shown breaking out of the ground so conveniently near an intersection. There are thousand of tripods that are never shown on screen, and most of these could easily have been emerging in more desolate areas. It just would not be very interesting to see. Secondly, human settlements follow certain patterns. We are reliant on fresh water (so we settle near rivers), we prefer temperate areas (and avoid deserts and the arctic), and we want to settle close to food sources and the natural resources we need. If the aliens knew this much about humans (which they could easily learn by studying our ancestors), it would be easy to calculate where the major settlements would be built.


Corrected entry: When the family arrives at a small town where they catch the ferry, there are loads of missing persons notices. However, the fact that electrical equipment works in that town suggests the aliens had not reached that part yet. As such, nobody in the town would have gone missing and placing a missing person notice in a town where the person hasn't gone missing is completely useless.

Correction: Of course not. As we can see in the film, thousands of refugees have been fleeing that way, and thousands more are coming. These fleeing people would still hope that their loved ones were alive, even if they were separated earlier on, and so would leave these notes in a desperate hope that someone could reunite them. A very faint hope, that they should still be alive and arriving in the same town as their family, but better than leaving no clue and thereby abandoning all hope.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film Robbie is lying down listening to his ipod when his mother is trying to speak to him. Loud music can be heard and this stops when she pulls out the earphone plug. Having had her say, she plugs the headphones in and the music immediately resumes. Anyone who has an ipod will know that the music stops playing when you pull the plug out - and does not immediately restart until you press play.

Correction: That's simply incorrect. I have a 3rd-generation iPod (and before it had 2nd and 1st generation ipods) all of which continue to play music regardless of whether or not a headphone jack is plugged in.

Corrected entry: When Ray throws the peanut buttered bread at the window it sticks peanut butter facing outside. When the camera angle changes to outside the window we see the bread side instead of the peanut butter side as if it were stuck on the outside of the window.

Correction: This shot is a reflection of the inside, not the outside looking in.

Corrected entry: The aliens are definitely from a much more highly advanced civilization from ours and it's implied that they've been studying us for a vast amount of time. Yet, they don't have a clue that there are probably diseases or organisms that they aren't used to and could kill them?

Correction: They were watching *us*, not the world and atmosphere around us. They never really thought Earth would be any threat.

Corrected entry: A plane crashes, disaster is all over, but where are the bodies of all the passengers? They are nowhere to be found.

Correction: Since the plane crashed, it could be assumed that one of the tripods took it down. If this is the case, then it can also be assumed that the tripods probably used its lasers to vaporize most of the passengers. Also, keep in mind that there are still some bodies on the plane.


Corrected entry: Tom Cruise and family emerge from the basement where they have holed themselves up through the night of the initial tripod attacks. A jet has crashed. Destruction is everywhere, yet the van they've been driving has been unscathed, sitting where they left it, among the ruins of the house, the jet, and everything else around it.

Correction: There was also a house nearby that wasn't destroyed. Therefore, it is not impossible to think that the van escaped.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When the train goes speeding by with its interior ablaze, how is this possible? The aliens use one beam to kill living creatures and another to destroy structures and vehicles. Even if the aliens use their human killing beam instead of the more powerful beam, there is no way that the train could still stay on the track at that speed.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: The aliens couldn't possibly wipe out everything made by humans - in fact, Ray's wife's house in Boston is almost intact. We don't know the train's destination, nor when and where it left. For all we know, it could be destroyed as soon as it got out of sight. As for being on fire, the station it passed through could have been destroyed as it went through, causing the fire and the death of everyone on board.

Grigory the Wanderer

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise meets the news crew after spending the night in the basement with his kids, the man climbing on the crashed plane is deaf but when they hear the tripods approaching the deaf man looks up towards the sound as if he can hear it and runs away.

Correction: The deaf man felt the strong vibrations from the tripods walking, which caught his attention and made him look.

Corrected entry: Viruses and other infectious and lethal microorganisms have existed for millions of years in this planet. However, the aliens weren't killed by them when they hid their machines on this earth in the past.

Correction: The aliens didn't come to earth then, they only sent the machines. If they arrived with the machines they would have just conquered earth then.

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Ray: They came from someplace else.
Robbie: What do you mean, like, Europe?
Ray: No, Robbie, not like Europe!



On the ferry, Rachel wears the purple/pink camouflage hoodie over her orange knit sweater with the colorful stripe sleeves, as usual. Now this is where things become strange. In the first shot as the trio come ashore, she is only wearing her orange sweater, she is not wearing the purple/pink hoodie - note the clear lack of fur hood. In the very next shot as they climb a bit more and then rest, Rachel is wearing the purple/pink hoodie - note the hood, but now it's on under her orange sweater. In the underwater shots she is also wearing it under the orange sweater. (This odd mistake has absolutely nothing to do with the very long wool cloak that Rachel wears in the next scene).



Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, stars of the 1953 version of this movie, make a small cameo in this movie as Mary Ann's parents. You can see them at the end when the whole family is reunited.