Plot hole: When Satch tells John for the first time that his mother is now a Nightingale victim John is surprised and has no idea. But he should, he got all new memories for everything that changed so he should have memories of his mom being a victim and investigating it.

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Plot hole: When Frank is taken to the police station for questioning they show John reading a newspaper that says the fireman is a suspect but everything else in the movie happens on that same day in 1969, so headlines would not have the fireman as a suspect if the police now know about the cop, since the "souvenirs"were found in his apartment by Frank and the 1969 police.

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Suggested correction: Things change in 1999 the moment they are changed in 1969, as seen with the writing on the table. So, the headlines only show what happened if Frank had not escaped from the police-station.



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