XXX: State of the Union

XXX: State of the Union (2005)

16 mistakes

Revealing mistake: Right after Darius blows the boats, Steele is on the dock firing at him. It is shown that he shoots a couple rounds but his finger is not on the trigger.

Visible crew/equipment: When Agent Stone first escapes from jail and he is about to get into the GTO, as he opens the car door you can see a crewmember in the reflection of the car. And as they drive off, you can see the huge reflector screen in the back side of the car.

Continuity mistake: When they are on the train and Stone and the other SEAL guy are fighting in the kitchen. Stone drops his lighter, when it hits the floor it is closed, but when he is on the floor and he goes to grab it, the top is open.


Factual error: Stone sneaks aboard the USS Independence (CVA-62) to investigate the bad guy's arms cache..yet, when he dives into the water, he is jumping off the USS Hornet (CVS-12).

Continuity mistake: When Ice Cube is running out from jail, he kicks out the ventilator and climbs up the roof. Next shot from far, the ventilator is in its place.

Continuity mistake: When Darius Stone is first infiltrating the carrier ship, he climbs out of the water onto a chain. In long shots he is still wet, but close-ups show that he is dry.

Continuity mistake: After the prison break they are in a burger bar - Stone gets up empty handed and tells the other 2 how many laws they have just broken. When he finishes he drinks from a milkshake that has suddenly appeared in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When we see the train get blown up on the bridge Darius is nowhere to be seen falling, but in the next shot he's falling under the carriages.

Continuity mistake: Gibbons' scars on his face disappear and reappear between shots towards the end of the film.

Factual error: The way Darius hooks the APC up to the steam catapult wouldn't work. He apparently raises an arm of the catapult and attaches it to the APC, in reality however the arm is on the front landing gear of the fighter jets and the catapult is more like a small sled.


Continuity mistake: When Darius Stone is a waiter carrying glasses of champagne, the number of glasses on his tray changes - down to one and then back up to three between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Darius is hanging on the helicopter, the way he holds it changes in between shots.

Revealing mistake: Obvious stunt double when Darius is escaping from jail.

Visible crew/equipment: As Gibbons' car drives into the car park the dolly tracks are reflected in the red car.

Factual error: The Cobra is doing about 160-170 when XXX jumps onto the tracks. At that speed, any sort of erratic movement would cause the complete loss of control, even without jumping tracks to get airborne.

Ian Hunt

Factual error: It's been proven that when falling fast towards water, breaking the surface tension makes no difference in it's "softness", yet XXX is fine when he falls into the water after shooting it. If he fell for 5 seconds he would be going 60-70 mph and would certainly be injured or killed upon impact.

Ian Hunt



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Zeke: The fate of the free world is in the hands of a bunch of hustlers and thieves.
Agent Steele: So why should tonight be any different?



Rob Cohen (director of the first film) and Vin Diesel (star of the first film) had both signed on to work on this sequel. Cohen had even begun early work on the project, after having very much enjoyed his work on the first film. However, due to time constraints and scheduling conflicts with other projects, both had to drop out of their respective roles, and Diesel was unceremoniously "killed off" in this film through a brief dialog reference to his character having been assassinated between films. Both Diesel and Cohen were unsatisfied with this film and the hasty removal of Diesel, and have since both expressed interest in making a third film in the series to bring his character back.