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Veta Louise Simmons: Myrtle Mae, you have a lot to learn, and I hope you never learn it.

Wilson: Where's this guy Elwood P. Dowd? That screwball with a rabbit. What's a matter? Are you goofy too? You a member of this cockeyed family?

Elwood P. Dowd: You see, science has overcome time and space. Well, Harvey has overcome, not only time and space, but any objections.

Mr. Cracker, the Bartender: Now, what can I do for you Mr. Dowd?
Elwood P. Dowd: What did you have in mind?
Mr. Cracker, the Bartender: What's your order?
Elwood P. Dowd: Eh, two martinis.

Veta Louise Simmons: Doctor, everything I say to you is confidential, isn't it?
Dr. Sanderson: I am not a gossip, Mrs. Simmons. I am a psychiatrist.

Elwood P. Dowd: So far, I haven't been able to think of any place I'd rather be. I always have a wonderful time - wherever I am, whomever I'm with. I'm having a fine time, right here.

Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet: Is, is that Mrs. Frank Cummings? Doesn't she look ghastly, I thought she was dead. I must get a closer look.

Elwood P. Dowd: Wouldn't that get a little monotonous, just Akron, cold beer and 'poor, poor thing' for two weeks?

Judge Gaffney: Anything you told Dr. Sanderson, you can tell us Veta Louise. She's your daughter and I'm your lawyer.
Veta Louise Simmons: I know which is which. I don't want to talk about it.

Mrs. Hazel Chumley: Is there something I can do for you?
Elwood P. Dowd: What did you have in mind?

Myrtle Mae Simmons: Oh, mother, why can't we live like other people.
Veta Louise Simmons: Myrtle Mae, do I have to keep reminding you? Your Uncle Elwood is not living with us, we're living with him.
Myrtle Mae Simmons: Living with him and his pal.
Veta Louise Simmons: You promised.
Myrtle Mae Simmons: His pal Harvey.
Veta Louise Simmons: You said that name! You promised you wouldn't say that name and you said it.

Veta Louise Simmons: As I was going down to the taxi cab to get Elwood's things, this awful man stepped out. He was a white slaver, I know he was. He was wearing one of those white suits, that's how they advertise.

Dr. Sanderson: Under the circumstances, I'd commit my own Grandmother.
Elwood P. Dowd: Oh, does your Grandmother drink too?
Dr. Sanderson: Its just an expression.

Dr. Sanderson: Now, what happened after you introduced Dr. Chumley to Harvey?
Elwood P. Dowd: Well, Harvey suggested that I buy him a drink. And knowing that he doesn't like to drink alone, well, I suggested that Dr. Chummy join him.
Dr. Sanderson: Yes?
Elwood P. Dowd: We joined him.
Dr. Sanderson: Go on.
Elwood P. Dowd: We joined him again.

Elwood P. Dowd: Oh, you can't miss him Mrs. Chumley. He's a Pooka.
Mrs. Hazel Chumley: A Pooka? Is that something new?
Elwood P. Dowd: No. No, as I understand it that's something very old.

Elwood P. Dowd: "A diviner grace has never brightened this enchanting face." It's Ovid's fifth elegy. Ovid's always been my favorite poet. My dear, you'll never look lovelier.

Myrtle Mae Simmons: Oh, mother, people get run over by trucks every day. Why can't something like that happen to Uncle Elwood?

Dr. Sanderson: It sounds funny, but I'll miss this place. I guess I'll miss a lot of things around here.
Miss Kelly: You will?
Dr. Sanderson: You won't laugh?
Miss Kelly: Of course not.
Dr. Sanderson: You know how it is working around people day after day. You sort of get attached to them.
Miss Kelly: I know, Lyman.
Dr. Sanderson: It may be ridiculous, but I'm gonna miss every one of the psychos, and the neuros, and the schizos in the place.

Elwood P. Dowd: I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I'm with.

Veta Louise Simmons: I took a course in art last winter. I learnt the difference between a fine oil painting, and a mechanical thing, like a photograph. The photograph shows only the reality. The painting shows not only the reality, but the dream behind it. It's our dreams, doctor, that carry us on. They separate us from the beasts. I wouldn't want to go on living if I thought it was all just eating, and sleeping, and taking my clothes off, I mean putting them on.

Continuity mistake: When Elwood P. Dowd and Harvey are entering the bar, Elwood is holding a hat by the top, with his left hand. When they are in the bar, Elwood is now carrying the hat by rim.

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