Harvey (1950)

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Harvey is real. Dr. Chumley discovers this and runs back to his office at the institution, but Harvey follows him. Yet Dr. Chumley escapes through his window and runs outside just as other doctors and guards show up with Elwood along with his family. Afraid that the others will think he is insane, Dr. Chumley does not say anything about Harvey and lets Dr. Sanderson handle Elwood's 'problem'. Dr. Sanderson recommends that he uses a formula called Formula 571 (or some number, I forget) to cure Elwood. Just as Elwood is about to get the shot, his sister Veta reliazes that if Elwood gets that shot, he will be dull and boring. So she stops it just in time convincing the doctors that she does not care if Harvey does or does not exist. On the way out, Elwood discovers that Harvey was outside of institution waiting for him. Then Dr. Chumley comes out and asks if Harvey would live with him for a while. Harvey agrees. But as Elwood and his family cross the gate, Elwood sees Harvey, who has decides that he does not to want to stay with Dr. Chumley but instead stay with Elwood.

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