Howard the Duck

Howard lives on a planet that is similar to Earth, however ducks are the primary lifeform. Howard due to an accident Howard is sent to Earth and must find a way to get back home.


Revealing mistake: When Howard's running from the female bikers, Satan's Sluts, look closely at one and you can tell it's a guy in drag, one wearing a dark blond wig. (00:10:00)


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Suggested correction: I was in this part of the movie, everyone in this scene (except for the duck) is female.

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Phil: Get out of there! Duck!
Howard: And proud of it.

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Trivia: When Howard knocks the duck hunter out of his boat, the hunter lets out a "Wilhelm scream."

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Question: What happens to Jennings after Howard destroys the Laser Spectroscope to prevent more Dark Overlords from coming to earth? He is never seen with Howard, Beverly and Phil after it's destroyed.


Answer: He means, what happens to him in that very scene.

Answer: He probably goes back to being a scientist afterwards. Maybe he went into hiding after what he'd been through out of fear of the government wanting to hold him responsible for that power plant's mess.


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