Never Talk To Strangers

Tony Ramirez has no wife, the women the PI saw was his sister, the boy isn't his son but his nephew. Tony turns out to be a Surveillance specialist who reveals from some hidden camera footage that Dr. Sarah Taylor has been stalking herself and she must have M.P.D. The reapperance of her despised father Henry, has stirred up painful memories surronding her childhood abuse by her father. In particular concerning her mother uncovering her husband's incest which lead to her death and Sarah being forced by Henry into shooting her to ensure no blame would fall on him.The moment he reveals that her man-hating homicidal alter ego takes over shoots him dead, then when her dad drops by, she shoots him then makes it look like Tony shot her dad and she shot Tony before destroying the evidence. Satisfied with the results her dyke personality slips back into her subconscious leaving a bewildered tearful Sarah to come across the tragic murder scene.

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