The Polar Express

The Polar Express (2004)

10 mistakes - chronological order

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Factual error: When hero boy and girl and Billy are on the runaway car at the north pole, they crash into the stopper at the end of the tracks. They are flung backwards when in reality, due to inertia, they should have been flung forward into the guard rail.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene when the Polar Express slides across the ice and the conductor is telling the train controllers to head for the tracks, the distance between the train and the tracks keeps changing.

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Continuity mistake: When the boy runs out of his house, as the train is arriving, they make a point of showing his footprints in the snow along with his sliding leaving long marks. However, when they pan back it is his footprints that are gone.


Continuity mistake: After the Hot Chocolate scene, the little girl takes a cup to the boy in the last car. When she leaves her seat, there is no ticket there, but the boy sees that she left it behind.

Audio problem: When the elves are marching around, listen to the footstep sounds and watch their feet. A lot of times the noise and movements don't match. This is especially apparent when the five elves who have been taking wish calls go to the transporter.

Continuity mistake: Nearing the end of the scene where the boy and hobo are jumping from the roof of one passenger car to the next on skis, the camera shot changes from a close-up to a distant view. In this distant view you can plainly see that they have just two more passenger cars to jump onto before hitting the coal hopper. However, when the camera returns back to a close-up shot, they jump three passenger cars before the boy hits the coal hopper.

Continuity mistake: During the hot chocolate scene, the girl places a cup of hot chocolate under her seat. She is given another hot chocolate and puts that one under the seat too, but the original one has vanished.

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Suggested correction: The first time the girl puts the cup of hot chocolate next to her on the seat, then later puts it under her seat.

Suggested correction: She puts it beside her then next to the seat.

Continuity mistake: After the kids reach the North Pole and they line up outside of the train, Hero Boy and Girl are at the back of the line and we can see the other kids in front of them. In the next few shots, they discuss helping the Lonely Boy. When the camera comes back to the same point of view of the boy and girl being in line, the rest of the kids have disappeared behind them.

Revealing mistake: You can see Hero Boy putting the ticket in his pocket after getting it punched the second time, before finding his seat on the return journey. However, the ticket slowly evaporates in the air as he is about to put it into the pocket. His hand thus enters the pocket ticket-less.

Other mistake: When they first arrive at the North Pole, one of the elves appears to be sliding along. His legs and arms are not moving, and his head is not bobbing up and down.

Conductor: One thing about trains - it doesn't matter where they're going. What matters is deciding to get on.

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Trivia: Whenever Hero Boy asks Hero Girl, "Are you sure?" some dramatic music is played. This is the same music that was used in the BTTF Trilogy whenever Marty Mcfly was called a chicken.

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Question: How come the conductor and the hero girl walk on the roof of the train headed towards the front when they could have walked through it, the way they did coming back with the hero boy?

Answer: Cinematically, it made for more excitement. Walking to and from the engine through the train is, let's face it, boring.

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