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Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Incredible first discovers Syndrome's computer room, he starts to walk towards it. He is about a 1/3 of the way when the shot angle changes. When it does, Mr. Incredible is suddenly now much closer to the computer chair to sit in. He didn't have the time to move.

Correction: This is not a mistake. It is a standard editing technique. There is a time jump between the shots. By cutting on matching action, they are able to jump ahead without disrupting the flow of action.

Corrected entry: When The Incredibles fight the giant robot in the city, after they crash that van and roll a number of times before coming to a stop, they can see the robot walking towards their left on the road ahead of them. They get out of the van, Bob talks with Helen for some time, then the robot emerges from behind them and crushes their van. Seeing the robot's size and its speed, it couldn't possibly go around the entire block in so little time. The building it went around can be seen when the robot walks towards them, and it is huge, making the trip around it really long.

Correction: There was plenty of time for a robot that size to walk around a single building. And it wasn't one of those "huge" buildings that take up a whole city block, so it could easily slip around to the other side, especially since it was designed to be able to outsmart and beat any hero.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible stops, the train the light from the trains brightly shines on him, but when the lights and headlights go out, the light that is on him doesn't disappear.

Correction: That's not what happens in the scene. After the light on the train goes out, Mr. Incredible has also slipped down some and now it is the several street lamps that are shinning on him.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Helen and the children have reached land after swimming in the water, Helen's hair is sudden much longer than her natural short hair style.

Correction: Helen's hairdo has fair bit of volume to it. The water is weighing it down. It's not longer, it's just not fluffy anymore.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the train is going to hit Mr. Incredible, he turns his head but he's looking straight forward in the following shot.


Dr Wilson

Correction: When the shot changes to the wide shot, Mr. Incredible still has his head turned to the side.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning the of movie when Mr Incredible goes to the island and is fighting the first robot, he he hurts his back. The robot then picks him up and, using its claws, begins stretching him, during which we hear his back pop, and him laugh. He then uses his strength to pull one of the robot's claws off, allowing him to escape. Later in the scene the claw mysteriously reappears, as seen when the robot is defeated and collapses to the ground.


Correction: This is not correct. The claw never reappears after being torn off. In fact, you can see the arm with the missing claw the whole time, even after being destroyed (in the final shot it is the front arm to the left of the viewer).


Corrected entry: In the dinner scene, when Dash is running around the room smacking Violet on the back of the head, there are two water jugs that are there in closeups of Vi, but disappear in shots of Dash running.

Brad Premium member

Correction: If you're referring to the tall silver and short green dishes behind Vi, both are visible when Dash is running around. If you're referring to the two vases above, those are also visible. There are no changes between close up and wide shots.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bob and Frozone get caught in the jewelry store a police officer sees them and comes in, but the police car he is in is on the left and he comes in from the right.

Correction: You can see through the window when the Supers are arguing that the cop sweeps from left to right before he enters, which is how he enters from the right.


Corrected entry: During the chase scene at the beginning of the movie, Bob pulls up a map of where he is as opposed to the cop car and the getaway car. The computer then plots a merge pursuit course as being an immediate right, followed by a left turn and two more right turns. The car converts, then is shown taking an immediate left, then a right turn, a mirror image of what the map displays.

Correction: If you watch the scene again closely, you can see as the computer zooms into the converge point, Mr. Incredible's car (on the map) has already made the first right, thus the first turn we see is the left hand turn, which is the 2nd plotted turn.


Corrected entry: The Parrs fly back to the town using the spare rocket. This would actually be a very bad idea, since the rocket was not designed to carry humans. As shown earlier when launching the Omnidroid, the rocket actually goes through space, before detaching the glider with the Omnidroid.Now if they plot the same course with the spare rocket, the Parrs would've died in space, since neither the rocket nor the van would protect them from the cold and the vacuum. Now one could argue that Violet used a force field to protect them, but as the movie established earlier, she's unable to produce such a large force field. She not only has to encapsulate the van but the entire rocket to protect everyone, since Helen is clinging onto the glider. And even if we assume that she is capable of such a force field, she would have to keep it up until they successfully reentered the atmosphere. But by encapsulating the whole glider with a force field, it would lose any aerodynamics, causing the whole thing to just tumble straight down, instead of a controlled flight. No matter how you look at it, they could not survive using the rocket.

Correction: Unless it didn't go into space. Just because we see one do so once does not mean the rockets always must.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is caught lurking in the computer room on the island, the guns shoot that black sticky stuff on him. He starts running. He falls down. He puts his hand forward to stop the fall, and a ball is stuck to it. The ball slid across the ground and didn't stick. Other balls were shown sticking to the ground.


Correction: Mr. Incredible is pushing on this glob, since it's stuck to his hand. He's really strong, you see, so it didn't stick.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bob arrives at Edna's, she makes the comment "my god, you've gotten fat." However, this takes place after the montage where he works out to get back into shape.

Correction: While it is true that this occurs after Mr. Incredible has begun losing weight, he is still much heavier than when he was in his prime. As Edna most likely last saw him before the supers went into hiding, she is comparing as he is now to what she remembers from then.


Corrected entry: When Helen is vacuuming the hallway, and goes into Bob's office, the vacuum cord is coming from the far side of the washer and dryer. But when the camera moves inside the office, the cord is coming in the door from the right, which is the opposite direction.


Correction: I just watched this scene. The cord does snake by the washer/dryer but the rest of the cord is coming from the left of the screen(where it is plugged in),as if Helen had backtracked when vacuuming. Look closely and you'll see the rest of the cord. It is in the correct location when Helen enters Bob's office.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: When Bob's at the office with a client when his wife calls, the clock at home (that she looks at) says about 3:30. Soon after, when he stands up to 'check for anybody listening', the clock on the far office wall shows about after 10:00.

00:11:50 - 00:12:30

Correction: The kitchen clock is a wind-up and will display an inaccurate time due to non-winding or faulty mechanism. The office clock will display an inaccurate time due to a faulty mechanism or interruption of its power source. Either way, the times displayed on the individual clocks cannot be compared to one another.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: If the US government spends so many hundreds of thousands of dollars (as Rick Dicker states) in protecting Mr. Incredible's identity, then wouldn't anybody care about the fact that there's an entire room devoted to Mr. Incredible? I mean, if it was just memorabilia, that would be one thing, but pictures? With a guy who looks exactly like said superhero in the same house? I think people would get suspicious. Not to mention the fact that the government let Bob Parr keep his suit. Any slightly nosy neighbor could figure it out; wouldn't the US government?

Correction: Why on earth would anyone else have to know the room existed? Do you let your neighbors into your house, alone and unsupervised, to roam through every room in your house? Of course not. It's a memorabilia room, plain and simple. Like a collector would have.

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: So the basic premise of this film is formerly respected superheros are outlawed by the government and forced to retire due to excessive public criticism. Their select group tries living normal lives but eventually find the call of the costume is too strong. They team up to combat a world-threatening evil force and finally go back to being full time heroes, if only in secret. Any of that sound familiar to anyone? It should. It's the exact same premise as "Watchmen".

Correction: There are many films that share basic plot points. That doesn't constitute trivia for either film.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the hangar near the end the family finds an RV with all of the guards inside. Mr. Incredible stops and tells his family to wait at the rear corner of the RV. He then enters and beats up the guards; while doing so, the outside shot of the RV shows no family and no place for all of them to hide (look under the RV to check the other side). Then he opens the door and they're at the corner again.


Correction: Actually, there is a place where it would be impossible for viewers to see Elastigirl and the two kids. The RV has two huge back tires on its left, so if they were hiding directly behind the RV its two back left tires would easily block us from seeing them. There is no error here.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Helen and Edna are in her lab, E tells Helen that Dash's suit can make him run without ever getting tired. Now in the scene where the plane Helen was flying is destroyed and they have to get to shore, Dash is wearing his suit and is speeding his feet. When they finally arrive to shore, why is Dash tired if his suit is on?

Correction: What Edna says is "Your boy's suit I designed to withstand enormous friction without heating up or wearing out." Nothing there remotely suggests that it will prevent Dash from getting tired.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is going to arrest the man that stole a purse, check the man's shadow on the wall. When he stands up, you can see that he doesn't have the purse in his hands but in the following shot, he has the purse and his arms are placed differently.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The burglar's shadow is sound and he always has the purse, the shadow on the wall behind him when he stands up is actually Mr. Incredible's.

Corrected entry: In the first scene with the Omnibot thing, Bob is cut by the robot's claw thing through his suit, you can even see where the blood was on the cut. But every other scene with the same cut on his clothes, the cut itself has disappeared only showing the rip in the suit.

Correction: Since Mr. Incredible is listed as an indestructible type superhero, it is likely that he has a sort of accelerated healing ability.

Corrected entry: At the wedding, when Bob says "You have to be more flexible", Helen is holding her bouquet of flowers up, but in the next shot, the bouquet is nowhere to be seen.



Correction: The shot you're referring to is a close-up of Helen's face. The bouquet is out of shot.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: During the plane scene Helen changes into her Incredible outfit. She goes in a toilet to change. This makes no sense because she appears to be alone until she throws the bag on Violet.If she indeed was alone, then there was no reason to go into the toilet. She just could have changed her outfit right there.

Correction: Character choice, not a mistake.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Violet makes a spherical shield around her and Dash and the shield holds her up off the ground, it would be impossible for Dash to run and the shield to roll without Violet and Dash crashing into each other. Dash either would have run into Violet, or run right over Violet. We know the shield is rolling becuse they roll over their parents and keeps the rolling consistent.

Correction: You're speculating about what would be possible with the use of superpowers. There is no way to know what would or wouldn't happen.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Frozone is pouring the lotion into his hand, he pours it out, and there is nothing in his hand. It disappears.


Correction: It's not lotion, it's aftershave. Anyone who wears aftershave knows you use a small amount and it looks more or less like water. You wouldn't be able to see anything on his hands.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where. Mr. Incredible and Frozone are in the jewelry store. Frozone freezes the police officer and they run through the wall into the alley, we hear the crash noise, but notice, we hear it way after the hole in the wall is made.

Correction: The sounds are correct in the scene. What we hear after they've punched through the wall is the bricks from the wall hitting the ground.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Bob is in his cubicle at work and telling Mrs. Hogenson he can't help, he stands up above the walls. When he does this, there is no opening next to his cubicle for the hallway that is there in every other shot.

Correction: We cannot see the opening because of the angle of the shot.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: At the Start of the movie when Buddy is talking to Mr. Incredible in his car, when Mr. Incredible, slides his hand over his own forehead his hand passes through his hair. (As in his hand moves through the strands of his hair and the hair doesn't move at all) (You may need to zoom in).


Correction: I have watched this scene several times and the movement of his hair appears to be completely normal.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Parrs' are at the dinner table fighting and the doorbell rings, Dash runs over to the door to open it. We see the shot from outside with Dash with his hand up (from turning the doorknob). But you can see that he is not tall enough to reach the doorknob. It is in the middle of the door.


Correction: Considering Dash is fast enough to run on water, it doesn't seem too difficult for him to run up the door to reach the door knob.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Frozone and Mr. I are in the burning building, near the beginning of the film, Mr. I asks Frozone to freeze the fire. When Frozone attempts this and fails, he tells Mr. I that he can't because there's no water in the air. This makes no sense because one of the by-products of hydrocarbon combustion (aka fire) is H2O.

Correction: That is true, but what Frozone was getting at was that the air was too dry. It was not supposedly low the level of the molecular compound H2O that kept him from being able to use his power, it was the lack of general humidity. A building on fire is a very dry heat. Just because fire releases H2O does not mean it's enough to counteract the air-drying effects of the fire's high temperature.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr Incredible is fighting the first Omnidroid on the island, and manages to get it to attack itself, it uses its arms to punch holes in its metal body, but the curls of metal around the holes all come outwards, rather than inwards as they should.

STP Premium member

Correction: That is because the metal is pulled outward each time the arm comes back out of it's body. The only way the metal would stay folded inward would be if an object continued traveling through the body and left at a seperate point, much the same way that a bullet would do.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the guard is trying to shoot at Violet, she jumps into the water, invisible. Then Dash runs up and punches the guard. After the guard gets over his shock he throws Dash back, and aims his gun at him. Violet jumps in front of Dash and uses her force field to protect him and her. Her hair isn't a bit wet, though. The mistake is even more shown after she takes off the force field when they meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.

Correction: Violet is more than invisible when she's in the water. Otherwise, she would have been as transparent as air (which is more transparent than water) and the guard would have seen a large Violet-shaped bubble where the water stopped and the invisible Violet started. Instead, she is somehow able to refract (or "bend") light around her to create the illusion of invisibility. Since we see in the movie that her force fields also have some refractive properties, it's likely that her "invisibility" is actually caused by a specialized type of force field that refracts the light from her immediate surroundings - in this case, the water. This would explain why the guard didn't see a void in the water where Violet was hiding. And since she had this special "invisibility" force field around her in the water, it's not surprising that the force field prevented her from getting wet.

Corrected entry: In the very very last scene, when the underminer arrives the Incredible family puts on their masks, when Bob does he opens his jacket to his super suit. Notice that his shirt has buttons but it slips open like they are not there.

Correction: They could be snaps made to look like buttons, or just specific clothing made for supers to change out of quick.

Corrected entry: During the limo trip, Dash references his father "throwing a car". The event in question did not happen until the next scene. The closest matches would be Mr. Incredible throwing a monorail car (which Dash didn't see) and a crashed flier (which doesn't really constitute a 'car').

Correction: This mistake applies adult logic to a child's mind. The car Dash refers to is in fact the flyer. To the adult mind, yes, it's not really a car, but a child might actually refer to it as a flying "car". The fact this scene comes before the car thrown at Syndrome's plane indicates it could not be that car. Anyway, previously submitted and previously corrected.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible corners the tour bus robber, the man pulls a pistol from behind the small of his back. But when his back is first seen, there is no sign of a gun, and if it were hidden underneath his shirt, a) its contours would still be visible, and b) he would not be able to draw it that fast.

Correction: Having worked as a plain clothes police officer, I can say from experience that a pistol in the small of the back can lay flat enough so as not to be visible under the shirt. As for the speed of the draw, the more one practices, the faster one gets, so there is no basis for saying the robber couldn't draw that fast.

Corrected entry: When Frozone asks Mr. Incredible "Shouldn't you be getting ready?" (for his wedding) he is in mid-air gliding on the ice which he is making. In the last shot there is no ice, he is just gliding.



Correction: He is gliding on air because of his momentum from the ice trail he just left. Frozone is skilled enough to know when he has to form a new ice trail to avoid falling.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Helen is telling Bob about the move being official, the clock on the counter reads 3:25 and 4 seconds, approximately. The second hand never moves.

Chris Moyer Grice Premium member

Correction: I have a clock similar to the one seen here. What appears to be a second hand is actually the alarm hand. You point it to the time you want the alarm to sound using a separate dial at the back.

dgemba dgemba

Corrected entry: When Elastigirl is escaping from Omnidroid in the city, and Omnidroid is shooting her 'laser rays', the third ray produces an explosion that actually begins before the ray reaches the place. (This must be seen frame by frame).

Correction: The rules of the site are quite clear; if you have use slow motion/frame-by-frame to spot a mistake, it's invalid (unless the mistake is major).

Corrected entry: When Helen jumps up and grabs hold of the pod thing on the overhead rail as she is sneaking into Syndrome's base, she is facing the direction the pod is coming from (naturally). She jumps up, and is suddenly facing the direction the pod is going.

Correction: Elastigirl has complete control of her body, and can stretch and contort it as she pleases. Turning around in mid-air should not pose much of a problem for her.


Corrected entry: When Helen visits Edna's secret lab she is given a cup of tea. However, it never shows it again.

Correction: After seeing Jack Jack's suit Helen puts her cup of tea down on the tray, it can be seen in the shots after that.

Corrected entry: When Bob stops the train, it forms a triangle in the air. When you see the picture on the newspaper when he is sued the height of the train is much steeper.

Correction: The train most likely shifted somewhat between the time the train stopped and the time the picture was taken. After all, it was balanced very precariously.

Corrected entry: Just after Dash is riding on Frozone's back and the robot jumps into the water, there is a big wave and Dash and Frozone jump into the air. Frozone then freezes the wave in the air, and it turns into snow which falls to the ground for Dash to fall safely on. Either Dash would have landed painfully before the snow hit the ground or the snow would have hit Dash as it fell, covering him in snow.


Correction: Frozone's power isn't simply the ability to freeze water. He must also be able to move water molecules through the air in order to have enough of them available to form solid walls of ice out of thin air. Since he can control the movement of water molecules, he should be able to move the snow ahead of Dash to avoid a painful landing and simultaneously move the snow around Dash to ensure that Dash does not obstruct the snow that will cushion his fall.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Dash spits out the water, if you look at the water in mid-air, at the end of the spit there is a drop separated from the rest, but when Frozone freezes the water, there is only a full icicle and no drop of water hits the ground.

Correction: Water expands when freezing, and its also possible Frozone froze some moisture present in the air as well, so together they could form one icicle.


Corrected entry: In the battle scene when it is the Incredibles and Frozone versus the robot, Frozone gives Dash a ride to escape the robot that is trying to roll over them. Frozone freezes the giant wave of water into snow. Later in the scene the robot gets destroyed and falls over. When it does, the snow that was there from the wave is suddenly water again. No matter what, snow doesn't melt that fast under normal day conditions.

Correction: We don't know how Frozone's ice power works. In the start of the movie when he is using his ice to get around (before the wedding), it melts really fast, after he is finished with it.

Corrected entry: During the title credits, turn it on French and you will see that it tells you that the film is called "Les Incroyable". "Incroyable" is singular, not plural, so it should be "Les Incroyables".

Correction: The translation is correct. In French, family names never take the plural -s, regardless of whether they refer to a group/collective entity (couple or family). If you wanted to ask Bomb Voyage and his wife to dinner, you'd address the invitation to "les Voyage". Likewise, if you wanted to name a movie about Mr. Incredible and his family, you'd definitely call it "les Incroyable".

Corrected entry: When the plane is destroyed by rockets, Helen transforms herself into a parachute to save the kids from falling. So as they descend slowly into the sea she starts to talk to the kids, but after all that (which is 30-40 seconds after the rocket hit) finally the huge part of the plane falls into the ocean. What exactly is the destroyed plane doing in the air so long? Gravity surely works another way. This is obviously deliberately done for the drama.

Correction: Some of the debris from the aircraft will be impelled upwards, both by the warheads of the missiles and the exploding fuel tanks of the jet itself. This particular piece of the fuselage went up and then came down, in about the same time the parachuting family did.

Corrected entry: Whenever we see one or more of the Incredibles wearing a mask, when they blink their eyelids are black as if the mask covers their eyelids.


Correction: Considering the type of suits Edna Mode can make, is it really such a stretch that she can make masks that cover the eyelids as well? It does help camoflauge.

Corrected entry: When it shows the details for the Omnidroid in Mirage's video, it says Omnidroid 7. Later she calls it the Omnidroid 9000 at the briefing. Then when he is fighting the first Omnidroid, the side of the robot says Omnidroid 8. While the discrepancy between 7 and 8 can be explained, there is no reason that Mirage would screw up the production number and number format.

Correction: While the actual technical name of the machine is the Omnidroid 9000, possibly named for it's computer drive, or some other feature, it is not unlikley that they would put a separate number on each bot, so they would know easily which robot is which in the sequence-i.e. An Omnidroid 9000, and the eighth Omnidorid made. Meanwhile the 7 and 8 could just be because of old information still on the computer from the last super.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible fights the Omnidroid, the robot cuts his suit near the shoulder. When Helen notices the stitching later on, the cut is now towards the elbow.

Correction: The cut is inflicted at mid-bicep level. The repair is also at mid-bicep level.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible first fights the Omnidroid, his suit gets cut by the robot. What takes him so long to realize he needs to get it fixed. Assuming he took his suit to every "meeting" and used it for a job, he would have realized the cut and gotten it fixed sooner.

Correction: Mr. Incredible goes to exactly two meetings with his new employers and only wears the original suit to the first one. After the first job he uses the time normally spent at the Insuricare job to work out in the train yard, returning home at 5 so his wife doesn't notice anything different. Getting the cut fixed isn't emergent at all.


Corrected entry: When Bob cuts Dash's plate into pieces, the table isn't harmed at all, but Bob says, "First the car, now I gotta fix the table."

Correction: We don't SEE the table being harmed because of the things in the way, but in the next shot, the knife is quite stuck in the table as it's standing up by itself (as if it's been pushed deep into the table).

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: As Mr. Incredible is scanning the files of the superheroes, the photos show them from 15 years earlier. However, Frozone's picture shows him with his goatee as he currently is, not clean-shaven as he was then.

Correction: As beards are not particularly difficult to grow and shave off, it's not unreasonable to think that Frozone might have had the beard at some point during his earlier career.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Helen is sneaking into Syndrome's headquarters she narrowly misses being hit by a pod/vehicle. Every other pod/vehicle has had people aboard, so the guards on duty in the pod would have seen that a super was in the building and they would have told Syndrome.

Correction: The guards wouldn't have warned anyone if they hadn't have seen her. They didn't have to pay attention to steer the vehicle. They were probably just talking to each other, not thinking anyone else was on the island but them, so they could have easily missed seeing her.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the scene where Helen goes to the principal's office, she doesn't have the baby with her, but in the next scene, driving home with Dash, the baby is in the backseat.

Correction: This has already been corrected. Helen leaves the baby in the back seat while she goes into the school to talk to the principal. It's Helen's (rather severe) parenting mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Helen and the kids narrowly escape the exploding plane, Helen does not grab the bag that held her super-suit. She doesn't have it when they are falling or parachuting to the ocean. Yet when the 3 are using Helen and Dash as a makeshift speedboat, the bag is in the boat, and it also appears later in the cave. They could have salvaged it from the water, but its doubtful the bag would have survived the explosion.

Correction: Helen, Violet and Dash also were in the plane when it exploded and they survived intact. So it's also possible the bag survived the explosion and was salvaged from the water.

Corrected entry: The robot slashes Mr. Incredible's arm, leaving a big cut, but the cut doesn't bleed.

Correction: According to Syndrome's log of Supers' powers, one of Mr. Incredible's powers is resistance to physical injury. The cut breaks the suit but doesn't break his skin.


Corrected entry: In the scene in which Kari is reassuring Elastigirl that she can "totally handle anything this baby can dish out", Kari starts talking to Jack-Jack (as Elastigirl listens) and then the missile alert sounds. However, in the short "Jack-Jack Attack", the beeping starts earlier, while Kari is still talking to Jack-Jack, and Elastigirl hangs up more quickly.

Correction: This mistake compares the film to the short, thus making it an invalid movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Violet's headband wasn't made by Edna, so it shouldn't disappear. However, it always goes invisible whenever she does. If her parents had it made by some other costume designer, why didn't they go the whole hog and get her entire wardrobe made up to disappear when she does - it makes no sense to just do her hairband.

Correction: Violet doesn't wear a headband until after she dons the costume that Edna made for her. Given that it appeared at that point, does vanish when she does, and that the colour appears to precisely match the colour used for the costume belts, it seems fairly clear that Edna did make the headband.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible saves Mr. Sansweet, he puts his ear up to a wall, the wall explodes & Bomb Voyage walks out of the dust. Mr. Incredible then pushes a vault door away from him. There wasn't a vault door when the wall exploded.

Correction: The vault that was destroyed by Bomb Voyage was in another room. Mr. Incredible just heard the sound of the beeping bomb timer through the wall. The vault door was blown off its hinges, through the wall and onto Mr. Incredible.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Edna Moda Talked about a few heroes having accidents with capes. Most of them are in Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl wedding. Prohibition for superheroes occurs immediately after the wedding. Did all of them die in that short period of time? (none of them appeared in the list of superheroes defeated by the robot).

Correction: The law prohibiting supers did not take place immediately after the wedding, that was just when the law suit was filed. Court cases such as the one in the movie could take years to end. Not to mention the law suit filed by the passengers of the train and other law suits against other supers. Then Congress would have to pass the law prohibiting supers which could take at least a few more months or up to a year. Then they would have to create the organization to hide and monitor the super's activities. During that time the supers who had "wardrobe malfunctions" with the capes could have died. It's possible that Violet or even Dash could have been born during this time.

Mark English

Corrected entry: When Mr. incredible is driving wildly in the caravan after landing in it from the rocket, he eventually brakes for no reason other than to do the parallel parking joke. Surely he couldn't have known that the van would land exactly in that spot. There was no traffic crossing the path of the van either, so no reason for him to brake.

Correction: The van is moving extremely fast and they need to stop it so that they can get out to go after the Omnidroid. Hitting the brakes is the traditional method of doing this. Mr. Incredible was not planning on the van flipping. He just got lucky on the parallel parking bit.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is in the containment unit, after he's found out that his family has been killed, he starts to grab Syndrome. There is a shot of Mirage seeing what's happening with her earpiece microphone on, and in the next shot when Mr. Incredible has grabbed her, it is not there anymore.

Correction: As Mirage shoves Syndrome out of the way and is grabbed by Mr. Incredible, the earpiece microphone was knocked out and fell off camera.

Mark English

Corrected entry: When Bob leaves the house for his second assignment for Syndrome, he drives his sport's car out of the garage after saying goodbye to Helen. At the end of the film, after they are dropped at the house by a limousine, Bob throws his car at Syndrome's plane. When and how did the car get home?

Correction: When Bob drives into the garage with his new sports car, you see him motion for Helen to look out towards the curb. The camera pulls back and we see a second sports car wrapped in a ribbon. It's the second sports car Bob throws at the airplane.

Corrected entry: When the kids and parents fight at the dinner table and Frozone rings the doorbell, they all stop fighting and put the table down - and we can see the lamp above the table is perfectly still. In the next shot, Frozone enters and the lamp is swinging so much that Mrs. Incredible has to reach out and stop it.

Correction: Dash runs to open the door causing a breeze more than likely. The breeze would have caused the light to move.

Corrected entry: Mirage's skin colour changes considerably throughout the film, from a dark tan colour to a very pale white. It has nothing to do with the light in the scene either, as in daylight in two different scenes she is two different colours.

Correction: Her skin color, which does not really change drastically at all, has everything to do with lighting. The two "daylight" scenes are under the influence of more than sunlight, which differs during the daylight hours of any given day or possible cloud cover, but once again, the change looks natural.

Corrected entry: When Bob goes to E's house she refuses to patch the old super suit because, in her words "I never look back darling, it distracts from the now." Well if she never looks back why is she still wearing the exact same outfit as she does at the Parr's wedding 15 years earlier.

Correction: What she means by not looking back, is that once she has perfected a design, she is done with it and will make no adjustment. Obviously, she thinks her own outfit is perfect and has had no need for change for at least 15 years.


Corrected entry: After they beat the final Omnidroid together, Dash tells Bob that he thought it was cool when he threw the car, but Bob doesn't throw a car until after that.

Correction: He was actually referring to when Bob tossed one of the flying cars on the island, as everything Dash brags about here concerns their antics on the island.

Corrected entry: When Helen is hoovering, she collects the bits from in front of Bob's door and you can hear the bits going into the hoover. The hoover has a bag but the bits make a sound like on the metal pipe type hoovers. The sound effect was used so Helen went in the room but still a mistake.

Correction: The sound isn't from hitting the bag, it's from hitting the tube that sucks the stuff to the bag.

Corrected entry: When Mirage is explaining the Omnidroid 9000 to Mr. Incredible, the keyboard in front of the holographic monitor is slightly out of whack. The row of QWERTY keys is too far to the right, with Q being between 2 and S. This is probably OK for cartoon characters to hunt and peck, but a real touch-typist would have a very difficult time with this arrangement.


Correction: Who says Syndrome's keyboard can't have the keys in unusual positions? Also, Mirage has probably used it long enough to be used to the key placement.

Corrected entry: When the family are in the caravan (with Helen on the top) and Bob opens the window, you quickly see the caravan from the bottom. In that shot, Helen's head is slightly overhanging the top, so you can see it, however, in all shots from the top, Helen's head is about a metre away from the front of the caravan, and she couldn't have stretched, because there is no time between shots.


Correction: The shot is more a head on shot than from the bottom. While we do see Helen's head on top of the RV, it is not "overhanging" the front and since we see it from the front, we have no way of knowing just how far it is from the front edge.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mrs. Parr goes to see Dash's principal she walks into his office alone. In the car after leaving you can see and hear Jak Jak in the back seat. They are on their way to pick up Violet so was Jak Jak left alone in the car?

Correction: This isn't technically a movie mistake, more of a responsible parenting mistake.

Corrected entry: When Bob is in the "X-Men"-like computer room looking through the Omnidroids History, it is 23:07 (or 11:07PM). We know this as Syndrome tells us a little later that this was when the homing signal was set off meaning it would be night time at the Island Lair. There are 8 hours, 10 mins left to go on the countdown. Now back home it is day light due to the time difference, Elastagirl is at Edna's home. She goes home, packs, and then catches the plane. The whole fight is gone through and it's day time when they're in the sea. They swim to the island and it's night again. Now for this to happen, they would miss the launch of the rocket. But no, it goes off when they get into the cave, and the kids are left alone.

Graeme Chicken

Correction: Perhaps Mr Incredible's antics delayed the launch, maybe the incoming plane kept Syndrome too busy to get the launch ready, or perhaps there was another technical reason not seen in the movie. There are tons of possibilities.

Corrected entry: When Bob Finds the message in his briefcase about the Omnidroid, he switches it on and it says the Omnidroids name is the Omnidroid X7. But when Bob goes to the island as Mr Incredible, he fights the Omnidroid, and on it's side it has the digits 08, so it is the Omnidroid X8. But the next Omnidroid is the Omnidroid X10. I know Syndrome might have missed Omnidroid X9 out, but why?

Correction: The Omnidroid 08 was probaly not fully built when Mirage sent him the message. Also Omnidroid 09 wasn't missed out. When Mr Incredible meets Syndrome in the forest clearing Syndrome has the Omnidroid 09 with him which also attacks Mr Incredible a few times too.

Corrected entry: Watch the shot at the beginning where Mr. Incredible is holding Bombvoyage by the neck as he says "Fly home Buddy I work alone." Syndrome's flashback doesn't even have Bombvoyage in the shot.

Correction: Flashbacks don't have to be exact. He is remembering just what burned into his mind: his hero letting him down.

Corrected entry: During Bob and Helen's wedding, Stratogirl is sitting in the audience. However, later in the movie Edna reminds Bob that she died when her cape caught on something. Stratogirl died in April '57, which is before the wedding took place.

00:10:00 - 00:45:25

Correction: It is never established when the film is set. The only years mentioned in the entire film are the dates that E lists with the superhero deaths.

Corrected entry: If the superheroes want to keep their identity secret, why do they go to Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible's wedding in their supersuits?


Dr Wilson

Correction: It is possible that Bob and Helen have relationships with some heroes and NOT with their alter egos. Just because a hero shows up in hero form it does not they MUST have a connection to their identity. ie If Batman showed up to Barbra Gordon's wedding that implicates neither Bruce nor Batgirl as Batmans relationship with Commish Gordon is evident and provides the reasoning for Batman's appearence.


Corrected entry: On the island, Violet's pink headband just appears out of nowhere when she decides to wear her hair off of her face.

Correction: Edna could have made a headband for Violet that wasn't initially shown - don't forget, when the suits first appear, the masks aren't there, yet Helen has them with her in her bag. The headband might have been in the bag too, as Helen was packing the kid's suits until they stole them.

Corrected entry: When flying back to the city the only connection between the caravan and the plane/rocket is Elastigirl. Nevertheless they push a button inside the van to split the plane and release the caravan. That doesn't make sense because there is no cable connection to the plane and why would a radio transmitter be build into the caravan (using/making a standalone transmitter would be much easier)?

Correction: Splitting the rocket is not done to release the RV - it's done to deactivate it, to kill its engines and ensure that it drops harmlessly into the sea instead of flying unpiloted into the city where it would eventually crash and possibly injure or kill civilians.

Corrected entry: At the end, Bob throws Helen to catch the falling Jack-jack. After that, she transforms herself into a parachute. In the next shot, when Syndrome shouts down from the plane to Bob, "parachute/mom" disappears. But after the plane crashes, she is back again.

Correction: "Parachute/mom" doesn't disappear. You can see a bit of her suit faintly on the right side of the screen.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Parr family are rowing towards the start, Bob Parr cuts through Dash's steak and the table. In a later shot you see that the steak is now fully intact.

Correction: Bob Parr gives Dash his own steak as he cut Dash's plate up. The intact steak is just Bob's plate which he moved.

Corrected entry: In Dash's chase scene, when he got trapped in the cave. He was able to stand on water.

Correction: I have to assume you're talking about the moment just before the ships crash into each other. You'll notice that he falls into the water just before they do, ~because~ he stopped. The momentary pause can be explained because he was going so fast that he couldn't completely stop right away, even though he wasn't running anymore.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is talking to the man who helps the Supers disappear, they walk to an elevator and the light above indicates the second floor. A few shots later when the doors close, the light has changed to the fifth floor and starts going down (4th, 3rd, etc).

Correction: It's not uncommon for older elevators to show what floor the car is actually on. When they walk up it shows 2. The man pushes the call (down) button and while they're talking it comes up to 5. After he gets in it goes down (4, 3, etc.).

Corrected entry: Interesting sideline, Edna Mode, the "costume designer for the supers" is patterned after Edith Head, the costume designer of the stars for hundreds of movies. She died a couple of decades ago, but this is a homage, right down to the hair style; height; and round hornrimmed glasses,to a very well known designer, who even used some of the lines given to Edna in the movie.

Correction: This is not so, according to Brad Bird: 'Well, we certainly looked at Edith Head. But there are actually a lot of female fashion designers, if you research it, that have giant glasses. But also, Patricia Highsmith was an influence... and Linda Hunt. When you're designing a character, you're just saying - who is that? We have drawings and you can see them in 'the art of...' book where she's taller and fatter and older and younger and thin. We tried a lot of stuff and we kept saying no, no, more like this, but I like the nose on this one, and maybe the pageboy cut, maybe glasses should be bigger. Okay, make 'em bigger. . . and you end up with something that reminds you of Edith Head and you of Linda Hunt.'

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: If Syndrome knew so much about Mr. Incredible(where he lived, what his true identity was, etc.), as well as finding out about Jack-jack, how could he not know about the fact that Elastigirl married Mr. Incredible and had two other children?

Correction: Syndrome hadn't found Elastigirl, so she must have kept her identity better hidden. There's nothing to say that he knew exactly where Mr. Incredible lived, just where he could easily be found, so his family could easily have remained a secret (recall he is first contacted via his office). Syndrome is "defeated" by the Incredibles later on giving him more incentive to get revenge, and presumably the first thing he did was to find out where they lived, which led him to Jack-Jack.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Incredible and the kids are shot down, they are shown in the water and her hair is a mess. But soon after they arrive on shore, her hair is as perfect as it was before being shot down.

Correction: Elastigirl can stretch and form her body as she wishes, in the blink of an eye. It is not unlikely that this applies to her hair as well.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is trying to find Syndrome's computer mainframe, he runs through the lava walls and starts sweating profusely. However, Mirage walked through the same walls earlier without sweating at all.

Correction: He's not sweating because the walls are hot, he's sweating because he's running hard to prevent the walls closing in on him. Mirage didn't have to run.

Moose Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible slams the car door and breaks the driver's window, it is seen to shatter and fall out of the door as regular window glass would. But automobile window glass is manufactured so that it does not separate into pieces even when shattered.

Correction: You're thinking of the windshield, which is usually a laminated glass preventing it from falling apatr and providing better safety. The side windows, on the other hand are not always made that way. I know for a fact that my brother once accidentally shattered the car door window in our old car and it most definitely fell to pieces. It's tempered so that it doesn't make the dangerous edges that other glasses do, but it falls apart to make it easier for rescue workers to get inside the car after an accident if the door won't open.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: Nothing was explained where super-villains go when the superheroes were retired. Presumably the government could not just herd them up with the heroes - if it could, the government have just used the same technique to arrest them all for being villains. It is a very bad plot hole because, if there had been other villains around, Syndrome could have fought them to gain recognition as a hero rather than devising his evil plot.

Moose Premium member

Correction: Realize first that it's been about 20 years, counting the trials, since the superheroes have been allowed to save people. So, guys like Bomb Voyage may have retired for various reasons (no challenge anymore, too old, etc.). Also, some of them are dead, again for various reasons (showdowns with the government, rogue heroes that didn't listen to the government, etc.). Also, we don't know that Syndrome tested his Omnidroids exclusively on heroes; he may have "hired" a few villains for the project. Finally, guys like the Underminer and anyone else that would emerge were probably too young to become villains when all of the trouble started at the beginning of the film.

Corrected entry: Violet's hair part changes from one side to the other throughout the film.

Correction: Violet uses her hair to hide her face, because she is shy. If she decides to change it during the movie, it is no mistake. She also has plenty of opportunities to do so. In the end, she has even got over her shyness and wears her hair back.


Corrected entry: When Helen is in the plane with Dash and Violet going to save Bob, homing missiles come towards them. Helen presses the button to tell the kids to put their seat belts on. A few seconds later they're bouncing around in their seats shouting.

Correction: Dash and Violet don't get their seat belts on in time. If you look, you'll see that Dash stood still while Violet jumped in the seat, and fished around for the belt. In the next shot, Elastigirl starts using evasive maneuvers in the plane.

Corrected entry: Near the start of the film when Violet sees Tony coming out of school, she uses her powers to disappear. The only problem is the books she is holding disappear with her.

Correction: That's not true - the book in her hands as well as her clothing are still there and visible. Only Violet's head and hands disappear.

Corrected entry: When Bob (Mr. Incredible) walks down the aisle to Helen (Elastigirl) when they get married, there is no one sitting watching them getting married. When they finally get married, there is a crowd of people clapping their hands.

Correction: There are people/superheros sitting to the left of Helen as Bob walks down the aisle. You can barely make out the silhouette of the person closest to Helen plus other random shapes of people - they are mostly blackened out.

Corrected entry: It is established that Frozone needs water to create ice, it is also established that he can use the water in the air to create ice as well, so why when he is being held at gunpoint by police officers does he need to get a drink before he can use his power?

Correction: He says while in the burning building that he's dehydrated, which coupled with the reduction in water vapour due to the fire means he needs another source.

Corrected entry: When Bob (AKA Mr. Incredible) drives home in his tiny car at the beginning, he bends the metal of the car. After bending the metal he slams the door of the car so hard he shatters the window. In the next scene with the car, the window is completely intact, whilst the metal is still bent.

Correction: The next scene with the car is a different day. He could have replaced the window.

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Frozone: Honey?
Honey: What?
Frozone: Where's my super suit?
Honey: What?
Frozone: Where is my super suit?
Honey: I uh - put it away.
Frozone: Where?
Honey: Why do you need to know?
Frozone: I need it!
Honey: Nuh uh! Don't you think about running off to do some derrin' do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
Frozone: The public is in danger!
Honey: My evening's in danger!
Frozone: You tell me where my suit is woman! We are talking the greater good!
Honey: I am your wife! I am the greatest 'good' you are ever gonna get.



When Bob Parr goes to his boss' office to be told off, you can see the door in the background is closed. Bob gets up and walks toward the door which he has now supposedly opened. You never see it physically come into shot, but when Bob is told to close the door, the shot hasn't changed but you can now see the door in shot being closed, which means the door suddenly opened itself. The framing of the shot never changes, therefore we should have seen the door in shot.



The two old men near the end, talking about it being "old school" are voiced by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two Walt Disney animators who worked on such classics as Bambi and Cinderella.