Almost Famous

Plot hole: In the scene when Russell comes to William's house, thinking it is Penny's, confusion ensues as he begins to question where he is. William's sister, Anita, stands there equally confused as she gazes at Russell, looking as if any random person came to the house, showing no signs (neither speechless shock nor excitement) of recognizing the now famous rock star. Her reaction is completely inconsistent with her character given her fervent love for rock 'n roll. Indeed, not only did she serve as the sole catalyst for William's passion for rock 'n roll but she left home earlier in the film because their mother forbade her listening to it. Moreover, she'd just flown home with William following William's long tour with Russell and Stillwater. Thus, there is no credible possibility that she would not recognize Russell, making her reaction wholly inconsistent with her character.

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Suggested correction: It's entirely plausible that Anita is unfamiliar with Stillwater or is only mildly aware of them. As the title implies, they are, "Almost Famous." Anita may only have followed the biggest bands of the era and was uninterested in an upcoming "mid-level" band, as "Rolling Stone" magazine describes them. William may have told her about his adventures on the road with them, but that still does not mean she knows what the band members look like. She's also been working as a flight attendant for a few years, and may not follow rock bands as she did when she was teenager. Stillwater was not even a notable mid-level band at the time Anita left home.

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