Carry On Cowboy

Continuity mistake: When Belle Armitage first shoots her pistol at Johnny Finger, she drops it down the front of her dress. Seconds later, it reappears up between her ample bosom.

Continuity mistake: When Marshall P. Knutt destroys the desk in the Inquiries office, he puts the top back on and the Inquiries sign on it. The man behind the desk then leans on the desk, destroying it again, but when Knutt leaves the office in the next shot, the desk top is back in place complete with the Inquiries sign.

Continuity mistake: When Sheriff Earp leaves his office to confront the Rumpo Kid his pistol barrels are seen extending at least six inches beyond the holsters. Seconds later, as he mounts his horse, the pistol barrels have changed to a more normal length.

Audio problem: When Annie Oakley is singing her song her lips aren't moving to the words. The best time to see this is when the song plays "Love......." and even though her lips have stopped moving the song words are still going.

James Warrender

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Sam: I never did get to know exactly what she'd done that was so wrong.
Judge Burke: Old Ben was a friend of mine Sam, and she killed him.
Doc: It was his own fault. He was ninety-two. I warned him not to marry her.

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Trivia: The band leader in the saloon bar is the film's composer Eric Rogers.

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