10 (1979)

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Revealing mistake: After the waitress brings George his fresh cup of hot coffee, he immediate drinks and it spills down his chin from the anaesthesia, instead of burning him.

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Revealing mistake: When the dentist aims the syringe into the right side of George's mouth, to apparently inject the anaesthetic, the needle sticks the dentist's finger instead of George's gums.

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Other mistake: There is no tea or any other liquid that spills out from the overturned kettle and cups, when Mrs. Kissell 'drops' the serving tray on the Reverend's coffee table.

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George Webber: If you were dancing with your wife, or girlfriend you knew in high school, and you said to her, Darling, they're playing our song, do you know what they'd be playing?
Don: What?
George Webber: Why Don't We Do It In The Road. Fuckin' hell kind of era is that?

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Trivia: Bo Derek's character in this film is Jenny Hanley - the same name as the presenter of the children's television show "Magpie".

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