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Continuity mistake: During the scene in the mall when the girl is in the dressing room, she keeps putting on more layers of clothing. But as they are shooting different shots she will have a hot pink shirt on, then it is back on the hanger, and then back on again. It switches back and forth many times.


Other mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, when the guy throws the match into the house, it doesn't enter through the window. The match crashes and bounces back, but the fire inside the house still occurs.


Factual error: At the end of the film, when Duchovny and Jones are on the ladder truck shooting the head and shoulders, they are yelling "go go go". They slide down the ladder and the next shot is the fire truck speeding away. Movie elapsed time 5 seconds. It is a physical impossibility for a fully extended ladder to be lowered, retracted and bedded in a span of less than 4-7 minutes. Even if the hydraulic lines are cut, the ladder would remain upright and not collapse/retract.


Continuity mistake: Opening scene - meteor smashing into the car and you see the windshield flying out. Next day, character is driving the car and viola the windshield is still intact.


Continuity mistake: When Dan Akroyd is discussing the aliens with the military, the digital clock behind him reads different, non-consecutive, numbers each time they show it.


Continuity mistake: When Ira and Jones break into the secured area to get the specimens, they lay down in front of the barbed wire. Ida is wearing a black Colonel Uniform and Jones is wearing a Private Uniform. But when they get inside the facility Ida's uniform is clean and has no dust marks.


Continuity mistake: In the department store scene, on the bridge, Ira cocks the shotgun before the alien gets to him. When the bird arrives, he cocks it without firing a shot, and then shoots. A shell doesn't leave his gun when he cocks it the second time.


Factual error: When Ira is first examining the blue fluid under the microscope, he switches the objective from a lower power setting to a higher power setting, but the image does exactly the opposite - goes from a higher magnification to a lower one.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie when Wayne is practicing for his firemans exam he carries the dummy through the door and knocks over a pole which lays across the doorstep and stays there, when he comes out the pole has gone.


Revealing mistake: This film was shot in Page Arizona with is pretty far north in the "high country". When they first drive up to the meteor side, there is Saguaro cactus that are only a couple of feet high with huge arms and a neon greenish color. These only grow on the desert floor in Arizona and they certainly are not neon colored. Additionally, the arms don't start appearing until they are much taller as they grow them to balance themselves since they have a very shallow root system.

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John Hozian

Plot hole: On the doors inside the white dome, and on the elevator door, it is marked "Vapor Lock." This is impossible due to the mine shaft opening. It can't be vapor locked when there's an opening.


Factual error: The aliens are supposedly nitrogen-based, making them vulnerable to selenium in the same way humans are vulnerable to arsenic because we're carbon-based. However, nitrogen atoms don't have the valence real estate to form the long molecular chains critical to the DNA structure shared by terrestrial and alien life (when Ira first analyzes the sample, he finds DNA with 10 base pairs).


Continuity mistake: During many scenes of the movie, you can notice that Orlando Jones has no glass in his glasses at times, then does at other points. When they are in court, he puts his fingers through the frame to rubs his eyes. [Some people have said they're meant to be fake in order to make him look clever, but they've definitely got glass in some scenes.]


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Wayne is running from the meteor, he jumps to the ground with a yellow fireman's jacket on. He then pulls himself up and only has a blue shirt, and when they show the wide view of the crater, he has the jacket on again.


Continuity mistake: When Julienne Moore's character trips over, from the distant shot she gets up onto her hands and knees, then when her garter is seen, she is lying flat on the floor again.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end when they first drive under the thing in the fire truck and it 'passes gas' on them, Orlando's glasses disappear during the 'passing' and then reappear a couple of shots later.


Continuity mistake: When the guy on the green is waiting for his date, the champagne bottle mysteriously changes places. When setting the bottle down the lights from above change angles when he's walking to wash off the spillage.


Factual error: The movie is set in Arizona, and at the end they say that the army will drop the napalm at noon. Granted they go a little early, but it should still be pretty warm, but, you can clearly see their breath as they talk.


Continuity mistake: When Ira and Harry arrive at the impact site Wayne is desperate to get to his fireman training exam. Cut to the next scene, Ira is working late at night, and then shows Harry their 'discovery'. Cut to the next scene, its daylight and Wayne is doing his test.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when David Duchovny and Orlando Jones go up the ladder to squirt the Head and Shoulders into 'the hole', Orlando Jones gets sucked up into the alien and when he is pulled out he is covered in slime from head to toe, (including his glasses), as is David Duchovny. However, in the next shot of them going down the ladder there is no slime on them at all. In the next shot when they are standing at the bottom, while the truck pulls away, neither of them have much slime on them, and Orlando Jones' glasses are completely clean. The amount of slime they are covered in changes throughout the next few shots.


Plot hole: Because humans have a layer of subcutaneous fat under the skin, the bug that travels under Harry's skin would have caused not only significant damage but an amazing amount of pain while moving around. There would have also been severe internal damage caused by the bug if it traveled into his colon where they ended up removing it from.

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Suggested correction: Harry could be too high on adrenaline to feel pain, and we never see whatever follow up procedure they performed "there" either.


Other mistake: During the opening scene, basic explosive physics dictates that the car should have moved away from the meteor crash, not up and over it.

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Factual error: When the army starts blowing the napalm early, you see the tent explode. Ira and his group were standing next to the meteor and the tent was exactly over the meteor. They should be dead.

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Other mistake: The puffy small burst explosions that occur within the cave do not exhibit how napalm would detonate, especially with the amount used, method they are detonating it and sheer scale of what they were looking to accomplish by destroying the alien habitat.

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Deliberate mistake: The energy the meteor would displace upon impact would have created a crater of significant size compared to what was portrayed. It also didn't appear to have any impact to the structure of the cavern it crashed into either.

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Other mistake: The general, at the end of the movie, is covered in slime. First of all, no one else around him is. Second of all, he wasn't anywhere near it. Third of all, he had a tent over him. He was almost as covered as Orlando Jones was after he came out of "the hole."


Plot hole: It is highly unlikely that government branches of the CDC and Military would be so lax on the security, protocols and enforcement of containment for what is perceived to be an alien life form to allow as many of the mishaps to occur throughout the film.

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Revealing mistake: When Harry and Ira take the students to the cave to excavate the meteor, pay attention in the first wide-shot back in the cave where you can see smoke/vapor on the ground. You can see a small patch at the very bottom of the meteor where the smoke is being pumped onto the ground, likely by a concealed smoke-machine either inside of the prop meteor or just underneath the set. You can see the smoke sort-of "churning" unnaturally at the base of the meteor as it is pumped onto the ground, giving away the effect. And to avoid any corrections, yes they say that the area is being adapted by the microbial life the meteor brought to earth and developing a mini-atmosphere in the cave... but this is an unintentionally visible effect. The atmosphere/smoke/vapor wouldn't be all coming from one single tiny spot at the base of the meteor, and it wouldn't be billowing and churning like smoke being pumped from a smoke machine.

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Character mistake: In the scene where the gorilla type creature has taken out one of the security cameras, they say "one of the creatures just destroyed video four" but if you look, camera four is intact and it is camera two that has been taken out.



Continuity mistake: When Ira sits down in the diner scene, the utensils in front of him are lined up knife then spoon. However at the end of the scene when they go to leave, they are reversed.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene when the "blob" has an arm that crashes down on top of a house, we see in the very next aerial shot that it is isolated in the desert away from any homes.

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Character mistake: The acronym USGS (United States Geological Survey) is stated correctly at the beginning of the film, however, upon arriving at the military outpost, Dr Block says "United States Geological Society", not 'Survey'.

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Factual error: Ira says the aliens have 10 base pairs in their DNA and humans have 4 base pairs. Humans have four bases in their DNA, not 4 base pairs (we have over 3 billion base pairs). Not a mistake a biologist would make.

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Continuity mistake: When the heroes of our film are first running away from the growing napalm induced blob to their firetruck, there are a number of shots which show nothing over their shoulders where the alien lifeforms should be undulating as its emerging from the ground.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Wayne goes to shoot the fuzzy no-nose chimp, the glass panel behind the chimp goes from being intact to cracked and back to being intact after it's dead.

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