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Evil Dead II (1987)

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Continuity mistake: When Ash is crawling through the cellar, he finds some of the pages, and he holds them in his right hand. Only problem is, he cut off his right hand earlier and attached the chainsaw to it - the film was flipped so he'd appear to be crawling in the right direction.


Visible crew/equipment: When Ash crashes his car into the tree stump and is ejected through the windshield, you can see the wire attached to the dummy pulled through the windshield.


Continuity mistake: When the hillbilly is killed by Henrietta, blood is spraying everywhere, and Annie is totally drenched by it, but in the next shot, she is totally clean except for the one blood stain mentioned on this mistake page.


Continuity mistake: No matter how many times Ash has blood poured on him or landed in mud, he will always have a clean face with his freshly made scars, scenes after he has been blood bathed or mud wrestled.


Continuity mistake: During the first scene where the "evil force" is chasing Ash through the house, you can see above the rafters, showing that this is not actually the house but a set.


Revealing mistake: When the eye is flying toward Bobby Jo, you can see the rig holding the eye as it flies and the wire when it enters her mouth.


Continuity mistake: After the hillbilly is killed by the Henrietta deadite Annie has a blood stain on her left shoulder. Then she runs into Evil Ash and it has switched to her right shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Ash is driving along in his car he has a muddy face, and he wipes some off with a rag, but still leaves a fair amount of dirt on. In the next shot when he gets out the car his face is spotless.


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Continuity mistake: When Ash is thrown into the cellar he breaks a few of the steps. Later when he goes in to retrieve the pages of the Necronomicon every step is intact.

00:38:30 - 01:08:10

Continuity mistake: When Annie grabs Ash while he is lying on the floor you see lots of blood getting all over Annie's right shirt sleeve. Later on her shirt is totally clean.

00:36:20 - 00:37:30

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Revealing mistake: During the scene when the evil Henrietta flies up from the basement to attack the girl, while she is in the air you can see the wire holding her up, a split in the butt of the latex costume and as she turns to see Ash, sweat pours out her ear.


Revealing mistake: During the scene in the tool shed in which Ash mounts the chainsaw to his arm, you can see duct tape holding the chain bar on the chainsaw; this wouldn't exist if he'd just mounted a chainsaw onto his arm.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Annie pulls in the hillbilly guy after accidentally stabbing him with that ghoulish knife she pulls him into the cabin and you can see the knife bend like rubber against the door.


Continuity mistake: There are 5 different colours of blood used throughout the movie. Ash always gets soaked by blood (either chopping Linda's head up, or hacking Professor Noble to pieces), but always ends up dry in the next shot. [The reason why there are 5 types of blood: The creators wanted to get an R rating instead of NC-17, so they used different colors for slime instead of blood. It failed, they got an NC-17 rating and then released it independently with a non-rated rating.]

00:22:00 - 00:45:30

Continuity mistake: When the evil force is speeding towards the cabin door, when the trees are attacking the cabin, the shotgun holes in the door are missing. During alot of the film the holes change size/shape too.


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Revealing mistake: During Ash's fistfight with Henrietta near the end, the blade of the chainsaw can be seen flopping like rubber.



Audio problem: It's quite obvious that all of the grunts and sounds of terror that Ash makes while his hand is attacking him in the kitchen are dubbed.



Audio problem: As Ash backs up from the bridge, he squeals his tires on the dirt.


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Continuity mistake: After Ash hacks Evil Ed up, a lot of the green blood which sprays all over the walls disappears.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Ash is being sucked into the vortex at the end of the film, as he flies through the forest you can see the harness and wire attached to him, making him fly.


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Continuity mistake: The hand gets it's thumb caught in a mousetrap, yet in the next shot it's index finger is the one caught in the trap.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Ash is driving away from the evil force, as he drives through the forest a huge set of spotlights is visible in a tree.


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Continuity mistake: When Henrietta is attacking Ash, the clock in the background alternates from reading 1:15 or 1:30.


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Continuity mistake: When deadite Linda first pops up outside the window in front of Ash her hair is in a bun, but the view changes and her hair is down.


Continuity mistake: During the movie, you can see that the metal handle of the chainsaw switches between being thin and thick. This is because they had replaced the handle half way through the shoot and had just painted the regular one silver and brown.

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Continuity mistake: Ash's shirt is untucked as he listens to the tape, but when he runs into the room after Linda screams, his shirt is suddenly tucked in.

00:03:15 - 00:05:20

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Other mistake: When Evil Ed picks up Jake and throws him headfirst into the lightbulb, watch the speed that he hits it and then falls away from it; he moves far to slowly.

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Revealing mistake: Evil Ash has no hand (just a stump) however when he grabs Annie and throws her into the wall, he has his right hand back.


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Factual error: When Ash finds the bridge destroyed, in a side view we see the bridge missing, and both cliff edges either side of the screen. However the right cliff side is up MUCH higher than the cliff Ash is on.


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Continuity mistake: When Ash wakes up, after being knocked unconscious by the puddle, he has leaves stuck in his hair. In the next shot they've gone.


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Continuity mistake: Ash chops his hand off at the wrist, yet later it is seen to have a fair amount of forearm attached to it.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Evil Ash picks up Jake, to throw him, from a ground-shot you can see a black cable attached to Ash's back, and to the right side of the screen a crewmembers hand comes into view.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Linda's headless body is chasing Ash through the tool shed, at some points you can see the stick that's holding her muppet-like body. Also, at one point you can see the hand holding it up. (It is very visible after she gets the chainsaw in her neck and Ash is trying to beat her away. Easiest seen in slow motion.)


Audio problem: After Linda's head is possessed and bites Ash's hand, as he's getting up and going to the work shed, his mouth doesn't move as he says the word "work-shed", and it is obvious that it is dubbed in.


Audio problem: When Ash is struggling with Linda's head, he bangs it against several objects. At one point he slams the wall, which sounds like a large metal panel or piece of aluminum siding. The cabin is made of wood.



Deliberate mistake: When the hillbilly is dragged into the cellar, the resulting explosion of blood has a much greater volume than the actual amount of blood in a human body. This is done to support the campy gore motif of the film.



Revealing mistake: After Ash is punched unconcious by Jake, as Annie shakes him, screaming at him, he grabs her arm, although he's out cold.


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Continuity mistake: After Ash opens the Book of the Dead, he doesn't swaps pages, yet in the second shot the pages the book is open on are different.


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Continuity mistake: After Ash wakes up by the puddle of muddy water, the amount of mud on his face and neck differs.


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Audio problem: When Ash is standing by the self-playing piano, it is clear that the keys being pushed are way out of sync with the music.


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Revealing mistake: When Ash is fighting the headless corpse in the shed, in one shot the chainsaw bends clearly.


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Continuity mistake: After Ask looks in the mirror, as his hand starts to turn evil, green slime has appeared on Ash's shirt.


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Continuity mistake: When Ash lays on the floor, after his evil hand has attacked him, the wrappers, boxes, smashed china etc. around him moves around between shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Ash hacks Evil Ed, the clock reads 11:10. Later when the clock is shown stopping, it is 10:40.

00:43:40 - 00:45:00

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Visible crew/equipment: When Ash and Annie hug, before the shelves crash down, you can see the head of a crewmember, crouched down behind the ledge, bobbing around.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Henrietta is holding Annie up in the air you can see the shadow of the wire holding Henrietta on a ceiling rafter.


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Factual error: As Ash is hunting his rebellious hand, he blows a hole about the size of a fist in the wall, then removes two spent shells from the shotgun. At that range, a double-barreled shotgun blast would have dealt much more damage. At several later points, he deals the exact same damage to a wall with only one barrel.



Visible crew/equipment: Shortly before Bobby Jo is attacked by the tree, a tripod, hastily covered by foliage, is visible behind her.


Revealing mistake: Ash faces the oval, wall-mounted mirror and tries to reassure himself that he's fine, until his mirror-image lunges out and tries to strangle him. Throughout this scene, the background set and lighting "reflected" in the mirror changes very noticeably between the real mirror and the hole-in-the-wall practical effect. Additionally, the Ash that lunges through the mirror is NOT a "mirror-image" of the other Ash, as the blood patterns on their faces are distinctly different, which is obvious in the face-to-face profile shot. For that matter, the blood patterns on Ash's face are inconsistent all throughout the film, frequently from one shot to the next.

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Charles Austin Miller

Factual error: In the "Groovy" shed scene, Ash holds a double-barreled shotgun in one hand and saws through the gun barrels with his newly-mounted chainsaw in about 2 seconds flat. He could no more cut through a hardened steel shotgun barrel with a chainsaw than he could cut through a marble counter-top with a butter knife.

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Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: The mousetrap is visible outside of the hole in the wall, before the hand gets it's thumb stuck in it and leaves the trap outside the hole.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Evil Ed is floating in the air screaming "dead by dawn" you can see the black wire attached to his back.


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Revealing mistake: When Evil Ed tears off some of Bobby Jo's hair and eats it, the head is made out of latex (Watch for how easily everything bends on his face, even the jawbone bends at one point).

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Other mistake: When Ash decapitates Henrietta with the chainsaw at the end, watch very closely: her head comes off about five centimetres BELOW where Ash hits her.

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Factual error: A line of blood flies onto the door of the work shed while Ash is using the chainsaw on Linda's head. However, the shadows of Ash and the head show that they are perpendicular to the door. All of the blood would be moved by the chainsaw in the direction of the cut, either toward Ash or the wall behind the head, so there is no way that much blood could land on the door.



Continuity mistake: When Linda's head bites Ash's hand, he starts trying to hit it off. He runs to the mantle and hits the head, knocking a green candle off the mantle. In later shots it's back on.

00:18:45 - 00:31:10

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Continuity mistake: When Ash enters the shed to get Linda's head off of his hand, the position of the vice's lever changes between shots.


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Continuity mistake: After the chainsaw was embedded in Linda's neck, we see black blood spray everywhere. After the headless body dies, Ash takes the chainsaw, which is completely clean.


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Revealing mistake: When Ash stomps the trapdoor onto Henrietta's head and her eye flies out, the closeup reveals that the "eye" is something like a styrofoam ball with the veins painted on.

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Revealing mistake: As Ash is duct-taping his sleeve shut after he cuts off his hand, you can see the impression of his largest knuckles and first two fingers under the cloth.



Continuity mistake: Linda's head in the vise changes from at an angle in shots from behind to straight up in front shots.



Continuity mistake: Linda's hair is dark as it rolls toward her standing headless corpse, but blonde as it attaches. It's dark again as she bangs Ash's head against the window blockade, but blonde when her head falls off a moment later.

00:17:50 - 00:18:45


Continuity mistake: When Ash leaves the workshed after cutting up Linda he only locks the door to the workshed with the chain, later on he goes into it and unlocks the chain and the piece of wood.

00:22:20 - 01:06:20

Continuity mistake: In one scene, Ash finds some pages from the Necronomicon lying in a mud puddle. He picks up the pages, and they're dry.


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Ash: There's something out there. That... That witch in the cellar is only part of it. It lives... Out in those woods, in the dark... Something... Something that's come back from the dead.



When Ash is possessed of the evil presence and beats up the girl, he throws her on the couch and chuckles evilly (or hornily, same dif). He is stopped from committing further molestation by the sight of that ugly piece of jewelry that he gave to Linda earlier. When the necklace gets a closeup, the chain forms the outline of a skull.