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Corrected entry: In the sequence where Johnny Depp shoots up the building, he shoots 6 times. This sequence is a continuation of the event previously, in which the secretary was shot. His weapon was a six shooter, yet in this sequence, he fires 7 shots.

Correction: Later in the movie, Gene says "Ma'am, I've never fired one of these before but I will if I have to." (meaning a gun) which means that obviously he wouldn't know how many shots he had. When Christopher Walken was strangling Gene, he blacked out and him making his way through the door was just a dream so he would not know if he had overused the shots because in a dream you have as many shots as you want. You can tell it was a dream because Brendan's friend afterwards said "put him down, put him down" meaning that Christopher was still strangling him. Even if this wasn't true, he didn't use 7 shots anyway because Christopher Walken shot the assistant with Gene's gun and then Gene stole Christopher's to shoot him and make his way through the room and hallway. So Gene's gun got 1 shot and Christopher's got 6 equaling 7.

Visible crew/equipment: When Christopher Walken throws Johnny Depp through the balcony, you can see the equipment which controls Depp's fall.

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